Talk about lower than pond-scum! This so-called humorous parody fits the pond-scum category to a tee and then some! In fact, it’s at the bottom of the barrel filled with nothing but pure filth. How much lower can our nation sink when something like this is televised…hmm?

What happened on SNL Saturday night is beneath contempt via my viewfinder in life. This display is another reason why many of us quit watching it years ago…see if you feel the same. – You can read this in full here:

Teen star-turned-bad girl Miley Cyrus has shocked the world again, this time appearing in the form of a twerking Michele Bachmann, mocking the federal government shutdown on Saturday Night Live.

Miley’s skit featured the 20-year-old pop singer dancing in skimpy clothing in parody of her new song, ‘We Can’t Stop’ – portraying the conservative Tea Party politician for a video titled ‘We Did Stop The Government.’

SNL castmember Taran Killiam played House Speaker John Boehner and pranced around with Cyrus in his tightie-whiteys and a white wife-beater shirt.

They are both singing lyrics like ‘this is our House, this is our rules and we did stop (the government)’ and ‘if you’re not ready for healthcare can we get a hell no, cuz we’re gonna keep it shut down. DC is a closed town.’

The former presidential candidate Bachmann was involved in a scandal earlier this week when Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson resigned after a special investigator found it likely he violated ethics rules by taking money from political entities connected her, and then denying he’d done so.

Democrats say Speaker Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House forced government shutdown in an attempt to defund ObamaCare, the health care law passed almost entirely by Democrats in 2009.

Side-Note: Speaking of ‘twerking’…check this out!:

Homeless Woman Arrested for Doing This in Front of School Bus Filled with Kids

This is what class looks like: Leno Tears Into Obama with Brutal Shutdown-Themed Monologue

Now, back to the main issue regarding SNL’s trash:

I know, I know, we don’t have to watch this BS…it’s a free country and all that jazz. Nevertheless, what was on display for all to say is nothing but a disgrace! There is no shame anymore….and there sure as hell should be!

By politicizing a major issue that affects each and everyone of us in this manner is more than infuriating, it’s a despicable disgrace! – What say you?

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Twerking will be a felony in The Great Republic of Texas! God Bless The Republic!

  2. SNL has sucked for years…..and I mean sucked….for a very long time now…….

    I haven’t watched this garbage for at least 25 years……..I wouldn’t waste my time with this libtarded program, I’ll never be able to get the hour back……let’s face it….it isn’t funny and hasn’t been funny since the 70’s……….how this crapola has lasted this long on television is beyond me……

    M. Cyrus is just the latest train wreck to expose her immaturity and lack of talent to a nationwide audience…………

    when the stench is horrendous and this show stinks to high heavens this is where it belongs………….

    • I quit watching it after Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife. He’s the main reason we watched it again after years of not doing so. Real comedic talent left SNL when he was gone….now it’s nothing but trash.

      • Crusading Conservative says:

        Right on. I think the show quit being funny, or even entertaining, when comedic talent was replaced by hacks. My kids were amazed to hear that when I was their age and watched, people like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, etc., was the line-up…and let’s not forget Jane Curtain and Gilda Radner. I’ve watched with my kids a few times, and I feel bad that they don’t have what I had – a funny show with real talent. SNL is now MSNBC with twerking.

        • Nostradumbass says:

          I remember that SNL had competition from Second City, John Candy, Rick Moreno, Bill Thomas, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin and Joe Flaherty.

          Wasn’t there a couple of guys on SNL named Piscopo and Crystal?

  3. Is Miley’s fifteen minutes up yet?
    If not, why not?

    • My answer: Low-class trash…low-information voters.

      • sooooooooooooooooo sick of this POS ,trash,slut. Hope she is abducted by aliens. She will probably host the next Academy awards or be given the Nobel Peace prize like Obongo was.

  4. Mic doodle says:

    Hey, I’d be cool with it as long as they had a stereotypical, trashy impersonation of Obama smoking dope with an Afro. What? That picture already exists and is actually of Obama? Nevermind.

    But regarding the above photos I’m just reminded that there’s not many problems that a baseball bat can’t fix. Still, it’s amazing to see how SNL has degraded into the same anything goes attitude (just within the past few years) of Soddom when Lot had to hide male angels from being raped by a male mob.

    Another possible solution: We just accept that freedom is dead and gone and simply seek to have a somewhat moral ruler. I’m sure Pussy Riot can tell you what happens when you espouse filth when a ruler of “proper” beliefs is in charge.

    • I love the way you think…you express your thoughts well. Enjoy reading your comments immensely.

      Just wanted to say thanks. ~

    • I’ve got time for Putin. He loves his country and puts its interests first. As a result the globalists hate him with a vengeance. He must be doing something right.

      Russia is not the enemy of Western civilisation, or what’s left of it anyway, and we should stop listening to agitators who want to stir up pointless conflict with post-communist Russia.

      (This is a reply to Mic Doodle)

      • Mic doodle says:

        Hey I’m right there with you. Putin loves his country more than any European or predominantly Caucasian nation located elsewhere, short of perhaps Israeli rulers (I know there’s a perceived difference between the Jewish and white peoples. I personally tend to give Israeli (not American) Jews a benefit of the doubt on most things).

        Yeah I know Putin has a huge beef with the US, and it’s no surprise with KGB roots. But the man is a devout believer in the Eastern church and largely has more in common with our historical strong leaders than most of our contemporary politicians. Remember how fanatically the Russians loved American things (mostly with the idea of the untamed West), even during Soviet times, at least the rulers who were allowed to see John Wayne and blue jeans. Leonid Brezhnev’s meeting with Chuck Connors from the Rifleman is a great illustration.

        It’s a shame Russia had to be taken over by the Bolsheviks. I really wonder how Russo-Western relations would’ve come had they had a democratic state replace either the Czar or a post-Czar totalitarian state. Anyway, off subject.

  5. I didn’t understand any of the skit. I guess I am too old. But that poor little girl has some problems.

    • Problems indeed….and I have zilch for any pity for the grown woman that has turned into nothing but a slut….and I’m being polite.

      Btw…do trashy twits like Miley ever stop and think they may have a daughter or son someday that will see what their slut of a mother did for fifteen minutes of fame? – No pride in oneself has become normal these days.

      • Crusading Conservative says:

        Her daughter will probably turn out worse than she is. Here’s to hoping she doesn’t procreate!

  6. I say just throw her to the nearest crowd of Urban Yoots, if that fails to cure her, then she needs to be quarantined to avoid infecting the rest of the population that can still think.

    And I stopped watching SNL in the 70s.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    I have never ever watched SNL its as putrid as Comedy Central just boycott both of them and their sponsors

  8. Just Observant says:

    What are you complaining about. She didnt put her self there. A dual citizen put her there. This is just like bitchen’ about the tool committing the crime and not the operator.
    The problem is the 2% that you think serves the country and rule over the 98% but actually serves Israels needs first at our expense.

  9. wow she has gone from wholesome to whore …

    from mouseketeer to hanging with queer…..

    oh my achy breaky heart

  10. winstonsmithereens says:

    Lorne Michaels, a jew, is the creator and producer (owner) of SNL. This is all you need to know.

    • I looked up Seinfeld [piss on pic of Jesus] Networth…3/4 of a billion is the figure I got.
      Gee, and I am not a Christian1

  11. Is there an AWD skank of the year award?

  12. I support SNL’s right to Suck. I think it is even in the Constitution.

    After all only in America can comedy writers or pop stars apply themselves by working really hard, and still never have any talent.

    Remember SNL and Miley have been in ‘the business’ for years, this ain’t their first rodeo folks, one doesn’t become this Suckedelic by sitting around jerking off.

    To reach this pinnacle of maladroit embarrassment one must put in the work, training, and study. And above all one must be meticulous and stay fastidiously focused on ones goal, whatever that may be.

    The Irony of this is Miley’s performance Twerk on the Music Awards ended up a household joke and now the best she can do is parody Michelle Bachmann on suck T.V.

    The reason this is sad, is because Miley is really the Butt of the joke.

    Like I said before, it says a lot when the parody is better than the original and official music video,

    Watch and Learn Miley.

  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Make Mr Bill up as Bill Maher drop a anvil on him OOOOHHH NNNNNOOO splat

  14. You gotta get a kick out of this…

  15. Zachisawesome says:

    You do realize that Miley cyrus is a person right? I have no idea why the terms “slut” and “whore” are being thrown around the way they are, did miss cyrus rape you or something? Have you contacted the proper authorities? It’s not like she shutdown the government because legislation that had ALREADY been passed was about to come into effect she mostly just sings and dances from what I can tell. Also a quick rinse with warm water may be all it takes to clean that sand out of you vagina.

  16. Zachisawesome says:

    Hey no problem scamp, once you manage to see beyond your own greed and fear maybe we can have some kind of discourse.

  17. Zachisawesome says:

    Woah there sport, your witty retorts are really making my head spin. Don’t worry though a republican will get fairly elected eventually.

  18. Zachisawesome says:

    Calm down champ(s) I assure you I am not sitting on my own head (Ian reasonably sure that that is physiologically impossible, or at the very least uncomfortable), it just seems to me that the vitriol all of you are spewing towards this young woman is a bit misguided and mean spirited especially from some one who’s avatar is Betty bopp “slutting it up” while apparently desecrating the American flag

    • ‘Mean spirited’ and ‘Misguided’ you say. And Betty boop is somehow ‘slutting it up’ according to your playground. Amusing. Speaks volumes about what kind of filthy, demented trollster you are.

  19. Hey BigT, I found a pic of Zach being awesome!!

  20. SNL didn’t parody Obongo in the skit because they won’t TOUCH Obongo. He’s off limits to jokes and fun-poking. No other president in the entire history of the show has EVER been off-limits. Even their darling Bill Clinton was not above being parodied. So tell me: What’s different about Obongo that makes him immune from jokes?

    I’ll give you a hint: It’s the same thing that makes him immune to criticism. And rules. And laws…

  21. Miley
    This little trollip is a whore. When does she start dating rappers or maybe some NBA players?
    Someone is behind this media blitz, with the design to demoralize what’s left of Amerika…

    • Like I stated yesterday morning before we lost so many comments here and there…just give it time. As soon as she’s not getting attention, she’ll do something as you suggest. Twerking while doing so too.

  22. twerk

    Ghetto dancing

    “when i get hammered tonight, i’m twerking my heart out”

  23. I’m as Democratic as they come and am appalled that you think anyone who hates the filth exhibited by Cyrus is always liberal. SNL is a dirty, disgusting display that should be cancelled. Quit stereotyping all Democrats as liberals and I’ll quit stereotyping all Republicans as Tea Partiers.

    • Filth displayed like this always comes from libs…period.

      And as far as I’m concerned being a member of the Tea Party is something to proud of. Too many RINOs hold office on the republican side.

      Ya gotta call a spade a spade…that’s the way it is.