An "independent" figuring it all out

An “independent” figuring it all out

Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are big believers in the Affordable Care Act. They vote independent and are proud to say they helped elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

Obamacare’s winners and losers in Bay Area, San Jose Mercury News, October 5, 2013

“Independents” no doubt like to esteem themselves as above the political fray—free thinkers who base their politics upon “reason” and “science”, and are not so stupid and backwards as to be guided by anachronisms, such as party loyalty, faith or tradition. Also, they are thuper-duper informed—I mean, they read the New York Times and watch The Daily Show! They’re not these ignorant little bitter clingers who are too stupid and hate-filled to understand the finer points of politics because they consume only radical, right-wing extremist propaganda like the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, or “Faux” (hee hee!) News.



Show me a self-professed “independent” who’s not really just a standard-issue flaming libtard and I’ll show you a Skittles-sh*tting unicorn.

Anyone who has aligned him or herself with the Affirmative-Action-Posterchild-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, in either election, is nothing but a dyed-in-the-wool radical leftist. The fact that they genuinely think of themselves as “independents” shows you just how self-deluded liberals are. That’d be like me voting for a resurrected Hitler and swearing that I was “independent” on the Jewish question—neither anti-Semite nor anti-anti-Semite…and believing myself while saying that.

Courtesy of AWD, I had a chance encounter with the brilliant (and gorgeous) Dr. Gina Loudon recently. She liked to confront ObamaCare supporters with a simple question: “What is your math, exactly?” I.e., the whole point of ObamaCare is that it will cover more people. But it won’t raise cost of insurance. Or degrade quality of care. Right. Now please explain that math to me.

“Independents” like Cindy Vinson and Tom Waschura are two retarded peas in a retarded pod on a retarded pea plant in a retarded pea patch. They believe they’re not Democrats, vote for Obama—twice!—and failed to see the train wreck that is ObamaCare—that any and every conservative saw coming from miles away—until it smacked them right in their empty noggins.

As H. L. Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” And so the common retarded “independent” (read: liberal) is finding out that they’re getting it good and hard. Unfortunately, thanks to Democrats having engineered a nation of retards over the past half century (via the DOE and third-world immigration), we’re all getting it good and hard.

Thanks, oh wise and “non-partisan” “independents”! How about next time you kill yourselves instead of voting?

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  1. LMAO! Good article Red. I think your best. Especially your last statement.

  2. Wanna bet that Cindy and Tom would vote for the race baiter in chief again if they could?

  3. independents are the epitome of the low-information voter…….

    the “can’t we all get along crowd” are the one’s who have let this country fall into the hands of progressive leftist communists that are fundamentally transforming our country into a “utopian sh!thole”………….

    I want to grab these stupid bastards and shake the sh!t out of them……or slap the piss out of them……..


    • There’s a video floating around right now, where a bunch didn’t even know what political party barry is affiliated with. Some were anti-barry too so, there is a lot of retards populating Mother Earth as we type.

      • That is just a trick question, and it’s not even fair to ask people living in the USA what U.S. political party President Obama belongs to because Barrack is Kenyan.

        Barrack Hussein Obama transcends all political parties of all nations. He is President of the world! He cares, he changes, he brings Hope of free health care coverage, and free cell phones!

        This Tool in the video asking busy, important, non-English speaking people what party Mr. Obama is affiliated with is just redonkulous.

        The correct answer, Barry is the High Priest of the Choom Party.

  4. Karma…’s got top be “karma”…….

    I’m laughing my ass off at the low information voting retards who voted for this crap……..

    that’s right low information retard… are now reaping the just rewards of your fu@king ignorance………

    you god-damn jag-offs………you voted for Obongo, now you get to live with the consequences……..

  5. There are only three Political ideals in the Country.

    Constitutionalists: Conservatives, Libertarians
    Criminally stupid: Independent fence sitters
    Traitors: Democrats, and their ilk

    Now, I know there are good Democrats out there. But if the sinking ship of their party is not enough impetus to jump then Damn their eyes.

  6. I take a different tack with this article. This proves why thes. “shutdown” and the staredown is the only tactic that works. Now that the Indians are starting to come over the walls when it comes to ObamaDontCare, and people are experiencing its negative consequences, as we all knew they would, they also see someone willing to engage in political combat to try to stop it. If someone wasn’t trying to combat it, people’s anger would dissipate.

    As far as independents, I can prove that they don’t matter anymore with two words that nobody is using these days: President Romney. Romney carried independents just about everywhere, but didn’t win because he didn’t turn Republicans out in crucial swing states.

  7. Mic doodle says:

    I once knew someone who went against what most other folks in their church said about Obama (this is in 2012, not 2008 mind you) and believed that they could be morally and financially conservative while still voting for someone who rejects both of those philosophies. This was described as being a “free thinker” within the church. Apparently being an independent (i.e. free thinker i.e. Democrat) can simply be defined as one who still wants to lick the shit off of Obama’s anus when he’s done in the bathroom, but just doesn’t want to be labeled as such.

    • Apparently being an prog/independent (i.e. free thinker i.e. democrat) can simply be defined as one who still wants to lick the shit off of obama’s anus when he’s done shitting on the sheeple, but just doesn’t want to be labeled as such.

      Fixed a few parts 😉

      ++++Thumbs up

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Dont ever trust a liberal demacrats their crooks and cheaters all the way

  9. When I moved to a blue state a few years ago, I registered as an independant. I figured the Dems in charge of this state would not be so likely to throw my vote in the trash can. The only choices were Republican, Democrat, and maybe Libertarian. I was of course, Republican in my home state of Florida. It amuses me that a former liberal and current Yankee would throw such a broad brush over all who indentfy as independent. As I mentioned, I had my reasons, no way will I ever indentify with the GOP again, even now, I’m dangerously close to becoming apolitical.

    Rush likes to trash independents too, great fun I guess. Excuse me now, I have to go fondle my black rifle.

  10. In Libtard land

    Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on ‘closed’ National Mall

    No vets, just illegals in the upside down Obama world

  11. Eastwood Ravine says:

    Too often the assumption is political independence is the same as being a moderate on the issues. I know plenty of people that vote Republican, but are registered Independents rather than as Republicans because they think Republicans are too moderate or think Republicans are concerned about the elite, not the party grassroots.

    If there was a viable, conservative third party in America, I would vote for that party rather than Republican party.

    • Yep. I registered as an Independent while in my twenties..and that’s been decades ago. Still haven’t changed my mind either for the same reasons of way back when.

      • I stay Repo as Independents can’t vote in primaries, I want to run Rinos outta primaries.

      • I should probably have been more clear. I put “independents” in quotes because they’re not really independent at all–they’re just abusing the term while still being full-fledged liberal Democrats. I didn’t mean anyone who’s registered as an Independent, or who doesn’t like either R’s or D’s (as I don’t), etc.

        BTW, reminds me of this slightly esoteric Steve Sailer post:

        • Red…I knew how you meant it. The media lapdogs love to use ‘Independents’ if they think it sways towards them…and many people register ‘I’ because of PC in recent years…not knowing what the hell they’re doing, nor caring. They just want to be liked dontcha know! – Everybody smile and be happy!

  12. Time for a little Roundup on that pea patch. It ain’t selective.

  13. Something you may be overlooking. I’m an Independent. By that I don’t mean that I sometimes vote Democrat & sometimes vote Republican. I ALWAYS vote AGAINST Democrats, but find the Republicans too statist(not to mention often spineless) to suit me. However, as my goal is for Democrats to ALWAYS lose; I usually vote Republican, though I sometimes vote Libertarian, or Constitution party if I’m fairly sure the Democrat will LOSE anyway. I’m not the only one like this.