Yikes! Talk about your low information voters, here are a few of them on full display for all to see!

If anyone thinks for one second it’s just in this vicinity of our country, they’re just fooling themselves…it’s everywhere across this land! If you stop to think about examples like the clueless shown in this video, you have to know they’re the very people that go to our voting booths and cast their ballots election after election!

God help us all…we’ve got to save this nation somehow! If any of you have ideas of how to do just that after watching this, please share your thoughts with the rest of us….every little bit helps!

Anyway folks…this is what happened. – You can catch this piece of work here:

Which plan to fix America’s ailing health care system to do you like more, the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare? That’s the question that correspondents from Jimmy Kimmel Live asked unsuspecting pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard Monday. As Jimmy Kimmel explained to his audience, “as you may know Obamacare is just a nickname for the Affordable Care Act, they’re the same thing.”

Apparently not too many people walking the streets of Hollywood are aware of this fact. Even in liberal Los Angeles, Kimmel’s crew found plenty of people who think Obamacare is “un-American” but are all for the Affordable Care Act.

Ultimately, the show proved what pundits like Chuck Todd and others have been saying for months. As Todd told WNYC’s “On The Media” this past week, the Obama Administration made a “complete mistake” in embracing the “Obamacare” label because it “politicizes” something that should be above politics.

And it’s not just people in Hollywood who are confused. A recent CNBC poll found that 46% of Americans oppose Obamacare while only 37% oppose the Affordable Care Act.

Watch video below, via ABC:

Now, if you watched this…what was said speaks volumes about what the majority of them think about ‘ObamaCare‘, yet they don’t realize the ‘ACA‘ is one and the same. – Pathetic, sad and spooky…is it not?

Hit me with your best shots…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. God help our Republic and all of us who care.

  2. John the Bigot says:

    Yeah I figure since THE BILDERBERGS want to get the planet’s population down to 500 million(according to the georgia guidestones), and there’s 1.2 billion whites out of the 7 billion, and at least half of them are retarded, then that leaves the 500 mil or so whites that didn’t drink the kool aid. That’s why Obama’s here for libtard america and the muslims of the world, because he’s the perfect pied piper for administering the kool aid to all of them at once. This will make it easier to fill the FEMA camps. RIGHT?

  3. John the Bigot says:

    When W was in office there was a survey among 1000 college grads and over half said George Washington was the current president.

  4. Back in the early 80’s I read “Restoring The American Dream,” by Robert Ringer. It changed my from a liberal to a conservative in one week. I got an education. The auther cared enough to write a book to reach all the skulls full of mush and maybe save a few.
    Members of congress have to try something like this. Learn from Obama. He’s tirelessly out there and one college or another helping these naifs get their ” heads right,” about economics and politics and the constitution.
    Members of congress need to talk it up. Educate the ignorant masses. They’re not stupid-just ignorant. Contest Obama publically. Call him out. Explain where he’s wrong.Tell the misinformed why he’s such a danger.
    Tell the ignorant there’s no such thing as free things in this life.

    • Amen to that…and I agree with what needs to be done that you suggest. If that doesn’t happen, things will not only remain the same, they will deteriorate even further when it comes to heads full of much.

    • John the Bigot says:

      I agree with most of that. Im not so sure about the not stupid just ignorant part. Anyone who thinks they deserve a eternal handout without ever trying to improve themselves is stupid! These people who think the wealthy should pay even more taxes are stupid. Besides that all these “ignorant” people have all the same access to info that would enlighten them to not be ignorant anymore, but they would rather google Miley Cyrus twerking than to get informed. So that makes them stupid! Just Sayin’

  5. The US needs to become, once again, a confederation in which states have their own sovereignty.

  6. I just love these videos, where people can name each and every contestant that’s ever been on Dancing With the Stars, but can’t even name who the vice-president is. They can’t even find their own state on a map!

    But hey, they have high self-esteem, right? And they sure are well-educated in how bad America and all its native-born citizens are, right? Chalk another one up for the Department of Education. And the Teachers’ Unions.

  7. Obamacare is the OUCA, Obama Unaffordable Care Act brought to
    ya by the CPUSA and the rest of the scum in Congress Demos and Rinos. Its an open act of Treason against all the citizens because the three branches of Govt exempted themselves and are raising our rates to pay for them. And if its a tax as Scumbag Roberts said we should get a tax break for medical. We don’t! While Roberts declared it a tax, Congress raised the exemption so high most people can’t claim it, while the three branches get exemptions and WE pay for them. They are ALL beating us over the head and telling us to like it or we get fined. Same rules do not apply to them. I hope those truckers run over the WH and crush it like the Roach Motel it has become.

    • Your hopes at the summation of your post is exactly how I feel. If I get the time tomorrow I have something I want to post about this subject…we’re all so fracked! – I’m just tired and weary of it all…just as the rest of millions in this nation. What a mess this man and his minions have created…enforced on all of us.


    Obama is selling us snake oil and we dont need to oil the snakes theres already too many in the goverment right now we need St Patrick to drive them all out

  9. The military purge is still going forward!

    Obama fires two Marine Generals

    “Two Marine generals fired for security lapses in Afghanistan” (Total bullshit)


    The Savage Nation – October 01 2013 FULL SHOW


  10. not2latenow says:

    As the world turns:


    Can’t live without The people’s Cube.

  11. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    Im actually surprised that being in California most people still didnt like Obamacare. Except the black guy of course.



  13. AFCrewChief says:

    WOW… not surprised …all I can say is WOW

  14. Brash Jackson says:

    This why more people have to start homeschooling their children. We live in SC and our kids had teachers who couldn’t speak English. It is a financial sacrifice but worth it. Learning the truth about history is every parents job. Stop letting the Feds poison your kids with liberal BS and lies.

    • Right you are. – Indoctrination 101 via our teachers unions/big brother has had a very telling affect/effect in more ways than one.

  15. Meanwhile…

    Black students riot as high schools merge
    • Bomb scare prompts moving students
    • Ten arrested

    Black male goes on scissor-stabbing rampage
    • Injurs five white people
    • 2-yr-boy victim