The most common purpose of war is conquest. That is, the subjugation—or outright elimination—of one people at the hands of another.

What leads to such hostility is usually one—or any combination—of four indelibly human points of conflict: religious differences, racial/ethnic/tribal differences, greed (to the victor goes the spoils), or simply the raw lust for power.

And perhaps the top two most typical methods of executing a war is to 1) reduce the enemy’s numbers, and 2) destroy the enemy’s will to fight.

Throughout the Western World—from the European continent to Australia and everywhere in between, the white populations have been indoctrinated for the past half century into believing that their dispossession is “good”; that their dispossession is a “strength”; that their dispossession is “moral”. We have been told to celebrate our declining numbers, and anyone who dares question the wisdom of allowing whites to be drowned by hordes of Muslims, sub-Saharan Africans, and mestizos is a violence-prone, hate-filled, ignorant, neo-Nazi racist white supremacist!

(Meanwhile, the Powers That Be endlessly drone on about the need to disarm the public in the name of public safety. And all too many are happy to acquiesce. Think this is a coincidence?)

As Clausewitz noted, war is politics by other means. To extend that thought, what we consider “diversity” or “multiculturalism” is simply war by other means.

And let’s be clear: This “war by other means” is nothing short of a genocidal campaign against whites of European descent.

The question is: What are you going to do about it?

Diversity and Colonialism

Mark Potok of $PLC

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  1. Hey RedStaterNYC,

    All you said is true!! And what am I going to do about it? Well, first and foremost, I am locked and loaded. This illegitimate government, who has gone beyond the constitutional principles in our founding documents, has lost my consent to govern over me and mine. I/we are declaring a separation from the forms which have connected us one with another. Time for a revolution, time to beat back tyranny, time to refresh the tree of liberty!!!

    Or on a lighter side we could establish a white congressional caucus to promote white values and white culture. We could start preaching white liberation theology, oh and don’t forget about white history month!! Whatever is to be done, it needs to have happened a long time ago; now we find ourselves trying to play catch up with the enemies within our own boarders (the main enemy sitting in our White House. I really am surprised obama didn’t rename it the black house. Winter is coming….swiftly and on the wings of treason.

  2. http://www.myfoxny.com/Story/2.....infections

    Obama needs this therapy. Give him some intestinal fortitude, cure his cowardice on the world stage. The Rino’s could use a touch also, quite frankly they are worse than “O”. We know what “O” is up to, but Rino’s, like herding cats, stupid ones. They can never be trusted. Our enemy is primarily Rino’s.

  3. Mr. Rational says:

    Hey, RedStater, can you give a guy a break?  You know I like to argue, and you have given me absolutely nothing to argue with here.  I mean, nothing.

    I’m gonna have to go find a libtard or something, aren’t I?  And I just hate dealing with them, because most of them are utterly lost causes.

  4. That first picture is racist, there’s no Black and where’s the Cracka.

  5. Red,
    I thought you might like this new painting…

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberal idiots think that shaking hands will end all wars Wooo Hoo Yeah Sure Tell me again braindead liberal zombies. There was plentu of handshaking after WW I and WW II as well as Korea,Vietnam and the other wars and still teres hostilities Dunb liberals and their dumb philosephies

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    A contagious deases of Multi-Culteralism

  8. After the Big Crash and most of the world is living in squalor whites will be enslaved to run things like power plants, sewer plants, water purification plants, factories, street light timers, etc cause ‘dang it Whitey built all that stuff and only he knows how to run it.’

  9. Exclusive–Border Patrol Rep Claims Agents Being Ordered to Stand Down


  10. I hope you’re able to get the things you need Red, up in New York. 5.56 and .223 are plentuful at my LGS, for now. One hundred rounds at a time is all one can get there. I buy five boxes every Friday. I have my bug out bag with essentials like first aid and cooking gear, and the like. Just the basics. Also there has been more than usual helicopter traffic the last few days, I’m right next door to an AFB, but still, it’s more than usual. People are predicting something for October, I wonder what it coiuld be.


    Sending our military personel into forgein conflics to appease the UN war mongers,war lords and tyrants the UN was never ever tcreated for World Peace its a vulture pretending to be a dove and fooling quite a few liberal fools

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