Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell has to go…period!

After what happened yesterday regarding the nuclear option that Dingy Harry rammed through the senate for his Dear Leader, and Mitch McConnell’s weak response to all of this while on the senate floor, was just plain maddening to say the very least. Mitch thinks it was sad…sad folks, just very sad!

Here’s a partial piece of information via this site:

“It’s time to change the Senate before this institution becomes obsolete,” Reid said in a lengthy floor speech on Thursday morning.

A furious Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who tried to recess the Senate for the day before the rules change could get a vote, said after the minority’s power was limited by Democrats: “I don’t think this is a time to be talking about reprisal. I think it’s a time to be sad about what has been done to the United States Senate.”

But McConnell quickly noted that Republicans could fix the problem in the upcoming midterm elections by reversing the rules if they regain the majority: “The solution to this problem is an election. The solution to this problem is at the ballot box. We look forward to having a great election on 2014.”

So, if we win the senate in ’14…he’s going to reverse the rules instead of fighting fire with fire and pay backs are hell type of thing! – What the hell is wrong with this man? And how the writers of this column dare to call Mitch ‘furious‘ when he spoke is simply astounding…simple as that. – I know…I watched all of this from beginning to end! If you call that fury, I’ll eat my hat!

See if what was said below sounds like he was angry or not. But wait, he got some laughs for a one-liner:

Now folks, there’s another devastating report that’s floating around the internet regarding McConnell and his behind the scenes actions when it comes to whom he thinks his real enemies are…and if true, this is despicable to say the least. Of course the no-good RINO, Karl Rove is involved in this mix as well…big time!

Read the story in full here:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on a conference call organized by Karl Rove’s Crossroads organization for large donors and their advisers on Oct. 30 that the Tea Party movement, in his view, is a “nothing but a bunch of bullies” that he plans to “punch … in the nose.”

On the call, according to a donor who was on it, McConnell personally named Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) as Tea Party conservatives he views as problematic for him. “The bulk of it was an attack on the Tea Party in general, Cruz in particular,” the source, a prominent donor, said in a phone interview with Breitbart News.

But the most memorable line came at the end of the call.

“McConnell said the Tea Party was ‘nothing but a bunch of bullies,’” the source said. “And he said ‘you know how you deal with schoolyard bullies? You punch them in the nose and that’s what we’re going to do.’”

Rove, as well as American Crossroads President and CEO Steven J. Law who also serves as the president of sister group Crossroads GPS, were also on the call. Rove “talked in a slightly gentler way, or let’s say, a more diplomatic way,” the source said. “But the message was pretty well the same: That if we’re going to save this thing, we have to back real Republicans.”

Pointing to how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just invoked the “nuclear option,” breaking 225-year old Senate rules to slip through President Obama’s liberal nominees, an aide to a Tea Party lawmaker said that McConnell’s focus on trying to go after the Tea Party has jeopardized Senate Republicans’ chances at actually beating Democrats. “Under Sen. McConnell’s watch, Republicans today just got rolled over by Democrats who pushed the button on the nuclear option, destroying years of well-established Senate order,” the aide said in an email to Breitbart News. “Perhaps if he focused less on destroying the Tea Party and more on defeating Democrats, he’d have more to show for his leadership.”

Rove spokesman Jonathan Collegio denies that anything was said about Cruz, Lee, or the Tea Party in general but admits the call did take place and that “some discussion” about the government shutdown and the Senate Conservatives Fund took place.

“Your source is ascribing things to the call that simply were never said,” Collegio said in an email. “There was no ‘anti-tea party donor call.’ There was a call, and there was some discussion about the government shutdown and the Senate Conservatives Fund (note this was one day after SCF launched a dishonest ad about McConnell), but nothing about the Tea Party or Sens. Cruz or Lee.”

Collegio declined to provide a transcript or recording of the call to Breitbart News. McConnell’s office has not commented on the matter.

Limbaugh had something to say about this report above today, listen below:

Lastly, Mark Levin sums up what happened yesterday to a tee…and he ain’t a happy camper! He spoke volumes for millions of us…and then some! – Read the report here:

Yesterday’s nuclear fallout from Harry Reid pushing the big red button on the filibustering of non-Supreme Court nominees has left practically everyone on the right seething, but Mark Levin was particularly fired up by the GOP’s less-than-forceful response to the power grab. He asked, “Do the Republicans in the United States Senate have any self-respect whatsoever? Do they understand they look like a bunch of buffoons and cowards?”

He mocked Republicans for singing the same song about how “it’s a sad day” in the Senate instead of getting real with the Democrats about how significantly and quickly the tables will turn on them the second the GOP takes control of the Senate.

Levin said the Republicans should have warned Democrats that when they take power, they’ll go even further, strip the entire filibuster, and then go after Obamacare with a simple majority. But they didn’t do that, which is why Levin felt no reservations about calling Senate Republican leadership “losers” who are “perfectly comfortable with tyranny.”

Listen to the audio below, via The Mark Levin Show:

For me, Mitch McConnell is the RINO of the Week…what say you about all of this?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama has his loyal Lackies and Major Domos

  2. McConnell and reid are dinosaurs they smell like old men and both are cowards. Im starting to breed horses by the time we rid ourselves of the poiticians we will need them.

  3. McConnell’s just another example of the need for term limits, this guy used to be a reasonable conservative years ago, but now he’s been there too long and is trying to protect his power base. Beat the hell out of Mitch McConnell.

  4. I heard this on Rush’s show today about McConnell…….McConnell is going to be primaried and lets hope to hell he loses big time………

    all that seems to be happening is that we keep losing……no matter what seems to happen…..no matter how much is said on the talk radio shows…….no matter how much the American electorate screams it seems Obongo and his ilk just keep rolling along no matter what……no matter how bad things get he just keeps on moving forward…….

    what pisses me off is there are only a handful of good ones that will stand and fight yet the democrats (communists) keep right on fighting like hell and winning……..it just doesn’t stop…..every day it’s something……..

    and the repubs do “nothing”………..

    • You summed it up well…I’ve about had my fill of our gutless leaders on our side of the aisle. They don’t know how to fight…they’re USELESS!

      • Hi Buddy, Ditto……spineless wimps…..they do nothing!!! No balls.

        • Joy and Big, AWD has long wanted to put Turtle-head McConnell in an unsanctioned piledriver followed by an inverted suplex on the concrete! He’s as worthless as they come. Tired old worthless turd!


          • Lol…we posted at the same time. But…I’d love to see ya do that, it’s much needed!

          • Right on Bluto! you rock! Love your posts….BT too. Joy xx

          • Joy..my good friend, I love Bluto’s posts too…wished he’d get his computer situated where he could be here like he used to be. He’s sorely missed with his input.

            Btw…where the heck has Snake Oiler been? He’s really missed by me too.

        • We are in such a mess with the worthless wimps…if we the people don’t change this come their election time, then this nation is lost. – I’m so past fed up my good friend…I can’t even express it right without getting kicked off of here.

  5. My being a White Racist Tea Party voter, I look forward to some RINO punching me in the nose.Bring it on if any of you Fag RINOS can find your balls to even try it. F-YOU McConnell.

  6. I bet he is so mad that he may not attend the next Capital Hill party. In fact, he might not talk to Reid for a few days. I guarantee that the Republicans will change the rules back so that they can not pass any meaningful legislation. After all, that is fair, and heaven forbid that they would do anything that knocked them off the party circuit.

  7. and yet another step has been taken toward total control of this nation by the socialist……if 2014 goes to the socialist ,then it is over…50 years ago there was a Coup d” etat…..the corrupt took over the government and step by step they stir us to total tyranny..

    they control the money .the food ,the health care ….and one at a time our rights are taken away…..they dearly need to take away our guns….but i assure you they are planning a way around that……the option to sit quietly by and do nothing is quickly running out….

  8. All of these so called “Old Guard” Republican representatives need to be ousted, none of them seem to have the balls to stand up to the Demonrats.

  9. Anyone else hearing Mark Levin blast away now about McConnell and such that is written here in the post?

    He never minces words…that’s for sure. ~

  10. Please take a minute to read this…


  11. winstonsmithereens says:

    Never send a eunuch to a gun fight. But what do I know………..?

    Thanx GOP.

  12. Mitch is the GOP incarnation of BHO. If you have to keep referring to “angry notes” to deliver a rebuttal to an absolute power grab, then just how impassioned can you be. This is all a sickening, disgusting charade; I just wonder if Reid and McConnell didn’t set this up so Reid could campaign on his “strength” and McConnell on his “experience” so they both could get re-elected in 14. The sham outrage, I believe, is nothing more than a cover for far more sinister machinations.

  13. Mr. Rational says:

    The Republican threat to Reid should have been, upon getting 51 Senate votes, to immediately repeal:
    1.  0bamacare.
    2.  Section 8.
    3.  All authority for “diversity” initiatives.
    4.  Title IX.
    5.  All authority for “affirmative action”.
    6.  The legal basis for “disparate impact”.
    7.  The budgets for all “civil rights” offices, especially in the DoJ.

    That would de-fund huge amounts of the left’s power apparatus and revoke the authority on which it depends.

  14. Is it just me, or does Mitch McConnell look like he’s taking a dump in all his pics? 😀

    • It’s not just you.

      He always looks like that…and when Lieberman used to talk on the Senate floor he sounded as if he needed to take one. – They both need a box of Ex-Lax.

  15. Another serious case of “Short Man Syndrome.”

    His mouth makes him taller? Not today.