Uh oh and oopsie! You might get a kick out what took place when three thugs messed with the wrong man…and the man they messed with wasn’t playing around with any toy either!

See what you think about what took place in this report:

Three men suspected of using a pellet gun to rob a pizza delivery driver in western Pennsylvania Tuesday got a shock when they discovered the driver was packing a bigger gun, Police said.
Armed Pizza Delivery Driver Stunned After Bandits Use a Pellet Gun to Rob Him of an Order of Chicken Wings

The driver, Hal Perry, said he was called out to what sounded like a “legitimate” address. When he arrived, three men approached him. One quickly stepped in back of Perry and that’s when he knew something wasn’t right.

The men demanded his money.

“I went to an address that looked legitimate to me. I got out of the vehicle, and three of them came around the corner. One of them walked behind me and I knew something was wrong. Then one grabbed the wings, one went over to the van and one tried going through my pockets,” Perry told

The men searched the driver’s pants and his car. When they tired of that, they grabbed the order of chicken wings – and then Perry pulled his gun.

“I didn’t know if (the one searching me) had a knife so I took a couple steps back, bent over and drew my weapon. As soon as they saw that, they took off running. As they left they threw something. It turned out to be a pellet gun,” Perry said.

Police soon arrived on the scene and the driver offered them detailed descriptions of the suspects.

Tyler Hall, 18, and Dorian Ellis, 18, were arrested after police found them sitting on a street corner eating the chicken wings. The third suspect, who took off on foot, was later found in Ohio.

“I didn’t have to shoot. But if he had brandished the weapon, I would have had no problem shooting. That’s why I carry a weapon,” Perry said. “I think they were very surprised when I pulled the pistol.”

Perry said he works as a delivery driver as a second job to help support his family.

“I’ve never had to pull my weapon before. I’ve been doing this for six years part-time. I have a full-time job during the day. I work three or four nights a week at night just to support my family,” he said.

Police charged Hall and Ellis with robbery, criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats and loitering/prowling at night, WPXI reported.

Both Hall and Ellis were sent to a local correctional facility, each in lieu of $25,000 bond.

“Well, that’s what you get when you bring a toy gun to a real gun fight. Why do a stupid thing like that? Why lose your life over $10 wings or $100,” Perry said.

Listen to Perry in this report below, ya gotta love this guy!:

What say you? – Fire Away…inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. All that over some chicken…figures. TNB.

  2. You know times are getting tough when a black thug can only trade his food stamps for a Pellet gun. I bet it has something to do with that $11 food stamp cut November 1st.

  3. “Tyler Hall, 18, and Dorian Ellis, 18, were arrested after police found them sitting on a street corner eating the chicken wings.”

    Criminal masterminds, obviously. Dear oh dear……

    • Roaring with laughter…and I’m not kidding Liam.

      ‘Criminal Masterminds’ indeed!

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Stories like this fall at the intersection of incontrovertible but Politically Incorrect science (“The Bell Curve”, which I am now reading for the first time… though I have read so much that discusses it that it feels like an old friend) and the history recounted by M.G. at “Those Who Can See”.

        Essentially, morons like these are too stupid to survive by legitimate means.  They can’t learn a job well enough to keep it even if they had the emotional maturity to work one and weren’t so anti-authority (and racist) that they’d chimp out against just about any boss of any race.

        And this brings up the question of what to do for the future, which is done in ways from policy documents to… science fiction.  Science fiction addressed this question a while ago (in a Politically Correct fashion) in a story which postulated that removing the stupid criminals from the gene pool (“TSTR”, meaning Too Stupid To Reproduce) would simply breed smarter, more-troublesome street criminals.  But street crime and burglary is the almost-exclusive domain of the stupid (see any number of un-PC statistical analysts; I recommend La Griffe du Lion).  People with intelligence can make much better livings within the law.  If we tuned social policy to strongly discourage the stupid from having children, we’d see crime dropping (not to mention schools rapidly improving) in a flash.  Well, a flash as these things go (a decade or two).

        Of course, discouraging the stupid from having children would run head-on into the fact that a grossly disproportionate fraction of Blacks (and, to a lesser extent, Mestizos aka “Hispanics”) are stupid.  Which creates “disparate impact”.  Which is now against the law.

        We need to get rid of Title IX to save the country.

      • Maybe these are the dear leaders step sons…. Cuz we know the little Maoist’s ” real sons” would have maimed

      • My favorite expression fits these two….”You can’t fix stupid”.

      • like they say…you can’t fix stupid

      • a couple of brain trusts….duh

      • Crusading Conservative says:

        That was the part of the story I keep going back to – the two brainiacs sitting on a street corner, eating the wings…

    • “….sitting on a corner eating the chicken wings.” I am still laughing, blew coffee out my nose…..

  4. Negroes, fried chicken and watermelon….

    Loud music, loud guests, too many guests, party turns into gunfight…..

    Stereotype meet reality. Do they wake up in the morning and plan to fulfill every stereotype or does it just come naturally?

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Since they commited aadult crime give them both 45 years in prison never mind their ages. And this is just another reason for the 2nd AMENDMENT and to tear up the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and throw the peices right into JOHN KERRY and KOFFI AHNANS faces

  6. BT this post is making me hungry.

    And it brings new meaning to the phrase ‘I’m dying for some Hot Wings’

    On a serious note WTF is all this?

    “criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats and loitering/prowling at night”

    I mean it’s armed robbery plain and simple, no need for melodrama, just give ’em the maximum penalty for the crime and see that they serve ‘all’ their time.

    That would be more of a deterrent than the BS trumped up charges, that some lawyer gets to argue down to simple robbery.

    • Could not agree more with your recommendation. Period.

    • They were charged with felony robbery as well. Being charged with “conspiracy” means none are exempt from any crime charged — in other words, if only one did the actual robbery, the other 2 are charged equally because all three were in on it. This gives the defense a problem, not an out. Here is the Pennsylvania criminal statue on conspiracy:

      In actual practice, the more charges there are, the more there is for the Commonwealth (or whatever the prosecuting government entity is) to work with. If they are charged with only one crime, and the defense decides to gamble on a trial (as opposed to taking a guilty plea), and all the individual elements of that crime (i.e., according to the statute) can’t be proven, (or you have an idiot jury), they go free. Lots of charges mean they’ll go down for something. And their sentencing will take into account their criminal records. Think any of these little darlin’s got one?

      BTW, terroristic threats and loitering/prowling are not “trumped up.” Again, read the statutes:

  7. Alex the Goon says:

    What’s the Over/Under on when the driver gets fired for violating company policy?

  8. What article did you pull?

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Remember Dirty Harry had a 44 Magmun revolver which could blow some punks head clean off

  10. When Lazlo is President I will put Joe Arpaio in charge of the Prison system. He’s just announced yesterday that he will do away with regular Milk at his Tent City and the inmates will now have powdered milk. All at a savings of six hundred thousand a year. I love this guy.
    I will then have all the prisoners move rocks all day, uphill if possible. Hard labor, crappy food, and no creature comforts.
    The prison system does not rehabilitate, so it must punish.
    When prison is no longer a refuge and a badge of honor perhaps these idiots will take the Public Order seriously.
    If one of these guys busted eating wings garnered by robbery dies in jail, he will have to stand next to the guy with the ‘Ran with Scissors’ sign in the afterlife. His sign will read ‘Too stupid to live’

  11. Hands down, Hal Perry should be AWD’s “Dude of the Week.”

  12. What a shame that the two blackie thugs weren’t ventilated, thus sparing society of their upkeep.

  13. Hey all…you might enjoy this. – Check towards the end with comments from others.

  14. I’m not a delivery man, but a retired LEO, 35 ears service.
    If these 3 stopped me brandishing weapons, I would shoot all 3 of them immediately.
    Yes, I carry concealed 24/7/365.
    Standing over 3 dead perps, and calling it in, was just like work.

  15. Cooter Brown says:

    Oh Hell just more of Obama’s sons on the loose. I wish he would have gone Zimmerman on them.

  16. feral blacks…..need to be caught, caged, and then “”fixed””………

    we don’t want these types reproducing…………..

    if they keep up their feral ways then they need to be put down…………

  17. Hey all…here’s some more fun!

  18. Spurwing Plover says:

    This just recently happened in St Louis after the city prosuciter dropped all charges against some miserble black punk who lead a group of black savges to beat a whiteman well this peice of scum was even gloating about his release well him and a accomlence broke into someones home the home owner shot the punk dead. JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONT THAT MISERBLE YOUNG HOOD WILL NEVER EVER GLOAT AGAINS NOW THAT HE IS PUSHING UP DAISIES

  19. rebel patriot says:

    I know this is off track about this crime. When these guys go to jail or if state prison they will like it. Scum like this. Just this month a female correctional sergeant had her throat cut by scum in a NC prison. It was a $1000.00 contract hit put on her by a crips gang inmate is what I understand. I understand she lived, receiving 23 stitches to her throat. This is the reality of dealing with this scum 24/7 in prisons.

  20. Disgusted Caucasian says:

    Here’s another good one…two undocumented Democrats gunned down by CCW holder in Reading, Pennsylvania. We don’t take kindly to getting robbed in my state!

    READING, Pa. – November 5, 2013 (WPVI) — Authorities in Berks County say two robbery suspects were shot and killed by a concerned citizen outside a Reading convenience store.

    Friends and family of the dead suspects have identified the two as 24-year-old William Medina and 18-year-old Robert DeCarr.

    They tried to portray the two as good hard working men. However, others in the rough Reading neighborhood say the two got what they deserved.

    The rest here;