AWD read where Dan Bongino wrote an open letter filing divorce papers with the Republican Party. AWD long ago divorced the wussypants Republican establishment but has never filed official legal papers publicly. So, wussypants RINO elites of the Republican Party, consider yourself served!

The Republican Party was once the Party of ideas! A Party that recognized individual liberty and the danger of big government. The Republican Party once fought the tyranny and fiscal insanity of the Democrats! AWD has never voted for a Democrat and never will. Democrats oppose every value AWD supports and endorse everything I find wrong with America.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party has gone from the Party of ideas, individual liberties and small government to the Party of Appeasement. The Party of Cowardice. The Party of Stupid! The Republican Party has been on a downward death spiral since Reagan left office. Read my lips! Bush Senior sold us out with higher taxes and his son W spent money like a Democrat.

I held my nose and voted for Bush Senior, Viagra-fueled yet ideologically limp Bob Dole, W Bush, the despicable Great Arizona RINO Juan McPain, and even big-government moderate and wussyboy Mitt Romney. I am going on official record to swear I will never again vote for another GOP establishment loser! Never! Not gonna happen!

From this day forward, I am officially no longer a Republican! You left me. The Republican Party of 2013 is the Democrat Party of Tip O’Neill. I never liked or supported Tip O’Neill! So why would AWD support the appeasing cowards of the Republican Party of 2013? I don’t! I despise everything about you!

AWD knew the Tea Party had a tough row to hoe when it replaced 63 big spending Democrats in 2010 only to see the wussypants Republicans elect in a closed ballot John “Boo Hoo” Boehner as Speaker of the House! John Boehner! A disgraceful loser who never met a continuing resolution or spending bill he didn’t like and support! And Mitch “Turtle Head” McConnell on the Senate side is also another lifetime bureaucrat loser who puts his own personal interests (and those of the Democrat Party) ahead of Americans! As long as those two tools rule the roost, do not look for AWD’s support, wussyboys!

After getting your ass kicked by the worst President in US history in 2012, what did you turn your attention to? AMNESTY for illegal aliens who overwhelmingly vote for Democrats! Are you really that stupid, Republicans? Yes, you are! A cursory look at voting maps shows EVERY district that has a majority of Hispanic voters is blue! Every single one! Yet, you insult your conservative base while bending over to push amnesty for voters who will ensure the Republican Party’s sure death! Again, Party of Stupid!

You have sat idly by as Obama has shredded the Constitution. You’ve allowed him to ignore and not enforce certain laws while allowing him to govern at will changing the components of his disastrous ObamaCare to fit his and Democrats political interests! Are you really that stupid and weak? Again, yes, you are!

You’ve allowed Harry Reid and Obama to break the law and not submit budgets for 5 years and have rolled over on every ridiculous Continuing Resolution that saddled Americans with a $17 trillion debt! Now you support the disastrous Ryan budget that is smoke and mirrors for more debt with no real spending cuts!

Wussypants Republicans, we are not interested in a reduction of the rate of spending! We are totally interested and demand cuts to REAL SPENDING!

Americans overwhelmingly oppose ObamaCare. Republicans control the House. The Constitution (remember that?) gives the House total control over spending. You can defund ObamaCare tomorrow and there is NOT A THING the Dims can do about it but cry and call you names. But you continue to fund ObamaCare that will further destroy the American economy! Why? Party of Stupid!

As AWD once told Kay Bailout Hutchison to her face, “I don’t like Democrats, I hate RINOs.” But Republicans In Name Only is not an accurate description of you losers. A more appropriate acronym is CINOs. Conservatives In Name Only. You talk the tough talk when you’re up for yet another worthless term but return to Washington only to bend over for “your good friends on the other side of the aisle.”

Who do you want us to support in 2016? Chris Christie? Jeb Bush? Well, wussypants Repubs, kiss my ass! AWD will NEVER, EVER, EVER vote for Christie. And I would rather sell my children for medical experiments in Zimbabwe than vote for another @#&* Bush! And I worship my children as much as I despise you!

AWD is a conservative. I am no longer a Republican. The Republican Party left me when it became a light-weight Democrat Party! You see, I don’t give one damn if you stay in office or not! Your ruling-class, cushy position in Washington doesn’t mean a thing to me! I’ve seen the danger of life-long corruptocrats and the destruction they do for the my future, the future of my children, and my country.

Good luck with your new lovers, the illegal aliens! You’ve lost us conservatives a long time ago! I am serving you with divorce papers and there is no chance of reconciliation unless there is a total 180 degree change in your behavior and leadership! Since I know that is impossible with the losers running the Party in Washington, I shall sit back and vote for conservatives on the ballot and ignore the big-government RINO losers you support. I don’t care one little damn about the Republican Party anymore. I care about America, Texas, my children, and the future of those who pay taxes!

AWD encourages everyone reading these words who feel the same to publicly file your own divorce papers with the Republican Party. After all, who wants to be married to a whore?

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  1. Good on you Dude. I’m a regular White guy, what the hell do I have in common with these pukes? Race realist, white nationalist, YT rayciss, all of the above? Whatever the label, I certainly don’t want to be a demopublican pussytard. They can all go piss up a rope.

  2. You speak with the assumption that they “accidentally” made this all happen. There’s NEVER been 2 parties. As long as the top 1% have all the money they have all the power and they pull all the strings. Each president will bring about the same results…the slow divide and conquer of the US. Keep your eyes on the left hand while the right hand knocks you the f*** out. Stop looking at the symptoms and start working on the problem.

  3. I think you speak for millions of conservatives, AWD. I swore the same oath last November.

    I’ve seen more than one account of Romney’s loss being blamed on the absence of older, white voters last year. If they try to run another limp, establishment candidate next time, they’ll think of the ’12 turnout as the good old days.

    Damn, does anybody else feel like the first year of Skidmark’s 2nd term is longer than his entire 1st term?

  4. Babushka Babe says:

    DH and I are divorcing the Repubes also.

  5. AWD now you’ve gone and done it!

    When that Biatch gets done with you in the court proceedings, you won’t be able to pay that April 15th alimony, or have enough money left over to afford a new pair of underwear.

    Good luck to you,

    As for myself I have just decided to sleep in separate rooms. After Mrs. Republican Party calls it a night with her Democrat bedfellows, I sneak out and paint the town red with Ms. Constitution Party.

  6. Done divorced the lying corrupt bitch back in 2008. The effin’ repugnicant party is over.

  7. I agree I’m a registered Independent – keep em guessing that way. I wanted them to have the guts to go with another government shutdown but of course no way. In the meantime I’ve heard one of the main reasons is so our Vets will never again visit a memorial and not be able to get in. You know what, I think a lot of our vets would take the shutdown. If not then they must be Liberals.

  8. AMEN, AWD!

    I can’t stand any of these slimy bastards anymore. I hate them as much as Obama! Anyone that keeps voting for RHINOs clearly has ‘battered voter syndrome’!

  9. I left the RINO farm when they nominated Ha Noi Juan as their presidential candidate.

  10. Jack Daniels says:

    Ahhhhhh….sweet music to my ears folks!

  11. Welcome to the He-Man Dipshit Haters Club. We get together once a week to watch football (not on ESPN), shoot off our guns, drink coffee or beer, ogle women, scratch our bags and bash the establishment GOP.

    It’s a good life…

  12. Keith in Seattle says:

    Sheesh, I divorced them LONG ago when I registered as independent. I have zero love and zero respect for the fools that have shown us again and again that they’ll fold faster than superman on laundry day… Lying, weasels they are. They are nothing more than JFK democrats in drag.

  13. Still Hopeful says:

    Yes, we’re being sold up the river, paying taxes to fund our social suicide. Understand these ppl are way ahead of typical thinking process- they desire for us to burn out on a bipolar system (supposedly). Truth of the matter is that until large monetary incentives for “leadership” is no longer there, will we see a possibility for true principles leadership that when a NO is said, it is done.
    Until then, we have our voice which shall never be silenced.

  14. Divorced the Repulsive RINO’s some time back.

    My self esteem was shot and I just felt so dirty after pillow talk knowing that the GOP whores where also in bed with the Liberal Dummycrats.

    I decided I would no longer be an enabler and that there was better out there for me. I am happy to say that for some time now I have been in a deep and meaningful relationship with the Constitution of the United States and have never felt more empowered and free.

    Congratulations AWD on your liberating decision.

  15. I too have sworn I will NOT vote for another squish ala Romney-there were about 6 million conservatives that were smarter then me in 2012-if they effing nominate Jeb or Christie, that number will be over 10 million and I don’t care if Hillary gets elected-I want a party wilt some GD balls that will stop this REgressive nightmare-we’ve got the numbers, now for the love of God, please Sarah or Ted or Mike Lee or SOMEONE that will stand up and say I will not compromise with REgressives, I will roll back the nightmare.

    They would win in a landslide

  16. We are with you Big Fella…these people are traitors of the first order and deserve to be treated as such. I’ve filed my papers and am done with all of them. We better be prepared for the fight that will follow and has already begun.

  17. I’m divorced from the (RTRD) party and It’s dead to me. Here’s a look if anyone wants to see what you will be missing.;479.png

  18. The sooner we get Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Jeb Hensarling, into the leadership, the better it will be for Conservatives like me.
    Cannot stand McCain. The prison camp converted him with a brain wash.
    No more milk-toast types. I want someone that will stand tall, and not change. That is why Marco Rubio is absent. He will chase a dollar dragged in front of him.
    Bobby Jindal is just fine. Rick Perry the same.
    That fat New Jersey blowhard Governor is a phoney, and will chase a 10 dollar bill dragged past him.
    I want a true Conservative to vote for!!!
    There is not much difference between the Democrat Party and traitors to this USA.
    No more of this “liberal bullshit”. We are at war now!!!!

    • I somewhat agree with you, but am not sure about “conservatives”. What are they conserving? Its a little late for conserving the old dead US. What about a race realist or white nationalist, or is that too hardcore? I just fear that it’s a little late for conservation, we need realism.

  19. Good on you AWD!!!!!

    I left the party when they selected McCain as their best man. I voted for him, once again, as a conservative and as a voter for the least worst candidate. I became tired of the choices presented to us by the Republican (misused name) party. I have watched my beloved country follow the path of the Roman Empire. We sit each day with, forgive the trite words, low information voters. but worse, friends , neighbors, relatives, who somehow believe that big government works for us. All the while, the columns of the republic are eroding and collapsing and the people think it is raining as the elite politicians collude to get the best for themselves.

    My upset with the degradation of our republic has had an impact on my well being. I have lowered or ceased my participation in most sites and activities. I shall remain that way until and unless a person of honor rises to fight the existing system. I have become pro secession, pro-revolution, pro anything that promises action, violent or other wise to restore our Constitution.

    I have thrilled with excitement over the rise of new younger Republicans, only to see their feet of clay in a short while,. Ryan, the complete Janus in the House, Rubio, master Hispanic supporter. a more subtle Guttierez, seeking amnesty for those of his ethnicity. Armed forces accepting aliens to defend our country. the Chamber of Commerce, shamelessly destroying American jobs and thus, the American middle class.
    All for what?? For the great God Profit! To hell with America and its greatness, profit is the most important thing.

    …and the stupid American asses who, like sheep, continue to try to atone for wrongs of the past, which they never committed, and continue to plague our liberties and our children’s future.

    I have written more than I planned.

  20. Nostradumbass says:

    I personally am not looking for a divorce. I want to go right to “widower”.

    • Amen to that!! It’s time to stop being nice and conciliatory and inclusive and understanding and compromising with these two-timing whoring traitors. “Widower”…that has a nice ring to it…I like it.

  21. Steve Fogerson says:

    Ding! Did you hear that? Another angel got its wings. Everytime a conservative renounces the Party of Stupid an angel flies free!

  22. I left the GOP in ’04 and voted for Michael Peroutka (Constitution Party).

    Speaking of GOP…there’s a reason why Reagan was known as “Red Ronnie” when he was governor of California….

  23. I left em too, a long time ago already.
    They are NOT conservative, they’re just a bunch of Commie lites with the exception of Cruz, Lee, Chafftez, Gowdy, Rand Paul and Gomert.
    Maybe a few others and thats it!


  24. Agree completely. The GOP is dead, long live the Constitution!

  25. I resigned a few months ago. I wrote them a blistering letter of the truth and sent and addressed it to: RNC Compromise Headquarters. I closed my letter with this;

    “Enclosed you will find my voter ID card wrapped in toilet paper. I hope you get the message.”

    Since there aren’t enough Conservatives in Congress to effect any change in policy, I’m afraid the political option is all but gone. There is only one option left.

    • I’ve already signed up for the “other option.” Many others currently unseen have done so as well. The shenanigans and lawlessness of the alleged conservatives leave us no other viable alternative.

  26. I left them in 2007, when I registered Indy. Bashed them on this site and was told I was having a bad day. No, I ain’t gonna never forget that. I will go fishing or to the range on election day 2016 unless the candidate is someone worth voting for.


    Its really one big Party of greed. Repos and Demos are the same behind closed doors divvying the spoils. “Boner” and Ryan just proved that by attacking their own colleagues and constituents. They live in another world, certainly not an American world. F…em

  28. gotta real sneaky suspicion that I will be sitting out the elections in 2014 and 2016…….if the repubs do what I think they are going to do and that is run as democrats, I’m out……..

    I too have had it with putting my faith in repubs that stab us in the back every freak’n time…….I hate liberals and repubs are no different that freak’n liberals………

    I absolutely refuse to support, or vote for more of these appeasement sons-a-bitches…….these repubs ought to rename the republican party the Appeasement Party with Benedict Arnold as their mascot and symbol of what they represent….

    Benedict Arnold…the first of the French Republicans and now we are over run with these bastards……..

  29. Mike in Grasonville says:

    I’m a regisrered Independant, and many people think that means “Moderate”. No, it means there isn’t a political party that represents my values, ideals, or Patriotism. With Boehner recently trashing conservative groups with his adulation of Paul Ryan’s Democrat budget, it makes me sick enough to puke in his face. Hell, it makes me mad enough to want to bust his ass a good one.He has that coming to him.

    I had it with the Rino bastards a long time ago, and now only vote for Tea Party candidates. They are our last hope to save this nation, that, and the public Militia.

  30. AT LAST! Someone else voicing what I have been saying for years. AT LAST! It is some ray-of-hope knowing that one is NOT ALONE…

  31. james bonham says:

    The only reason that i am still registered as a Republican is to vote in the primary, i only vote for Tea Party candidates!
    I was convinced when a few years ago the Teaparty marched on the state house in Annapolis, it was 20 degrees,dark and there were 70 and 80 year old ladies shaking their tiny little fists and yelling throw the bums out, there were black people, white people, Latino and we were pissed.
    Charles Lollar won the 3 southern counties in Maryland and i am proud to have been a small part in that.
    I have emailed my last email to The speaker of the house, a sell out is a sell out regardless of the party, they say to vote on principle not party, there has never been any one in the democratic party that i would vote for so that point is moot.

  32. Louisiana Steve says:

    I divorced the Republican party a long time ago. Since then, I’ve been paying them child support.

  33. ThisObamaNation says:

    While The Whole Nation Has Been Distracted By Duck Dynasty And Christmas Shopping, The House And The Senate Have Been Working Overtime To Strip American Citizens Of ALL Of Their Constitutional Rights!!!

    From Prison Planet…
    Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama ‘Indefinite Detention Without Due Process’ Powers

    From Before It’s News…
    Senate Rammed NDAA 2014 Thru at Lightning Speed!
    …Allows Obama to Assassinate Christians Without Trial

    Posted On CommieBlaster.Com…
    315 House Rep. Traitors Who Voted for Illegal Indefinite Arrest of Americans Without Trial, Lawyer, Charges