The majority of you know that Dear Leader is anything but clueless! We all know the mock pretense he portrays regarding the major scandals that have, and still are, surrounding him is nothing but BS! He knows full well about all of them, he’s involved in each and every one of them. The buck stops with him…period! Will he ever be held accountable for any of them? Heck, we all know the answer to that by now. – Every single thing he’s done to this nation has been intentional, he’s not done yet…unless he’s stopped. Let’s hope we win the Senate in the coming year…his dictates have to be halted in one way or the other, at least that would be a major first step.

Anyway, here’s a list of plenty of them, see what you think of our ‘I Know Nothing‘ prez:

B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about ObamaCare Failures!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Fast and Furious Gun Trafficking!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about IRS Targeting Conservative Groups!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Benghazi Embassy Killings!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Serving in Our Military!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Billions of Bullets Purchased by DHS!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Altered and Deleted Emails!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Job Creation or Our Economy!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about My Counterfeit Birth Certificate!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about 134% Voter Turnout In Districts Democrats Won!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Rev. Wright’s I Hate White America Sermons!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about My Foreign Student College Application Fraud!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Submitting a Budget to the U.S. Congress!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Verizon Data Collection Scandal!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Fraudulent Unemployment Numbers!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about NSA Data Collection!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Fiscal Responsibility!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about DOE Fraudulent Solyndra Green Energy Loans!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about ACORN Voter Fraud!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about DOJ Wiretapping Crimes!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about INS Sequester Felons Released!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about DOD Weapons Accessed by Chinese Hackers!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Attending National Security Briefings!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Planned Parenthood Illegal Abortions!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Stimulus Bailouts to Unions!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about American Drone Killings!”
B. Obama ~ “I know nothing about Cash for Clunkers Rebate Fraud!”

So, Sgt. Schultz and Dear Leader have a lot in common, don’t they?


If you have anything to add to the list above, please do. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Deer Crusher says:

    ‘I know nothing about a Constitution placing restrictions on my majesty’

    • But, but, but…he was supposedly a constitutional professor.

      • Constitutional professor….what a joke…..that is so god-damn laughable it isn’t funny…….

        I know you were being facetious with that constitutional professor joke

        just for the record….he was an adjunct and did not have any professorship conferred upon him or status……..

        and he didn’t even attend his college classes….and it’s obvious he didn’t attend constitution class because he doesn’t know anything about the constitution let alone abides by it…….

        • Right you are. And even if he does know anything about it…he’s intentionally giving it the middle finger with his blatant obstruction of it.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Fast and Furious and the murder of Brian Terry

  3. I’m going to throw in circumventing congress many a time, the major two are making recess aptts. when the senate wasn’t in recess…and illegal immigration via the Dream Act with his EO.

  4. bargis tryhol says:

    ‘I know nothing ablout Sandra Fluke’s baby looking like me’

  5. Obammy knows nothing about setting race relations in America back 100 years with this Sh1T COMING FROM HIS MOUTH………..


  6. and Obammy knows nothing about being a Marxist…….


  7. Here’s another thought that came to mind. – Him not firing Eric ‘My People’ Holder after being the first AG to ever be held in ‘contempt of congress’ in our country’s history.

  8. I know nothing about being born in the United States.

  9. I know nothing about my professed religion, Christianity, because I’m not a Christian.

  10. I have been noticing something lately……it seems as though there are a few in the media that are fighting back……..

    Romney was thoroughly taken apart by Obongo in the last presidential…..he didn’t fight back when he was lied about by the dims……..and it seems as though the repubs weren’t fighting back when called obstructionists and so on…….

    but lately I have noticed that seems to be changing a bit….some are beginning to fight back in the news media…….


      • MSLSD is thought of by everyone in the industry as a joke…and NBC isn’t fairing much better………

        the only thing that gives me solace is that the entire staff at MSLSD is a bunch of clowns….buffoons…..MSLSD hires buffoons to report their news…..

        I remember when MSLSD hired Sharpton…..I thought to myself this guy is a buffoon….why would they fire a buffoon like Sharpton…….the reason is they are all buffoons over there……you have to be a buffoon to get hired and work over there……..they’re all buffoons………that’s why they hired a piece-of-sh!t like Sharpton…….

        I hope they continue as they are because I really do like to listen to them once in a while….they make me laugh they are so freak’n despicable….sometimes I need to laugh my ass off and they provide me with that……….

        I don’t know how they survive….same with CNN….what a joke they are…..they’re all a bunch of buffoons……….

        • Speaking of CNN and this topic:


          • these effing bastards like LaMont Hill would have been screaming their asses off calling Romney a racist if the little black boy wasn’t in the picture…..Romney was going to be lam-basted whether he did or didn’t have the kid in the pic……if he didn’t he would be called a racist for not having him in the pic and he is called a racist for exploiting the little black boy for having him in the pic….

            you want to know something…eff them….they’re all a bunch of assholes…..eff them all…..

          • You got that right. Damned it you do, damned if you don’t, as long as you’re on the opposite side of the enemies within side of the aisle.

  11. Deer Crusher says:

    ‘I know nothing about the assassination..er…ah…murder of Andrew Breitbart’

  12. i know nothing about my pakistani husband…

  13. Other than the ‘I know nothing about serving in the military’ all the other ‘know nothing about’ statements are either twisting of known facts (Rev Wright declaring g-d damn America for allowing rampant injustice isn’t the same as Hating White America) or blatant and intentional lies (IRS was reviewing for all political organizations that were illegally seeking out tax-exempt status intended for purely charitable apolitical organizations and then proceeded to grant tax-exempt statuses to all but a left-wing organization Emerge America).

    You John Birch Society nuts, got to keep yourselves in frothy rabid-state over paranoid delusions. Americans really did land on the moon, fluoride isn’t some communist plan to have widespread mind control, and FEMA is not (nor has been for the last 20 years) on the verge of rounding up all Americans into ‘death camps’.

    If FEMA was on the verge of creating death camps… better check your opinions or they will burn down your house like Waco Branch Davidians.


    • Screw my opinions. I’m checking my ammo supply, and lamenting the fact I STILL don’t have enough.

      • Ditto.

      • Even an infinite amount of ammo, would not be enough and would actually become the justification for your own violent death. Surrounding yourself with implements of violence only assures that you that you will be perceived as violent by those that are considering taking violent means to deal with you.

        Live by the sword die by the sword.

  14. Obammy knows nothing about how much I want to see him Impeached!!!!

    He keeps me upset…I mean this whole year every thing I eat turns to sh!t……

    but next year may be better for me cause I got a letter from a person in Nigeria who says if i just send them 5 thousand dollars I can have their entire fortune…

    and two woman I never met ..One named Cherry and one Choochie ..both say they have some pics to show me…

    yep things are looking up….Happy New Year

  15. “I know nothing about Columbia'”…oh,uh, I graduated from there.

  16. “I know nothing, P E R I O D ! ! !

  17. Spurwing Plover says:

    Eco-wacko research ship studying the so call effects of Global Warming in the Arctic is trapped in the ice and so is the rescue ship I just wish this involved Greenpeace and Al Gore

  18. Nothing to do with Dear Leader…but tossing this in here too.


  19. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bloomberg retires and the Big Apples Big Worm and surrounded by armed guards typical arrogant pompoius old peacock he is making this old shorebird angry with his arrogance