Leave it to liberals to lie to achieve their goals, no matter what the goal is! Well, this mother from hell did just that for her son. Nevertheless, what she did is beneath contempt…period! So, after you read about this story, state what you think should happen to this despicable woman when all is said and done.

There are three different reports to check out here, here and here. There’s a different news report in the third link too if you want to watch it:

LUNENBURG, Mass. —Investigators say the mother of a Lunenburg teen whose home had racist graffiti sprayed on it last month is a “strong suspect” in the case.

According to the search warrant, Isaac Phillip’s mother, Andrea Brazier, replied “OK” when an FBI agent said she was the one who spray painted graffiti on the house.

“Most of the leads we have followed up throughout the investigation have led back towards the house,” said Lunenburg police Lt. Michael Luth.

When asked if police considered Brazier a strong suspect, Luth responded, “I would.”

Court documents also claim Brazier made false statements and then asked them to stop the investigation.

Police took a bag of evidence out of the home where “Knights Don’t Need (N-Words)” was spray-painted on the family’s home. Phillips, who’s biracial, plays football for the Lunenburg Blue Knights.

According to the search warrant, two cans of spray paint and ammunition were found in home.

“You’re not going to get anything from me besides no comment. I already said everything I had to say,” the teen’s father, Antony Phillips, said.

The family posted a “No Trespassing” sign on their property, and the once-outspoken Phillips aren’t talking anymore.

From the start, they blamed hateful spray paint on their 13-year old son’s football team. They said he was hazed because he is bi-racial.

The town held a vigil, and the district canceled all future football games. Investigators have since cleared the team, saying they weren’t involved.

“I think it’s kind of gross what they did and how they stood back and watched us all take the blame. It wasn’t anyone on the football team, and everyone’s affected by it,” football player Gregg McGrath said.

When police showed up on the Phillips’ doorstep with a search warrant Tuesday, members of the football team, along with others in the community, stood outside to watch.

Police won’t say what they were looking for in the home, only that they are in the midst of the investigation and determined to bring it to a close.

Officials spent an hour inside the home Tuesday.

Listen to this below:

So, what do you think should be done with this woman? What do you think will be done?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. “Court documents also claim Brazier made false statements and then asked them to stop the investigation.”

    Dontcha just love it. She made “false statements”…why the h3ll can’t they just say she LIED; why does everything have to be so neutered as to be meaningless? I strongly suspect there’s a whole lot more going on here than is being reported..ya’ know, “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. Can’t prove it from the reporting, but I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if the young’un wasn’t involved in this, perhaps by “falsely claiming” his team mates were hassling him, thereby invoking the wrath of his she devil “mom”. One of the great truisms is that “children mirror their homes”, hence my suspicions about the kid. As far as punishment for this gal, go for the max, whatever is required to send a message to other perps that this kind of sh!t just ain’t gonna fly.

  2. Simple, she should be charged and prosecuted for a hate crime, and she should receive the maximum sentence allowed.

    I also think the school, the team, and the individual players should sue them for defamation and emotional distress.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      I also think the school, the team, and the individual players should sue them for defamation and emotional distress.

      Took the words right out of my mouth fingers.

  3. Grumpy and JMV…

    I agree with all said by both of you.

    Btw, just heard that Kelly File on Fox is going to have a report about this BS. At least Fox is covering this outrage!

  4. Andrea is married to a black man, and if she voted for Obama, she cannot be held responsible.

    Glad to clarify.

  5. She should have the word: FRAUD tattooed onto her forehead.
    And spend a week in the Stocks

  6. O.K. ya’ll need to settle down, there is no evidence this loving mother is responsible.

    Show me proof, link it, show me a video confession, how about a picture of her holding a spray paint can with a time stamp on it. You can’t because you got no proof.

    You inbred racist hillbillies just hate this woman because she married a black man, you can’t stand the fact that you lost the civil war and your penises are smaller. And it really bothers you that we won the election twice, and you can’t stand that it’s over, but you got nowhere to flee because nobody wants you racist haters.

    So you make up stuff like this, and Polar Bear Hunting too, and you try to put your hate on people of color, and those that love people of color, you’re all haters.

    Did any of you jack-offs watch the third video? If you hicks had watched the video in the third link you would know who wrote that N-word on their house. That’s right Andrea Brazier’s daughter saw who did it, she described the perp, and nobody is doing anything about it, except trying to pin it on Andrea Brazier because she likes dark meat.

    Go look at the third video her daughter said she saw a Man, with Blue Hair, with a Feather Headdress, and a Pink Nose…

    That’s right Rednecks, she saw Homey The Clown doing it.


    • LMAO…glad you watched the third video, etc. I’m about to head to bed, but your post made my night…with a smile on my face too.

    • Could Tawana Brawley be back again?

      Let’s “axe” REV Al “MSNBC” Sharpton!

      Just “axin”………

  7. Just Observant says:

    I say do nothing. Ther next time something happens like this, say to yourself, “I dont give a hoot!”. When they ask you why, point the finger at Andrea and tell them “Because of Andrea”.
    In my 50 years, I have never seen one of these actually be real. They have always been self inflicted.

  8. iron_mike_houston says:

    The libtard won’t be charged because they were trying to prove racism exists. It doesn’t matter if the family created the racism themselves. It is very important to libtards to prove racism exists.

    Maybe the kid just wanted to transfer to another school and this was the best way to do it!

  9. Crusading Conservative says:

    It’s like when that liberal professor screamed about ‘someone’ putting a noose on her doorknob, and the liberal lady who was going to speak at some rally who said her car was vandalized – and both cases were self-inflicted. These people make me sick. Let’s create fake racism incidents where there aren’t any … they should be charged with fraud, at the very least. Their actions negatively impacted the entire community – the locals held a vigil, for crying out loud! Not to mention the other teams that had their games with this team post pond. This lady is either trying to become famous, or is trying to stir a pot that has nothing in it.

  10. Here’s some more about this story via Fox.


  11. What’s wrong with being called a racist? I don’t mind. I am racist against all non whites. I can change my opinion about individual minorities if they pass the content of character analysis, but my starting point is racism only ameliorated by affirmative acts of decency. Unfortunately most third worlders do not pass the test.

  12. ILuvEquines says:

    What should be done? This worthless coal burner and her buck should be shot. The commie indoctrination center scrunt should also be shot. What will be done? Not a damn thing and they will get away with putting their niglet in a better football school, which is what this is all about.

  13. if the situation doesn’t fit the crime…..make the crim fit the situation…..

    liberals are all the same….all over the country they are all the same…..they justify their criminal behavior so they can point the finger at some innocent white person…..yet all along they are the one’s perpetration the crime and bearing false witness against innocent bystanders………

    liberals lie….all of them…they all lie….and then try to justify their lying by telling more and more lies…….

    this one lies and the rest swear to it……typical wiggers………

  14. conservativemom says:

    I think she should have to go on Anderson Cooper again and confess the truth

    I think the families affected should sue her. Part of her punishment should be 25hours of community service to each family affected by this hoax to be used however they want. Picking up trash, cleaning community bathrooms, cleaning up bleachers after football games…

    She should be banned from all of her son’s football games.

    We will never know how her actions affected the boys on that football team. Some could have been awarded football scholarships if they had actually played.

    If possible, deny her son entrance into his new school and football program.

    Also, she should have to pay back every cent that was spent investigating this hoax.

  15. You are guilty if your white until you can prove your innocence .
    Maybe Rolling Stone will put them on the cover too

  16. I think that she should go through reverse sensitivity training and be forced to logon to this site for six months and interact in the comments sections of every thread. That may fix the problem.

  17. She should be running for congress in a few weeks. She is showing great potential for political success.

  18. Cancel the football season! Notice the leftists in Mass. behaved the way the Duke Univ. incrowd did. Hoaxers always get action from the schools, as in the Duke lacrosse hoax. When the hoax is exposed, the cameras go looking for other victims, that is, victimize whitey. Sabrina Collins, black Emory University student in Atlanta painted racial graffiti on her dorm room to frame others, then was allowed to withdraw from school and walk free when the scam was exposed. Whitey could never get away with this stuff.
    Maybe Florida State should shut down the football program over the Winston hoax charges. No more FSU football ! Too bad Emory doesn’t play football – they could’ve shut down the season.

  19. Nothing will happen to her.Please understand this is Massachusetts,home of the” Massholes”. Moonbat central.The people who Kept Ted Kennedy (The hero of Chappaquidick Bridge) in office and John “Lurch” Kerry in office,and just sent a Phony fake Indian to the senate.Also where a man doing life for killing his wife will get a court ordered sex change operation.You cant make this shit up ! Don’t be surprised if the Boston marathon bomber is tried in Massachusetts and aquitted…

    • Well said!

    • Quartierleblanc says:

      Lepke, I think you’re dead on. Imagine, that a serial philanderer, college cheat, leftist alcoholic and murderer could be elected for decades and still considered to be a hero to the majority of people in the commonwealth. Teddy is also directly responsible for the immigration mess. Now not only do we have an imaginary Indian who used a fantasy based family tree to further her career, but Elizabeth Warren is now being considered as a candidate for POTUS. What’s in the water there that allows for such a suspension of reality?

  20. WHAT? A liberal lied to make a political point?

    Nothing new to see here folks… move along now

  21. Adolph Hilter says:

    You people really have the right attitude! If we could just manage to blame the jews for this, too, it would be perfect. The people of Lunenberg should be proud of their racist football players – it’s good to be racist if you’re white and not a Jew. Maybe you could pass a town law against interracial marriage -..