Matthew S Harrison

Merriam Webster says the definition of phobia is: an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. So, to call someone who doesn’t support or abide homosexuality “homophobic” is the same as calling someone who doesn’t support the DNC Democratophobic. In other words, it makes about as much sense as electing a man President who can’t prove he was born in the US, graduated from college, or ever held the job(s) he claims to have held.

You see, the left, in their zeal to put a label on everything conservatives do, picked a name for those who aren’t on-board with homosexuality, “homophobic” They do that. They did it with “Global Warming”. They had no proof that it was occurring, but they needed to give it a dastardly name to gain buy-in from the ignorant masses. This is an easy way to convince the low info voters that there is a crisis and it is big! Of course, by claiming the world is warming at an alarming trend, they gained everyone’s attention, and from there, it was a matter of cooking up the “hockey stick graph” and creating a bunch of computer models that would show it “will” get warmer. Of course, a computer program will only put out what is put into it, so it was easy for them to make it look like the world was warming. The truth was hidden, at least until people started waking up. But you get the picture!

Back to homophobia: I didn’t see the Duck Dynasty guy running away from the gays on the production team for his show. And he didn’t break out into hives when talking about anal sex. He didn’t jump around and start shaking, as true phobics do-you should see my mother around spiders….she won’t even travel to Texas to visit my brother and his family, because: TARANTULAS! That’s phobia. Homophobia, as the left and gays in this country have made it out to be is just a lack of desire to be constantly bombarded with it.

Personally, I don’t care what you do in your bedroom-though I appreciate you keep it in your bedroom. I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman you do it with-just leave me out of it. And I am sure most folks would agree. There is too much heterosexual sex in the media. One can’t turn on a prime time show without innuendo everywhere. And nowadays, you can’t turn on the television without seeing all out sex-minus “penetration” even on “family” shows. And lest we even talk about the subject matter on “ABC Family” network, whereby every show they have is about sex. “The Secret Life Of A Teenager” (I think it was called) was literally all about teen sex-it was all the characters discussed/did-in every single episode. And fortunately for the pregnant teenager in the show, she was knocked up by the richest kid in town(who’s father happened to be “the sausage king”-IRONY) and had a cushy life, whereby her gay mother and her aloof father were accepting of her hyper-sexual lifestyle and her myriad irresponsible and shit-all-stupid circle of friends.

Yes, its all about sex, and for the left to be able to push their agenda, whereby they normalize all that is abnormal, like allowing me in dresses to use public women’s restrooms, and whereby the White House has officially recognized “bi-sexual” people as a protected class. To be able to pull the wool over the low information voters’ eyes, and to take roughly 4% of our population and make our entire society bow to them, they must label all of us phobic. They do this with every agenda item they try to get over on us with, though this is a real hot-button for them. The reason is simple. This is part of a campaign undertaken by many despots in history, and one that works very well. If you can completely divert the attention of your society, you can get almost anything past them, while they are incapable of paying attention. And as we all know, sex is a great diversion, for anyone who has been through puberty. And those who have recently gone through puberty through those in their 30’s are the target of the Left’s latest campaign to distract. Those are the most malleable voters. Those are the easiest to distract, and those are the easiest to change. They have been indoctrinated to think that everyone who isn’t “normal” should have special privilege. They have been indoctrinated to be normal-phobic. They are brainwashed into thinking that sex should be their first and foremost thought at all times. And as they are watching peep shows produced by major Hollywood studios, and while the pornography industry has become mainstream, thorough mainstream shows about it on every premium cable network, and while they have been taught since 6th grade that sex is a-okay as long as you are using condoms, the Regimes in D.C., have been slowly stripping away their rights, having distracted them fully with hyper-sexual content in school, movies, books, and on their ipads.

Homophobia is just another left-wing con and attempt to guilt America into accepting that which a small portion of our country wants to hear about, see, or be a part of. And now, if you so much as refuse to publicly state you aren’t homophobic in the United States Military, you will be immediately discharged. The left have been fully successful in labeling 80% of our country as mentally ill. Afterall, phobias are mental illness. How long until they rubber stamp us all as unqualified to own firearms due to the newly christened mental illness Homophobia? I’ll give it 18 months tops!

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  1. I claim this duplicate thread for all the queens and kings.

  2. CombatMissionary says:

    Like I tell my friends:
    If the gay movement was made of of people like Ellen DeGeneres, gay marriage would probably have been legal 30 years ago. When you’re flipping past her TV show, she just seems like a nice person who happens to be gay. But instead, you get vitriol-filled Rosie O’Donnell types who think that to be who they are, they have to insult who you are and they think having equality means outlawing your value system.

    The best way to get respect is to give it first. I grew up in California. I left it because I didn’t want my kids growing up being persecuted due to us being happy, respectful Bible-and-gun clingers. The bitter and angry people are the ones on the left who demand respect without giving any.

  3. Call the pc idiots on it with a ‘Define your term’ approach. After going with something similar to your dictionary explanation I state “No I’m just homolothic”. I loath the perversion and choose not to associate . I’m don’t try to run their life but I damn sure don’t intend to let the pc idiots and fruits run mine.

  4. When the homo parade is in town and they dress as pregnant nuns I guess that is acceptable. Homos are the biggest hypocrites on earth.

  5. What do they call it when we could give a crap about what people do, we are simply SICK UNTO DEATH of hearing about it?

    • Nostradumbass says:

      Rocco says that it’s called “complacently cloy”
      He says it is boring to explain it to me and he is fed up with my lack of knowledge

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    From the distant planet of WEIRDIA IV comes their deligate seeking federation membership

  7. Hey Awd great post. I’m glad you’re back and it only took 5 days this time to get over the Cowboys loss. Don’t worry they are still in the hunt at 7-7 like the Chargers and the Cowboys play the 3-11 Racist Redskins Sunday. Sorry I’ll get on topic now. Did you and Paul ever get to go on that hunting trip on Brokeback Mountain? As for me, I’m gonna put on some Yanni, light some candles, make a champagne coolie and draw a nice warm rose petal scented bubble bath with the jojoba crystals you recommended and relax before the games on Sunday. I love the Dallas Cheerleaders but the Charger Girls ain’t half bad either.

    Btw: Try the rose petal scent in your bubble bath next time I think you’ll find it’s simply maavalous. Bottoms up!

  8. Nostradumbass says:

    I believe if you take off the makeup of the guy in the picture, you would find Cowboy’s Defensive Tackle Jason Hatcher.

    • Actually, thats a selfie that AWD took at the Dallas Cowboys Gay Pride day celebration. He’s just supporting his team, ya know.

  9. Homosexual Man Suing for Right to Donate Blood Donated While Infected with Syphilis

    Bug chasing: Men deliberately trying to catch HIV for sexual thrill in astonishing craze

    In A Nutshell

    “Bug chasing” is a term used to describe a person who pursues sex with an HIV-infected individual. It is classified as a form of self-harm and has been reported in gay communities. In some cases, people seek out AIDS in order to fit in, please a sexual partner, or simply for thrills. To date, it is not fully understood why people do this or how to prevent it.

    • Homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end anyway, these queers are just trying to speed things up a little. Gays and lesbos should hold the first place ribbon in the Darwin Awards.

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Some of histories first gays were the Knights Templars not any darwinists poppycock it was satan that created it

  11. Cooter Brown says:

    “When a homosexual says something tastes like crap, he knows what he is talking about!”

  12. If God wanted men to screw each other in the ass, He would have put tits on their backs.

  13. Gracho Marxist says:

    Actually I don’t think such fear is irrational. If you have ever been to a gay pride parade and seen the goings on I get the same sort of feeling that I get during a rattlesnake roundup or go gator hunting. There are vermin and then there are fruitcakes, which species is worse is hard to say, but at least gators make good boots.