Now that President Hussein has destroyed racist AmeriKKKa’s health care system, he’s decided to move on to the next target! The economy. His nemesis…except hitting past those @#&* ladies tees! Time to give more to the untalented what they can’t earn on their own by taking it from those who can. After all, from each according to his production ability, to each according to his mooching need (and vote). The liberal mantra.

The minimum wage is just the latest libtarded argument that destroys jobs for the low-skilled laborers libs claim to want to help. AWD discussed this back in June of 2012 when then Congressman, now jailbird Jesse Jackson, Jr used his powerful grasp of economic principles and called on Obama to raise the minimum wage to $10:

Jesse, Junior is calling on President Hussein Hopenchange to raise the minimum wage to $10 per hour. Now that would surely help the poor and downtrodden in America. It would help redistribute wealth from those evil business 1%ers to the 99% and make everything so great! I’m surprised all those evil capitalists have missed this! Think how hard employees would work if they were paid $10 per hour…even though their skills are not such where they can piss and hit the ground.

Wait a minute! If $10 per hour would help America’s poor workers, think about how much better off they’d be if they were paid $15! Whoa! Wait just another minute here. What if they were paid $20 per hour? Man, that would be so cool!!! They could pay their bills and buy all kinds of Air Jordans and sh*t! Hold the phones!!! What if the minimum wage rate was raised to $50 per hour! Now you’re really talking. Air Jordans, NBA jerseys for everyone! Damn! This Junior is onto something. Hell, what if we raised the minimum wage to $1 million per hour! Everyone would be millionaire! After a 40 hour work week, you’d have $40 million!! After a few weeks, each employee could buy their own NBA team and then have all the jerseys they want!! I like it! One million American dollars per hour! That would really help the working poor! Don’t wish you knew as much about economics as Jesse Jackson, Junior? I know you do!!

Oh, but the evil white man doesn’t want to pay $1 million an hour! They want to keep the poor down! Here’s some old, dead cracka named Milton Friedman….what the hell does he know about economics?! Shee-ut, he probably doesn’t even know what the 2005 Air Jordans look like! Probably never ever heard of Labron either!

AWD’s first job was sweeping out and washing floors at a car dealership. He was only 13….hey, that’s underage child labor! I probably have a lawsuit there! I worked from on Saturdays from 8 am to whenever we finished…usually about 6 pm. My pay was minimum wage….$2.35 an hour…at that time. Just think how much better off I’d be today if I was paid $1 million per hour! After all, that was hard work and car dealers make billions off of selling cars, don’t they? Damn, I wish I had Jesse, Junior representing me back then! I’d be owning a few professional sports teams and sitting in a hot tub sipping champagne with my soul mate! If only…….

Not much has changed since AWD posted that literary masterpiece against the stupidity of liberals over minimum wage laws. AWD is still very smart while libs are wicked re-tahd-ed (as the wicked re-tahd-ed libs say in Bahston). Remember AWDs First Axiom of Politics: Liberals depend on stupid. Tell a minimum wage, unskilled worker you’re going to give him an extra X dollars in the form of minimum wage and you’ll forever have his vote. Even when he loses his job because the higher minimum wage is fiscally impossible for his employer. Evil employer, that is.

Maybe Obama can set up a website to facilitate unskilled labor to sign up for their higher minimum wage!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Jessie Jackasson Jr needs placed in solitary for the rest of his incareration

  2. getting sick and tired of the screaming liberal left-wing democncratsthat haven’t got a clue as to how to run an economy…….democrats coudn’t run an ice cream stand successfully….no a damn one of them……..

    Obongo is on the marchgiving his telepromptor speeches to put ObongoCare on the back-burner of the news with his latest attemps to trick and deceive the American electorate into thinking he is for the “poor”……Obongo has done more harm to the poor than any single person in the history of the country…..Obongo is not for the poor….he is for Obongo and this is his way of deceiving the poor into thinking what he is doing is all for them…….

    raise the minimun wage and watch how many lose their jobs…..this is a jobs killer… will not help those who work for low wages what-so-ever… will hurt them and hurt them bad…..then Obongo will give a speech telling them how much he is for them and wants to put them on welfare………

    democrats are the worst thing that has ever happend to this country………

  3. Here’s an excellent reason for NOT raising the minimum wage!
    Wait till you see what she “dropped” into a customer’s burger.

  4. Sandra Slut involves her vagina in the minimum wage fight in Mexifornia……..

    Sandra Slut was seen sticking her vagina in to places where it doesn’t belong….


    Newest mouth breathing lie I’ve heard. It has the element of truth, but as usual the devil is in the details.

  6. My first job paid me $5.00 an hour. I managed.Fast food joints…NEVER eat at any of them. Garbage! Read the book’Fast Food Nation”, on an empty stomach.

  7. Everyone should make $100/hour in the US. President, VP, Congress, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, all bank executives, equal pay for all US citizens. Lets see how long the economy lasts.
    Hell we can just print more money, it’s easy, done every day. Lets just annex Mexico to run the fast food joints…actually I think we kinda have already.

  8. One of the main effects of minimum wage hikes is job loss, but another often overlooked result is that after the hike settles into the economy, EVERYTHING begins going up in price. You have to wonder just how much better off those earning minimum wage are. Another “side effect” is a larger tax bite; guess who profits from that. You make more money, “.gov” collects more taxes; and so it becomes a vicious cycle. I believe one reason minimum wage is even being discussed right now is all the “quantitative easing” the Fed has been engaged in recently. If you print enough trillions of dollars to “stabilize the economy” you’re setting up the likelihood of super inflation at some point, and then what good is that hard-fought-for minimum wage increase? The US dollar is in danger of severe devaluation because of current economic policies, to the point that it could trigger a worldwide economic crisis. A quick study: a box of cereal which weighed net 18 ounces for $1.88 a year ago is still $1.88 today but if you look at content net weight it is now 16 ounces. That’s an 11% increase in cost. It’s not just cereal, it’s everything you buy. There are rare exceptions to this, but I think we’re on the cusp of some really serious inflation, and in the not too distant future.

    • Your example is one of hundreds. Same size box, less inside. Thinner toilet paper, napkin paper, smaller also, smaller paper towels. List is endless. Inflation is here, big time just hidden so far. Gasoline has almost doubled since “O” Regime started. Tires are up 35%. If your a home cooking person herbs have doubled since 2009. Electricity is going to skyrocket soon. The Regime is like a giant leach sucking the life out of the country, liberals and conservatives are equally effected. The Washington Elite are doing just fine with the blood the leach sucks from us. With the money “O” has spent on vacations we could give every American a great big New Years Bonus. They seem to enjoy rubbing our face in their shit.

    • The biggest outrage, I say the biggest outrage is the 12 oz. bacon packaging. Who can eat just 12 oz. of bacon? Now I look for the few remaining bacon packagers who still adhere to the old fashioned notion that a pound is 16 oz. not 12 oz. Am I alone in this? Mess with anything but my bacon. The 12 oz. coffee switch years ago pissed me off also.

  9. How about we simply start paying everyone equally? Like, we could issue coupons to everyone instead of actual currency…you could take those coupons and trade them in for items from the store. And everyone would do it out of duty to ______.

    You know the libs have mental disorder when they want equal pay. So let’s look at the USSR. Aside from grossly impoverished conditions for most of the citizenry, the people still faced supply shortages of the most basic commodities (and this is before good ole Perestroika made the issue worse for the average store). The main issue is that it was assumed that people would work out of duty to their fellow Soviets and the motherland. Here in the US the libs have been trying to demonize their own nation and people…so who/what the hell would we all be working for in this unlimited money for any work situation? No god, no nationalism….I guess we could just work or have the pieces of shit who would be willing to punish you (if you were white…minorities wouldn’t be mandated to work….that’d be slavery!) force you to work. The main point is that we would follow a communist system but then not even have the nationalistic sentiment to continue to work for the state.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the idiocy/insanity/inhumanity of the contemporary American left makes the current and former communist leaders of the world look like John Locke and Thomas Hobbes.

  10. iron_mike_houston says:

    I had a discussion with my wife last night about the protests. She really isn’t much of a political junkie but I didn’t realize how ignorant she was on economics until last night. She was commenting on the protests and I asked her if she knew that the vast majority of protesters weren’t employees but paid $50 to protest. She didn’t know that and then said something that really surprised me. She said how can a 25yo single person who has a child survived on minimum wage (she must of heard that on TV).

    I almost went ballistic. I told her raising minimum wage would only help in the short run. Why was someone making minimum wage at 25? Because they don’t have any real job skills that a punk 16yo doesn’t have. I told her I bet that person f*cked their taxpayer 13 year education up by not applying themselves in school. Why should I have to pay higher hamburger prices because this person has never applied themselves? Listen to this protesters getting interviewed.

    I told her to go to YouTube and watch videos of Milton Friedman. She needs to get educated.

  11. iron_mike_houston says:

    I can’t believe the media doesn’t ask the protesters why they ain’t getting paid at least $10/hour from the time they leave their house to the time they get back from the protest. How can the union be mistreating these people by not paying them a liveable wage? How can that 25yo single parent be able to support themselves with a $50 wage? Is taxes taken out of the $50? I want to know those answers?

  12. You get paid what you are worth to the employer.
    Don’t like it, well then quit and go get a better education so you can apply for a better job.
    Uneducated people who work for someone else get paid what the employer pays,period.

  13. Steve, Manager at Mario’s “Home of the Sandbag Burrito” interviews a prospective applicant for a ‘Burger and Condiment Technician’ in the Restaurant’s ‘American Foods’ Division.

    Steve: Deandre, what college did you attend?
    Deandre: Man, they’s burgers, you flip ’em and shit. Ain’t been to no College.
    Steve: OK, do you have the alternate required seven years experience in the culinary arts?
    Deandre: Culi-What? How hard is it to flip a dang burger? They get brown they go on a bun, it ain’t like flying no Rocket.
    Steve: Yes, but this job pays seventeen dollars an hour as mandated by the Government. Paying that much I have my choice of candidates. What experience or qualifications do you have that would make me want to hire you?
    Deandre: I ain’t got no neck tattoos.

  14. Sandra Slut er, I mean Sandra Fluke and her vagina were seen fleeing a fast food restaurant after men passing by in cars were complaining of a mysterious illness befalling them…..their dicks would shrivel up as they past by the McDonalds where Sandra Slut and her vagina were protesting for a higher minimum wage…..the police are investigating………

    Sandra Slut and her vagina made news a couple of years ago when she and her infamous vagina complained about the high cost of $10 a month birth control pills…….thanks to Sandra Slut now everyone has access to free birth control through you favorite insurance carrier through ObongoCare……..

  15. Sandra Slut and her vagina were seen attacking unsuspecting men walking by a fast food outlet…….the men claim they were assaulted by Sandra Slut’s vagina….each man assaulted said the same thing….Sandra Slut’s vagina ran after them and was snapping viciously at them….a couple of men were actually bitten….two of the men suffered the growth of hideous warts…….

    McDonalds claims no responsibility for Sandra Slut and her vagina’s behavior….

    Police have issued an APB to apprehend Sandra Slut’s vagina………