Demands from the Dictator-in-Chief!


Obamacare is costing us all an arm, a leg, or more in one way or the other. Many of us can’t afford the cost of personal insurance any longer, nor afford any vacations! Yet Dear Leader and his family take excessive vacations many times during each and every year that he’s occupied office. The endless campaigning of his is non-stop in state after state since he’s taken office. We can’t forget the record he’s set when it comes to his rounds of golf either!

Plus, and very important too, he dictates laws via fiat as he circumvents congress while doing all of this while playing his games under his fun in the sun, somewhere! Of course we can’t forget all of his executive orders either! When and where does this end? Or will it never end until he’s out of office? How can this nation afford much more when it comes to this narcissistic president? He’s excessive at everything he puts his hands on. He knows no bounds…and the msm is complicit in this fact, and as guilty as he is for remaining mum about these major issues that affect our lives every single day! But hey, when it comes to the lapdogs in the press of various organizations, that’s A-OK…after-all, he’s a PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT!

Now, we all know Dear Leader loves to call these endless vacations of his ‘working vacations‘, which is a joke and a half in itself! Hell…that so-called man has never done an honest days work in his life…period!

Read this summary below, make sure and read the full report here…it will leave you fuming!

President Barack Obama, who is departing Friday for a vacation in Hawaii that will reportedly last until Jan. 5, took more annual vacation days on average in his first term than the average private-sector worker gets after 20 years on the job.

Obama took an average of 21.5 vacations days per year in his first four years as president. By comparison, private-industry workers in the United States who have at least 20 years on the job get an average of 19 days of paid vacation per year.

To top this off, watch this video below. Bill Whittle doesn’t disappoint! He slams the free press too. Priceless!

Here’s a summary via the video in case you can’t watch it:

You aint seen nothin’ yet. Its been almost a year since Obama gave his second inaugural, and this year has finally demonstrated to most people that he was a horrible choice for our country. The economy is in the slumps, and our healthcare system is in shambles. Voters might want to take note, and realize that Bill Whittle, and those like him, weren’t racist nor extremist–they were trying to save us from ruin.

Throw in your two-cents, I’m done blowing-off steam with my blather…for now! – It’s your turn to do so!

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Big T,

    Bill Whittle has a proven record of being spot on..very insightful man.

  2. I really like Bill Whittle and Afterburner, he doesn’t pull any punches and gets to the point.

    Haven’t been able to handle his marathon sessions on the web, not yet.

    One of the reasons I haven’t commented too much here, though I walk through the posts every couple of days, I get really worked up and that isn’t good for my blood pressure. I have felt that there has been no safe harbor against this crowd we have in the administration…and dealing with that in my own way, praying and doing what needs to be done to keep the family healthy.

    Anyway, keep the good fight up, I am there with you.

    Will be there at the Dude a Palooza II now that I am back in Sin City and have all my stuff collocated.

    Blistered, out!

    • Blistered…

      Great to hear from you. I’ve wondered where you’ve been and such.

      You and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Regardless of the POS we have ruling us all.

  3. heres my message to you rubes…….

    face it rubes….the messiah lied his ass off to you and you bought it hook line and sinker… swallowed it whole and now your going to choke on it…….how’s it taste you stupid dimwits……you bought into the biggest lies ever told to the American people and now your going to pay for it……and I mean pay for it…..all your hard earned cash is going to the government and your going to get nothing back in return……nothing…..crumbs…….you dumb assholes… were instrumental in ruining this country and now your going to pay for it…’s it feel jag-offs…….

    I’m so sick of you rubes…I could spit…..your so god damn dumb it isn’t funny….how could anyone fall for all the freak’n lies these sons-a-bitches told…..and it isn’t just health care… about Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Solyindra, trillion dollar stimulus and shovel ready jobs……these sons-a-bitches cooked the books on the unemployment figures and have been lying to you about the health of the economy for the past 5 years……it isn’t any better now than it was 5 years ago……

    I don’t care if you have figured out that Obongo and the democraps have lied to you… doesn’t takje a genius to know that and it didn’t take a genius to see it right from the beginning….Obongo has been lying from the get-go….and you couldn’t see it or hear it… now you have fu@ked this country up so bad that we may not be able to straighten it out you stupid assholes……

    fu@k’n wake up you dumb bastards……….

  4. Deer Crusher says:

    Loved his “tax the rich” video.

  5. Frederic Bastiat, a French economist, statesman, and author, wrote during the years of the second French Revolution of 1848. He saw that the taking of one man’s property for the use of another was an improper activity, one that he called Plunder. When government performed the same activity, they had the power to make it legal, and Bastiat called this form of stealing Legal Plunder. Government in his day had taken the power to do what the individual members of his nation couldn’t do: take property from one to give to another.

    He wrote the following in his classic book The Law:

    But how is this legal plunder to be identified:
    Quite simply: See if the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to persons to whom it does not belong.
    See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime.
    Then abolish the law without delay. If such a law, which is an isolated case – is not abolished immediately, it will spread, multiply and develop into a system.

    Bastiat mentioned that Legal Plunder could manifest itself in two forms:

    1. The taking of property by government from the individual it belongs to and the giving of it to someone it does not belong to; and
    2. The granting of a privilege to one group at the expense of another.

    Bastiat went on to predict what would happen under this system of government:

    As long as it is admitted that the law may be diverted from its true purpose, that it may violate property instead of protecting it, then everyone will want to participate in making the law, either to protect himself against plunder or to use it for plunder.

    A truism about Legal Plunder can be stated thus:

    Government cannot give anything if first doesn’t take from someone else.

    (excerpted from The Unseen Hand)

  6. Deer Crusher says:

    “The granting of a privilege to one group at the expense of another”


    • Bingo.

      “There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. If it would confine itself to equal protection, and, as Heaven does its rains, shower its favors alike on the high and the low, the rich and the poor, it would be an unqualified blessing.”

      Andrew Jackson

    • Let’s not forget “affirmative action”..old news, and now we have “protected classes” where if anything muttered/written is negative in context it could be construed as a “hate crime”….all brought to us by .gov which would have us bend like weeds in the wind to its wishes.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Obamacare, PERIOD.  The whole foundation of the scheme is to take from some (the healthy, the young, those who can support themselves such as Whites) to give to others (those with “pre-existing conditions”, the old, groups which are primarily black and brown).  Plunder, amounting to close to 20% of the US economy.

  7. http://battlefieldusa.wordpres.....s-america/
    We have nothing to fear…
    Obama repeals Obamacare…
    I’m afraid American is headed into a situation we have only seen once, our founding. This Regime is Paranoid/Schizophrenia in orientation. Its a Regime of madness, uncontrolled stupidity, FUBAR and its going to just loose it shortly as the Repos have drank the leaded water also. Yelling and screaming about it is useless. Words leave me. Pray long and hard.

  8. I recently ran across this item, likely one of the important (but never discussed) tenets of Obamacare:

    “Lishnetzy is the Russian word for the aging and ailing who have become the superfluous ones…as an ardent young Communist I never regarded the Lishnetzy as something monstrous. It seemed practical and just to me then. As Komsonols (young Communists)… we had reached the conclusion that when one became a lishnetz (an old Capital Good), that is one condemned to this form of civic extermination, one should be duty bound to free the country of a useless consumer by having the courage to commit suicide. That opinion was nationally encouraged to such an extent that, even today, the suicide rate in Russia is higher than in any other country in the world.”

    • Be cool if in America we could get the Komsonols to skip the Lishnetzy phase and go straight to the civic extermination part.

      Good to see ya back Snake


    I’d say not much longer. Here we are at what is supposed to be “the most joyous” time of the year, where we exchange gifts with the ones we love. It is also the time of year to remember THE GIFT God gave to all mankind in the form of His Son as redemption from our sin(s)…bear with me…yet it has morphed into one of the most hedonistic displays of self-indulgence and debauchery I can recall in my “golden” years. There are untold numbers of Americans who have already received their Christmas gift(s) from Barry O and his cohorts who have every reason to despair and settle into a deep funk. Instead of reaching out and being a uniter of purpose, Dear Leader has taken it upon himself to be the antagonizer-in-chief on racial issues, “fairness of outcome” issues(You shall not covet your neighbor’s property), and just nearly every facet of life one could think of, and in the process of his incessant lying has doubled the national debt by any measurable standard. The shrinking value of the U.S. dollar is buying less and less of those things needed to sustain us, and why? It’s a power move by someone who thinks himself above regular humanity and by some right a “deity” unscathed by the tantrums of those he rules, and he has the blessings of “the press” to pursue his dream. I belong to no one other than He who created me, and I will rest in that. Is it a gloomy world we find ourselves in? Yes! Very gloomy! But this year I will turn my eyes to Heaven, not Hawaii.

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Aonther vacation for our fuhrer and guess who have to pay for his little vacation? JOHN Q. PUBLIC thats who

  11. With any luck, in November we will be able to replace the RINOs, have control of the House and Senate, then we can Lame Duck this prick, and essentially cut off his powers to F*ck up the country any more than he already has.

    However, with the entrenched sh!tbags that call themselves republicans representing the conservative side of things betraying us at every turn with their back room dealings, I have lost all hope of turning things around.

    I think that the only way that things are going to change for the better, is going to have to be done by way of open revolution, via non-compliance by the population. That will only happen when the low information types wake up and realize that they are being screwed just as badly as the rest of us.

    The pubic are the ones with the power in this Nation, all we have to do is “just say no”, the .gov can’t take on all of us, if they try, there are 30+ million well armed gun owners out there. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Remember:  If you don’t want to replace the RINOs with Demonrats, you have to kick them out in the PRIMARY.  So get a good candidate to run against the SOBs in the primary, so you have someone decent to vote for in the general election.

  12. I feel the same way as Santa does.

    • Lol…me too. In only the way I can.

      • lol. BT the Chargers play the Raiders at home tomorrow at 1:30 PT let me know if you won’t be able to watch and I’ll update you at halftime and let you know if they win.

        • Thanks for the update…and you can be sure I’ll let you know if I can get it or not in the morning my time as soon as I know.

          Lord, I am so behind so many personal things to do that connect to Christmas it ain’t funny. Got to get to it tomorrow in between football, plus, getting wood in as well. Another day, another dollar…or something like that.

        • magnum…

          Just letting you know I can’t get the game here. So, please keep me updated when you can.

          In the meantime I will be watching the Broncos play the Texans and the Seahawks play later in the afternoon. Ought to be some good games today.

          • Ok BT I will. Enjoy the Broncos and the Seahawks games today.

          • I see where the Colts are winning their game vs the Chiefs at the moment.

            Last I saw during halftime, the Chargers were ahead. Unless I saw that wrong. ~

          • Yeah BT the Colts clinched the division title last week and the Broncos and Seahawks have both clinched playoff berths. The Chargers start in about 30 minutes. Chargers still have a chance to be in the playoffs but it’s a very slim chance. The Dolphins just helped the Chargers by losing.

          • Good news all the way far! Guess I had that report wrong about the Chargers game today. Only saw a screen shot when I got back in the house, so I shouldn’t have said anything about that yet.

            Manning just set a record today too, beating Tom Brady on TD records.

          • BT it’s tied 10-10 at halftime. The Patriots are winning too so that’s good for the Chargers but they better start playing better.

          • Once again, thanks so much for the update!

          • BT the Chargers won and the Ravens lost so the Chargers still have a chance to be in the playoffs. :)

          • That makes me a happy-camper! – The Seahawks lost tonight, win some, lose some!

  13. America still refuses to impeach the first half black President…
    This is beyond sickening and they deserve this leftist.

  14. ThisObamaNation says:

    While The Whole Nation Has Been Distracted By Duck Dynasty And Christmas Shopping, The House And The Senate Have Been Working Overtime To Strip American Citizens Of ALL Of Their Constitutional Rights!!!

    From Prison Planet…
    Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama ‘Indefinite Detention Without Due Process’ Powers

    From Before It’s News…
    Senate Rammed NDAA 2014 Thru at Lightning Speed!
    …Allows Obama to Assassinate Christians Without Trial

    Posted On CommieBlaster.Com…
    315 House Rep. Traitors Who Voted for Illegal Indefinite Arrest of Americans Without Trial, Lawyer, Charges

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    Santa has loaded his sleigh with coal for obama


    ultra racist that wants all old white men to die has done her self in by over stuffin her fat arse with too much food……….

    greed gets em every time

  17. It seems that I’m getting my way when I wished after the 2008 & 2012 elections that America disintegrate, in order to prove that America got what it deserved by electing Obongo and his socialist agenda.


    Not until Kwanza becomes (yet another) national holiday celebrating the Negro.

  19. Obama is not a communist, he is a National Socialist. One could say, and be completely accurate, that Barack Obama’s life’s circumstance is for all practicality a precise replica of that of Adolf Hitler; neither one amounted to a hill of beans in their youth both were shiftless and unlawful and endlessly pursuing grandiose plans for power and acknowledgment.

    Hitler after early setbacks as an artist gravitated from Austria to Munich, Germany and there connected with politically motivated fascist thugs, many of whom were sodomites. Obama migrated to Chicago, Illinois and there learned from long time malefactors and sophisticate criminal con men. Again many of his close associates were sodomites, and there is every good reason to believe that he possessed and practiced the same deviant lifestyle. Though it is believed that Hitler did not, in fact he later assassinated the majority of his inter echelon sodomite associates during a political upheaval within the Nazi Party.

    Both Hitler and Obama came to power illegitimately, Hitler through political treachery and by virtue of the brutality of his criminal Nazi associates. Obama came to power through Chicago criminally connected zealots who were intimate partisans of a long standing unbridled venal and politically progressive (Democrat) system. In both cases these men assumed power vis-Ã-vis the stupidity of the people.

    Both Hitler and Obama were – and are known as – inveterate liars, more than willing to use deceit, deception, and misrepresentation and falsification as a means to an end.

    Their governing styles are exact replicas. Both would go to any excess to further their power. This includes breaking laws and pushing well beyond ethical limits to increase power and to obtain illegitimate goals. The policy was, and is, to push beyond acceptable limits and then wait for a push back, If no discernible opposition or resistance is perceived then to consolidate the ill gotten gains and move on to other illegitimate ends. If there is no organized opposition to such illegitimately obtained unlawful authority, then the act is cemented in stone and the malefactor moves on to other unlawful pursuits.

    Both Hitler and Obama were masterful users of propaganda, a propaganda made super effective by the liberal use of the lie. Hitler set up his own propaganda authority, while Obama uses a compliant, dumb, and wonderfully willing liberal media.

    Excerpted from an article by Jim Schwiesow.

  20. The solitary man, alone in his environment, need not concern himself with rights and the need to create government to protect those rights. No one exists to plunder his goods or take his life. There is no need to protect his rights, they are secure.
    It is only when another individual or groups of individuals join him in his solitary existence that concerns about rights become important.
    Each of the inhabitants has an equal right to life, liberty and property. That right is protected as long as each inhabitant recognizes the equal right of the others. No individual nor any group of individuals has the right to take the life, liberty or property of another individual or group of individuals.
    There is no question that any individual, or group of individuals has the ability to violate the rights of any individual. The question being discussed here is whether or not the violator has the right to do so.
    If each individual has the right to his life, liberty and property, and no one has the right to take these rights, then it follows that man must have the right to protect his rights. This right is called the Right to Self Defense. Each individual has this right in equal proportion to any other individual.
    If each individual has the right to self-defense and each has it equally, then each individual has the right to pool his individual right with others so that all can protect their rights from those who come to violate all of their rights at the same time.
    In other words, if each has the right individually, then all have the right collectively. Such collective poolings of individual rights to self defense are called governments.
    Men create governments when they pool their individual rights to self defense to create an agency that has the collective right to protect both the individual and the collective body of individuals.
    Men can only grant to the government those rights they themselves have. If an individual does not have a right, it is not possible for that individual to grant that right to government. Government can only have those rights that each individual has.

    Excerpted from The Unseen Hand.

    Precious few outside the government and no one inside of it seems to have any grasp of these concepts.