Dudes and dudettes, meet Renn Bodeker. This WWII Veteran is sharp as a tack and minces no words when it comes to his opinions regarding where our country is headed towards. He states that 90% of congress-critters are traitors, defends our constitution, our economy, foreign interests and outsourcing…and so much more. His advice is sage via my viewfinder in life, wise words all. – ‘Open Your Eyes…indeed! – “It’s time we take a stand” is spot-on!

See what you think about what he has to say. – Here are some highlights emphasized below via this report:

World War II Airborne combat veteran Warren (Renn) Bodeker has an important message for the American people. Let there be no mistake, this man is sharp and he definitely has some pointed words for the federal government.

The following are some of the most memorable quotes from this gripping video:

“Whether our government likes it or not, we have to stand up for the Constitution and the freedom that we have. The people will eventually say ‘enough is enough’ and they’re gonna rise up with a wrath and take government back. Don’t ask me how, but it has to be done.”

“Life has value, and whatever the cost, we need to fight for that freedom and value.”

“Beware the wrath of a peaceful nation.”

“I think we’re getting a lot of our men killed for nothing. They’re fighting for something that’s not a worthy cause.”

“The people need to not rise up in arms, but to take a stand and insist upon the government falling back under the Constitution. If they won’t do it, then we should get rid of ‘em. Insist they retire.”

“I think we should have another party. We have a choice between Democrats and Republican.”

“I hope that our Congress wakes up and takes a stand for the people and our country. That what they’re doing is destroying, not only the people but the country.”

“We need, in my opinion, a whole new Congress. There’s a few in there standing up for the American [people] and the Constitution. I’m guessing, as I see it, 90% of them don’t. They’re traitors to our country. It’s time they either get the hell out of there, or change their way of doing things.”

“I feel that our government is trying to break the American people. Their goal is to take all we have worked for, all of these years and centuries, we’ve been taken from the greatest country on the face of the earth, that’s always been there to help people all over the world when they were in trouble, and now they’ve sold us out, and everything that I hear, we stand a very good chance of the dollar crashing, that is gonna break most of the people of the United States – which seems to be their goal.”

“We’ve shipped all of our industry to foreign countries.”

“The American people need to wake up and go back to work.”

“Be prepared for what might happen.”

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to stand up for what’s right. If it costs us our life, or whatever, if we can’t believe and express ourselves and willing to give ourselves and our life for what we believe in, then what do we got left – nothing. A total control of us. And I don’t like that. I want to be free. In my thinking and in my action, as long as I don’t harm anyone else, I should be free.”

“I hope the American people wake up to realize what is going on. They’ll open their eyes, and if they’ll quit being a captive of the television, and start looking and listening to what’s been happening to our country and what’s going to happen if we let it keep on like it is, we’ll have nothing.”

“Germany was taken over because people didn’t take a stand. And I see the same thing happening here. We’re all asleep letting our country be taken over by these politicians and it’s being destroyed. It’s time we take a stand.”

Watch and listen to him below:

He also mentioned that he ran as a candidate in Big Sky Country in the past as well, he ran on the ‘Constitution Party’ ticket. Some of you may remember a post from yours truly about that party below:


What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I have been hearing a stronger message as of late……..there seems to be those of us out there in the ether that understand the seriousness of hsat is really happing in our country today…….

    and the message that seems to be resonating is “”Wake up you damn fools….Your losing your country””

    I beginning to hear it…’s getting louder and louder…….everywhere people are talking about this……we have to save the country……….

    maybe the electorate is finally getting the message……..

    • I thought the same thing too Bluto, but the last presidential election proved me wrong. – I just shake my head anymore, have high hopes…but I no longer count on them.

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Sorry, Bluto, but the country as it exists today cannot be saved. The United States has been destroyed by the traitors within – most people just don’t know it yet. The corruption is too deep. The damage to our economic and political liberty has been too severe. The United States is a terminally ill patient. Do we pull the plug today, a year from now, or five years from now? Frankly, I think the only hope for freedom is for the USA to disintegrate the way the USSR broke apart. Give the commie left wing douchebags New York and California. Give them Detroit and Chicago. I will live in a new country that rises from the ashes the our Founding Fathers would be proud of.

      • I agree Art. Too far gone. Voting or demanding politicians out of office??? Ain’t gonna work. Those entrenched in power will not willingly leave. Even if you do vote a corrupt guy from office there are 20 more ready to replace him.

        America as I knew it, as I fought and bled for it, is gone. The main reason for that is that Americans, as I knew them, are no longer concerned with liberty and freedom.

    • I hear it too but I see very little action to back it up. Everyone wants something different but few are there to make it happen. I disagree with this gentleman’s view that non-violence will bring out country back. We are way past that point now. Violence brought America to be and violence will be the only thing that can bring America back. Our founding fathers knew this. They foresaw it. They anticipated it. It is us now days that doesn’t seem to understand.

    • I am in agreement to a point with all of you guys that think we are on the down side of our civilization……..we can let it slide into oblivion or we can fight to bring it back………

      there is a way to bring it back………I am big on the idea of the Constitution’s Article V that states we can obfuscate the Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive branches of the government……totally eliminate any input by all three branches of the government……..and make them answerable to the constitution by bypassing them with a state’s convention to propose amendments to the constitution and then ratifying proposed changes and there-by forcing our out of control government into a crisis where-by it must obey the constitution or find themselves as adversaries of the people……….

      this can be done….we can get control of the government…..but it must be done through the state’s constitutional authority (Article V)…….we can make both the dims, repubs, and the out of control judiciary knuckle under if we have the guts to force them through the avenue provided to us by the founders and the framers of the constitution.,…….this can be done….it’s there in the constitution…’s never been done before but it is plain as day….written in very plain language and all we have to do is go through the states and we can effectively control the federal government and all three branches of the federal government…..and they can’t stop it….other than a military coup d’etat……

      this is do-able…….and if we don’t do it then the country is lost……..

      I say this…..I am not going to be one of the one’s the next generation blames for losing the country and turning our country into a god damn communist sh!thole……….

      we can force the dims and the repubs to answer to us……Article V…’s are only hope of saving the country………

      • Bluto, is your idea the same as Mark Levin’s proposal too? – Just curious, it sounds like your thoughts are along his same line too.

        ‘Liberty Amendments’ type of thing.

        • yes…..absolutely the same……I think Mark L’s line of thinking is right on the money………

          the thing that Mark L pointed out is that the framers made the provision in the constitution just for a situation that we now find ourselves in and this is the solution… will work if we have the fortitude to use it and go forward with it…….

          we don’t have any other choice….we must go this route if we are to save the country….there is no other way or we lose the country and slide into totalitarianism…….we have to use the constitution to save the constitution and save the country…..

          we don’t have any other way to stop what is happening….the dims are out of control….the repubs are just as bad and the judiciary has lost their minds and with justices like Sotomayor and the rest of those hypocrites on the court……we don’t stand a chance if we don’t go around them and use Article V….

          • Thanks so much for your response. I agree…other than a bloody revolution, I don’t what else could do the trick.

          • the macho part of me says “yes” lets take them out with our fire power but that will lead to blood….. a lot of blood…and we are not organized for such a fight…..but if that would do it I would say ok lets do it…..and I don’t think Americans have the cajones to take up arms against the gov.

            we may still lose the country or I should say we have already lost the country…..I don’t think there is any question that we have already lost the country……as it stands right now the country is in the hands of those who are defying the constitution….when the repubs win they will do the same thing the dimes have done….defy the constitution…….

            the only way of getting our country back is through Article V……Americans don;t have the balls to fight it out in the streets……….

          • I agree.

  2. Renn is right. We need to make the politicians listen to us or boot them out of office. There should be a strong third party. The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party was supposed to be it, but both the Democrats and Republicans in D.C. banded together to belittle it (tea baggers) in possibly the only public display of bi-partisanship activity we will ever see in our lives.

    I believe that the only way to get D.C. to listen to the people (us) will be as someone suggested a few days ago, a multi million citizen march on Washington D.C. The shitbirds in power, liberal and conservative, and the media would be unable to ignore that many pissed off people descending on the halls of power. There would be absolutely no one who would be able to put a negative spin on that kind of march. Declare martial law? Go right ahead, there are more citizens in this nation than there are cops, military, or DHS members, how are they going to stop a million or more people? Violence? Sure, of the 350 million people in this country, there are at least 30 million armed civilians (based on hunting licenses alone).

    Violence is the absolute last option, but if we are the victims of violence at .gov hands, well, that is how revolutions start, and the politicos damn sure don’t want that. They know they will lose.

    • I totally agree with you about that march…but why hasn’t it already happened? And do you or anyone else think it ever will?

      • No, it’ll never happen, like Renn said, people are captives to the TV. As long as Dancing with the Stars and other brain dead shows are airing, nothing will happen.

        If a terrorist attack ever takes out all TV broadcasting equipment, then there may be a chance.

  3. I would like to meet Renn and shake his hand and say thank you. I agree with him 100%. We must take back the country any way possible!! It’s getting late….VERY LATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bring back the U.S. Constitution get america out of the UNITED NATIONS,NATO,UNESCO,UN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITY Demand the impeachemt of Barack Obama Build a border fence drill in the ANWR and to hell with the eco-nazis repeal all gun control laws abolish the EEOC,EPA,DEPT of ENERGY,NPS,NSA,DEPT of the INTERIOR and declare the ESA as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and make English our national llanguage and BRING HOME ALL OUR MILITARY PERSONEL to Guard the Border and round up and deport all black thugs


    Congress does not even know what is going on. NSA is running the country. Below is their capability. They can delete it or make it up against you, you have no recourse. Worst news of 2013.

  6. Speaking of low-life government officials, did anyone notice that WBBM-TV in Chicago reported that anti-gun Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has carried a handgun for years but whines about civilians getting their right to CCW FINALLY?


    Now, according to the Second City Cop blog, Tom Dart called WBBM-TV and had them REMOVE THE OFFENDING REPORT!

    “Thursday, December 26, 2013
    Dart Silences Media (UPDATES)
    Hey CBS and Mike Krauser? How does it feel to be Dart’s bitch? He calls your bosses and you take down an entire article? Did he claim that the threats endangered him and his family, so you caved? Of course, you come from a long line of bullshit artists, like Dan Rather passing off forged documents as “news,” so we aren’t really surprised.

  7. As and aside: Is anyone else watching the tribute to WWII Vets via Meghan Kelly’s show tonight? – It’s been pretty good…brings a tear to one’s eye.

  8. The Manchurian Candidate Wishes You a Happy New Year

  9. “..they’re gonna rise up with a wrath and take government back. Don’t ask me how, but it has to be done.”

    Agree that it has to be done, but don’t see it anytime soon. He’s right on many of his points, particularly about Germany and Hitler ascendency, there are many similarities to what we are seeing. Don’t want to nitpick, but don’t see any great awakening by the people, but keep hoping.

  10. Spurwing Plover says:


  11. RENN BODEKER says:


    • Thanks for the input, although I don’t think you’re really Renn, appreciate your thoughts…and basically agree with all stated.