Meet John Zachary, see if what he’s created is anything close to ‘social justice’ through your eyes. As far as I’m concerned, what he’s done is a despicable disgrace…and desecration comes to mind as well, but that’s just me. Folks, you may see things differently, no doubt about it. – If so, please speak your mind as to why you do.

Here’s a summary via this report:

All the controversies this year about nativity scenes have involved battles with secular groups, but one California church is getting attention for featuring a life-sized Trayvon Martin, blood pouring from his chest, to make a statement about how pervasive violence is in American society. The display was created by production designer John Zachary, who said he wanted to make something provocative to get people to think about “all those that don’t have the privilege to celebrate with us.”

The nativity scene has been on display outside the Claremont United Methodist Church, and Zachary believes the rather graphic display is important to remind people of the everyday senseless violence in American society.

“I think that from our privileged point of view, we’ve come to see the nativity as s representation of something that is comfortable and pleasant and wonderful in our lives, and I want to make it about something in the teachings of––that Jesus would have taught. Something that is thought-provoking, and something that is a contemporary issue about social justice.”

According to The Daily Bulletin, the name of the display is “A Child is Born, a Son is Given,” spelled out in a pool of blood below the figure of Trayvon Martin.

You can watch Zachary explain the nativity scene below:

Here’s another report, in this one many people state their points of view about this, some liked it, others didn’t.

So, what say you? If you had a message to send him, what would it be?

Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Art Vandelay says:

    Trayvon Martin was a Negro criminal who got what was coming to him. The world is a better place without one more ignorant, violent thug who was destined to end up in prison anyway. This white liberal who makes a martyr out of Martin is a complete idiot. I expect race baiting Negros like Sharpton and Jackson to try and portray Martin in a falsely positive light in order to advance their agenda, but it really angers me when stupid liberal guilt drives a white man to do the same thing.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      The irony is that this ultra-“compassionate” artist would probably rather let a Son of Obama kill him than do anything that might indicate he was “racist”, like trying to keep Black crooks at a safe remove.

      • Vince Carter says:

        This poor idiot is eat up with the “white guilt” that has been engraved in his stupid mind. Sad really to watch people ashamed of themselves all their lives for what happened well before they were even thought of. What’s sadder is the blacks who couldn’t tell you where they come from or for that matter, the name of their father pushing this crapola. God isn’t ashamed of you man, why should you be?

  2. That guy looks like a wino. Barack Hugochavez Obutthole and Holder probably commissioned this ‘artist’s’ messterpiece by offering him a fistful of discount coupons for Thunderbird and MD 20/20.

    Ripple is one of the oldest and most classic ghetto wines. In its day Thunderbird and others were around…but somehow Ripple didn’t stick around. It was often mentioned on the show ‘Sanford and Son’ because Sanford was straight up hood and drank shit wines.

  3. gun violence….bullsh!t……we have guns to protect ourselves, our families, and the innocent from street thugs like Trayvon Martin…….it’s god damn dumb-bells like this bleeding heart liberal lying about gun violence……and portraying gun violence as though those of us who are protecting our families are the one’s committing these crimes….

    the reality is the street thugs are the one’s committing these crimes……it’s the Trayvon Martins of the world that are shooting up the place out of street revenge, drug crimes, robbing, and committing home invasions…..

    it’s the liberal dipsh!ts that are trying to twist the truth…..trying to change the dynamics of street crime by blaming the victim……this is a typical pattern of bleeding heart liberal change artists….blame the victim……..change the tune to make it sound as though the one committing the crime is the innocent one and the one protecting themselves has done something wrong and is guilty by simply being there with a gun………

    the liberal mind-set is diabolical indeed……always trying to deceive…..always trying to change the patterns of life to suit their agenda…..always trying to play on the emotions of the un-informed….always trying to supplant reason with feelings…..the function of liberalism is to muddy the waters of clear thinking by turning the situation into an emotional discussion instead of reasonable debate…………..

    it’s these liberals that are the dangerous ones…..let them run amok and we will have nothing but chaos and anarchy…….liberals are dangerous and should be stomped out of our society like a bad flee infestation……………

    • Bleeding heart liberal indeed, your summation about libs, so-called gun violence puts it in a nutshell for me. – Your use of the term ‘diabolical’ is spot-on too…that’s was one of my first thoughts about all of this after I read it.

  4. dey be goot bo’s and girls……it’s da evil mall and store owners dat caused dis to happen…dey be da ones who is evil……….dats right………

    • Yeah, I have that one saved from my morning reading too. May post it later, have two others I want to get to as well…if and when I get the time.

  5. Martin was a Thug who bit off more than he could chew. He was casing homes for break-in’s when George Zimmerman spotted him. Zimmerman was doing a far better job of policing the Neighborhood than the lazy Local Sanford Police were. Zimmerman should be made Chief of Police, Sanford Florida. Zimmerman would have had his skull crushed and been killed if he didn’t resort to self defense. Great Job, Zim !

    • Mr. Rational says:

      How can you say “Great Job, Zim!” if his life is still destroyed?  What message does that send to the next Trayvon’s would-be victim:  “You’ll lose your job, your marriage, your home and your children, but we’ll be behind you all the way!”

      We have to do better for the likes of Zim.  Especially at the state level, we need ways to disbar prosecutors who over-charge and hold the media accountable for libel when their made-up narratives become outright lies, as the Martin family’s PR firm and its media sycophants did.

  6. the typical liberal mid-set…….deny the crime even happened…..and if it did happen make light of it……..

    MSNBC’s super girly-boy and lover of all homosexuals, Chris Hayes, denies the knockout game…….

    typical liberal dipsh!t trying to change the debate……deny, deny, deny, and if I can’t deny it make like it isn’t important…………

    • The sissy-boy’s time slot has already had one knockout at the Funny Farm, I’m sure he’s gonna get the final blow not far down the line too.

      His twin, Madcow will be in such despair about it when that time comes.

  7. So why no depiction of Saint Tray-Tray on top of and beating the crap out of Zimmerman? Sounds like this douchebag libtard wannabe artist is pushing a skewed version of social justice.

  8. If you want to incite violence, this is how you do it. Ghetto Dwellers will come out of the woodwork to marvel and Worship at the alter of hatred. The truth does not matter it vindicates the hatred they feel. I just cannot wrap my mind around what goes on in the mind of a liberal. Mommy had to have been a two bit crackwh**e and ran with any thug that could “hook her up” so all the “White guy” knows is a constant stream of black sugar daddys and not one had a kind word for him…….Just a thought.

  9. Could we have discovered someone more idiotic than Sharpton or Jackson? Is that even possible? I hope some urban yoots beat the s#*t out of this jackass someday.

  10. What in the world is wrong with people? If the white Hispanic had been the loser of this encounter would anyone have given a second thought about it? Why is it skin color makes any difference, isn’t it human life that matters? Some days I wake up and am ashamed to even be a member of the human race. WTF

  11. This man is living proof of what watching MSNBC can do to your brain……sad

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Just wait for the Trayvon Martin postage stamps or the Trayvon Martin Day dont put it past some sleezie career political hack to submita bill and some ever more sleezie political hacks to vote for this bill then comes the Trayvon breakfast cereal with little hoodies marshmellows

    • Lol…it sure won’t be Wheaties! – Lucky Charms, not.

      • A statue in his honor will be put up in Washington,DC. Pidgeons will love it! Zimmerman did what he had to do. If Trayvon had killed George there would have been no news of it at all. The madness goes on buddy.

        • So right you are in every aspect you mentioned…especially the madness! – Fight on we must! (or something like that)

          • Hi Buddy, We took a trip today to visit old friends in our old neighborhood today.OMG. We did the right thing by moving away. The “element” has ruined the town. It was once a great place to live in and raise a family. Our friends have been robbed twice by “you know whats”. Shame. This is happening all over.Where we live now does have some problems but is heaven compared to where we used to live.Shame because it was so nice years ago. This is happening all over America. Someday our town will be a sewer too because of all the crap that the government is flooding in here.

          • Sad to hear, but not surprising. We are in big trouble in this nation all across this land because of exactly what you’re speaking of. If I have the time pretty soon, I’m going to post about this issue. – What a mess gal, what a mess!

          • Anderson Coopoer says:

            The statue will work Pigeons will see to that but if a saint Treyvon stamp comes out how will we know which side to spit on?

    • Crusading Conservative says:

      I had always thought the Trayvon Skittles edition would be on the shelves by now.

  13. Your’re right SP. There will be someone attempting to institute a tribute to Travon. The leftist think they’re so smart. The tip off is the catch phrases like: ” white priviledge”, or “social justice,” that tell you the person is an over educated buffoon, with no real brains or common sense. A stupid person with a degree. In the case of the manger scene with a Travon, this person probably has an Art degree. Maybe he studied sociology as well. If so his brain is full of leftist crap
    That’s the problem: “the education bubble”. Too many people going to college and majoring in gobbledygook. They get out with their bogus degrees (after partying for 4 years on the taxpayer’s expense and not repaying the student loan) and they still couldn’t change a flat tire..
    This manger scene kind of reminds me of that jerk who put a crucifix in a jar of urine and called it some kind of social statement and art as well.
    He needed to create a brouhaha to make up for the fact that he sucked as an artist.

  14. From “Here’s another report”: “The scene is titled “A Child is Born, a Son is Given,” the wording outlined in red formed from a pool of blood at Trayvon’s feet.” Utterly blasphemous! It’s crap like this which has made me feel abandoned by most all mainline protestant churches…they’re all pretty much into the “social justice” propaganda, and it makes me sick. This is directly comparing Martin to Jesus in the context of the Nativity, and my heart and mind just will not accept it. This IS NOT ART– it is propaganda, pure and simple. I will practice my spirituality on a one-to-one basis with God and leave the social engineering to the “churches”.

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    Just as bad as that Comedy Cenrtal and its crappy programs like South Park and its sneering at relegion

  16. Gosh…maybe if they’d have had St. Trayvon there that wouldn’t have happened. – NOT!

  17. All these niglets grow up to be ignorant criminals on welfare.
    Un-ending chain of them.
    No needed intelligence so they all do not graduate, just drop out.
    Cheat, screwing, and thieving is all they know. All housing, food, clothing is provided.
    They can never excell in school because they are still in the chain of apes.
    Average IQ is below 80.
    So, they do exactly what their older brother or sister does.
    No family members ever say anything. All adults have serious criminal records by now, and live in the furnished housing, eating the furnished food and screwing or out stealing something.
    There is no family cohesion.
    That word is too long and a “cracker” word.
    Means nuffin.
    Prison means 3 square meals and a flop, nothing more.

  18. Vince Carter says:

    Perhaps the “Knock out Game” will bring this self hating individual to wake up. Then again, he’s stupid enough to believe he deserved it.

  19. Another mentally challenged white liberal with a cultural death wish…

    If he is so ate up with white guilt he should erect a cross in a black neighborhood somewhere and hang himself on it…

    I find people like him more disgusting than ANYONE in our society.

  20. imtoooldforthis says:

    You had to know this was coming. There’s always the idiot out there who has to get his 15 minutes of fame and if he does it by glorifying a thug he doesn’t care. He thinks he’s smart and sensitive and caring when all he really is is a great big disappointment to himself and others. Deep down he knows this and that feeling he gets in his gut tells him that he’s a waste of human flesh but he has to have a reason to keep on breathing in doesn’t he? He knows that God is not happy with his comparison of thug Martin to Jesus Christ but he’s not interested in whether or not he’s going to hell. He’s already there as far as he’s concerned. Mental deficit.

  21. “No-Limit Nigga” Trayvon Martin got what was coming to him. I’m sick of the idiots who harp on him being “unarmed.” He was armed with the curb or whatever he was slamming Zimmerman’s head against.

    Don’t bring pavement to a gun fight!