The democrat lawmakers in this state have no one to blame for what’s happening here but themselves! I’ve watched Oregon and other northwestern states descend into the abyss of despair via their income when it comes to the loss of logging input and support in their towns thanks to the greenie-weenies agenda, just start back to the spotted owl brouhaha and beyond. The congress-critters of all sorts are guilty of what’s happening now in this report below, include the voters statewide…which is sad to say to the very least, especially when you have local communities that vote otherwise.

Nevertheless, here’s what’s taking place now, see if you think what’s happening here could be coming to your neck of the woods too in the near future. – This report is via FN:

When budget woes reduced the sheriff’s department in one rural Oregon county to a bare-bones force, residents decided to take matters into their own hands — creating armed patrol groups in defiance of local officials.

Their decision has raised safety concerns with the county government, which would prefer residents instead hike their own taxes to fund the hiring of trained deputies. But despite the risks, the move stands as a unique, some would say innovative, response to one of the country’s most severe local budget crunches.

The government in Josephine County, where nearly 70 percent of the land is owned by the U.S. government, had long relied on federal timber subsidies to pay the bills. When the feds terminated the funds, county officials scrambled to pass a May 2012 tax levy to make up a nearly $7.5 million budget shortfall.

However, the county’s residents voted against the levy, and as a result the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office was gutted. The major crimes unit closed, dozens of prisoners were released from the county jail and the department reduced operations to Monday-Friday, eight hours a day.

The Sheriff’s Office then issued a press release announcing their deputies would only be responding to what they deemed “life-threatening situations.”

Ken Selig — who was the longest-serving law enforcement officer in all three local agencies when he was forced to retire from the department due to cuts — told FoxNews.com he found the sheriff’s declaration unacceptable. And he felt compelled to guard his community’s vulnerable members.

“Who else is going to protect you when your government can’t?” Selig said.

Selig and his friend Pete Scaglione formed the North Valley Community Watch, a county-wide organization dedicated to helping citizens in non-life-threatening situations, primarily property crimes. It is one of a handful of community groups that have formed since the cuts. Without a robust Sheriff’s Office, their mission is broader than the typical neighborhood watch group.

Not only did the Sheriff’s Office narrow its scope to “life-threatening” situations, but it even encouraged people who felt unsafe to relocate. “… the Sheriff’s Office regretfully advises that, if you know you are in a potentially volatile situation (for example, you are a protected person in a restraining order that you believe the respondent may violate), you may want to consider relocating to an area with adequate law enforcement services,” the original release stated.


Selig’s community watch group, looking to fill in the law enforcement cracks, now meets once a month to discuss crime and teach its approximately 100 members about personal safety. The group also has a trained “response team,” which consists of 12 people who will respond to the scene of a reported non-life-threatening situation if called.

Though the “response team” members do carry legal firearms, Selig said the team’s main goal is to provide a deterrent presence, and that none of them have ever fired a shot. He said those involved in his group believe there is no substitute for well-trained law enforcement, but they feel they have no other choice but to protect their community.

“We believe responsible citizens doing responsible things make it hard for criminals to do irresponsible things,” he said.

Selig believes politics are behind the county government’s decision to not funnel what funds they do have toward law enforcement. He says the county government seems to be pressuring the citizens to pass an additional tax hike they cannot afford.

“The key is to get the funding somewhere where the local people can get the services they need,” Selig said.

However, Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck said residents of the county that opposed the tax levy need to realize there is no fat to cut.

Heck said the county has tried to live within the bounds of its fiscal realities, but citizens need to realize the options for paying for law enforcement are limited. “The county coffers are at the bottom of the barrel,” he said.

Heck said though he supports neighborhood watch groups and citizens being vigilant in their community, the rise of increasingly “aggressive” community watch groups make him worried the situation could escalate to violence. Watch groups have been under increasing scrutiny nationally ever since the George Zimmerman case in Florida.

“These things seem good on the PR side but fail a little in the reality side,” Heck said.

Heck said the only real solution is for the county citizens to approve more funds.

“There is this little shimmer out there of some giant Santa that is going to come and drop all this money on us because we are well-meaning folks,” he said. “The sleigh is broken, the deer are dead, it’s not going to happen. We have to figure out how we are going to solve this problem.”


So, what say you about this issue? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. this should already be happening in many communities across the country……I don’t have any problems with a civilian lead force to protect certain areas of a community…..especially a community that has had home-invations, knockout attacks, and threats to our citizens……..

    if the police don’t like it…tuff………the liberals want to tax us literally to death….to the point that no one has anything left……I see no other choice…..defend ourselves and we will be safe….let the liberal dipshits have their way and we will become statistics……….

    as the economy continues to go into a death spiral things are only going to get worse……Obongo and the dumb-bells running, or should I say ruining the economy, police forces are going to continue to be squeezed…..the only way to protect ourselves is to arm ourselves to the teeth and let the scum-bags know they are in for it when things begin to go down………..

    • Bulls-Eye! – ‘Death Spiral’ is right on target…another reason we have to stay right on target ourselves!

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Sadly, when something actually goes down the only way to guarantee that nobody gets Zimmermanned over something like this is to have a firm “no snitching” rule, with folks ready to swear that the accused was elsewhere at the time of the alleged infraction.

      That is really hard for folks raised to obey the law.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Those liberal wanks are not about to give up their luxerous lifestyles of the spoiled and arrogant they would rather cut back on the vital needs rather then giving up their own fancy castles typical ofa bunch of wealthy liberal spoiled little snots

  3. I’ve had this on my mind for some time now……….

    if we take the Senate and keep the House and I have expectations that is just what might happen…….with Obongo caught lying his ass off to the American electorate and to everyone who works for a living…we could conceivably get rid of Obongo starting in January of 2015……..

    I think we would need 60 or is it 67 votes in the Senate and if we got it the “mongrel” in the white house would be history………


    • I wish that would happen, but it will never come to fruition, to many RINOs, same as what the senate did with Clintoon. I will never forget, not forgive any of them. – Especially after all the work the House did. The weak-knee pusses feared the msm BS in the Senate…what’s different now?

      Btw, did you see where John Connor responded to you below a few posts in the ‘recent comments’ ?

      • I know your right on this but it is a nice thought…..it would be such a nice fitting end to Obongo….to be kicked out of the white house…..I would be in second, third and fourth heaven…..shouting from the roof-tops….dancing in the streets……drinking to excess in celebration…..

        I would laugh my ass off….and thank the gods for smiling down upon us……

  4. Keith Heck [the county commission politician]said the only real solution is for the county citizens to approve more funds. “There is this little shimmer out there of some giant Santa that is going to come and drop all this money on us because we are well-meaning folks,” he said. “The sleigh is broken, the deer are dead, it’s not going to happen. We have to figure out how we are going to solve this problem.” – Keith Heck, Commissioner

    I read this 3 times and I still don’t know WTF this joker is talking about.

    So I put myself in a deep meditative trance and tried to vegetate his implied meaning in context with the situation. By using transcendental free associative divination I was able to derive the context of his message by replacing key words. here is the message as follows.

    “There is this little glimmer of hope out there, that some giant taxpayer windfall, is going to come and dump all this money on us, because we are well- meaning bureaucrats. The economy is broken, jobs are dead, it’s not going to happen without taxing someone. We elected functionaries have to figure out how we are going to solve this problem before it affects our pensions.”

    Voilà ~

    • Exactly, that’s why I put the picture I did directly under those words he said. – Glad you caught that too.

      • Yes I thought the American Eagle looked confused too, that is why I took the risk of vegetating my mind to the lowest common denominator to translate political doublespeak.

  5. I’m ain’t one of their lemmings and I’m not going off the cliff with them. F…them!

  6. rightwingterrorist says:

    Nary a mention of some useless bureaucrat being sacked.
    Although, I have to wonder, especially the way the police behave now a days, just how many “toys” this dept received from the DHS, and how much it costs to maintain them.
    Did that county have it’s own dedicated SWAT team for no knock raids?
    How many cops were employed simply for local revenue enhancement?
    Perhaps they even had special teams to protect the owls and sardines.
    I’ve a very dim view on how many “protect and serve” types are actually needed to maintain the peace in rural communities.
    One does not need the .gov to protect you.

  7. rightwingterrorist says:

    “The optimum population is modeled on the iceberg- eight-ninths below the water line, one-ninth above.”
    -Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

  8. Whenever politicians want to bring in more tax money to enhance their power they threaten to make cuts in Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Education,”doing it for the CHILDREN”.
    Good to see some real Americans standing up and saying no more and taking care of business themselves.

  9. Off topic, but have you heard about this? I wonder if anyone cares anymore?


  10. Gee volunteer fire departments have a great success rate in most of non-ultra-urban areas of the U.S.. Do you think we ‘civilians’ might no be so stupid and inept after all?

  11. I think we are forgetting what Dingy Harry did for is, the nuclear option. Majority rules for everything but Supreme Court nominees.

    I may be wrong but I don’t think so, I’ve done a fair amount of research on this.

    Check it out!

    Blistered, over!

    • I haven’t forgotten about what you speak of…and you wait and watch, our gutless minority leader in the Senate has already stated he won’t do the same to them if they gain power. – I’ve posted about that somewhere recently, it’s infuriating. They don’t know how to fight fire with fire. In the meantime, Reid/Dear Leader stack the courts with judicial activists…and we the people lose when it comes to major issues in our lives so that it won’t get to SCOTUS…or decided in the DC (10th district?) courts when you have nothing but libs. All regulatory decisions will become nullified via those lib judges in power in their black robes.

  12. My point being this, for this congress, it is the rule, even for impeachment.

    Blistered , out!

    • Umm…I don’t think so, it’s wholly up to the House, period. I could be wrong. – Not when it comes to impeachment, but we need to worry not about that, it ain’t gonna happen. – Unfortunately.

  13. Spurwing Plover says:

    Jerry(Moonbeam)Brown Mexifornias govenor is a total idiot just like he always has been and always will be

    • rightwingterrorist says:

      Very twisted and sick indeed.

      No one should drive drunk, and there, correctly so, are some increasingly harsh penalties involved.

      Being strapped down and having your very essence removed forcibly without consent or conviction is obscene.

  14. You’ve got to depend on yourselves…


  15. After all the news I’ve read (and the examples so many of you have provided), what the hell makes Heck think “trained” police offices are any better than a committed community watch? At least the people protecting the community “live” in the community they’re protecting, right? And, I would think that using people who lie in the community would be a better idea considering they would be best able to identify those miscreants who do not belong.