What happened to this man is something else and then some! Although many of us here won’t be shocked about what took place regarding his situation, this news, along with the outcome, should be a lesson quickly learned by many on both sides of the laws that bind…whether it be law enforcement officers or we the people of this nation.

To cut to the chase, here’s the report below:

A man who sued police in Colorado Springs, Colo., for violating his Second Amendment rights has reportedly won more than $23,000 from the city, as local officers apparently did not know it was legal to “open carry” firearms at public parks.

The saga of James Sorensen began in July 2012 at a homosexual-pride festival, just one day after the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., that left 12 people dead and 70 others injured.

He was openly sporting a handgun on his hip, which prompted police to take him into custody.

Sorensen’s arrest was caught on camera by his partner, who documented the discussion with officers who at one point threatened Sorensen with violence. (Watch raw video of the arrest below:)

“Put your hands in the air,” an officer ordered Sorensen.

“Negative, sergeant,” he replied.

“Put your hands in the air,” the officer again stated.

“Negative, sergeant,” repeated Sorensen.

“You’re about to get the sh– kicked out of you,” the officer warned.

Over the course of his encounter with police, Sorensen can be seen on the video asserting his constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

“This is against the law! This is against … my Second Amendment rights, sergeant,” he exclaimed.

“Then hire an attorney when you get done with it,” was the officer’s response.

At one point, Sorensen actually phoned police headquarters, hoping to find an officer who knew it was legal to carry a gun in public.

“I need a real officer,” he said on the phone.

He later added: “This is bogus. I can’t wait to get this into court. This is bullsh–.”

KUSA-TV in Denver reported the four sergeants and three officers involved were simply unaware it’s legal to open carry in city parks and has been since gun laws changed statewide in 2003.

Authorities blamed the mistake on the criminal manual or “cheat sheet” that officers carry which, at the time of the incident, said it was still illegal in Colorado Springs to open carry in a city park.

The station found the city’s settlement of $23,500 with Sorensen through an open-records request, but Sorensen said a confidentiality clause precluded his further comment.

That clause read in part:

“Plaintiff recognizes and agrees that this confidentiality provision was a significant inducement for City Defendants to enter into this Agreement. … Any violation of this section shall be considered a material breach of this Agreement, and Plaintiff will be subject to repayment to City Defendants of the consideration set forth herein without restatement of the claims.”

In previous interviews with local news stations, Sorensen said, “They had the gall to say, ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse,’ and yet they are the ones that are ignorant of the law.”

“We decided to file suit because we want to better protect our rights,” he explained, “and make sure everyone knows they can’t just treat citizens like crap.”

He told KRDO-TV: “I just hope people will do more to protect their rights instead of letting people just walk all over them.”

In the wake of the settlement, KUSA spoke with Joseph Sandoval, a professor of criminal justice at Metro State University and a former police officer, who noted Sorensen is very fortunate to be alive.

“A situation like this could turn very grave,” Sandoval told the station.

“If James would have resisted to the point of pulling his weapon on a police officer, there may have been a fatal mistake.”

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    The 2nd AMENDMENT was written for a reason and its not anything to do with hunting

  2. NRAcommander says:

    A homo with open carry? That’s like John Wayne with a purse.

    • Hate to admit it,but I live in the San Fran Bay area.anyway,a while back San Francisco tried to ban the sale of ammo in the city.You would not believe one of the first groups to file a law suit-The Pink Pistols-a gay shooting club.The SF libbies were in a tizzy-they couldn’t fathom how some members of their most favored group-could-GASP-be interested in shooting guns

      • Yep, it matters not to me if someone is gay or not that embraces the second amendment and knows the laws in their state, they have the right to do the same as the rest of us…as they should in this respect.

  3. Max Macinnes says:

    Real officer is right, this the problem when you let these sub 80 IQ pavement apes run around with badges and guns. I would honestly rather a chimpanzee be an officer rather than this feral savage.

  4. I would guess Colorado Springs gets their law updates from SPLC.

  5. BillTheBuyer says:

    Way to go James Sorensen!!

    In the wake of the settlement, KUSA spoke with Joseph Sandoval, a professor of criminal justice at Metro State University and a former police officer, who noted Sorensen, is very fortunate to be alive.

    “A situation like this could turn very grave,” Sandoval told the station.

    “If James would have resisted to the point of pulling his weapon on a police officer, there may have
    been a fatal mistake.”

    Joseph Sandoval, a professor of criminal justice: This guy should have been a rocket scientist. NOT!

    • Could not agree more. Those words from him really stuck in my craw too.

      • Crusading Conservative says:

        Yeah! It sounds like the professor is implying that the guy with the gun would go crazy or something, like all people with guns do … what made him think James would pull his weapon and escalate the situation to such a degree that there would be a ‘fatal mistake’? Had there been a ‘fatal mistake’, the PD would have been sued for wrongful death and a serious $hit$torm would have occurred.

  6. neverunarmed says:

    I was just ecstatic to see a fruit carrying. Now if only he can infect his homo buddies with the “gun bug” instead of HIV then we probably wouldn’t have any libtards trying to take them away from us. haha.

  7. I don’t know. Packing fudge and heat could be dangerous.

  8. BT I’m ready for the Chargers/Broncos game but my dog isn’t. I think he got into my stash.


    • That picture has me grinning big time…now, is that game on tonight or something?

      • Kick off in 1 minute.

        • Thanks much…I’ll be tuning in if I can get it.

          Found it…will be watching.

          What a game it’s been so far…tied up now.

          • Excellent game BT. Have a peaceful night I’ll catch you tomorrow.

          • Wasn’t it though! Glad you clued me in about that game…enjoyed watching all of it. – Catch ya tomorrow somewhere. ~

          • Mr. Rational says:

            You realize that you’re feeding the media beast that’s trying to kill us with anti-White propaganda?

            Boycott professional sports.  Kill your television.

          • Thanks Mr R. Now if the Dolphins lose Sunday and the Ravens lose Monday, the Chargers have a really good chance of being in the playoffs!

          • mag…

            Thanks for that run-down. Keep me up to date about what happens, just in case I don’t know. They sure played a great game last night.

  9. O.T. but check this out. The need to clean house is upon us.

  10. Well I am glad Mr. Sandoval won his case.

    But I question if the courts ruling was based on his minority status as a protected class, or was it decided on his constitutional rights as an American citizen?

    If this was a victory for constitutional rights why the confidentiality provision?

    I would think the courts would be eager for Americans to know they upheld an American citizens Second Amendment rights. You know ‘wrongs against the people righted, by the courts’ kind of publicity.

    • *Well I am glad Mr. James Sorensen*

      sorry for the mix up with copy and paste

    • imtoooldforthis says:

      I’m often amazed that there are so many protected classes and the white heterosexual male isn’t one of them. My husband was wrongfully fired from a job and we called a lawyer. The right to work law states nothing can be done. Why? Because he’s white. The same company wrote up a Mexican man three times and finally fired him when he spit in his supervisor’s face. Why? So the company could prove they did not fire him based on race. What’s wrong with this picture? I can’t figure out how this law can possibly be “fair” or for the benefit of everyone. Thankfully my husband found a job in less than six months and all is well. He’s a man that was brought up to believe if you’re not working you’re not right. His anger at this company still exists(he’s never been fired before and worked since he was fifteen, 40 years)and I wonder how other men deal with this law.

      • I would say most of us dudes cope with this issue just like your husband, we cut our losses, move on, and rebuild.

        A true man knows there will be no help forthcoming except by his own hand, and we see ‘unfair’ as just requiring more effort or sacrifice on our part. So we just get the job done.

        Conservative values are out of favor and under attack even by those elected to represent our values. Eventually conservatives will cut their losses, move ahead, and rebuild.

        Who else is gonna do it? People like Mr. Obama?

        Look how fast he is running from his own signature healthcare project. I expect soon our president will be blaming the Republican Mitt Romney because Obamacare was modeled on Mitts original idea for Massachusetts health care reform.

        Socialist like our president can’t even build something from an existing blueprint without mucking it up.

  11. Crusading Conservative says:

    So … the officers in charge of enforcing the law don’t actually know the law? Excuse me while I scratch my head. And it’s not like it was just sprung on them – the law for open carry has been on the books since 2003! And there were four sergeants and three officers involved – and not one of them knew the law? What else don’t they know?

  12. Crusading Conservative says:

    “A situation like this could turn very grave,” Sandoval told the station.

    Very grave? Not just grave, but VERY grave…

  13. imtoooldforthis says:

    Someone’s sexuality is not my business until they make it my business. This man did the right thing and I for one am thankful to any person that helps me to protect my rights and make the public more aware of theirs.

    On a lighter note. Went to lunch with hubby yesterday and our waiter was so fascinated with him he actually asked my husband what he wanted on my hamburger! I, of course, being the biggest B(^%h on the East Coast waited an appropriate length of time and after the bimbo stood there admiring hubby for a while I said loud enough for the idiot and two booths down to hear “honey, I think it has a crush on you” to which hubby replied “I must remind him of his father.” Such a naive man. Needless to say some patrons smiled and others laughed and we got our food from a different waitress. I could see that gay blade was totally pissed and there was nothing he could do about it. I hope he learned that his sexuality should not be brought into the work place and that while it’s o.k. to admire a person it’s not o.k. to forget that other people are around. The young need life lessons and I’ve lived long enough to teach them.

  14. Either the black cop hates gays or he hates whites, or just gay whites.

  15. Wait, so if you are ignorant of the law, you still go to jail….and if the cop is ignorant of the law, you still go to jail. Interesting. Of course I’ve lost most respect I’ve ever had for law enforcement over the past two years. At least the court got is straight.

  16. I’m going to toss this in the mix…


  17. This Police Dept will now get smart, and also smarten up ALL PD’s who get this message.
    Send it to all PD’s!
    Even small Texas Sheriff’s Dept’s and Texas small town Police Dept’s have been “educated” on open carry, by citizen’s who have been stopped and even arrested.
    Here in my small East Texas city, the PD is VERY aware of citizen’s rights.

  18. master of sinanju says:

    I want to know WHY didn’t the poofter (sorry, he pulled the homo card) sue each and every officer involved UNDER COLOR OF AUTHORITY!! Take their damn house,car,dog, AND cat!! Not everyone of us in law enforcement is a fu%king idiot like that group of pendejos!!