Once again another person had to include slavery in the mix, this time the issue is gun control. Lord knows, playing the race card is getting rather tiresome and then some. When, if ever, will the leftist twits like Carlee Soto every learn that?

Anyway, here’s what she had to say this morning on Fox via this report:

Carlee Soto, sister of schoolteacher and Newtown shooting victim Victoria Soto, told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace about her disappointment at Congress’ failure to pass gun control earlier this year, and her dedication to advocacy on her sister’s behalf.

“It was extremely hard to watch these members of Congress come in and vote no on something so sensible,” Soto said, referring to the Senate’s defeat of the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill in April.

“It’s a background check, and it only takes 90 seconds. It’s not preventing anyone that should not have a gun. It was hard for that to happen, and to see it happen. But like President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden told me: no one ever thought slavery would be abolished, no one ever women thought women would have rights. I believe that we will have sensible gun laws in the future.”

Wallace asked if Soto’s advocacy kept her too close to the tragedy.

“There are definitely days when I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to speak on camera, I don’t want to talk in front of a group of people,” Soto said. “But my sister can’t do that. There’s so many people that can’t be advocates, and I know I can.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

Now folks, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America was on the same show right after her spiel and had some words to say about this issue. You can watch him, and read what he had to say via this link.

Here are three more stories about gun control:

1.) Gun control advocates vow to take fight into 2014 elections, spend millions

2.) Murphy: Worst Part of NRA’s Strategy Is ‘It Worked’

3.) Gun-Rights Activists Fail to Recall Officials Over Concealed Weapons Permits

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Slavery? Racism? Yawn… Those two words have become the two most overused words in modern American lexicon. It’s gotten to the point that when I hear either, I am forced to stifle a great big bored yawn.

    • that was my thoughts exactly tutu……..I’m so damn tired of liberals equating slavery with anything they want to abolish…….maybe someday we can abolish these dumb-bells…..I know, wishful thinking………

  2. Quartierleblanc says:

    What is this little dumbass talking about? Isn’t there a form 4437, the yellow one or in my case a valid CCW license that IS A BACKGROUND CHECK? Don’t they do a instant background check at the time of purchase if you don’t have a CCW? I must have landed on the wrong planet last night. And what in the hell does slavery have to do with anything? Slavery? Hell if anything there should be a law about being terminally stupid, especially on national TV.

    • ‘Terminally Stupid’ is spot-on!

    • Maybe she’s referring to the gun controller’s “concern” of the week, the so-called “Gun Show Loophole?” Basically, ANY gun that has to go through a governmental approval process might as well be entered into the government’s gun registration database. Remember, the Congress specifically prohibited funds from being used to computerize the Form 4473s of gun dealers and smiths that went out of business and by law had to give their Form 4473s to ATF.

      Well, during the Clinton Regime some ABC (I think) news program was shown by BATF the computerization of the Form 4473s. Ipso facto, the US government, through the machinations of their own criminal officials, showed themselves as COMPLETELY untrustworthy vis-a-vis their claims about how they didn’t want to eventually grab your guns.

  3. OMG, this is a best example of stupid conservatives crying like little c***s over nothing, She didn’t compare gun control to slavery, She just mentioned that passing gun control was similar to abolishing slavery or womens suffrage, which is a valid point whether you are for or against gun control. Her sister got murdered by some psycho, duh, can you blame her? You people give conservatives a bad name with your heartless & stupid whining over nothing.

    • Jonas, don’t use language like that again, or your post will be trashed. Ya got the message?

    • “heartless & stupid whining over nothing.”

      Yeah, let’s all roll over for “the children” and when some tears are shed.

      Give up my liberties over “nothing” when the entire effort of the gun controllers is to eventually make sure we have nothing but nerf bats to fight them.


    • Jonas. You obviously have your head shoved so far up your keister that you are suffering delusions from a lack of oxygen. Slavery and women’s suffrage have nothing to do with it. There is no constitutional right to keep slaves, but there is to keep guns. And you wouldn’t know conservatism if it slapped you in the face, which if you keep up with the treasonous rant of taking guns, conservatism will slap you into last century. Oh and by the way, conservatism ended slavery on a party line vote with all democrats voting to keep slavery. Your idiocy is astounding. No sir YOU are the c**t (sorry for my language bigtimer, but it had to be said)

    • Yes, I can blame her. If the teachers had been armed, the only dead person would have bed the crazy nut job original shooter. Disarming the public only gives the criminals and crazies (who will always have guns) easier targets.

      Jonas, your post displays your progressive ignorance, why don’t you mmmmmmm bop your butt over to the huff po blog, or some other loser liberal site, and whine to them about the bitter conservatives clinging to their rights?

    • LOL more tough talk from a poofter…

      “she just mentioned that passing gun control was SIMILIAR to abolishing slavery or women’s suffrage”

      Yeah, no comparison there at all… so your argument is based on semantics huh?

      So we give conservatives a bad name? Says who? In who’s eyes do we look bad? Not by ANYONE whose opinion matters I’m sure. We have grown numb to pejoratives and ad hominem attacks from liberals… why would we care what you think now?

    • I agree with you, and I’m conservative. Her sister was murdered, like I said below, give the girl a break. They’re all such hard asses here, not the kind of compassionate conservatism Reagan spoke of. Oh, and watch out for Bigtimer, she runs this blog, not AWD.

  4. We here in NY know a little something about “common sense gun laws”, especially about the de facto registration that accompanies the “background checks”. Take a look at the infamous “SAFE Act”….even FTF sales must now go thru a FFL for a background check…you know, so that we can “keep track” of what you have….absolutely harmless….the POS Huomo [no typo] didn’t take confiscation off the table. In fact, it’s already under way [bunch of different articles]:

    This isn’t the 1st time either…when NYC passed their own Assault Weapons ban, they already had the registration info to use as a basis for a search warrant, because, in NYC, you had to register your long guns with the NYC Firearms Control Board….you know, so that NYC could keep track of your stuff…perfectly harmless, we just wanna know where your stuff is….

    Doesn’t bother me….I gave all my stuff away & joined the Brady campaign 😉

  5. Agitprop.

  6. For Carlee:

    Sorry for your loss.

    Now stop being an idiot and think things through before making any more naïve comments.

    • This isn’t her first round, she’s had her mug on TV before with her spiel.

      Same ol’ mantra…this time at the msDNC Funny Farm.

      • Bet you would sing a different tune if it was one of your relatives who was shot to death. I’m sick of your blatant hypocracy, and your micro management of this blog. Your a pathetic imbecile with barely enough comprehensive skill to write a cohesive sentence Bigtimer.

        • You’re only belittling yourself, yet…you’re too stupid to realize it.

          Btw…I’m done responding to you. You’re always putting me down, you’re always the complaining contraian no matter what I post.

        • @ Michael T (does the “T” stand for transvestite)

          Hey jacka$$!! No one is forcing you to visit this site, or to comment on what you read. You do so of your own volition, and are free to leave if you are so offended by the posts or their authors. You couldn’t hold a candle to bigtimer and her ability to articulate what we are all thinking. Enough is enough. The tree of liberty and what not. There is a time for compassion, and likewise a time for reason. Reasonably speaking we are sick of liberalism, sick of political correctness, sick of our liberties being eroded, and sick of the propaganda side shows put on by the left every time some (usually progressive) nut job kills a bunch of people. Get over yourself bro. Or learn how to compose an argument that doesn’t marginalize yourself because all you can do is whine like a five year old not getting the attention he thinks he deserves.

        • MT,

          Your = possessive pronoun, implying ownership
          You’re = contraction, meaning “you are”

          Correct usage above would be more “cohesive” and give you a little more credibility.

        • Um, proper grammar is: You’re.
          Although it is probably difficult to type with a stick up your ass.

  7. “It was extremely hard to watch these members of Congress come in and vote no on something so sensible,” Soto said, “It’s a background check, and it only takes 90 seconds. It’s not preventing anyone that should not have a gun.”

    I had to listen to this several times just to be sure this is what she said, and yep, it’s what she said. I must be living in a parallel universe because if I were to assume she were going to finish the thought it would be something like “from purchasing a gun”/”from being able to get a gun”. As presented, it looks like she is in favor of the bandidos y criminales having guns. She also has that *The lights are on, but no one’s home.* look about her.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      She might actually not have anything there.  Do you think the gun-grabbers don’t have the resources to find victims and family members and coach them in what to say in return for money and TV appearances?  She could be working off a script that she barely understands; of course her eyes would have that thousand-yard stare.

  8. neverunarmed says:

    The gun control measures proposed would never have stopped newtown anyways. the shooter did not own any of the firearms used, he stole them then murdered the owner. The shooter was a criminal from that point thereby proving gun control regulations do nothing to stop crime. criminals will obtain their weapons any way they see fit, only law abiding citizens would be unable to procure arms if this illegitimate body that claims to govern over has it’s way.

    they don’t care about background checks, their only interest is to keep us, we the llaw abiding citizens of the USA, and I’m sure soon enough the entire world, dependant on government for all facets of life. They provide your food, housing, communications, and protection…. you become the slave.

  9. What is she talking about. Lanza got the guns he used from his mom who did buy them legally at a gun store and I’m pretty sure she went through a background check. She knew her son was mentally twisted but still had a house full of guns and ammunition which shouldn’t have been in the house anyway. His room was also filled with all kinds of material about other mass shootings and other disturbing things. His mom knew he was obsessed with this type of thing or she should have known. She should have gotten involved in her sons life instead of being stupid and all this could have been avoided. As far as slavery and women’s rights, that has nothing to do with guns. Liberals are idiots.

    Hi BT we missed you yesterday. We were subjected to, I mean blessed with a couple of Awd’s posts.

  10. My message is, I’m sorry for your loss. It’s only been a year since her sister was murdered by a crazy person. Cut the girl some slack already.

    • She isn’t going to get any slack from me. She’s advocating for more control…we don’t need anymore control, enough already!

      Btw…this isn’t the first time she’s done this, she expects the rest of this nation to see things her way when she puts herself on the boob-tube. So if we see things differently we’re not gonna shut-up, it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Soto is another paid off shill…don’t fall for this scam…do your research. Google “Allison Wyatt” the WTC Bldg 7 of Sandy Hoax!

    • “cut the girl some slack already”

      Now why would we do that? Do you really think that a liberal bitch like her really cares about the post birth late term abortion of her sister… she is only exploiting her death to make a political point while achieving 5 minutes of fame..

      Politics have become war.. its HER family or MINE. I despise white liberals above ALL other enemies so its not looking so good for her.. I have NO SYMPATHY

  11. Carlee, your sister was killed by a crazy person. I am, as any person would be, sorry that happened.
    However, passing a new law after every tragedy is not a sound policy.
    There will never be a safety net wide enough to catch and prevent every bad thing that ever could occur in this world.
    If you were to outlaw every gun, knife, club, rock and pointy stick in the world you would still have crazy people hurting others.
    If you want to do something good, advocate for better mental health care.

  12. sick and tired of dumb-ass liberal bitches that can’t keep their mouth’s shut….and especially those liberal bitches like this liberal bitch that latch on to a cause that they think will gain them some kind of notoriety like this bitch is trying to do…..liberal dipsh*ts are always trying to make a name for themselves…….

    liberal bitches like this play on the sympathy of the dumb and stupid who will listen to their sob stories and play right into their hands…..Oh poor me, oh poor me…..

    I have no sympathy for these types that run at the mouth…..this bitch needs to shut her damn mouth and go far away……..very far away…..or just shut the hell up so we don’t have to listen their incessant whining on how they have to take our guns…………

    get out of the lime light bitch and stay out of the lime light… dumb-ass liberal bitch………..

    • Exactly! She wants her fifteen minutes of fame, she’d better expect push-back from millions of us!

      • I have no sympathy for these types…..none….and those that do are nothing but dupes………

        • Bingo! – You said it all in a nutshell.

          • I’m sure the libtard media is playing her up for all it’s worth……she is nothing but a propaganda tool to be used till there is no more that they can get out of her…..when the media uses her up she will be yesterday’s news as far as they’re concerned……

            the liberal bitch is a dupe herself……….. and she is trying to gain the sympathy of other dupes to go along with her………

    • Hey!! I didn’t realize we could say bitch on here and it wouldn’t be edited. That makes what I want to say that much easier.

      Michael T, quit being such a whiny little bitch!!!

      • Kimosabe…just caught up here with all said, just wanted to thank you for your support. – Much appreciated.

        • Hi big T..

          I am glad you got your IP thing worked out ..I had some problems with the site yesterday as well…but all seems ok now…
          I am sorry that M.T. has once again started his tiny war with seems that every one else on here loves ya….I think of you as an internet sister ,and i am thankful for your time you put on AWD…..
          As for M.T.’s rants …not worth my time…..

          be well…

          • Lol…glad the IP server is working today too.

            As to MT, I usually ignore the endless snide remarks, have for months now…today, no can do.

            Nevertheless, thank you for your kind words…they mean everything to me. I do the best I can here, sorry if he doesn’t approve. Maybe he should start his own site, or something like that. All I know is, to be bothered be me so much is telling about him as the insufferable little man he is.

          • If he started a site, no one would visit. Too much whining.

            Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but AWD is loading awful slow today, for me

          • I’ve also had problems with the site today on and off. It’s been really weird.

          • Same here.

          • mag…

            Did the Chargers win or lose today?

          • BT they didn’t play today because they played Thurs night. They play the Raiders next Sunday.

          • Thanks so much for the reply. I mistakenly thought it was this Sunday by what you posted a day or so ago. Glad for that news…know what I mean?

          • Yeah the Dolphins won today which wasn’t good for the Chargers, and the Ravens need to lose Tomorrow night. It gets a little confusing at this point in the season, but we shall see.

          • bigtimer
            Remember he also rides a bycycle? bike, non motorized transportation, complete with the Tyrodactile shaped head gear with striped spandex pants.

        • Anytime big!! Anytime. He has a right to disagree but no right to attack like he did. It just shows his small mind and that he’s compensating for something. It’s this type of person Benjamin Franklin was talking about when he said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

          We shouldn’t give up our liberties based on the pull of our heart strings due to some sad story of another American being kept from or refusing to protect themselves. These people who espouse gun control speak tyranny. There is no two ways about it, and some day there WILL be an accounting, especially for those who should have known better such as those who took the Oath of Office.

          • You spoke volumes for me when it comes to the big picture of what’s going on that surrounds us every single day we try to keep our freedoms vs the enemies within. – Stay strong and fight on together we must!

  13. She is the sister of a Newton Sandy Hook victim….I have here a long video that will raise many questions perhaps ,yet it also gives some info i was not aware of….if nothing else it is interesting…it starts slow and i would skip to the 7 min mark..but let me say it is not a video for every one…..but it does show one just how many twist and turns any news media and powers that be can get into…

    there is also a few things in it on the Soto girl…..

    • Quartierleblanc says:

      I’m not going to jump on Michael T too much, and I’m sorry for the woman’s loss. HOWEVER, if she’s going to be an antigun mouthpiece and try to make a few shekels in the process, then she’s fair game. There is one thing that is of concern to me regarding these school shooting incidents. The vast majority of them commit suicide which removes a lose end. Mental illness and psychiatric drugs also seem to be involved. It does make we wonder if there is a puppet master at work. The Japanese with the Kamikaze’s and most recently the Muslims with suicide bombers have been highly successful in motivation their youth to kill as well as to commit suicide.

      • Ya stick your toe into politics looking for sympathy or $$ best be wearing steel toes, you’ve just transported yourself to another world and its ugly.

  14. Criminals & wackos will always be able to get guns somehow. The only way law abiding people can protect themselves and family is to own guns…PERIOD!!!!

    • What murderer needs guns? A gallon of gasoline has the equivalent Btu’s as many sticks of dynamite under the right conditions. If someone desires to cause death and destruction there is always a way. More than once this past year there were automobiles driven into the midst of random groups of people just for the evil of it.

      • Lazlo has a solution.
        We should initiate my Friend Lars’ Blunt Stick Initiative.
        Every throw-able rock on Earth should be glued to another rock too large and heavy to pick up.
        All sticks shall either be cut square, or have rubber guards installed.
        All mops and brooms should have handles no longer than six inches in length to prevent clubbing incidents.
        All meats and vegetables shall be pre-cut at the farms and processing plants to eliminate the civilian need for knives.
        All electrical cords, ropes and Kite strings shall have a uniform length less than the circumference of a human neck.
        Hand guards shall be installed on all humans that prevent the hand being closed into a fist.
        Shock collars shall be installed on all white persons that will be tuned to go off at the pronunciation of racist slurs.
        All buildings shall be pre-assembled and delivered to their locations to prevent the occurrence of “Loose Bricks” and “unattached two by fours”

  15. Looks like the Billionaire Cosmopolitan Bloomberg intends to spend his $$$$ in order to inundate America with his gun confiscation laws:

    Bloomberg shows America his whole foot
    December 13, 2013

    With tomorrow marking the passage of one year since the horrific atrocity of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, the forcible citizen disarmament zealots can barely contain their rage at their agenda’s lackluster performance over the past year, after their gleeful excitement at the lake of blood of the innocent they expected to successfully exploit. U.S. Senate embarrassment Chris Murphy (D-CT) says Congress should be “embarrassed” at not yet having succeeded in entirely crushing private gun ownership in the U.S.

    This is no time for rights advocates to celebrate, though. The gun prohibitionist jihad is better funded now than it has ever been in the past, and while a true grassroots movement might remain beyond them, they can afford vast amounts of premium-grade astroturf. From the Associated Press:

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has spent roughly $15 million this year on advertising to influence the debate. And former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head while meeting with constituents in 2011, launched a national tour calling for background checks.

    And Bloomberg’s efforts to buy the forcible disarmament tyranny he so craves are only beginning:

    The head of Bloomberg’s organization says that the billionaire New York mayor is installing paid staff in more than a dozen states expected to take up gun control legislation next year to complement a robust Washington lobbying operation and television ads.

    This is part of a larger trend within the anti-citizen movement–with efforts for more oppressive federal gun laws taking a back seat for now to the punishment of gun ownership at the state level. From the Washington Post:

    Gun-control activists have largely given up on Congress, which did not pass background-check legislation after the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., last December that killed 20 children and six adults. The groups are shifting their resources to a handful of states such as Colorado, where they have hired political operatives to try to build permanent gun-control movements.

    And the deluge of anti-gun money (some of which MAIG extorts from taxpayers) at the state level will only increase next year:

    Groups run by New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I), former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and other gun-control advocates intend to spend more than $25 million in 2014, most of it in the states, said officials with knowledge of the plans, which have not been previously reported.

    Going back to the AP article, the executive director of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” some of whose several hundred mayors have not yet been convicted of serious crimes (and don’t forget the racists), has a warning for Americans:

    “In 2012, the mayor spent about $10 million or so dipping his toe in the water. I guess we’ll find out what the whole foot looks like in 2014,” said Mark Glaze, Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ executive director.

    Glaze may be correct that Americans have not yet seen Bloomberg’s “whole foot.” We do have a pretty good idea of what it’s wrapped in, though.

    • Good comment Joe thanks for all that great information we need to know what the enemy is up to at all times. As far as seeing Bloombergs whole foot I invite him to stick it up his ass or inside my house.

  16. Carlee, I am very sorry your sister was murdered. If she had been armed she would have had a fighting chance. What you have to say is very moving, But not realstic the only good thing to come from saying such hairbrained Crapola is the leftists will murder you last

  17. I want to know where I can get a 90 second background check. The last few times me or the wife had one it has been five days. Are we on someone’s naughty list or what?

    • Starting at zero time, in order to get a gun in the People’s Republic of Illinois. you must wait a month or more for a background check called a Firearms Owners ID.

      But note that even that is not enough for the Cosmopolitans: you then have to wait, depending if it’s a long gun or handgun. 24 or 72 hours.

      And then, you STILL have to go through the so-called “Instant Check.”

      Never accept any of these gun control impediments.

      ALWAYS be fighting to roll this stuff back; NEVER show weakness to our enemies for they are like wolves always probing for weaknesses.

  18. Spurwing Plover says:

    Silly liberal do you realy think Gun Control will stop murders do you think everyone will be nice if all the guns are confiscated and melted down into dumb Peace Bricks or park bench in some Commune with Nature freak park? Another gruaduate from the Collage of STUPID

  19. Speaking of gun control, check this out. ~

  20. I’ll be short because I’m still new here, when this libtard dingbat gets on TV and spouts her paid for message about her poor murdered sister all I hear is 60 million innocent unborn children asking for their right to vote their right to own guns their right to be alive her whining falls on deaf ears.Libtards cry and whine about shooting sprees and gun control and turn a blind eye to the death of millions makes me sick to hear anything they have to say and I for one don’t give a damn about her sisters unwanted late term abortion.

    • ZING!!….and btw, couldn’t agree more. The Feds gave Planned(?) Parenthood 1.5 million dollars a day for the extermination of God only knows how many unborn, unwanted human beings in 2012 and 2013. I wonder if one of those unwanted might have discovered a cure for cancer or any number of pernicious diseases. I also wonder when God is going to exact His justice on this world headed to H3ll on a silicone-lubricated Teflon bobsled.

    • abama62,
      One million GOLD STARS for you my friend, God bless you and yours,

    • abama I agree 100% and will add this:;546.jpg

    • God Bless you…I agree with every single word you said here!

      Thank you…and don’t be a stranger here. Glad you’re here putting your two cents in.

  21. I’m sorry that a mentally ill psycho (on meds, like all the other shooters)), who should have been locked up in a mental institution, got ahold of a gun (via his parent) and shot your sister. I need a gun to protect myself from these people that the ACLU have freed, that are now roaming the streets.
    I’m sorry that Muslims in Syria are slaughtering christians as we speak…

  22. Furrest Gumph says:

    Mama always said, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  23. Gun owner patriots are always playing defense when these rotten, pencil necked libs begin talking ‘guns’. We need to go on offense. We need to begin pushing for more guns, more defense of the home and family, and stronger pro-gun laws. We need to push gun ownership everywhere and all the time. We need to elect politicians that will be very pro-gun. We must spend more money on commercials and on the rights of the second amendment. Make the libtrash go on defense for a change. Never let up until America is inundated with gun owners. It is our right and our duty to protect ourselves and families and we should not be shamed nor prosecuted for it. Remember……’I don’t trust any government that does not trust me with a gun.’

    • You put it on a nutshell…especially your last words at the end.

    • “I don’t trust any government that does not trust me with a gun”

      Amen to that! Any government that looks to disarm its people has plans to do things that are NOT in the peoples best interest… they seek to disarm us so they will not suffer the consequences of their oppressive/unconstitutional actions/plans….

  24. Ted Nugent for president

  25. Spurwing Plover says:

    Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Castro and Ida Amin all disarmed their citizens and look at the rezults