Folks, after you about what Donald Joy had to say in an article he wrote when it comes to our affirmative action president, please state what you disagree with after you do so, if anything. Via my viewfinder in life this is one of the best articles I’ve ever read in a long time, I truly hope after you digest his words conveyed to all, you feel the same way too. He’s succinct with his message and right on target, he hits every nail on the head and slams it down to the core with one whack!

Please take the time to comprehend every word below, you won’t, or shouldn’t regret it…unless you’re a troll.

This is via DC:

I’m not a very good Christian, but even a backslider such as yours truly can observe and comment on the sick sacrilege of having a president who professes to be a Christian (Jeremiah Wright has gone on record saying Bathhouse Barry never really converted), yet speaks and acts as if he’d have taken the Virgin Mary straight to Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s chop-shop upon learning of her “condition” related to her “reproductive rights.”

Well, if it would’ve been fine and dandy, in the Democrat playbook, to have Jesus Christ Himself aborted, what would be the big deal about Barry Soetoro (or whatever his name is) being given some kind of removal/termination treatment, too, like yesterday? Oh, I forgot for a second–not all mistakes are allowed to be “taken care of” thusly–only certain kinds of ”mistakes.”

It’s generally accepted that America’s worst sins and mistakes include the historical injustices of slavery and deprival of racial equality, and that various redistributive “social justice” and “civil rights” programs are the way forward; the way to make reparations and compensate blacks as a race for their disadvantaged collective position in our society, and so on.

The overall attitude is that whites carry a legacy of group responsibility for the general situation of blacks, and therefore must endure, without much complaint, all kinds of costs, inconveniences, and even rampant crime and violence in order to demonstrate a good-faith willingness to share in the burdens and plights of those experiencing residual effects of past oppression, as a polite way of putting it. Incidentally, black professor Shelby Steele and others have noted, essentially, that maintaining such an attitude and paradigm basically keeps whites in the role of responsible parent, with blacks as dependent children, always looking to whites for the solution to their betterment…

So millions of white liberals voted for a charming, utterly unqualified, and grossly dishonest anti-American for president, twice, out of both a sense of ethnomasochistic penitence, and also out of the hope that electing and supporting such a fraud would prove their charitable philanthropy and their trans-racial benevolence. The inauguration and presidency of Obama, like all affirmative-action programs, was supposed to show how far America has progressed from the bad old days, as well as help to somehow prove that alleged good intentions and “storybook”(as the Great Cornholio, Joe Biden, put it) smooth persona could trump actual character, qualifications, and ability.

It has all backfired, and badly.

For one thing, the Democrat brand is in a death-spiral, public opinion poll-wise, due to the lies, failure, and regulatory nightmare of “The Affordable Care Act,” Obama’s signature achievement.

With our country’s economy still crippled, in part, from the calamitous, far-reaching effects of Obama’s (as one of ACORN’s attorneys) mid-1990s lawsuit against CITIBank, which wound up forcing them and other major banks to engage in affirmative-action mortgage lending under the Community Reinvestment Act, leading, in part, to the eventual disintegration of all prudent standards throughout the entire financial industry, we still have this tap-dancing charlatan up there jabbering and jiving about “income inequality” and ”affordable this, affordable that” as if freedom were a bad word.

America was supposed to be about the liberty of the individual to succeed or to fail, free from some heavy-handed, so-called authority picking winners and losers.

In keeping with that ideal, Americans in general came to accept that the wrongs of slavery and Jim Crow had to not only be ended, but that certain measures be undertaken to make up for opportunities having been denied generations of blacks–never mind it being almost impossible to find a black person in America who’d willingly trade places with someone in Africa.

The unfortunate fact is that we (I mean we as a whole country, not we who did not and would never vote for Obama) have elected someone who is provably a criminal fraud of the worst kind, far worse than even Bernie Madoff, in order to punish ourselves collectively, as the white majority, for the American “birth-defect” of slavery. Melanin and smooth-talk were the only things that really mattered to the majority of voters, or vote-machine-tabulators, depending on whether you trusted the electoral outcome–what with hundreds of precincts in places like Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Miami registering not one single vote for Romney last November.

We now have one-sixth of our entire economy, the health care industry, being destroyed before our very eyes due to our suicidal indulgence in an allegedly “affordable,” affirmative-action, “health care justice” collossal fraud which no society on Earth can long afford. Obamacare is a malignant cancer upon the land. Doctors are jumping ship en masse.

Race relations are worse than they were before any of us had ever heard of Barack Obama, and millions of jobless Americans cast their weary eyes toward the horizons and the crowded public spaces, wondering when and where the next attack will come, even as their every phone call and email is tracked and logged by those whose job it was supposed to be to protect us from the likes of those now in power.

We need to stop punishing ourselves, stop aborting our sacred future, and impeach the heathen socialist bastard. Yesterday.


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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Back in the 90s when hollyweed was making those putrid movies like OUT OF AFRICA with Robert REDford and I DREAM OF AFRICA both movies bombed in the box office and it might surprise liberals to find out africans Dont Celebrate KWANZA in fact they have never even heard of it and ona seperate note i heard those Greenpeace wanks in jail in Russia are whinning becuase their not being served vegan meals Too bad you brain-dead tree huggers,Granola munchers Gaia worshipping freakos but thats what you get when the cuff you and stuff you in russia No Luxeries just like with Sheriff Joe Arpio

  2. Nothing to disagree with at all… a very good post

    LOL I cant wait to hear one of our drive by trolls response to this…
    oh wait, the liberal trolls NEVER address the issue posted because the premise of their arguments are too weak to win a debate…. so, as usual they will resort to pejoratives and ad hominem attacks against those of us who refuse to drink the Marxist kool aid

  3. Wes the great says:

    I could be tempted to believe the article was written by a progressive plant. Same old tired warmed over whining. The little doofus was following a President considered a dunce by the left and a neo-con with half a hard-on by most any libertarian or true conservative, who wasn’t completely turned off by watching ten years of their 401k contributions dissapear (where did the money go?) while simultaneously holding a mortgage greater than the worth of their home. Then along comes Juan McCain who doesn’t remember how many homes he owns or whether his bowels have moved, for that matter. They get another chance in 2012 and come up with a guy who looks and acts like the frat house president 30 years later with the perfect life and perfect wife with an uncommon name, uncommon religion, and uncommon ability to smile while the neo -Stalinists skewered his reputation, insulted his wife and sons, and called him names. And by the way owns more houses than Yosemite Sam McPain. We got one chance and that is to forget this “impeachment” red herring and concentrate on putting people in the primaries that can think, are not prone to random acts of stupidity, and hate liberal, progessive stupidity. Don’t hate the players or at least don’t show it- hate their actions and distorted behavior. I mean why wouldn’t most people under 50 be liberal? – it’s all they’ve heard or seen since they were in diapers. Ain’t gonna be no impeachment so forget it and think ahead – the country needs forward thinking people (with that “vision thing “) -although they have no clue how much. There is a short time to show them before nudge and shove progress to the neo -Stalinists final answer.

  4. Jack Daniels says:

    Excellent post.

    However, if I may…I know I know, I will sound like a broken record but it really IS critical that we understand the process of turning this great republic around…and I’m not talking about simply putting in RINO GOP reps.

    It is absolutely imperative that all believers, call out to God Almighty, but more importantly, to confess that we, His people have failed in our duties and mandate to maintain a righteous nation.

    Too long we sat on the sidelines and permitted the evil to germinate to what we see before us today.
    Without genuine repentance, and intercessory prayer, it is all MOOT.

    Our nation MUST return to the principles that the founding fathers have established…in order to receive the blessings and success…and that is return God to His rightful place in our nation.

    Believers MUST stand against the evil that literally and figuratively plagues this nation.

    Any believer who even studies Scripture on a cursory level will understand that without God, the nation is doomed.

    The events unfolding is not merely coincidental, it is the direct result of powers, principalities, dominion and rulers succeeding because from the highest office in the land, to the lowest citizen who has said in his heart, there is no God, to the apathetic believer, who simply holds out in hope, the return of Christ or to leave this earthly tent to go home to be with his Heavenly Father, have allowed these powers to deceive the people, blind the ignorant and sleepers and put believers in a slumber.

    It is in point of fact the desire and WILL of God to bless our nation, we have tasted the blessings and goodness that came from a nation that has afforded Him, His due respect, however, if we refuse to restore His name in our nation, we not only will never see the return of this great republic, we will see its utter destruction….at the hands of our enemies.

    I fear that the sound of the trumpet to the nation, the call to repentance is falling on deaf ears, as was the case throughout Israel’s past….until the nation perished, was taken into captivity, and then only did they repent and receive restoration and healing off their land.

    We ought to learn from history, listen to the wisdom of the prophets of the past, if we truly desire to safeguard our future.

    Return to me and I will return to you says the LORD ALMIGHTY.

    • Wes the great says:

      Indeed sir. I too feel we are being punished. I mean if you don’t believe that God is upset, or at least has the most ironic sense of timing, and dry humor how can anyone account for the new pope. LOL…I keep waiting for him to twerk, admit he is hooked on the Kardashians, lingerie football, drunkenly tweet out a revised lord’s prayer with a few fbombs thrown in, and reveal that he was actually just lighting the candles at St. Peter’s when the cardinals decided to have some fun and see if anyone gave a sh!t who they elected. We are in trouble for sure but you got to laugh at those “mysterious ways”.

  5. AMEN! Jack, ya’ nailed it!

    2 Chronicles 7:14

    New International Version (NIV)

    14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  6. I’m going to toss this in the mix. ~


  7. Impeach his half black ass. Throw him, and his brood out of the People’s house in disgrace. Never stop the narrative that the Liberal Coup is over.
    Unseal every record, prosecute every infraction down to the accomplice’s accomplices. No deals, mandatory jail time. EVERY lawyer among his cabal loses his law license for Life.
    Tent and fumigate the White House both figuratively and literally.
    Vote the crooks out of office, and when we get the Presidency back we hound these charlatans to the third generation, and jail the lot of them.

  8. This is a piece of social engineering. Anytime they make reference to slavery and civil rights, they are reaching into your sub-conscious and making you think negatively about the South. They have started another war with our country, despite the fact they occupy us. The reason for the new war is that our influence is once again on the rise. So, you will see more movie with negative social images of Southerners. This was part of the attack on the Ducks, but Phil put a stop to their crap. The other thing is the abortion issue. Anytime someone brings that up, be very suspicious. Abortion is an emotional issue and it is one that is not going to be solved with anything short of a Constitutional article. So, if a politician uses it, he is just trying to get elected. If a paper uses it, the purpose is to split the conservative camp as many conservatives will back people who support abortion, but fear the religious groups that use abortion as an issue, and I might add as a source of money. So be very skeptical about those who discuss abortion as you need their “true” motive.

  9. This bitch will make you sick.


    • Makes me sick, but doesn’t shock me anymore.

    • Mag,

      Hard to believe any one is that damn stuuuuuuuuuuupid..

      if she really said that and meant it…the Bad Karma coming her way will be amazing….perhaps her guts will fall out her C*nt….she will trip over them and break both her legs so badly ,they have to be removed……perhaps .

    • Jack Daniels says:


      I read about this excuse for a person this morning. I tell ya, were I not a Christian, I would wish the most vile things upon her.
      But then again, maybe I don’t have to because it’s obvious that she has already the curse of living an absolute miserable and futile existence. I doubt if she can experience any less joy in her life.

      Imagine what that must be like every morning?

    • And this old fella will make you proud….


      • Yep…I saw that early this morning, glad you have this here too. – I’ve also had it saved for later, this article to go with it will work out well.

        Btw…we’re having a major snowstorm, so…who knows if the power goes out or not, I sure hope not.

      • grumpy,
        thanks for posting that ….wise man that one…Lordy I wish his message could be heard by everyone …then acted upon…..

  10. When ever I get totally fed up with the Sh!t fer brains people and the evil like Obammy and Congress and the Libtard mind set …to the point i feel I will explode …I play this odd little video ..for near the end of it is a message ..and I know it to be true……..


  11. I would agree with the writer on approximately 99% of what he has stated in his article………

    Impeach the mongrel……”yes” whole heartily yes……do it now……

    the only disagreement I have with the article is Obongo was never down for the “”struggle””……..Obongo didn’t do this for the struggle (civil rights), Obongo is a a committed Marxist……””””””a committed Marxist””””” that’s what he is…..he did this to transform us into a purely socialist state…..not because he was down for the struggle but because his Marxism is his way of making everyone equal…….he definitely did this to make things equal, but as we all know this leads to equally being poor and destitute except for the chosen elite (the rulers)…….

    Barrack Obongo is a Marxist…..a committed Marxist…….and that is the only struggle he is down for……he has sold the blacks down the road to get his Marxist policies in place and will sell any one of his supporters like the unions down the road as well to accomplish his goals of a complete totalitarian Marxist state………

    maybe the dumb-ass white American electorate had feelings that were something like voting for Obongo was repayment for a past guilt but Obongo himself has never actually felt any of this……his resentment of white America is intelectual…””ideological””……Obongo has been a Marxist since his college days……he’s not a civil rights fighter……Obongo wants to eliminate capitalism and replace it with socialism……state control………

    Obongo doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the blacks and their struggle…….

    we have the dumb-ass whites and the dumb-ass blacks to thank for inflicting this piece-of-sh!t on us…………

    so I, Bluto, thank you fu@king dumb-ass whites and you fu@k’n dumb-ass black bastards for voting for this mongrel……….

    thanks for nothing you assholes…………….

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    When their exposed to sunlight trolls turn to stone

  13. Coburn has some words for Dear Leader…