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I introduce you to Matthew S. Harrison. After reading a few submissions he emailed me, AWD has proclaimed Matthew worthy of this blog and find him to be PLU (People Like Us). Allah help him! Please share your thoughts with Matthew on his post. I know you will. Welcome, Matthew!

Senator McCain You Are No Revolutionary

Matthew S. Harrison

A few years back, a Senator by the name of John McCain ran for President of the United States, at which time he claimed up down left and right he was a conservative. He threw the election by bringing on Sarah Palin, without so much as a three day vet on her, her family, skeletons potentially hiding in the closet behind old parachute pants and Z Cavarichis! At that time, we were told by the Republican Party he was the guy to save us. Yes, the press had a little to do with McCain winning the primaries, and yes, we fell for it all hook, line and sinker.

McCain has a storied past. Of course, he has been labeled a hero for a long time, having stayed in Hanoi, at the Hanoi Hilton, rather than coming home, once the gooks found out he was an Admiral’s son and trying to send him home. You see, they thought as long as the Admiral’s son was staying in one of their luxury suites, Hanoi bombing would subside, which it did to a great degree. By him coming home, we could have bombed the piss out of Hanoi, without hearing about it or having the Admiral put the kibosh on it to save his kid’s skin. Fact is, McCain was a marginal jet jockey, and frankly he got into Annapolis on less than stellar High School grades-not really Annapolis material, save for his old man with 4 stars on his epaulets.

The true story of his past is a little more sinister, and a bit more disturbing. Upon his return from his stay in Hanoi, he came upon his wife who had become paralyzed in an auto accident, and like any honorable naval officer, he unceremoniously divorced her and moved on to greener pastures. Then upon becoming a United States Congressman, was involved in some criminal activity, for which he was censured but allowed to keep his cushy job, as the self-policing congress is just that, a boys club, whereby sleazebags like McCain, Weiner, and Rangel are left to their devices, and rewarded for bad behavior.

Now, I’m sure by now you are saying, but McCain is a hero. He’s a national treasure, if you are a Republican or a member of Congress. But if you are one who reads real news, and follows the machinations of our nation’s largest RICO, i.e., Congress, you know that Mr. McCain has taken campaign money from Soros backed groups. You also know that Mr. McCain spent Memorial day with Al Qaeda members in Syria-the very Al Qaeda members who have wiped out women and children, and who are currently slaughtering every Christian they come across; men, women and children alike.

And if you scour the internet the way I do for the real “goings on” around the world, you would have seen this weekend, Mr. McCain, fomenting all out revolution in Ukraine. Yes, my fellow Americans, even you libiots reading this and getting pissed because I just called you what you are, he is in another country, fomenting revolution, traveling as a United States Senator, under US Flag, and that is against the law. Not only is it against the law, but we have a hard enough f-ing time dealing with the Obama embarrassment, and the revolutions he’s started across the Middle East and Africa to deal with this bullshit too. One of these days, it would be nice if our Congress would decide to start forcing the Executive to uphold the law. And it would be nice of SCOTUS would step in and do its job too. And let’s not forget the Department of Justice who seem to have been totally absent the last five years, other than sending their civil rights lawyers to stuff ballot boxes in Florida and Ohio, and of course to start riots in Florida, alongside the likes of “reverend” Al Sharpton, who protested the George Zimmerman verdict.

Yes, my fellow Americans, we are no longer living in a country of laws. We are living in a lawless land, where guys like John McCain can get on a congressionally chartered aircraft, and fly with military and Diplomatic body guards to a foreign nation and foment revolution. Ponder that, as you sip your coffee today. Then ask yourself this: What are you prepared to do? If John McCain can foment revolution in a foreign country, why can’t I do the same here?

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  1. Wow, no truer words! Powerful words indeed…and yes, I have followed all stated above about McRINO’s past and present to this day that’s so succinctly mentioned in the blog post via Harrison.

    Btw…I, for one, hope he posts more often!

    As to his conclusion: Why not indeed?

  2. There was another who came home from Vietnam in 1973 and his name was Jeremiah Denton, Rear Admiral-Retired. McCain could learn from him. I’m originally from Lower Alabama, Denton’s home, and Jerry was a true statesman, gentleman, and leader. It would be good if all senators and congressmen would try to emulate his values, but I don’t believe, from what we see in D.C. these days, that there’s much of a chance. As far as a comparison between Denton and McCain, there is none, as McCain has shown himself to be nothing more than an attention-seeking louse.

  3. The esteemed Lt. McCain got his ticket to the Hanoi Hilton by being a true “Maverick”, flying his jet to an area he was not supposed to be in, and was promptly shot down. Now he is nothing more than an attention whore.

    AWD, better keep this Mr. Harrison around! Most excellent post!

  4. I enjoyed the read, looking forward to more from Matthew S. Harrison.

  5. Matt Harrison says:

    First, thanks for the kind words patriots! Made my day almost as much as having my thoughts published herein. That’s a whole lot of acceptance for a guy to soak in in one day. Secondly, stand by-having the forum to tell it like it is is an awesome responsibility I take seriously, and I’m a doubly angry white dude. There will be much more, as long as AWD sees fit to keep the soap box beneath my size 10’s

    • RidinShotgun says:

      Damn! Well stated sir! A lot of food for thought here and I thank you for airing it in this venue. I look forward to reading more from you in the future! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. I always kinda wondered about the Hanoi hilton thing. According to military law it is the duty of every prisoner of war to escape if possible. Now if McCain had the opportunity to “escape” but refused, it seems to me that he had run afoul of that law. Was any action ever taken to rectify or resolve this “unlawful (in military code) action”?
    BTW “War Hero” would seem to imply an action inflicting great loss to the enemy or the saving of a large contingent of fellow fighting men, kind of in the style of Audie Murphy. Some have called McCain a war hero, which seems to me to be an amplification of his service to the country. But I have never heard of McCain graciously denying that he was a “hero” and rather just a patriot and service member doing his duty, as countless others have. But of course I haven’t heard everything.

  7. The traitorous bastid is my Senator, and I piss on him. I piss on him all day long, and far into the night. The only way I will stop pissing on him, is if someone sets him on fire.

    Well done Matt.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    McCain is so pathetic like all these politicians

  9. FINALLY… someone else sees McLame for the fraud that he is!

    Well done Matt, hope you contribute more

  10. iron_mike_houston says:

    John McCain is no friend to taxpaying people who believe in the USA constitution.

    Can you believe that the republicans ran him for POTUS in 2008? I get sick thinking about about it! He would have been a huge embarrassment to the USA (of course so is Barack).

    A few months ago, I wrote the GOP an email message discussing what I disliked about the GOP. They never read it because if they did, they would realize that I wouldn’t give them the sweat off my balls. Now I get punished by receiving emails from the GOP website under various email addresses including John McCain. I spam them and eventually they should run out of names.

  11. Nice to have a new voice on AWD, not that the ‘dude and ‘biggie are lacking. You will have to work double time to keep up with Bigtimer, she is truly fast and furious. Nice expose about JM. I was in the past a supporter but he has shown what time in Washington does to people. I will not denigrate his service in the military, after all he served when others did not. As for the hero stuff, I am loathe to use the hero tag for people just doing their job.

    Still, for all his service and experience, America should have voted him as President over the interloper by an overwhelming margin. What happened? The perfect storm of nascent Bush failures, lack of imagination by the right, blacks in herd voting for their messiah, and women and kids thinking he was “hip, cool, and uniting” , and the overwhelming support of the msm.

    I know you will do well here as the best patriots on the interwebs post here and will appreciate you if you are a real American. Welcome aboard.

  12. 79Firebirdman says:

    Juan McPain is just another amnesty loving, tax and spend RINO in good standing with hussein nothingman, the Rethuglican division of the Dhimmicrap party, and all of his “good friends across the aisle. As AWD has clearly shown, and anybody ignoring the media whores and paying attention can see, the GOP is the party of stupid and the Democrats are the anti-American, criminal, Marxist party of evil. I’ve got no use for any of them.

  13. I enjoyed your post very much Matt, good job. I believe conservatives should stick up for conservative values or get out of the way, there is no in between in my mind. Bending over and giving in only gives the progressives what they want and the Republicans do it all the time. You don’t have a man purse do you?

  14. McCain needs to see a shrink! He is a wacko.

  15. Louisiana Steve says:

    No doubt McCain must go. My only question is, who the hell keeps re-electing him? Last time I looked, it takes a majority of voters (dead and alive) to put a man in office. I fear we conservatives are now a minority. I fear for this country and its disastrous future.

    • McCain keeps getting reelected because he outspends opponents 100:1. He married a sick rich lady who just doles it out to him. He spent oner $15,000,000 last campaign. He buys the best Demo campaign consultants who carefully craft a message to appeal to all. He is a darling to the Mexican population here illegally and could care less about legal Mexican people. I think he is approaching senility in one form or another. Soon he will be tripping Schumer with a cane in the race to a microphone. Its all about McCain. He and Obama share many traits,narcissism being one, lying being another. He is one of lives losers, a parasite.
      Good post Matt, hope to see more.

  16. I am very pissed off at the Arizonan electorate who had the chance to get rid of their embarrassment (McLame) and didn’t but inflicted this piece-of-sh!t on to the rest of us and now on to the rest of the world…….

    shame on you Arizona…..shame on you………you did us all a disservice…….

    now this piece-of-sh!t is trying to get us involved in a war with the Russians…..he just got through trying to get us involved in a war supporting Jihadists murderous jag-offs in Syria…….and now he’s doing it again…….

    it’s time to stop asshole…we don’t need any more of the McLame foreign policy bullsh!t…. it’s time to retire and get the hell out and let someone with some smarts occupy that office……all your doing now is just embarrassing yourself and the rest of us with your rantings in foreign countries fomenting revolution……..

    get the hell out…..we’ve had it with your types McLame….get the hell out…do anything…die, do something besides jabbering at the mouth…..just go , go the hell away, anywhere but get the hell away from us you old fool…….

  17. Rumor has it McCain has destroyed enough American aircraft (Think Forrestal) by himself to be an ace in the nvaf.

  18. Lazlo lives in AZ. Never could stand him.
    The DC life infected his brain and he became a DC Drone. Bereft of sense he mistakes speeches for action, and has terminal myopia when it comes to real world ramifications of policy.
    He reminds me of the eternal vacuous tourist. Constantly surprised that other countries have pavement and electricity and stuff.

    When I’m President I’m going to tool around in Water Cannon One and ‘Visit’ all the Occupy type Protests. See what’s up.

    Good post, Foment Away

  19. John McCains ego says:

    He is the typical political asshole. I’m not sure what political party he is, but it sure ain’t a conservative one. By the way the dumbass gets shot down and captured and that don’t make you a hero, it just makes you the same as millions of others that did their duty…

  20. Nostradumbass says:

    Barack Obama ✔


    How do you plan to spend the cold days of December?

    kingofkenyazttp://OFA.BO/d7uvBY #GetTalking