One thing you have to give to libtards, they sure can ignore disgusting, violent behavior when it doesn’t fit their agenda. About the only mention about the Knockout Game attacks from libs has been from the NY Times when they reported the attacks don’t exist. Oh, OK. Well, at least they mentioned the Knockout attacks before they told us they don’t exist.

That’s a lot more than we got from the other mainstream propaganda media outlets and the Obama administration. They’ve been as quiet as Al Sharpton at a spelling bee on the Knockout Game attacks. Doesn’t fit their agenda!

Eric Holder noticed the Knockout Game attacks. Once. When a creepy ass cracka attacked an elderly black man to see if the government would treat him differently than blacks doing the same to whites. The cracka was summarily charged with a hate crime for his racist actions. AWD doesn’t agree with hate crime legislation but the white attacker should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for his cowardly and disgusting attack on an elderly man. For the brovas knocking out elderly crackas? Well, come on! You know, slavery! Perfectly justified!

Here’s another Obama son (aren’t we glad Obama’s more into Reggie Love than Moochelle these days?) if he had a son has attacked another redneck, racist cracka who found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. That place and time would be in close proximity to any group of young blacks at any time.

This kid is not human. He’s more like a Muslim. He has no regard or concern for anyone. No decency. No values. No humanity. Violence is as easy for him as easy as killing Jews and infidels is for followers of the religion of murder.

The ‘yoot,’ Devin Alexander is 16 years old and was on probation for a robbery charge. This fine upstanding representative of his community will continue to be a burden on the taxpayer until he expires. A needless expense and waste of wealth.

Look at how he and his friend laugh as they walk away after Alexander attacked the elderly woman! Wonder how they would have laughed had she reached in her purse, pulled out a handgun and put two center mass into Devin’s worthless chest? But this attack occurred in Nueva Jork City where honest, law-abiding people cannot own guns. They are held defenseless against dishonest, non law-abiding thugs like Devin.

Know this. You cannot depend on law enforcement to protect you. You cannot count on your government to enforce the law. Obama and Holder have made it perfectly clear their hatred of white people since Obama took office. There are far too many examples to dispute this point.

There needs to a reckoning to set things straight. Soon. I don’t know about y’all but I’m sick of this sh*t.


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  1. Dude, I’ve been sick of this shit for years. It’s one of the many reasons I left the golden state, too many libtards, freeloading blacks, mezcans that demand I speak their lingo, and through it all, I’m not allowed to defend myself. CA law says I HAVE to retreat if I can. And if you do defend yourself, with fatal results on your attacker, well you may as we’ll sell the kids to pay for all the legal fees and lawsuits from the attackers family. Plus, you will be arrested and crucified by LE and the media as an evil white supremist waiting like a spider in a web, for some goot boy what neffer done nuffin wrong to kill.

    Well bullshit on that. I moved to AZ, a constitutional carry state. Very few blacks, lots of Hispanics, but they are generally decent hard working folks who lack the attitude of their L.A. Brethren. I am within arms reach of a firearm 24/7, I need to go into the city, I’m carrying, and on Col. Cooper’s condition yellow. I don’t trust the Ovomit regime, and AG Holder can kiss my ass, he doesn’t want to prosecute “his people”, no sweat, I just won’t leave survivors if any of “his people” want to try me.

  2. Sorry Dude….

    but can we quit with anywhere calling this a “game”…..

    there’s no “game” to it…..


    You know get out in front and change the narrative and stop it.


  3. It’s obvious it’s a big game and this is happening all over “what’s left of Amerika”.
    He is giddy with glee at the thought of smashing an old white woman with an ice ball in the side of the ear.
    This guy will graduate to bigger and better crimes against society.

    • Crusading Conservative says:

      And the best part of this? I’m sure this 16 year old thug and his 30 year old mama are both being subsidized by the taxpayers! Liberals have done this country proud.

      I’m sure the lady that got attacked is thankful Devin was out on the streets, enjoying his probation – the abject idiot who let him out should be in jail along with Devin. The thought of something like this happening to my mother makes me ill.

  4. This absolutely makes me sick. When are we going to reach the point that we’re all tired of this? Of course this subhumans only do this in places they know there will be no retaliation. Funny how the knock out game doesn’t have players in the south or the mountain west. These animals know they’d be face down on the pavement with a gaping hole somewhere in their bodies. Actually though, I’m not sure any of them are smart enough to think that way. More likely, they just tend to live in places like New York City and Philly and Oakland. Thinking that they are thinking is giving them way too much credit.

    • Dave in Texas says:

      Big, retribution will be ten fold for these simian a$$h*les.

    • stuart devers says:


      Sorry for showing my ignorance regarding some of the media you have in the USA

      Having followed many stories of the so called “knock out game”
      Some of the reporting is none existent.same with some of the police reaction

      Its almost its just one of those things that white people get attacked and thats it!!!

      Living in Britastan i am waiting for the this new black trend to cross the Atlantic and hit our shores.


      What makes me laugh/angry about these attacks, its when a white person is attacked there always outnumbered when attacked. I fought these black boys from the hood were real tough guys!!!

  5. Dave in Texas says:

    It’s just a matter of time. Like you AWD I am sick of reading this crap as well. Payback can and will be a b#$ch. History has shown what happens when White People have had enough of the monkey shines.

  6. Dave in Texas says:

    On a different note… AWD, I love the new look of the site. Looks great!

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama needs a son removed from the list of the still living a Dirty Harry type exit for him YOU FEEL LUCKY,PUNK?

  8. You said it, Dude! And it needs to be said, again and again, until something is done to change the situation, and to hold these criminals (and traitors) responsible for their actions.

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  10. Quartierleblanc says:

    It’s way too bad that grandma didn’t put a couple of MagSafes through his gut. My favorite video of all-time would be that punk slowly bleeding out holding his insides. But of course didn’t this incident happen in the NY where the new Cuomo gun laws have made the state safer for all citizens? Here’s a tidbit for you. The new Black female mayor has hired two body guards, including a relative. Typical.

  11. KennakaKeeper says:

    There are no words that would describe the feeling I have everytime I hear of this type of crap going on. This is still assault and to make matters worse it’s also “Elder Abuse”. These Ghetto Thugs (including all races), oh hell I’m so pissed the words just can’t describe these sewer rats.

    My only idea for older folks is to call their local police the next time they want to go shopping,,,,,It does say on the side of most police cars “To Protect and Serve” just tell them you need their service to be protected while shopping. This may sound as if I’m being funny, I’m not……

    • I know you’re not being funny…and it’s a sad day in America when something like you posted is even said. Speaks volumes as to how low this nation has sunk.

  12. Crusading Conservative says:

    I’m sick of this sh*t, too, WAY sick. I seriously think one of these thugs needs to get double-tapped before this ‘game’ will lose popularity, or stop happening. Trouble is, these attacks seem to not happen in right-to-carry states … hmmmm. I saw the picture of this thug with his bling and clown-ass smile, and thought it would do him some good to have his face pushed into a wall.

    Was that too much?

  13. Blue Ridge Patriot says:

    Since this little bastard has been identified as well as his whereabouts, wouldn’t it be refreshing for a video to appear showing him getting the mortal hell beat out of his worthless ass by concerned citizens living in this neighborhood? Isn’t it about time???

  14. Quartierleblanc says:

    Since this topic is appropriate, I’ve obtained and resurrected a no longer in production S&W 3913 and two spare mags with minimal use that was lying in a guys safe for years. Smith should have never stopped production of their third generation pistols. The original Novak sights were replaced with target sights, because the guy’s wife had trouble shooting it with the original. I”ll go back to the originals but with night sight inserts. It’s a nice pocket gun. I’m not a huge fan of DA/SA with the slide mounted safety, however it does make the weapon better to hide inside a pocket, It’s a bit slower than a revolver, you can’t shoot it inside a pocket like a snubby, but it’s more accurate at range, gives you +9mm horsepower, quick reloading and 8+1 capacity. I like this pistol. DA is smooth with 2nd strike capability and transition to SA is very good, Trigger reset is not excessively long for a TDA and you get used to his quickly. Not a single FFE. Mags are hard to come by and I’d really stick to S&W mags and not aftermarkets. Holsters are also available. Mag holders seem less so. The 3913 was also marketed under the Lady Smith logo. This is a great pocket pistol, as good as the Sig 239 which is still in production, a favorite of the body guard crowd. 400 bucks is a good price for one in good condition, 300 is a steal.

    PS: AWD should have gun review thread. It’s more important than ever.

    • Quartier, why don’t you take that on yourself? You’re far more knowledgeable than I on guns. Just a suggestion. I think you’d be great.


  15. Quartierleblanc says:

    It is with great regret that I announce the demise of the Ruger P series of pistols, born 1985, died 2013. Ruger quietly discontinued the last of them, the P95 and the P 345 late last year. The P series, were in my opinion, among the very best pistols for the price ever produced. While somewhat clunky and bulky in appearance, they were nevertheless reliable, accurate weapons prized for their durability. A survey of shooting range operations considered them, along with Sig to be the toughest weapons on the market. Sadly, as a production item, they’re gone now, joining the S&W third generation pistols and Beretta 92/96 DAO’s and Centurion variants who left us before their time. I own a P 95 and have always wanted a P series in 45 ACP with the DAO. Maybe some day in the used market, I resurrect one. Unlike some obits which eulogize aspiring rappers, this one dispatched aspiring rappers. What more can one say. RIP Ruger P series.

  16. Quartierleblanc says:

    On the other hand, I must also announce, with some degree of relish, the passing of the S&W Sigma. For better or worse, production ceased sometime last year. This pistol is reputedly a favorite of the gang banger crowd because its horrible, crappy, heavy trigger enabled it be carried in pockets or tucked in the pants without an AD such as what happened with Plaxico Burris. This abomination began in 1994 and if you have the original 4.5 inch barrel model you have a true POS. A few years later Smith reworked it to acceptable standards with the so called “enhanced” or SVE model and a 4 inch barrel while acknowledging the thing was really a low end pistol. Can you believe the originals were actually priced higher than Glocks? Smith wisely dropped the price significantly which was about the only thing it had going for it. At times they could be had for around $300. Dependability for “most” was adequate, but the crappy trigger remained. Smith reworked the pistol into the followup SD series which is not bad. The crappy trigger remains. It only shows that shizer doesn’t die. Still the SD reincarnation was years late in coming. Nevertheless, if you want a car gun or something to throw in a tackle box, a used Sigma SVE at $200 is not a bad deal. Since they’re out of production I certainly wouldn’t pay the $300+ for a new one that were seen a few months ago, Expect and ask for a deep discount. Don’t even think about buying the original. Smith and Wesson Sigma 1994 to 2013. Good riddance.