A libtarded filly has penned what has to be the most idiotic and entertaining article we’re likely to see this year. And that’s saying a lot based on the daily absurdity we see and read from libtards! This little curvy thang believes that PIV = rape. What, you ask, is PIV? Well, politically incorrect goat ropers, in the context of her man-hating, lebanese article, PIV is not Particle Image Velocimetry or even Peak Inverse Voltage. PIV to this young lebanese libtarded idjit means Penis In Vagina. I crap you negative! Penis In Vagina! And AWD has no problem with PIV. In fact, the Big Sexy is down with PIV. Yeah, you know me!

The misguided, feminist point of her article is PIV = Rape. Always. In every instance. Even when rape isn’t rape rape. She is kind enough to define her odd belief saying:

First, well intercourse is NEVER sex for women. Only men experience rape as sexual and define it as such. Sex for men is the unilateral penetration of their penis into a woman (or anything else replacing and symbolising the female orifice) whether she thinks she wants it or not – which is the definition of rape: that he will to do it anyway and that he uses her and treats her as a receptacle, in all circumstances – it makes no difference to him experiencing it as sexual. That is, at the very least, men use women as useful objects and instruments for penetration, and women are dehumanised by this act. It is an act of violence.

Damn! She’s making AWD hot over here! As for all that sh*t about sex always being violent…well, yeah, sometimes! But there are other times when the Big Sexy puts on some Teddy Pendergrass on the stereo while wearing my sexiest camo boxers and cowboy boots and tell my baby, “Come on now, haul it on over here, honey! Right now, baybah!” That always gets them worked up! Womerns likes that romantic sh*t every now and then!

Hell, this little filly is just getting warmed up with the sexy talk, y’all! Check this out!

If we look at the act in more detail (skip this parag if you can’t take it), PIV is a man mounting on a woman to thrust a large member of himself into her most intimate parts, often forcing her to be entirely naked, banging himself against her with the whole weight of his body and hips, shaking her like he would stuff a corpse, then using her insides as a receptacle for his penile dejection. How is this a normal civilised, respectful way to treat anyone? Sorry for the explicit picture, but this is what it is and it’s absolutely revolting and violating.

Thrust a large member of himself into her most intimate parts? Methinks this babe may have spent some flippy floppy time with ye olde AWD! Hence all that talk about violent love! But it should have read supa-grande member and not just a regular, run of the mill large member! Hold it, hold it! Just saw she ended the paragraph saying it’s all revolting and violating! Nope, couldn’t have been with AWD! She must have spent some revolting time with some metroxexual, quiche-eating libtarded male who confused her for his boyfriend. I’m thinking Chris Hughes from MSNBC!

But since the author is most certainly a libtarded lebanese with an advanced degree in Womyn’s Studies and Stupidity, she gets around to blaming all this sex stuff on men. She says:

There’s a reason men need to groom us into it, and why this grooming takes so long- because it’s so grossly violating and traumatising that we would otherwise never submit to intercourse. The only reason we may now not feel raped or have the impression we desired or initiated PIV, is because men broke down our barriers very skillfully and progressively from birth, breaking down our natural defences to pain and invasion, our confidence in our own perceptions and sensations of fear and disgust that tell us male sexual invasion is painful, harmful and traumatic.

Honey, hate to break it to you but it would be impossible for AWD to number the fillies who have climbed over the console of my F-150 over the years wanting to get at the Captain. Maybe it was my natural sexitude wafting through the air. Maybe it was Dale Watson on the stereo. Maybe it was copious amounts of wine and spirits. Maybe it was all those promises AWD whispered into their ears that I had no intention of keeping. Maybe sometimes it was even the rope and duct tape. Whatever it was, with the exception of the rope and duct tape, those young lovelies wanted…nay, lusted like a Muslim for his new goat…for AWD’s man thing. Especially when the Captain was angry! Game, set, match, baybah!

But little Miss Lebanese isn’t finished yet:

Through an all-pervasive and powerful male propaganda, they stuff our minds from infancy with the idea that PIV is normal, desirable and erotic, before we can even conceive of it as something horrifying, and make sure we never see any alternative to their lie – or that if we do, we can no longer take in the information, are punished for thinking and saying otherwise.

OK, I’ll give you that point. The sight of the Captain when he’s angry can be horrifying at first to a young curvy babe. But once she experiences a rendezvous with the 60 Minute Man, dayum!

This is interesting…kind of:

The vagina’s primary function isn’t to be penetrated by a penis but to eject a baby for birth. They are two muscle tissues / sphincters pressed against each other to help the baby be pushed out. Penetration of the penis into the vagina is completely unnecessary for conception.

How do you think the baby is conceived, Butch? Don’t know if they’re teaching this news flash at Harvard but PIV is the way babies have been created for a whole hell of a lot longer than a little while! And most womerns, with the exception of you man-hating lebanese types, love the normal way of making babies! And they don’t see it as rape or violence. Most babes see it as a natural part of love and the preferred method of procreation. Even when procreating days have passed, normal fillies love to experience love the old fashion way.

Something tells me Miss Lebanese Liberal Author of this BS couldn’t get laid in a month of Sundays because she’s probably an ugly bufforilla with a face that would make a train take a dirt road. Since she can’t get any lovin’ from anyone except another man-hating lebanese bufforilla, she comes up with this tired old feminist claptrap philosophy about good loving equaling rape to discourage women from enjoying a natural part of being a normal womern with normal desires in her tingly parts!

The sad thing is this lunacy is taught to ugly girls in colleges throughout America. Good looking fillies are normally conservative because they get lots of male attention and realize they can be natural women with a man they love and trust. Since ugly women are more prone to be liberals, they are ripe to fall for this angry, liberal crap talk about loving equaling rape and violence. This all comes from anger and hatred of men. Lebanese womerns are the most vile, angry beings on Earth. Because they are not natural women. And it is a natural desire of normal womerns to love their man and bear his children. It’s not rape or all that other violent crap, it’s normal, natural behavior that has perpetuated the human existence. And it is all normal and the way Allah wants it to be!

As for PIV, AWD loves him some PIV. And never had any complaints from any of my little filly partners. They sure as hell didn’t view our personal time as anything other than natural and sexy, baybah.

Sex between a man and a woman is a beautiful thing. It’s in the natural scheme of how it’s supposed to be. I suggest Miss Liberal Lebanese Ugly Womern get her big ass into the gym, get herself a nice tube top and some spandex pants and see if she can find some ugly dude to put a sparkle in her eyes. You might realize how stupid you are in writing all this libtarded BS about rape and violence! Hell, put some Teddy on the stereo and you might soon have a family of your own with your man and enjoy life as a normal human being!

Hey, all you lebanese womerns, embrace the PIV! I bet you like it! Hell, with enough PIV you might even one day be a conservative!

Read the comments in the article posted by Miss Lebanese Ugly Womern. Priceless!

As for AWD, I’m going to lay more cable than AT&T! All that PIV talk has got me all worked up!

For all you non-PC readers, this will explain the title of AWD’s article. As y’all know, AWD is a huge fan of rap!

And for all you lebanese womerns who believe sex = violence, here’s Oingo Boingo singing “Violent Love.”

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  1. “…with a face that would make a train take a dirt road…”

  2. Went and read the article and comments.
    They are insane and pathetic.
    Sad that people can be that messed up and actually think it’s reality.

    I’m beginning to think that the sooner a big comet comes and wipes the slate clean, the better!

    • The comments on her site are as idiotic as her own article. You easily notice that all the comments (yeah, all 22 of them!) come from 4-5 women posting responses to themselves and each other over and over. I’ve never seen so much stupidity in one place. But then what else would you expect after seeing her site’s motto: ‘radical wind blowing through female outerspace’.
      To think I got to be almost 50 and never knew there was a ‘female outerspace’ out there – I feel cheated

  3. Did anyone ever tell these Hideous Witches that without an unbroken chain of PIV stretching back to the dawn of time, their Fugly Lesbian Asses would have never even made it to the Zygote stage?

    Lady, the sexual apparatus you have been assigned is one part of a two part system. Since the new life must be protected from the hostile environment until old enough to exist outside, the new life must gestate inside you. Hence the penetration deal.
    There are disadvantages to your part in the system. But the things you complain about are more about being envious of those who can write when they pee than the grand unfairness of the sex organ assignments.
    At least you can’t be dropped like a bad transmission by a kick to the groin.

  4. I knew she was a fruit loop when she typed this,

    “using her insides as a receptacle for his penile dejection”

    Men having intercourse are the exact opposite of dejected, sad, or melancholic. I can’t say I have ever experienced sad penis and I have left every vagina happier for the experience.

    Now that I have seen her innovative and revolutionary commentary regarding PIV, maybe she will give us an objective analysis on homosexual men who practice PIA, Is that “grossly violating” and “traumatizing” and “violent rape” too?

  5. Who broke the code of silence? Everybody better be tight lipped … or they might find out about the Stepford program or even the double secret handshake.

  6. If her father hadn’t “raped” her mother, her patrtner wouldn’t have to say in a muffled cry,”get off my face! I can’t hear the stereo!”

  7. You gots to love yous some of these libaneze wimmin. “She asked me for 9 inches so I nailed her three times and punched her in the face.”

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Thats a face that would stop a clock they better bar them from london and if a face that could luancha thousand ships then that face luanched three the TITANIC,LUSITANIA and ANDRA DORIA

  9. Yeah, for me, gentle sex means I take off my spurs.

  10. UGH!!! These two lesbo-wacko-freakos should crawl back under a rock. They are soooooooo ugly they could make a steam locomotive run backwards on a dirt road.

  11. John Bernard Books says:

    I wonder what her thinking is when her “life partner” pulls out the strap on?

  12. I guess I need to tell my dog to quit raping his companion, its unnatural when she goes into heat for him to try and impregnate her. Damn rapist dog.
    I just don’t understand why these women have such a feeling of superiority over other women, that they can tell them that, they don’t actually have free will and are (from the tone of the article) mind controlled slaves. I have told the majority of females I know, feminist don’t respect them, for the most part they view them as uneducated cattle who must be herded.

  13. Penis in Vagina is better than Penis in Hand!

  14. Lazlo is Sad.
    What a great disservice we have done these poor ladies.
    Even Lars will raise his gruff monkey voice in the song of atonement we must all sing.
    How could we have sunk so low as to allow these poor ladies to exist without telling them early on (when it would have done some good) that they are exhibiting Bat-shit Crazy tendencies; hopefully thwarting their slide into total lunacy.
    We used to tell people when they are behaving like an ass.
    We used to set people straight so they wouldn’t get this crazy. Now its all “They might have a valid point or perspective to share.”
    No, they are spouting gibberish and they are annoying the rest of us.
    If only we cared more.
    If only we could have had the courage to tell these ladies: “Sit down, Shut Up, You make no sense.” perhaps they would have found interests that contribute pleasing and harmonic notes to the grand symphony that is life, rather the Camel-like bellows and thunder of gastric misery they trumpet now.

    • Sir, if you ever decide to write a short story (or novel) about two radical feminist struggling through the ruins of a failed liberal-land America, fighting for their daily survival and hope of a better future (because good luck procreating without the “rape” in a apocalyptic future), and name it “The Thunder of Gastric Misery” I promise, I will buy a copy of the story.

  15. Lesbians should not be able to purchase dildos .

  16. Chicago guy says:

    Surly bulldykes with a bad case of penis envy are an endless source of amusement!

  17. Nostradumbass says:

    Rocco covers the stars!

    P I V, 1 2 3 by Michael’s Johnson

    ♫P I V it’s easy as
    1 2 3, oh simple as
    Do re mi, P I V, 1 2 3
    Kindly stay away from me.♪

    No one will love u even a little bit
    If your mullet looks like sh!t
    Come on come on come on let me show you what it’s all about

    Without P I V, there’d be no history
    Grab a branch off the learning tree
    But listen, without the “root of love” everyday
    Your education ain’t complete.
    No man’s ever gonna tell you
    (tell you, tell you)
    How to get an P
    (How to get an P)
    A few things that you have to do
    First, quit looking like you smell poo

    P I V, it’s easy as
    1 2 3, oh simple as
    Do Re Mi, P I V, 1 2 3, Kindly stay away from me.

    P I V, the only way 2 makes 3
    Sing a simple melody
    You ain’t gettin’ no P I V
    (You ain’t gettin’ no P I V)
    Sing a simple melody
    1 2 3, P I V!

    Go down on a girl!
    Do you think she will love you?
    No! Get up girl!
    A strap on is what you can do.
    Shake it shake it baby
    Come on now
    Shake it shake baby
    Ooh ooh
    Shake it shake it baby
    1 2 3, baby
    Ooh ooh
    P I V baby
    Na na
    Do re mi, baby
    That’s how easy P I V can be
    (P I V, it’s easy it’s lake counting up to 3
    Sing a simple melody
    That’s how easy P I V can be
    I’m gonna teach you how to whip it out!
    Come on, come on, come on, let me show you what it’s all about)

  18. rightwingterrorist says:

    Great googly moogly!
    I spent some time at that site.
    Hilarious claptrap nonsense.
    Read this for an example.

    “insidious male ideologies that men have hammered into our psyche, like an anti-personnel landmine fastened inside us which explodes in contact of other women, so that women turn against us, instead of turning against men and feeling sorry or compassion for the pitiable state that men have put us in. The things the colonised woman does out of male colonisation are effectively unbearable, or even violent because embedded maleness will always externally discharge as token torturing of other women, since it’s set up as an inside dagger pointed against all women, including the woman colonised by it, because she’s a woman too.”

  19. not2latenow says:

    Well, isn’t this great. Sarah Silverman To Host ‘Night of a Thousand Vaginas.’ For charity of course. Isn’t this the lady? that tried to auction off a used Maxi Pad for charity? A thousand vaginas? Wonder how many women will be here. Looks like they are going to need a lot of help. John C. Holmes is dead so who else is available? AWD? 🙂

  20. Quartierleblanc says:

    PIV rape? Hell she was calling me baby and honey the whole time and told me not to stop. She was even calling on God to tell me to keep going. I mean when you put God into the equation what are you to do? When she sees the Holy Spirit how can this be wrong?

  21. I think she’s just pissed that men are taking all the women she wants to sleep with, and just leaving her with the butch type bull dykes that look like Rosie O’Dogshit.

  22. Vagina’s are only for expelling babies?

    Logic trial:

    lawyer:Ma’am, where did the baby come from?

    Lezbo nutjob:Ummm… the uterus?

    lawyer:How did it get in the uterus?

    Lezbo nutjob:Ummm… The egg? It came from the ovary…

    lawyer:How did the egg turn into the baby?

    Lezbo nutjob:Ummm… The sperm?

    lawyer:And how did the sperm meet the egg?

    Lezbo nutjob:Ummm… In a petri dish?

    lawyer:Is that a common way of introducing a sperm and an egg?

    Lezbo nutjob:It should be. It’s all that is necessary.

    lawyer: Is that how you were conceived?

    Lezbo nutjob:Ummm… no.

    lawyer: How were you conceived?

    Lezbo nutjob:Rape.

    lawyer: Show me the police report of the rape.

    Lezbo nutjob:There isn’t one.

    lawyer:Why not?

    Lezbo nutjob:Social injustice! All PIV is rape!

    lawyer: so all mammals on the planet conceive offspring by rape unless there is a petri dish and AI?

    Lezbo nutjob:yes!

    Lawyer: what if a woman wants PIV?

    Lezbo nutjob: she doesn’t. no woman wants PIV. All PIV is rape.

    lawyer: I have 10 women ready to testify that they quite like PIV.

    Lezbo nutjob:look, dicks are gross. that’s all it boils down to.

    lawyer: ….

  23. DAAAAMN, AWD… went and changed your website AGAIN?
    What is this, 3rd time? GOOD ON YA! I’ve been with you from the beginning, bro. It’s been a good, fun, many years.

    These two pieces of liberal scum are perfect examples of the gene pool being contaminated. Humans (people on earth), Americans, whatever, have had it too easy for too long. Now, every new baby born just seems to have less and less of the genetic traits our ancestors had.

    Just look at the faces on a lot of the women today: they all look alike, with these ‘plain’, ugly mugs, wearing their stupid square framed glasses and positing their dull-iq’d ideologies upon mankind. It’s de-evolution, plain and simple. We need a genetic bottleneck, and soon, or our DNA will be so polluted and mullato-ized that the planet will look like that one on STARGATE the movie, (with my man Kurt to, of course,, you, AWD!) where everybody is wearing rags, has tan skin and kinky hair, lives in mud huts and barely scrapes out a living in the hot sand.

  24. Also, as a reminder, two people should NEVER stand one behind the other like that…..when the SHTF, one bullet could potentially go through BOTH bodies, and we wouldn’t want that, now, would we?!!!

  25. 79firebirdman says:

    I get a major kick out of child rearing “experts” who have no kids of their own offering advice. Their advice is silly and worthless because they have no clue what they are talking about. And so it is with witchwind and the other radfems commenting on PIV in this article. They have no idea what they are talking about because they have never had it. Just crazy in the head with a warped sense of reality, that’s all.

    • angrywhitejarhead says:

      Child rearing takes on a whole new meaning with homosexual men and pedophiles….but I repeat myself there.

  26. angrywhitejarhead says:

    Good Lord, do all the gash gobblers have mullets? I mean, take a page from Butch Maddow for Christs sake.

  27. PIA cause HIV so it is a PITA?