When, oh when will this nation ever rid itself of the power the Federal Reserve and the IRS?


Dudes and dudettes, when it comes to Big Brother and the tactics they use over us each and every day, see what you think about the situation we’re now in. What’s happened to this nation has been endless since both departments were created decades and decades ago with an agenda in mind…and see if you think that agenda has been fulfilled. – Here’s one other idea…let’s abolish both of them forever and send them packing! (Not that anyone hasn’t suggested the same before – sarcasm intended.)

We all know we can add in many other federal entities in this mix too, but for now, let’s stick to these two for this report. Both of these departments have been nothing but a destructive detriment to this nation for over a century via my viewfinder in life. Folks, I know some of you may see this scenario far differently….speak out if you do.

Nevertheless, the power of the IRS and the Federal Reserve are now at full speed ahead…be wary of what’s to come over the next few years. – See what you think about this information below:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The year 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of two ignominious events in America: the imposition of a permanent federal income tax and the creation of the Federal Reserve Board.

Thomas Jefferson — Virginia’s second governor in the post-colonial era and the nation’s third president — opposed both actions on constitutional grounds. He prevailed, as long as he lived.

But others since 1913 (and even before Jefferson’s death in 1826) were hell-bent on confiscating private property, inflating the dollar and diminishing liberties to enrich cronies through aggrandizement of the central government.

Americans have wandered far from the principle of limited federal powers. Ignoring Mr. Jefferson’s distant warnings, the new Old Dominion sided with the grasping heirs of his political nemesis, Alexander Hamilton of New York.


Barack Obama, along with the statewide slate of Virginia Democrats elected in 2013, purport to serve the “common good.” It was a favorite phrase of the mercantilist Hamilton, who twisted the “general welfare,” “commerce” and “supremacy” clauses in the Constitution to open a gigantic can of mischief.

The recipe: More taxing, more spending, more debt, more corporate welfare, more dependence on Washington and, of course, more subservience to unelected federal judges.

(Ironic aside: Republicans hold annual dinners to honor Abraham Lincoln, a Whiggish Hamiltonian who promoted all of the above; Democrats dedicate a day for Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, who definitely did not.)

Jefferson wasn’t the only Virginian who predicted Hamilton’s Big Government fetish would metastasize. James Madison, who succeeded Jefferson in the White House, also embraced the axiom that government which governs least — and is closest to the people — governs best.

Such quaint constitutionalism was obliterated in 1913.

Passage of the 16th Amendment permanently enshrined the federal income tax, giving rise to what Loyola (Md.) University economist Thomas DiLorenzo calls “the invasive tyranny” of the Internal Revenue Service.

The income tax “was the final nail in the coffin of federalism in America,” DiLorenzo writes in “Hamilton’s Curse.” Federalism, properly understood, balances state and national authority, with the federal government exercising only those duties expressly delegated by the states.

To secure the coffin, the Federal Reserve also was founded in 1913. Another Hamilton dream come true.

“The financial elites … were responsible for putting through the Federal Reserve System, as a governmentally created and sanctioned cartel device to enable the nation’s banks to inflate the money supply,” observed Murray Rothbard, a libertarian economist.

Instead of bringing economic stability, the Fed, whose chairman is appointed by the president, has presided over, if not spawned, America’s biggest financial crises.

Yet devotees of Hamilton, the first U.S. Treasury secretary, got what they wanted: a politically driven money-making machine and an army of tax collectors — all to grow the central government.

One hundred years on, Americans (and what remains of the sovereign states) are firmly under the thumb of a Leviathan that claims to work for the “common good.”

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., summed up the sad situation this week, saying, “In both the executive branch and Congress, Americans witnessed an unwinding of the country’s founding principles. The rule of law gave way to the rule of rulers.”

If 2013 didn’t turn out so “good” for the commoners, the Sage of Monticello leaves two words: “Told you.”


Are you sick of the claws of destruction via Big Brother…or not? – Do you think anything will change in your lifetime?

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Tear these vipers from our breast! Cast them down onto the Anthills I have prepared for them!
    In the Lazlo Administration Ron Paul will be in charge of dismantling the FED. It must be torn out root and branch.

    • I agree with you about Ron Paul in this venue. – I have agreed with him about the issue of the Fed Reserve for a very long time now. He’d do a great job, but we know it will NEVER happen.

      The whole damned thing needs to go…yet I know that never will happen as long as I’m alive…not even close.

  2. A very interesting video…anything is possible, even in the dismal situation we find ourselves in. Hope and pray.


  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Like in STAR WARS Washington D.C. is like Mos Eselies Space Port a WRETCHED HIVE of SCUM and VILLIANY

  4. Great post BT, a lot of good information in it. Us proles out here always get the shaft when it comes to Big Bro and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

    How come JMV gets his own Troll and I don’t. He gets everything.

  5. This is a good read about big brother and the people of this country.


  6. BT I just wanted to post this for fun then I’ll get off the thread.


    • Howdy Magnum..

      I’m slow this morning…I don’t get that? – What am I missing, help me out.

      • It didn’t show up big enough. It’s different frames of a guy filling his wives belly button with air to make her look pregnant. Her belly gets bigger and bigger until the baby pops out. It showed up good on my cell phone. It’s no big deal.

        • Thanks so much, I get it now. It is really small on my end so I couldn’t really tell what the heck was going on. 😉

          You gonna be watching the Colts/Chiefs game?

  7. Anybody read “The creature from Jekyll Island?”

    • I haven’t yet, just got that book, along with others for my husband for Christmas. We’ve both heard a lot about it over the years, a real good friend of ours discussed it after he read it and recommended it too.

  8. I think I would add, that it was good old Lincoln who wanted a national bank and because of his worship of Henry Clay led the way in government spending. Internal improvements were a Whig/ Republican policy that has morphed into the vast Federal spending machine we see today. A lot of conservatives think government/crony capitalism spending is something the left came up with. Not so, they just took the mantle and make it more obvious. Without the Fed loaning money and the IRS collecting taxes to pay the interest, the government would have to live within it’s means.

    • Howdy quercus…

      Just wanted to say welcome to the party, haven’t seen you here before… glad for your input.