While this nation suffers economically under Dear Leader’s policies during his reign of power, as well as the edicts he’s put in place, plus various laws passed via congress, he does what he does best…golf! That’s right, endless vacations, endless golfing. Which of course, the tax-payers of this nation pay for. But, hey…what difference does that make? After-all, he’s the best thing since sliced bread according to the leftists in this country, including the talking-heads that think all of this is A-OK! – Simply astounding!

Here are a couple of reports about this issue. – This one is via WFB:

A “News by the Numbers” segment on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning revealed President Obama has played golf 160 times, or an average of once every 11 days, since he took office in 2009.

Here’s one more report. – this is via Patriot Update:

This is an amazing amount of golf. Do professionals even play that much?
Check it out:

As much of the nation huddles in a dangerous deep freeze, vacationing President Obama on Saturday wrapped up his two-week Christmas vacation by playing his 160th round of golf in his sunny birth state, Hawaii. The temperature: 79 degrees.

His latest round means that Obama has played golf an average of once every 11 days in office.

During his break in Hawaii, Obama played nine rounds of golf. On Thursday, he played at Kaneohe Bay on Oahu with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who is also on vacation on the island.

That outing won the attention of at least one network. CBS This Morning co-host Norah O’Donnell reported Friday: “President Obama doesn’t get a lot of time off, but when he does, there’s a good chance he goes golfing. And the president has played 159 rounds since he took office, including 27 games in his home state of Hawaii. That’s according to a CBS news count by Mark Knoller.” Knoller is the long-serving CBS radio reporter well known for his accurate presidential statistics.

You can read more here.

Double your pleasure, double you fun! – We also can’t forget this either:

Barack Gives Michelle Birthday Trip To Hawaii…We Pay For It

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. George Costanza = American public… says it all!

  2. I would love to see him on permanent vacation. I would gladly allow my taxes to help him play golf and stay the hell away from Washington where he has done nothing but damage this country.

  3. I’ve had it with everyone dumping on our president……….

    don’t you know he’s trying to create jobs……just think of the hotel people that have been hired to change his and Michelle’s bed sheets daily……..and what about all the bell-hop jobs that his trips have created….did you ever think of that…..I think you are barking up the wrong tree…….

    our greatest of all presidents has been working hard on creating jobs……why he even created a “”Jobs Council”” five years ago……don’t be blaming them because there aren’t any jobs they’re working on it……they’ve been working on it for over five years now so give them a break… are just around the corner……

    if you Republicans would just go along with the program there would be plenty of jobs but, Nooooooooo, all you can do is complain and try to obstruct our president…… we have to extend unemployment insurance for those who have been on unemployment forever now so that will create jobs……you do realize that when someone on unemployment spends their government check it creates jobs by pumping money that we took from working people……and I don’t want to hear your complaints on how that is robbing Peter to pay Paul……it’s sound economics…….quit complaining…….

    the president has so much on his mind that he needs to go to the golf course to clear his head and think more clearly on how to transform America………..only a genius could do what our president has done…………

    I’m tired of your bitch’n…………

    you god damn Republicans stop the bitch’n and complaining…………..

  4. First of all, I am a patriot who loves firearms. A Conservative.
    I would hope that the president would stop in Chicago, without Michelle, and go into the negro neighborhoods that are shooting and killing each other. Preach to them, your brothers and sisters who are up in arms, presently killing each other.
    Bring your “buddy” Rahm Emanuel along. He maybe can help, but I doubt it.
    The Chicago problem,is the Negro population which is presently out of control there.
    They are killing each other daily. Once in a while a Mexican gets “popped”, but mostly it is just the Negro “hood gangsters” shooting another one.
    For this many illegal pistols, handguns of all types, somebody is making a fortune bringing them into this sewer ghetto that the Negros live in.
    The only way to stop this is to FENCE in this population and have only in and out gates where everything is inspected, just like our US Customs does at our Country’s borders.
    That old word FENCING is accurate if one really wants to correct this current problem.

    I hate fences! Maybe just open gun stores, let all of “them” carry,,,no permit at all required.
    No, the Negro gangsters would leave their “hood”, and expand their operations into nice suburbs, and ply their trade there.
    The problem with that is that these feral humanoids of black skin color would “invade” all of the State of Illinois and commit mayhem at will.
    Therefore, I say: “have firearms easily available and let “them all” kill each other.
    Just have this current cesspool community where they presently reside, sealed off totally,, and check and search anybody leaving!!!
    Keep all of the guns inside this present “killing” community.
    No one leaves with a firearm, period.

    Remember this,,,, any city with a high concentration of Negroes,, will have a killing problem! This is how “they” settle their problems!
    This is proven in Detroit, Gary, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, Memphis, et al.
    I expect that I have left out other cities in these United States.

    If you feel that I have “stepped” over the line in this post, well that is your prerogative to think so.

    Nothing else seems to be working.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to end up with a “controlled Negro community”,, having very few living residents and possessing tens of thousands of handguns??
    Hopefully the good law abiding Citizens left,, would then have a chance to actually start to re-build this present totally blighted part of Chicago.

    • Mr Chuck………

      as long as the spooks are killing each other I’m ok with that…..but, I would like to see an Obongo initiative where he Obongo goes into the ghetto and the gang-bangers open up on him and solve our problem for us………..

  5. He plays golf just like he runs the country,HE SUCKS!

  6. It’s hard to run a Country from a Sand Trap. Yes Obama did leave Sasquatch in Hawaii to play with Oprah for her Birthday.

  7. ya got me laughing mag……….that pic is great……..

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama plays more rounds of golf then anyone i have heard of Micheale now knows the meaning of Golf Widdow

    • Spur…….got a feeling that as soon as Obongo’s 3 years are up Mooch is going to kick him to the curb…………divorce city is right around the corner…………

      • Bluto…I don’t think so. She’s gonna be like Shrillary and stick to his tailcoats for money and power via the speaking circuit and TV time. Heck, they aren’t gonna move back to Chicago after he’s done in office, they’re staying in DC. To me that speaks volumes about the pair of them.

        • you might be right about this but it won’t be long and we will find Obongo in bed with some hussy……..he’s gonna get caught…..he’s not smart enough to get away with it……it’s obvious he isn’t interested in Mooch….after all who would be……….

  9. Tossing this in the mix too…

  10. According to Obama today, extending tax-payer funded unemployment benefits will create jobs by putting money in the pockets of the unemployed so they can spend it and stimulate the economy.

    Well, using Obama’s same logic, why not cut taxes. That would keep more money in the pockets of the hard-working tax-payer to spend and pump into the economy.

    Same outcome, right?

    Well not so fast…the latter scenario would promote individual prosperity and reduce the need for the federal government – 2 things that Obama is fighting hard to prevent.

  11. The way I look at it, the more he’s on the golf course, the better chance of him getting struck by lightning.
    Mooch will stay wherever the sycophants are after they’re out of the White House. Unless she goes all Praying Mantis on him and eats him after he’s done being President.

  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    If a GOP president spent even one day on the Golf Course the mdia reptiles would be screaming bloody murder about it all but Obama the Fink is a DemcRAT

    • You’re right. But he is in the ‘Polar Vortex’ of liberalism created by the perversion of the Free Press; where he can say and do absolutely anything, engage in blatant hypocrisy and denounce the critics as either unhinged or (horrors) mean spirited and receive no scrutiny.
      Cries of unfairness go unheeded while this vortex exists. Only the eye of history will pierce this veil and write him as the ass he truly is.
      The good news is that ‘blessed are those who suffer and wait’; for his term to be over.