Here we go again…another day, another flash mob robbery takes place. This time the location takes place in Bryan, Texas at a convenience store. While you watch this, wait and see what one gal has the time to do while all of this lawless mayhem is taking place, this happens towards the end of the video.

Simply disgusting! – You Watch…You Decide!:

Folks, I’m out of words to use for these type of incidents that take place across this land daily. But twerking while doing this is a new one on me. Hopefully you have your own thoughts about this situation and can help me out with your own words.

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Bet that clerk wishes he had a gun. A Saiga 12 gauge with a drum full of buckshot would have taken care of that little problem real quick.

    • Claymore mines strategically placed in front and throughout the store would have been even better…. just saying

    • That’s how these worthless little shits should be dealt with. They have no respect for others, or property, or even themselves. We are wasting time trying to housebreak these feral nigras. It is time to cut our losses and remove these parasites from society.

  2. Jack Daniels says:


    After exhausting all of the descriptions that have been used here to express people’ s frustration, what is left?

    When all is said and done, there can only be one response…….

    “This is where we fight! This is where they die!”
    —King Leonidas

    • Thanks JD…

      Fitting quote indeed.

      • Jack Daniels says:

        Hey BT,

        Now that you guys have the thumbs up and down….I feel a little like George Mcfly dealing with confrontation……lol!…

        Not really how I feel, but I thought a little humor would be good.!

        • Lol…I keep forgetting about those buttons, used some last night for other comments though. Thanks for the reminder…and humor is always needed. Will be taking a look at that in a bit.


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            Use the buttons below the title of each article. Muchas garcias!


          • AWD…

            I think adding that email button was brilliant!

            Btw…I really like how your site is now.

        • JD

          Just watched that vid, that says it all in a nutshell.

  3. Nothing to see here folks, just more flash mobbing from parasites that we are stuck feeding….

    Let them all in to rob and loot…
    Lock all the exits with their monkey asses stuck inside…
    Burn the place down…
    Problem solved…

    We need to stop paying these animals to breed… make them fend for themselves and maybe just maybe they would be more responsible by not having children they can’t feed themselves…
    LOL nah, who am I kidding? White people are too stupid to realize they are financing their own annihilation by feeding their enemies.

    Feeding a dog that bites you makes no sense to me… you put a rabid dog down.

    • In answer to your question at the end: Sheila Jackson Lee. – And Dear Leader to-boot!

      Wow, I see you took that question you posed off your post.

      For others who don’t know; He asked who is stupid enough to feed them type of thing.

      • “Who is stupid enough to feed a dog that bites you”

        I deleted that to avoid redundancy… but it is a great question to present to any thinking person

        • Vince,,,

          Thank you for reposting the original question you asked. To me it isn’t redundant. Anyway, much appreciated.

  4. Quartierleblanc says:

    Now according to some we should embrace the culture that “raycism”, slavery and White Privilege has brought us. Here it is, a feral, low IQ culture with poor impulse control and minimal future time orientation. They can neither maintain much less create a modern society. Not only is there Camden, Baltimore, Birmingham etc but Zimbabwe, CAR and Haiti. Anyone with half a brain can see where this going. It’s obvious that because of Obama and what is known as the “Holder Effect” that this evolutionary dead end fears nothing….. yet.

  5. Once again I have dug deep to find the truth..yes many of you look at Mooch our first lady and say to your self ..What the hell is that hing…?

    Well I have discovered who Mooch really is ……………………………………..
    I found Mooch in a beauty Polar………………………………………..

    yes she is none other that the late James Brown…


    and is proud of it….

    more truth as i discover it…… well…embrace the sux

  6. What those stores need is a man with Red blood in his veins to wade into the fray with a stout piece of hickory and begin to ‘lay about’ him with a vigor.
    Instead of trying to close the door, you stand in the doorway and demand their bravest come forward for chastisement.

  7. cranky.white.woman says:

    This twerking reminds me of when my cat was in heat…she put her head low to the floor, raised her ass in the air, and shuffled her rear feet back and forth, all while emitting terrible sounds. These girls are behaving like cats in heat. Sad, really. The store employee is lucky he walked away from that unscathed.

  8. Business owners are not stupid……

    the stores in “flash mob robbery” areas will most likely go the way of those Watts businesses following the LA riots…..

    This will not get better until something regrettable happens…..

    People will die……on all sides.

  9. Pathetic. Acting like animals! Naturally incidents are NEVER shown on the MSM. Where is a machine gun when you need it! So sick of this crap.

    • incidents like this

    • Joy
      No! a machine gun is too merciful…. I am so pissed and fed up only a flame throwing device would bring a smile to my face… Its to the point that they don’t seem human anymore. Instead of deploring the behavior most blacks defend it or blame it on slavery or some other bullshit like that which makes the situation feel hopeless and only serves to exacerbate my hate towards them….

      Hey black parents, Just keep their asses in the house and you wont have to worry about little Travon getting shot for being a menace

  10. Is it just me or does it seem that our drive by trolls are conspicuously absent when we post video ( undeniable proof ) of monkey shines like this? Hard to defend but they never give up trying to make excuses for the behavior…. disgusting and sub human.

    I just don’t understand why these parasites don’t stay at home playing video games or doing their homework like most white/Asian kids do instead of running the streets like a pack of wild dogs looking for trouble… then complaining they are persecuted when they find it.

    My children only left the house for school events, trips to the mall or movies ( supervised ) or to sleep overs ( we verified with the other parents ) There was no running amuck being a menace to society. NOTHING good happens after dark.. keep your asses in the house.

  11. So, where are all the nigra trolls and self hating white trolls to defend this crap? Guess they have nothing to say about this? What’s the problem? They don’t have trouble calling us racists when we say blacks hate whitey, or when we condemn murderer Jimbo Broadnax, or when we comment that we will have to fight or die in the coming race war. Well? Come on trolls where are you all hiding? What do you have to say about this activity? Well? We’re waiting to hear what excuses you have for us.

  12. Deer Crusher says:

    The hell with the flash mobs…this is way more of a problem…..a problem that never makes the national news!

    ‘Black on White crime..America’s hidden victims’ This is hard to watch but is a must;

  13. Ni**as gotta nig, yo.

  14. Vince and JMV…

    They always ignore new information like this. They just keep on keeping on at other older threads…they will not face reality, they refuse to. – It’s irritating, aggravating and they’re fooling no one.

    • Truth is treason in the Empire of lies… what do you expect from Obama voters? if the truth mattered to these numb skulls Obama would have never been elected once much less twice… we live in a nation where adults with juvenile minds love to be lied to because the truth doesn’t feel good….

      Off topic
      Looks like your Sea Chickens will be moving forward if things don’t change for the Saints… LOL

  15. That may have been the worst attempt to do a fake Lazlo, I have ever seen…..

    First you must have some class and some sense…….no winner this time try again.

  16. I would have capped as many of them as I could…..any that were wounded I would have then shot them excecution style…that’s how you deal with hood rats…

  17. We need a race war in this country and the sooner the better….these hood rat neighborhoods need to be extinguished in a fire ball…burn them out like rats, and then as they flee the flames gun them down…..burn the word Hood right out the dictionary to a word that once meant black neighborhood. The tribal attacks are ingrained in them from their once African roots.. Notice how the NFL now labels everything with “nation” attached to it…..can you say African Nation….Let the civil race war begin I am waiting for the green light..

  18. I see that this “young maiden” has taken a course in ass clapping……probably learned it from Mooch Obongo when she was teaching ass-clapping in the streets of Chicago…………

    all of these fine young maidens in the video should get together at the whtie house and put on an ass-clapping show for the president…… I’m sure he would thoroughly appreciate the artful technique of the supperb ass-clapping of these fine young maidens……

    • Now that’s a scenario I wouldn’t want to see…but you’re right about Mooch and Dear Leader.

      • I din’t want to be called a racist by anyone so I have termed these “ladies” ….. fine young maidens…..

        do you think that will pass the liberal censors…………

        • I think the only ass clapping Barry would appreciate would have to be done by Reggie Love and his troupe of gay dancers.

  19. Happened in Bryan, Texas. Wow, can’t believe it.
    Just 7 miles more is College Station, Texas, which is the home of Texas A&M Aggies.
    I’m an Aggie,Class of 1960, and hard to believe.
    I would of expected the owner of the store to call the Police, or shot as many as one could.
    If I had been in that store when this happened, I would of balanced the herd.