New York Times

T is for Propaganda

Nah, just kidding. They’re up to their standard tricks: Pretend to take the moral high ground; feign righteous indignation over the government’s overreach; declare Edward Snowden a “whistleblower” and demand he be granted clemency so that he can return to the United States.

As captain of the cheerleading squad for our Affirmative-Action-Posterchild-in-Chief, the Gray Lady has a vested interest in reviving the quickly crumbling presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obamacare is sure to be a never-ending nightmare, and continuing to defend it will become ever more difficult for The Paper of Record. The economy is tough to tout when wages continue to stagnate, inflation continues to climb, and the stock market—home of the infamous “1%”—carries its “millionaires and billionaires” off into the stratosphere, driving the middle class into the lower class and the upper class into oligarch territory. And those bible-thumping rubes from Duck Dynasty just bested the Gray Lady’s fellow propagandists over at A&E. Egads!

As we all know, standing in the way of the left’s totalitarian agenda is traditional America—i.e., whites and Christians clinging bitterly to their guns and religion. Hence the Liberal Establishment realizes that they must hurriedly drive the final nail into the coffin of traditional America before BHO’s credibility completely vaporizes. And this final nail is…? Amnesty.

But amnesty will be a tough sell when the public is increasingly skeptical of the machinations of our ever-more totalitarian government and the oligarchical businesses who seem to have them in their deep pockets. It will be tougher yet when BHO finally reaches the status of totally ignored laughing stock he so richly deserves.

So the New Year’s resolution of the New York Times seems to be to assist Team Obama with clearing the deck of distractions so TPTB can implement the Final Solution against white America. Major distraction #1 is this whole Edward Snowden/NSA-cum-KGB spying affair.

With Snowden running around wild in post-Soviet Russia—a land that has learned the lessons of Bolshevism the [very] hard way—there is nothing but downside for the Liberal Establishment. He can say whatever he wishes; he can expose the US for the corrupt, totalitarian regime that it is; he can sow endless doubt and distrust into the minds of the sheeple about what, exactly, it is our government is up to.

And we simply can’t have that.

Proffering the advice of any good gangster, the New York Time rather advises the Obama administration to keep its friends close and its enemies closer. Invite Snowden back into the country. Grant him “clemency”. Allow him to feel not like an outlaw but more like a “whistleblower”. Then, and only then, can this menace to the totalitarian agenda be adequately mitigated. Only then can his speech by tightly controlled. Only then can his releases to the press be carefully manicured. Only then can his every move be monitored and circumscribed.

The brainwashed libtards and the mindless sheeple will nod in stupid assent at the Gray Lady’s high-sounding rhetoric ostensibly in defense of Snowden’s actions. What they will never be able to admit to themselves is that they’re being played like fiddles by TPTB, even after the left achieves their goals of drowning out white Americans in a sea of brown sewage and drives them not just into electoral irrelevance but to the very brink of extinction.

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  1. Red…

    Glad to see ya back here! – You summed it up well for this ol’ gal.

  2. Deer Crusher says:

    BHO has NO real life credibility. He has only what the news media manufacturers for him.

  3. David in SC says:

    Happy New Year Red!
    Yeah, they’ll try and sneak anmesty thought next and the rinos will go for it. Hopefully we, the American People, can raise enough hell to stop it.

    Food, water, guns and ammo,,,,

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    The New York Slimes and ALL THE SLUDGE THATS FIT TO PRINT who still reads this rag frankly its only good use is for Bird Cage Linning

  5. Hi Red you said it all about the NY Times. I’m sure looking forward to a Grind my Gears post, I hope you and your family are blessed with all good things in 2014.

  6. RedState
    Hope you toted an extra turn of firewood up on the porch cause it’s gona get pretty bad, you and yours stay safe and the best to you this yr.

  7. imtoooldforthis says:

    You forgot only then can he get into a car accident and pass peacefully in his sleep. If I were Snowden I’d stay as far away as possible from the good old U.S.A.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Joy. Your Parrots smarter then many of these so called honor students

  9. Excellent post Redstater, I agree completely with your summation.