heil obama

Matthew S. Harrison

Today, President Obama(damn I hate typing that) announced his latest strategy to move America to Marxism. This one comes under the guise of “Promise Zones”. These “Promise Zones” will be enclaves of our society, in which he somehow intends to GUARANTEE prosperity through government intervention. This means, that in the first five locales he has designated “Promise Zones” he will force prosperity. Now, it is no surprise that four of the five zones are primarily minority in their demographic distribution, and the fifth is South East Kentucky-an area laid barren by his attack on the coal industry, and which will become worse with the latest EPA “ruling” whereby the coal industry is going to be all but outlawed.

Of course, if you read me or have read me regularly, either here or over at TheDailyPamphlet.com or some of my stuff on American Thinker, you know I am always on the lookout for communist infiltration in our society, as I am not fleeced one bit by Obama’s and his minions’ repeated denial of being dyed in the wool Stalinists. That said, these enclaves called “Promise Zones” have been placed in areas that are heavily impoverished and heavily minority, as that is where the lion’s share of Welfare is distributed in the United States-either in vastly rural areas with little commerce, or in large blue cities where minorities have been pigeon-holed by the Democrats to live in less than respectable conditions, have less than desirable schools, and where the promise of prosperity will allow the Obama Regime to push their Stalinist plan. The promise of prosperity to the poor means the promise of free shit. It means the promise that the government will take from the hard-working and already prosperous, to give to the “disadvantaged”. Now, what did Soviet Russia have to oversee each party enclave? Why they had Commissars of course. And no “Promise Zone” would be complete without them. So, Mr. Obama has promised to name a local leader as his Commissar for each “Promise Zone”, so as to make sure that the citizens understand that the goal is the collective, and that individual prosperity will not be tolerated.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if you watch this Regime closely, you will see that Obama isn’t flailing. In fact, just the opposite: he is successfully prosecuting each step of The Cloward-Piven Strategy to destroy our economy from within, all the while building the communist/Stalinist underpinnings that will need to be in place when total collapse takes place. And surely, there will be a special “policing” authority developed-call it a board for now-that will be emplaced to oversee these “Promise Zones”, whereby their edict will be the law. This, as most of Obama’s moves does, subverts the constitution and gives sweeping authority to appointees, and thus sweeping authority to the appointer himself-Obama. This is a way to build a communist nation a little bit at a time, right under the noses of the electorate. You see, he is terrified by what is coming in 2014. And now that there are new eyes on the elections, and new voter ID laws springing up, it will be far more difficult for Mr. Obama and the “Progressive left” (Communists) to fraud elections on a wide scale. So, they have devised this plan to cement their plans into our society, and to further their Stalinist goals of a communist America, once and for all.

One has to be worried about the Internment Camps the Army has built, their RFQ’s for supplies, ammo, security, and contractors to staff them. One has to be worried about the coming financial crash that will occur when all of the surplus that is being sold now at great corporate profit is gone, and manufacturing doesn’t increase to meet demand, due to the market crash and zero liquidity for major manufacturers in the US. One has to be worried about the angrier rhetoric that is coming from the White House and the left in general each time they don’t get their way, and the death threats and hatred spills over on television such as MSNBC and on The View, and on the social networks. One must be terrified to think that there is actually a Democrat Congressman who has put forth a bill eradicating Presidential Term Limits, and imagining the possibility of another fraudulent win for Obama after those term limits are quashed. This man will not stop-nor will his henchmen, until this country is at the very least Socialist, and well on its way to Stalinism, replete with mass genocide of all who can’t be “re-educated” the jailing of political dissidents in FEMA run internment camps, and the confiscation of all we have worked for to better ours and our families’ lives. I am. Are you?

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  1. Deer Crusher says:

    It is not accurate to portray Barry as Hitler. Hitler was a fascist and Obama is a Communist. They couldn’t have been more different and would have been mortal enemies if both were alive at the same time.

    • Very little difference between Fascists and Communists. They are a tyrannical force that has killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th Century alone. Socialism is about the same also and all three need to be eradicated from the face of the earth… by any/all means possible… soon!

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Joe McCarthy warned us of these evil communists marxis and their sinter plans for america why else to they want to erase our borders with mexico and canada and make us into the North American(Soviet)Union thats another reason for america to pull out of the UNITED NATIONS its full of commie-reptiles

  3. The thing Lazlo took away from the concept of ‘Promise Zones’ is that like every other retarded idea the Liberals come up with:
    It flies against the American Ideal of fairness for all.
    They explain the concept like we are idiots because they think we’re idiots, which is why they think they can make stupid crap like this a reality.
    They think what they name it will affect its performance. Like painting a stripe on a car to get it to go faster.
    Two years from now the same question will be asked that was asked about the stimulus money: Considering there is absolutely NO discernible change to the situation; What did they DO with my money?

  4. That’s our fearless leader…Barry the Fairy.

  5. How’s this for a promise zone? Dear Leader actually believes they won’t develop a nuke program now.


    • They know different, Jarrett wants it done, Jarrett gets it done.

      Enemies within work against this country 24/7…it’s been never-ending.