Okay folks, this is a simple question that needs some answering. After you read about the statics during this report, you tell me who will be to blame for this via the leftist msm? (that is, if they even bother to report the story.) After-all, it can’t be the blacks involved in the various crimes resulting in their arrests fault…it must be someone else that caused them to do this! Nor can we ignore the white youth either. These numbers are staggering via my viewfinder in life, what about yours?

Here’s one report about this issue, see what you think:

…”A problem is that many males – especially black males – are navigating the transition from youth to adulthood with the baggage and difficulties from contact with the criminal justice system”…. (link)

(Via Huffington Post) Really, that’s what the authors of the study conclude is the “problem“? Not the part where they are actually engaging in the criminal behavior, but the fact they are caught while doing it.

A large number of American men have already been arrested by the time they’re in their early 20s, according to a new report.

The study, published on Monday in the journal Crime & Delinquency, found that nearly half (49 percent) of African-American men and 40 percent of white men have been arrested by the age of 23, “which can hurt their ability to find work, go to school and participate fully in their communities,” according to a press release.

The research was based on an analysis of national survey data from 1997 to 2008 of teenagers and young adults. The arrests included minor crimes like truancy as well as serious violent crimes. It excluded traffic offenses.


Here is press release from the federally funded (by DOJ) study – click here

Here’s the group doing the study – Click here

And here’s a link to some of their other Studies – Click Here

What say you? – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. master of sinanju says:

    Certainly not the feral blacks!

  2. Deer Crusher says:

    It’s the White Devil’s fault of course.

  3. All true.
    But what can I personally do about it?
    It is not my responsibility to ride “herd” over any teenagers BUT MY OWN SIBLINGS!!!
    I raised mine right.
    My Father and Mother raised me to respect our laws, and elders.
    My children and grandchildren have been raised the same way with the same Values.
    It is not MY problem if the Negroids do not possess the values, intelligence, strictness of Caucasians and Asians.
    These are the only 3 classifications of Homo Sapiens(human beings).
    No others.
    It has taken many thousands of years to have the intelligence to distinguish right from wrong.
    Guess who is lacking.
    All I can do at this stage, being 75, is to “balance the herd” if the groids come upon me,, to do harm to me and mine.
    Simple to understand, and simple to do if you have this same mindset.
    I will NOT turn a cheek.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Round them all up and return them to africa where they belong if they cant learn to act more civilized

    • BrownSister says:

      If you return all of us back to Africa, shouldn’t you all make the voyage back to Europe? It’s only fair.

      • The point being that we tend to be a bit more civilized in temperament and action. If your people do not wish to assimilate into a civilized society, then please feel free to leave.

        • BrownSista says:

          Ok. I understand what your saying. However, there are a bunch of uncivilized rednecks that you might see out or even trailer trash that you see and make you want to turn your head. There’s nothing that can be done about them. Same about us blacks. When I see these fools come out in the pajamas or have an open conversation and public about private matters, I am embarrassed.But just as I see blacks do it, whites, asian, mexicans do it too. NO ONE IS OMITTED FROM THIS IGNORANCE.

          As a 30 year old women I try my best to stay out of these young thugs way. I dont want to be a victim of their wrath because it’s not a race thing it is a respect thing that wasnt taught to them by their family. Mine was. I go into the street and see these men disrespect elders and seniors I loose it. I usually dont jump into disputes trying to be a hero, but I will for an elderly person.

          At the end of the day every race, tribe, group of people have a bad apple or appleS out of the bunch. We happen to be 2nd largest population out there. Now is this a anti-black site then I will act accordingly. But, I found this site to fuel my thoughts and rage about what I see in the black community DAILY.

          • BrownSista, this is not an anti-black site. This is a political site that discusses issues as they arise. AWD has for years called myself a “trashist” because I, like you don’t like trashy people do any race. Your comments and opinions are welcome here.


          • BrownSista,
            No offense was meant. Yes, there are good and bad people in every race, but while there indeed are rednecks and trailer trash running loose, they are not the ones playing the knockout game, or assembling flash mobs that trash and rob stores. Nor have I seen many white gangs along the lines of bloods, crips, ms13, etc. and yes the biker gangs are predominantly white, you still don’t see or hear about firefights where half a dozen innocent bystanders get shot.

            You are correct. It’s an issue of parental/family training/upbringing. But it seems to be that this is a failure in the black community. And whites or Hispanics can’t tell blacks how to raise kids. So, what’s the answer? Are we supposed to throw more money at the black community? It hasn’t worked so far. More jobs? Hasn’t worked either. All non blacks can do is point out the problem, you, as a black woman, will have to help your people correct the issue. It can’t come from white people, we have tried, and it hasn’t worked.

          • I am unaware of a redneck area that it is unsafe to walk down the street in broad daylight. Nor any area where babies are shot in the face. I am aware of any number of black areas where no one is safe. Now I wonder why that is?

            Perhaps you can explain to me why blacks who make it leave black areas as quickly as they can rather than stay in the comfort and security of a black community rather than seek the embrace of rednecks?

      • OK…we will be welcomed in Europe as civilized responsible citizens. The Blacks will get to deal with violent blacks with machetes.

        I will go for your plan…You go back first and show us how it works out.

      • LOL Okay Brown sista I will play along… all of us hated white devils will return to the beauty and history of Europe/Scandinavia ( our origins and our people ) when all blacks and muslims are expelled from every corner of Europe as well as America and sent back to Africa and the middle east…. how does that sound to you? Lets see who survives the longest? mmmmk?

        Your snarky comment does not hold water here…. blacks in the U.S. continue to complain of oppression and poverty while their quality of life is MUCH better than their brothers and sisters in Africa… You people vigorously insist on being called African American ( very divisive ) and segregating yourselves by refusing to assimilate ( which means that you reject us and refuse to get along with us because you dislike us ) Blacks incessantly whine that slavery ( that was abolished over 150 years ago ) is the cause of all of their SELF inflicted wounds TODAY then call us racist because we refuse to except that as an excuse and take the blame for something that WE had nothing to do with ( slavery ) and neither did you.

        Do I agree with slavery? Well of course not.. if only those damn plantation owners would have picked their own cotton we would be better off…. because the legacy cost of slavery ( the descendants of slaves ) has far outweighed any contributions that was made by some agricultural production in the south over 150 years ago

        SO when we say go back to Africa.. it means that if its so bad here with us white devils then go away and live among your own.. otherwise STFU and assimilate. Be glad that you are here or leave…. its that simple. The only thing holding most blacks back is indolence, apathy, a general lack of impulse control and excuses.

  5. Interesting. White to black arrest ratio is a “staggering” 8% in the early years! jumping to a whopping 11% by age 40, and yet blacks commit over 50% of the crimes. Of course, whitey will take the blame for it. Blacks are told from birth that the white man is the root of all their problems, so that’s the excuse they will use while trying to explain the difference in numbers. (The old “whitey be keepin us down” excuse).

    The Lamestream media will band together under the banner of white guilt, and all of the white talking heads will immediately condemn the evil white race for not only inventing slavery, but for perpetuating it in the modern world today, all the while ignoring the fact that racism is not limited to the Caucasian race, but is a pan-racial phenomenon.

    If parents, especially black parents, would take responsibility for the monstrosities that they let loose upon civilization, instead of just carelessly breeding like rats, then perhaps the black crime rate could one day be reduced. But as responsibility to their offspring is a foreign concept, it won’t be happening anytime soon.

    • Right! Hey, the more brats ,the more money! Stop the money and they will stop breeding like rats. Black&White,it is the home life that matters. My parents taught me right from wrong. If I misbehaved ,I was punished. Things are so different today. Movies& Tv are mostly violent and the language is deploreable. Society is a sewer. The worse you act as a celebrity the more media attention you get and the money just rolls in. It is a sick world and it gets sicker every day. I feel for my Grandchildren. God help us.

    • Well said.

  6. From those I know in law enforcement, none know of any area that has a 40% white arrest percentage anywhere in the country.

  7. Maybe this is the answer?????


    well maybe not

    • Lol…maybe not indeed. – Then again, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, no matter the price one will pay for it in the end.

      Btw…I was being facetious. 😉

  8. More “youths” having fun with a new playful little “game” they call “Smack Cam”, but the police call “harassment”:


    • That’s “ASSAULT AND BATTERY” in most states.

    • And if you did the same thing to a Rochester Cop, you’d be damn lucky if the cop missed you once with the entire magazine he/she would be emptying at you. Or you would be in jail (after a tune up) charged with assault on a police officer.

      Rochester PD sucks ass.

      • What would the RPD call it if 5-6 young white men wearing ski masks found that little punk and played ‘Lynch Cam’ and posted it to facebook.

        Do you think they would go with Counterinsurgency? Yeah I don’t think so either, the Police would stick with hate crime.

        I am just amazed by the Information Officers verbal contortions, I wonder if the moral vertigo ever makes her feel really, really, sick to were she pukes on her own jackboots.

  9. Be careful what you wish for!


  10. Black Guy Gets Beat up by 67 yr Old White Man on Bus


  11. Yet another example of the Racistry of the Justice System. Everybody knows persons who color run faster than no-ass-having Crackers. This is resultification of four hunnert fiddy years of White oppression and running to avoid chores.
    So if Urban Yoots run faster than their lazy Cracker counterparts why is so many Yoots incarcified by the Man? Racistry Plain and simple.

  12. When the punishment portion of our justice system was softened, consequence was eliminated. We used to have fear of prison that was a deterrent, now it’s a holiday with your pals.

  13. Holders answer, Stop Targeting Minorities. Its not their fault.

    • I had a hard time reading all of the Big Brother BS without screaming to no end. I cannot take it anymore. Holder should be behind bars via contempt of congress and Fast and Furious…he should keep his nose out of the classrooms. – Yet I see one school already settled with the DOJ.

      Get rid of the DOE and let the states take care of their own schools.

      Btw…get rid of the teachers unions too.

  14. well, your just going to have to put up with the feral blacks…….that’s right, either you put up with the feral blacks or be prosecuted for some crime……..

    Eric “my people” Holder says schools must put up with and stop targeting blacks…..

    so now we have to put up with black animals in the classroom…..and when these little black bastards act up in class and disrupt the entire lesson plan your suppose to do nothing about it……..just let the little feral beast do anything the little black bastards wants to do……

    out of control feral black females as well…..just put up with these vermin….and do nothing when everything in the classroom breaks down……just let all the other students there suffer because Eric doesn’t like you disciplining blacks….how dare you discipline a black……didn’t you know they’re the protected class……no one can tell a black what to do…..and certainly not in the classroom……….


  15. The name “BrownSista” tells me all I want to know.
    Brown means a “mixed race.
    Sista is the way a negro defines one of the black race.
    Says a lot to me.
    She writes fluently, possibly graduated from school somewhere.

    So tell me,,,,,why is it that the negro population cannot as a whole, complete high school, and speak and write correctly???
    Could it be that there is no home study? No born intelligence to train?

  16. Ah yup, 40% of all blacks have been in prison, are on parole, or are awaiting sentencing. Now why would that impact your life?