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Ah yes…nothing like those trial lawyers we have in our faces every single day! I don’t know about all of you, but we in this home have come to hate them all…especially when they’re in your face one way or the other via the Boob-Tube. Oh yes, they’re constantly doing their best to sell the low-information twits across this land to come on in and join any lawsuit they think you’ll sign onto. Of course we all know the snake-oil salesmans are the ones that will pocket the money, while those that joined their suits receive nothing but a coupon of some sort if they happen to win their case. – Remind you of democrat congress-critters anyone…hmm? And of course we can’t leave Dear Leader out of the mix, he’s been the tops when it comes personifying a snake-oil salesman!

Nevertheless, here’s some fun with five examples of what I’m speaking of. – This is via DC:

Here’s a good rule of thumb: If your attorney is running ads on television, he’s probably a douchebag.

He is also probably a personal injury attorney, but there we go being redundant.

For some reason personal injury lawyers like to call themselves “The Hammer” and make really, really crappy TV commercials. We compiled 5 of the best (worst?) of the latter. Enjoy:

1.) Jim “The Hammer” Shapiro might not be able to rip out the hearts of those who hurt you. But he can make you laugh.

2.) Glen Lerner doesn’t run away from the term “ambulance chaser.” He makes commercials celebrating it.

3.) Jim Adler — “The Texas Hammer” — is equally as ridiculous in English as he is in Spanish.

4.) WHAT!? You don’t even need an appointment at the law office of Rosemarie Arnold? She MUST be a great lawyer.

5.) Meet Lowell Stanley, yet another “The Hammer:

But wait! I have my own pick when it comes to the best snake-oil salesman this country has ever seen…that’s right folks, step right up and listen to this:



We also can’t forget the trial lawyers and all entities tied to them are one of the biggest donors to the democrat party year after year either…but what they heck, the NRA and such are really the bad guys don’t ya know! – Tort reform anyone…haven’t we been ‘hammered‘ enough already?

What say you? – Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. The Hammer got me $75,000 and I don’t even HAVE a car.

  2. Lars wants me to become a high priced divorce lawyer and specialize in Gay divorces so he can spy on the drama and yuck it up with his raccoon friends.

    • Lol…ya gotta know there will be a helluva lot of those coming down the road, and they ain’t gonna be pretty either.

      • The first availers of so called Gay marriage in Massachusetts could not get a divorce because neither wanted to leave Vermont and live in Taxacheussetts for the 12 months that would be needed to establish residency so that they could divorce.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    I have seen several lawyer ads i mostly mute them becuase i dont want to listen to their bull kaka I mean Berard Goldburg was right about these Trial lawyers when he called them AMERICAN LEECHES and their sucking of Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam

  4. Without serious Tort reform the world will be ruled by these snakes.

  5. Let us not forget our newest California approved personal injury attorney, Sergio Garcia.

  6. Off-Topic…but check out this weird lizard and what he had to say.


  7. Off topic too….

    Did you know you are giving Mooch a Birthday present….oh yeah..check this out……………….


    this makes me so mad so hot ..my ass craves stove wood …damn her to hell……

    • Yep, heard that news first thing this morning before I even got out of bed. Hell, I wished they’d both stay there for the next three years and get out of our lives, and our faces every single day. – We’re all the better for it.

  8. Check these out…


    and the audacity of Dear Leader below. – Infuriating!


    • Here is part of the Letter I wrote to Pele, the Hawaiian Volcano goddess

      Dear Pele, I have never asked you for anything. When I visited I never stole any rocks, I always tipped well, and I was friendly to the waitstaff and service employees (no matter how they sneered at my brand new Hawaiian shirt with matching Hat band).
      Please just this once can we have a major eruption?
      Your volcano has been working hard, chugging along for what now 20 or so years? How about one big eruption and it takes say, the next ten years off? Nothing major like Krakatoa, I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out; rather a First Lady engulfing lava spew that lasts for two, three days. That’s all I ask.
      You know she’s going to visit the volcano. Probably by boat. Look, do me a solid, Hawaii and I will sing your praises for life. One big eruption, try to blast her into orbit if you want.
      You Know, Hot Lava + Mooch = Happy America.
      Do your duty Hawaii. We need you to take one for the team.

      • Well, that thought didn’t happen. – He’s baaaak!

        Uh-Oh…I thought your original letter I read yesterday elsewhere included Dear Leader too. – There’s still hope yet then if it’s just Mooch.

  9. When did dignity and self-respect become obsolete?

    • A few decades ago.

      • BT Chargers are doing OK. Looking forward to the second half.

        • I’ve been watching too. – What did you think of that last call from upstairs at the end for the Bengals?

          Btw…the Chargers better get some fire in their bellies, maybe pass a little more. – Just a few quick thoughts for now.

          Go Chargers…Win this one!

          • I thought that call was iffy but thank God the Bengals fumbled at the goal line when they did.

          • Well, if they went by that stupid Calvin rule, it would have been called differently. Just my opinion.

            Well, the second has started….so off we go!

          • Mag…

            What a pass and catch for that TD! – Beautiful!

          • Mag…

            AWESOME! – It’s OVER!!! We won…now they go to the Broncos next.

          • BT I’m soooo excited. My youngest daughter from San Diego whom I haven’t seen in a year will be here and we will be able to watch the game together! Go Chargers!

          • Oh…what great news for you. Glad your daughter will be with you. Although I’m torn between the two teams next week, I’ll be rooting for the Chargers in my heart, too many memories and wishes for the Chargers to go allll the waaay and win the Super Bowl.

            Anyway, what a game that was…that last TD was something else.

            Btw…you’ve got the Colts vs Patriots coming up too next Sat. I’m with the Colts on this one too.

            And lastly, I can’t believe the Chargers have pulled another one out, just made my day complete.

  10. Oh, God….The world has just gone insane:


    He’s right on it being a pressing problem, but I for sure don’t want another actor turned politician in charge of anything. And he’s a MAJOR actor? Come on…

  11. Spurwing Plover says:


  12. Spurwing Plover says:

    Who needs to oil a snake anyway?

  13. Some of the most grating TV commercials are the ones featuring “Flo”, the Progressive Insurance 6itch…..she’s the MOST ANNOYING person in TV advertising that I can think of. H3ll, I’ll take the trial lawyers any day over this piece of trash…major contributor to the wussification of the American male.