It’s no secret the NSA has stored every dirty secret of every single person in the world. Al Gore recently blamed global warming on the massive heat coming off all the computers running at NSA installations 24/7. It’s been estimated NSA computers use enough power daily to run the city of Cleveland for a decade. Or enough power to heat one of Al Gore’s garages for 10 minutes.

It has been speculated Chief Justice John Roberts was extorted into voting in favor of ObamaCare even though it is unconstitutional by every measure. I don’t know if that’s true but you better believe the NSA knows every website or tv channel Roberts frequents. Scary. Even more scary is a Supreme Court Chief Justice that would allow himself to be extorted, if true. Maybe they caught Roberts secretly perusing the right-wing extremist writings of ye olde Big Sexy AWD!

Take this a step further. What if the NSA has damaging personal information on a political enemy of Obama or Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election? Can the NSA be trusted in keeping confidential the personal information on Americans it has no business having in the first place? Especially the GOP nominee? Or would liberal operatives in the NSA give the damaging or embarrassing info to the Dims? Shee-ut! Most definitely!

Imagine the following situations where embarrassing information comes out against the following GOP hopefuls:

  • Chris Christie – it is leaked to the press that Christie is freaky-deaky and has a weakness for porn. Each night he watches food porn where fruits and vegetables are used for purposes other than dietary while smearing himself with Cheetos. Or maybe he watches chocolate covered actresses eating and enjoying Snickers bars while rolling around on a bed of hot Krispy Kreme donuts? Somehow, that wouldn’t really surprise me.
  • Jeb Bush – the NSA leaks telephone calls where Jeb Bush calls his wife and tells her to dress up like an illegal alien maid. When he gets home, Jeb will make her earn her US citizenship….the hard way! Or he could dress up as Pee-dro the gardner and chase his wife around the casa with a leaf blower trying to catch her before the ex-Governor gets home from a hard day of trying to pass amnesty.
  • Rick Perry – the NSA releases hidden recordings of Governor Perry trying to memorize his multiplication tables. Single digits.
  • Rand Paul – leaks emerge of secret meetings between Paul and the wussypants GOP establishment where Rand agrees to sell his soul and alienate everyone who supported him by endorsing Mitch McConnell for reelection if the wussyboy RINO elites promise their support should Paul win the nomination. (True story)
  • Ted Cruz – secret details emerge of a dream Ted had where Cruz and fellow Texan Chuck Norris are in Chuck’s private dojo attacking and decapitating dummies of John McCain and Lindsey “Fredo” Graham. Later in the dream, Cruz and Norris lead a commando attack on Congress with machine guns, explosives and machetes while riding a pissed off T-Rex named Ronald Reagan.
  • Herman Cain – private video of Cain is released of him chasing one of his secretaries around a hotel room saying, “naw baby, I didn’t say ‘nine, nine, nine.’ I said your juicy bootay is fine, fine, fine!!”
  • Newt Gingrich – a commercial of Newt sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi discussing the evils of global warming is released.  Ooops! Too late!

The above situations must seriously be considered (especially with Christie!) in the next presidential election. The NSA has dirt on everyone. Who is to stop political operatives from providing damaging information to the press or the Democrat Party?

Now that Big Brother has his cameras in the bedrooms of the world, will we ever see another fair election? Well, with all the voter fraud that has taken place, it’s doubtful we’ve ever seen a truly fair election. Just the way Democrats like it!

But AWD is sure we can all trust the NSA and other government entities to ensure that all the gazigga-bytes of information stolen from Americans is safe and sound with the government that is of the people and for the people! Bwahahaha! Welcome to 1984, proles!

Tonight’s Music That Doesn’t Suck is Oingo Boingo singing 1984:

And here’s another Oingo song dedicated to all the “Nasty Habits” of everyone the NSA now has in its databases!

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  1. In answer to your question; Two words…A lot!

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Nazis secret Agency Hitler would love it stalin and Mao to

  3. Crusading Conservative says:

    I seriously worry about this…look what Obama did to all of his political opponents, starting at the state level – unsealing sealed court documents, etc. The man is a dirty thug, and when I heard the SC decision on obamacare, I fell off my chair. Not that big of a stretch to imagine Roberts was ‘coerced’ by this administration. I don’t think anything is beyond them, and no level too low to sink. There is no bottom for this group, nothing that gets in the way of agenda. And they will more than likely wait until right before the election to throw out all the dirt they have on whomever is the R candidate, because that’s how they roll.

  4. Louisiana Steve says:

    I would venture to say that every comment we have ever posted on this blog and others is stored deep within the bowels of the En Ess Eay (notice I do not use the ‘bleep’ word in my postings) and serve as fodder for the search engine within. That doesn’t mean we need to stop expressing ourselves and escape to the nearest paranoia closet. It is what it is, but totally unacceptable.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    And spy drones,EPA spying on farmers were all looking at 1984 comming late but still here

  6. Here’s some more from today. ~


    And I’m tossing this in too…


  7. You don’t make it to the top without a few skeletons in the closet. I guarantee Johnny Boehner is “compromised”

  8. Then the NSA knows this:

    When AWD is not kickin’ ass, he is taking names and making a list of who is next!

  9. RidinShotgun says:

    For those of you who are Vince Flynn fans, you might recall one of his earlier novels in which a supposedly decent senator from the south west who was bipartisan (Oh doesn’t THIS sound familiar!) and harbors secret presidential ambitions is approached by the CEO of a fortune 500 company who asks him the following; “I want the Echelon transcripts of his last meeting (He’s speaking about a major business competitor.) I need them to lock up this deal. I know you’ve got your eyes on the White House and I’d love to see you there as president, but to do that your going to need major funding and I can write your checks for you and make sure the waters are smoothed. Remember YOU were the one who approached me and told me that your seat on the select intelligence commitee got you access to everything Echelon gobbles up and that you would be willing to share certain things with me.”
    This book was written back in 2000 before all of this crap started, is it really a stretch to believe that people in the government are capable of this? Also, Back in I believe it was 2010 that Marxist fruit loop Maxine Waters was being interviewed on CNN and she said the following; “Barack Obama is putting a system in place that will be left to the next democratic presidential candidate, whoever it is. This system will have loads and loads of informnation on everyone and whoever that next candidate is will be able to have that at their disposal to use against their opponents.”
    I recall someone from obamas office yanking her aside and basically telling her, “What the f%ck are you doing talking about this on national TV? Shut your damn mouth!”
    At least she served ONE useful purpose.

  10. And this is coming from someone on the left side of the aisle. ~