Sure! We’ve all spent millions of hours and rounds at the range perfecting our shooting technique. Whether Weaver, Tactical, or AWD style (shooting while looking supa-sexy), we work hard to put lead downrange where it is intended to go. But one frustration we have always shared….we have never had that all-important street cred! And we are constantly dissed by our homies!

All of this embarrassment is because many of us have not been able to master the difficult Ghetto Thug Gangsta Style technique. Even AWD, who is probably the best shot in the world, finds it nearly impossible to aim my boo-yah at the target downrange with it turned at a 90-degree (but supa-cool) angle! What embarrassment I feel shooting so poorly in front of my be-yotch! For realz!

Here’s a video that will teach all you creepy ass crackas how you too can be the coolest wigger at your gun range when you break out your bad self using the Ghetto Thug Gangsta Style Technique! (Content Warning: I’m pretty sure these guys are racists)

Also, you must remember to use the PBA (Pants Below Ass) style of dress topped off with a blue or red doo-rag to complete the ghetto thug effect that will empress all your law enforcement and former military buddies on the range! Provided you don’t accidentally shoot them. Fo shizzle, dawg!

This is the perfect ensem to wear at the range when you are working on your Ghetto Thug Gangsta Style of marksmanship. Or if you want to kill a saxophone, dawg!


Oh, you might also want to take a real gun.

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  1. Mastering the thug style is easy, all you have to do after holding the piece sideways and grabbing your nads, is to close your eyes when you shoot, that way you hit everything but your intended target. You hit bystanders, buildings, cars, schools, etc.

  2. AWD I saw a new purse err I mean bag you might like.


  3. When ya find ya forgot to bring your gun…you can always fend off a Polar bear attack with the Bible..
    see video ………………


  4. Lazlo prefers the Howdah
    However, holding it in thug fashion will result in injuries to the shooter where that distinctive coconut sound can be heard.

  5. I really don’t believe I could ever master the badass tactic of gangsta shooting. It truely scares me , when I see this on the tube all I can think is “he’s a killer”. Scary stuff . And I encourage all u badass thugs to keep it up. You’ll keep all of us up honkeys at the top of the food chain

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Shoot the Dirty Harry Callahan style make every shot count

  7. knarleymarley says:

    is the guy in the wheelbarrow planning a Amish drive by shooting? Look out PA or IA or MI….

  8. You know why “gangstas” hold the gun sideways to shoot? — That’s the way it comes out of the box.

  9. Louisiana Steve says:

    I actually saw a defense clip showing a man with a 90 degree semi-auto in his face. With no other choice, he grabbed the barrel and rotated it upward and back. Unfortunately for the attacker, the trigger finger is now in a position to discharge the gun. If the gun is rotated back enough the discharge will hit the attacker. Of course, in the demo, it was done quickly and completely with the attacker finding the muzzle in his face and the trigger fully depressed on the unloaded gun. Real events may vary.