Former Florida Governor, current ambulance chasing attorney, and candidate for Florida Governor Charlie Crist continues to reach new lows in stupidity and pandering by spewing stupidity to the stupid and lazy mooching class. Of course, Crist is only toeing the Obama line where you don’t have to work anymore because government will provide everything for you forever because…well, just because! Oh, because it’s your “right!” Right!

Let’s see. The Constitution guarantees your right to assemble and free speech. It guarantees your right to keep and bear arms. It protects you from unreasonable search and seizures by government. It guarantees you won’t have to testify or incriminate yourself (especially if you run the IRS). But the great President Obama, by spreading around your wealth, guarantees moochers food, water, shelter, and healthcare. You know, the things we responsible, greedy folk work for!

But why stop there, Governor Crist? Don’t we also have a right to:

  • Have everything go exactly our way every single minute so every day is easy peasy?
  • Get some good lovin’ guaranteed every week by ladies the caliber of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders? You know, I might pass up some of that food and shelter stuff for that!
  • Be fabulous? (for our homosexual readers)
  • Have a bitchin’ car with spinner rims and neon lights underneath? (To help with the getting laid part)
  • The latest ObamaPhone, HDTV and sound system?
  • Money, money, and more money! I mean, it’s not like we’re not printing the stuff up by the boatloads!
  • Whatever we want when we want it?
  • Live in Charlie Crist’s house? Drive his car? Sleep in his bed? Ewww…sorry about that. Just threw up in my mouth

Well, if you vote for the Democrats, all this can be yours. And the best part? It’s your right because…well, just because! I mean, come on! You’re young, have your health…what you want with a job and responsibility?

AWD has never thought much of the orange-hued, fake tanned, tri-sexual (he looks like he’d try anything sexual with anything anytime) Republican Democrat Charlie Crist. He just looks like a creep who hangs out in bathrooms at truck stops, except worse.

With the monumental failing of ObamaCare, this “it’s your right” sh*t is going to be the new Democrat mantra going into the mid-term elections. You don’t have to work to get what you want! It’s your right! Because you’re oppressed, held back by the man, a great-great-great-great-great-great something to someone who was once a slave, or you’re simply lazy and worthless, you have a right to what you want! And Uncle Barack and the Democrats will make all your wishes and dreams come true! For a little while. Just continue to blindly vote for them until America’s wheels come off.

Crist is just another ruling class bureaucrat wannabe dreaming of getting his gay little orange fingers back into the pie. What passes for governance in 2014 would have once been ridiculed as socialism. Now it is embraced by the mooching classes because America has reached the tipping point where there are more takers than producers. They will continue to vote for idiots like Crist and his ilk until it all falls apart. And it will fall apart. Alexis de Toqueville foresaw this a long time ago when he said:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

Let’s pray the Second Amendment will prohibit the dictatorship and monarchy and America can be restored to constitutional principles. Charlie Crist wouldn’t understand. Neither would Constitutional professor Uncle Barack!

Hey, Crist loves him some rights. So doesn’t he have a right to be wrong, since he is wrong 24/7? Delbert seems to think so!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals are always interpeting the U.S. Constitution to suit themselves like claiming it gives gays the right to get married or for someone to run around the neighborhood stark naked or for illegal aliens to evict you from your property claiming this WE STOLE IT FROM THEM excuse its just liberals are too stupid to read anything but the news letter from the FERTERNAL ORDER of DIP-WADS & DWEEBS

  2. But AWD according to liberals, us ignorant bitter clingers just don’t understand the Constitution. It takes Judges and Attorneys to interpret it for us idiots.

    I think Charlie Christ uses that spray on tan sh!t. The inside of his house looks like a crime scene.

  3. Jeeeeezus Christ….what the “F”……..we here in Florida have to deal with this asshole again……….just looking at this brown skin’ded piece-of-sh!t makes my skin crawl……..if anybody gives me the creeps this guy does…….I want to beat the sh!t out of him but he probably has a sh!t-load of body guards……

    unfortunately there are a lot of libtards, blacks, and illegals here in Florida that are going to vote for this bastard…….we are over run with transplants from New York and illegals…..they seem to be everywhere….the malls are over-run by them……..hit and run accidents are happening at an even greater pace now because of these third-worlders over-running Florida’s highways……………

    I would hate to see what is going to happen to Florida if that fake black-man Crist is elected…….what an embarassment to have this son-of-a-bitch as governor……..Crist crawled out from under a sun lamp and decided to run for governor……he should have applied for membership in the NAACP…..he’s black enough to pass for one…………

    what a piece-of-sh!t…………………………………

  4. instead of joining up with the demoncrats Crist should have joined up with the Communist Party…….

    Oh, I forgot…..he did join up with the communists……they now call themselves democrats…………

  5. I would unfortunately get the ban hammer if I typed what I’m thinking right now about the Crist blurb in the video….sooooo, I’ve read the constitution, and NOWHERE in it did I find “we have a right to food, we have a right to water, we have a right to shelter, and we have a right to affordable healthcare”…. NOWHERE did I find that in the Constitution. Crist you are a !@#%^()&(*%^%#^%*&%(&^$*^$*&^(&^%(&^%&^ing idiot, but I hope the two viewers of the Micro$oft NothingButCommunism network got that “tingle” up their legs from listening to the stupidity spewing from your maggot-infested piehole.

  6. Crist wishes he had an “H” in his name
    And,,,,that is how he wants to be seen.

  7. The most hated politician of recent times next to Arlen Specter. Crist is a walking abscess and a miserable example of a human being. I was thinking about moving to FL…but now??? There go the property values again…right down the crapper if that sleazy ambulance chaser gets back in office. Isn’t Rick Scott running again?

  8. Bargis Tryhol says:

    Hey AWD….I nominate a future Libtard of the Week to be congressman Alan Grayson….