It’s 4 am and you hear your door being kicked in. You’re awakened from sleep and are groggy. It’s dark and you’re adrenalin is racing. You reach for your gun to protect yourself and your family. Think you will be able to use your sights? Guess again!

This is a scenario AWD’s gun training guru and good friend John laid out to me before teaching me to forget everything I had learned about shooting over my past 50 years! It’s easy to dial it in when you’re shooting paper at the range at 25 yards. Hell, I’ll put my shooting up against a Navy Seal at the range! (No, I wouldn’t) But the real world scenario of having to deal with some miscreant breaking into my Casa del Amor at 4 am is quite different than my carefully-aimed shot placement at the range!

My friend and shooting coach John taught me that shooting must be instinctive whether with a handgun or a rifle. So he taught me how to shoot without sights. And I did it quite well. I crap you negative!

AWD has shot guns all his life. Thought I was pretty good, too. Until I shot with guys who make a living doing it. Then I felt like Piers Morgan, only with testosterone. John taught me how to properly grip the gun (I had been holding it wrong my entire life) and how to instinctively aim based on aligning the gun with my dominant eye. And it worked! I requalled for my concealed carry without even using the sights. Moreover, I hit pretty much what I wanted to hit on the target. Now I don’t even use the sights when at the range. Real world tactics.

AWD saw a video that reminded me this might be a good topic of conversation for us:

John has also instructed AWD’s angry white children how to shoot instinctively and they are all great shots with multiple firearms. Brings a tear to my eye.

Here’s a monthly call from AWD to Angry White Daughter:

AWD: It’s 4 am and you hear your door kicked in, what do you do?

AW Daughter: Two center mass and one to the forehead.

AWD: Why one to the forehead?

AW Daughter: He might have body armor.

AWD: Good girl!

Of course, besides having a S&W .38 on her bedside table, AW Daughter also has a Remington 870 under her bed and a Bersa Thunder .380 in her purse. The 870 would pretty much negate the need for one to the forehead.

Question. Are you comfortable shooting in the dark and hitting your target? If not, you should be. If the answer is no, you should get some professional training on shooting instinctively because the bad guys won’t wait for you to turn on the lights and wake up. You’ll have to take down the threat fast and most likely in the dark.

AWD keeps his Remington R1 1911 .45 on his bedside table and a AR-15 with a 30-round Magpul mag with a Fenix PD32 flashlight close by. The Fenix puts out 330 lumens so the last thing a bad guy will see before his head explodes in a pink mist is a blinding light from the AWD Angel of Death! His last thought will be that he should have picked another playground.

For our new readers, I will post a link to AWD’s Gun In Every Room policy. In the case of a home invasion, you wouldn’t want to have to get up or pause your movie to go and fetch your gun. No, much easier just to reach over for your weapon, send some ordnance downrange and negate the threat without even missing a line from The Trailer Park Boys on Netflix.


Remember, a gun is only as good as the shooter that holds it. You should be intimately acquainted with the gun that will save the lives of your family and you!

Learn to shoot quick, accurately, and without the use of sights.

True story. AWD hates to sight in my Weatherby .300. It kicks like a mule. John hooked me up with one of his compadres who was a Marine sniper instructor who also taught the Seals and Delta Force. He fired a round through my Weatherby, made a few adjustments, fired another round and made one more quick adjustment, then fired a final round. He said, “Here you go. But after you get back from hunting, you should get your trigger adjusted. It’s pulling about 6 and a half pounds.” I asked, “how do you know that?” I just got a look. These guys are good. Real good.

Here’s a few shots of Angry White Daughter with some of our arsenal.



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  1. Bluto doesn’t plan on doing what Barack Obongo and Hildabeast Clintoon did when they got a 3 am wake up call…….I don’t plan on running and hiding under the bed like they did………Obongo made sure he got out of town when the 3 am call came that said there was trouble, and Hildabeast did the same running for the closet……..

    when that scenario goes down, those that cause the trouble will be carried out in body bags………


  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    When some crinimal knowing breaks into your home or entrs your buisness with the ill attempt to assualt you and steal everything you own then you should have the perfect right to use a firearm and use deadly force in neccecery and the same gose for on the street city officials who pass gun bans and gun control are only giving aid to the crininimals

  3. In army basic training in 1968 we had a rifle instructor teach us what he called the “quick kill” method of shooting without the sights. After watching him throw quarters in the air and nail ’em (with an m-14 no less) four out of five times, we took it to heart. It’s surprisingly easy.

  4. Mr. Rational says:

    AWD, body armor works even better against shot than rifled projectiles.  In the case of an intruder hit with the 870, DO take that follow-up shot!

  5. Great, now I have to buy a Glock slide with no sights to train (I can’t use my night sights). Thanks for f….ing me up (just kidding).

    Glock no sights pistol defense Level 1 Beginning shooter

  6. Trained this way at Quantico in’65.
    All thru my career, training was graded.Still have it now as an Old fart.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    News Flash USPS to come out with Charelton Heston stamp thats sure to drive brain-dead liberals crazy but way better then those silly Kwanza stamps

    • Did they ever pry that gun from his cold dead hand? I think old Charlys problem came during his shoot of Planet of the Apes, he was gang anal raped between breaks!!

  8. I’m not sure what to think about liberal indoctrinated men, what has become of my fellow Americans, have men become so pussified that this concept has to be taught?

    I have been practicing this all my life and this should be instinctive to every red blooded American male.

    I can’t count the times I have been urgently startled out of bed, groggy with sleep and confusion, and still able to hit the toilet 9 out of 10 times, from a fifteen foot distance, using only my ears for radar.

    And never once did I have to attach a sight so I could aim better.

    And Mr. Mittens said if you properly plan your caltrops, punji sticks, and deadfalls, you won’t even have to roll over and point your hand gun.

    You boys do sleep with your gun on your chest rig? Right? Right??

  9. I got my training many years ago from a 70 year old ex marine.
    Since you mentioned your fancy flashlight (we all know your love of fancy flashlights!), it brought to mind something I remember this gentleman told me. He said that if you are going to use a flashlight to see who or what is in your home, hold it with your arm extended out sideways. If the intruder is armed, his target will be the light. If he gets a shot off before you can kill him, it will less likely be lethal.
    I also remember him telling me that if I am going to shoot an intruder, to be sure to kill him so he can’t sue me afterwards!

  10. During my career as a corrections officer in detroit, care of the arsenal was sub par to say the least. Sights on mini14’s were loose and slipped around, they listed to port or starboard, glock front sights were twisted at off angles(if even on). Semi annual qualification was an event to be seen, ghetto fabulous females with 2 inch long press on fingernails couldn’t load magazines or load shotguns, let alone shoot the god damn things. Magicly however, they always “passed” with flying coloreds, the range masters just lied or got a bj outta the scrags to pass them. I learned I could operate weapons without sights and trained myself to do so. I realized that when the shit hit the fan the weapon I recieved from the arsenal would be a pos and I better be prepared. I was fairly good at targeting with jacked up sights. Being White I got the crappiest weapons at the range if I didn’t pick out the worst one myself. Colored officers would cut ahead of US in order to qualify first. We showed up early to shoot, qualify, and get out. Blacks showed up late, cut ahead of everyone else, couldn’t qualify, cried raycisss, were allowed to shoot past the three qualifier tests, which was more like 6-8 times. Running outta ammo was a constant with the ghetto tough tawkin fakeys’ blowing through ammo that those of us could have used to qualify in 2 qualifying salvos. Range masters who knew I could shoot, more often than not just gave me the nod, qualified me, and apologized for the mayhem on the firing line of the Mishitgan Department of “Corrections”. I have a big mouth and the ass to back it up so that had alot to do with it as well.

    • Sounds a lot like what the military has become….

      Of course not all of the military is ate up,  the closer to the tip of the spear you get ( combat units ) the more professional and higher the standards are, but back in garrison with the support elements ( supply, medical, administration, etc… ) it’s a total cluster f**K where “Sharkeesha” and her ilk greets you with the typical head bobbing, lip puckering, eye rolling disrespectful/unprofessional demeanor regardless of the fact that you have just returned from “real soldiering” and have a few stripes on her… Heaven forbid you put her ass in check about her attitude or that her hair and nails are out of regs ( here comes an EO complaint if you even try ) the military has become a glorified welfare program full of fat assed ghetto queens on permanent profile….  There is no way in hell they are passing thier APFT ( or height and weight regs ) or qualifying at the range but they continued to get promoted because of inflated evaluations…  many of them to senior NCO positions without even deploying once… can you say quotas?

      • Its not just the Support MOS’s that are getting ate up its the whole damn Army. Its the young idiots from today’s “its all about me” generation ruining it for everyone and the “Kinder gentler Army” bullcrap that keeps coming down from the Pentagon. They did away with the old FM 21-20 PT and replaced it with this Richard Simmons PRT BS. We can’t smoke Joes anymore as on the spot corrections cause the punishment does not fit the crime. We can’t run fat camp pt or do pt on our own time with the Joes to improve em cause its against the regs!

        Some of us old timers that served pre 9/11 remember how it used to be. Not saying it was all better cause it was not but at least Teamwork meant something and NCOs actually had balls and took care of shit before it hit the brass’ desk.

        Oh and lay off the Support guys high speed. You can’t do your “Real Soldering” without us. 25N and proud of it.

      • Thanks for the understanding and support. I retired and don’t miss the cluster in any way shape or form.

  11. I had a home invasion 3:30 am 1998. The man was coming out of my daughter’s bedroom when i confronted him. Miraculously she had been sleeping on the couch due to ants haven gotten in her bedroom. The little dog she slept with all her life alerted us to the danger. My daughter ran into my bedroom to escape the man. My wife was tethere to a dialysis machine and helpless.

    Fortunately for us all, the man ran out the back door. As i stood there in my underwear wondering what the hell was happening, the only thought i had was, “damn, here i am standing in my drawers only and don’t even have a knife to fight with.”

    The next day, i bought a short Mossberg home defense model shotgun which holds 9 rounds of buckshot. You don’t need good aim when confronted. I know what it is like to awaken and need to think and aim correctly. I knew just what gun i needed. I also bought a German Shepherd Dog. The dog turned out to be the only investment that gave us the confidence to allow my daughter to sleep in her own bedroom.

    Needless to say, they never caught the man.

    Get a good short shotgun. There are several different models. Also get a good dog. It doesn’t,have to be a shepherd. The little West Highland Terrier was enough that night to alert us, and if i would have had a gun they would have been picking up his remains feom my hallway and living room.

  12. Great post Dude!

    I am lucky enough to have a great range about a mile from where I work that has two indoor ranges plus they also have a simulator.

    There are so many advantages to this sim: Various range types, different real life simulations, and the ability to play back and review your shooting and choices. In addition, different pistols, Glock, S&W, 1911, from 9mm up to 45 acp, AR15 and a shotgun course. When on the ranges, in 45 minutes you can burn through the equivalent of 300 rounds of ammo, at $50 for the session which includes the instructor! The plus of having the instructor is, he is standing NEXT to you to watch your grip, and how you are shooting the weapon. He found that I have a couple of bad habits when I am shooting and we are working them out.

    I urge all my fellow shooters to try and find a range that has some sort of sim, you will become a better shooter, in a shorter amount of time and may even work a few things out. I have found that I like to do one session of sim, then come back in a week or so and use the live fire ranges to maintain my proficiency with my gun of choice, then go back to the sim for another session of either the ranges or the real life scenarios.

    So, to answer your question, yes I can shoot and be effective without the use of my sights. 😉

    Happy shooting!!!

  13. Been point shooting since a kid, my Gramps taught me on a Red Ryder BB gun
    with broken off sights. Transfers nicely to a pistol out to 30-40 feet.

  14. Kirsten Joy is hot but I have another favorite Kirsten with a gun that is even hotter!!!