It’s always the same end result wherever communism infects. What begins with pandering for votes of the poor always results in poverty for all, shortages, loss of freedoms, tyranny and eventually violence in the street. Oh, and lots of deaths.

Venezuela was never a communist country. It’s downfall began once commie thug Hugo Chavez seized control and began dismantling the infrastructure of what was once one of the wealthiest nations in South America. A country made rich from oil has seen production plummet since the communists took over. Big surprise, huh.

Chavez began the downfall of Venezuela by nationalizing the oil fields and companies that had invested billions. That cut off the much needed foreign investment and expertise to extract Venezuela’s sludge-heavy oil. Chavez then nationalized the media and silenced all voices of opposition. Later came nationalization of banks. He redistributed wealth from producers and “spread it around” to the poor, taking billions for himself and his cronies. Private firearm ownership was outlawed. Later, private corporations were seized or were forced to abide by price controls. This led to massive shortages of basic daily needs like food, water and electricity. Long lines and shortages are commonplace in a country traditionally accustomed to abundance and a high standard of living. Crime and violence have skyrocketed. All of this is totally predictable with the tyranny of communism.

Venezuelan President (for the moment) Nicolas Maduro is a former bus driver. A bus driver is one step above a community organizer in ability to govern a country that loves individual freedom.

Currently, Venezuelans are rioting in the streets against the tyranny that has destroyed their country. Again, totally predictable. Also predictable is government thugs with guns shooting those demanding freedoms taken from them over the past decade. This week, a 21 year old beauty queen was murdered by a government sniper as she protested in the street.

Don’t look for much coverage of this in the American mainstream propaganda media. Because what has happened and is happening in Venezuela appears very likely in America unless our course changes soon.

The problem with liberalism/communism is two-fold. First, communism has never succeeded in bettering the lives of anyone under its control except the small minority at the top. Second, political enemies always end up on the wrong side of the gun. Always. Why do you think “gun control” is such a priority for Democrats in America?

The Second Amendment and the fact that hundreds of millions of patriotic, freedom-loving Americans are armed to the teeth are the only reason the federal government hasn’t already done here what has happened in Venezuela.

What’s happening in the streets of Venezuela and the Ukraine are more than a possibility in America. It’s damn likely if Obama and his thugs continue to shred the Constitutional rights of Americans and impose more and more tyranny upon us. Seizing the wealth and constitutional rights of hundreds of millions of patriotic, well-armed Americans is a sure recipe for an uprising in America.

Look for the body of Venezuelan thug President Nicolas Maduro to be dragged through the streets of Caracas in the coming weeks. Are you watching, Washington corruptocrats?

God bless the noble quest of freedom-loving patriots in Venezuela against the tyrannists with guns in government!

venezuelan flag

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  1. You are right, as usual.
    It is a shame that people don’t take to the streets until they are starving.
    Unfortunately we are in for many more years of what we are now seeing before we actually do anything about it. Depressing.

  2. AWD please do a blog on the May 16 Operation American Spring rally in DC.I just committed myself. If you are not familiar with this we are trying to rally 10 Million patriots to occupy DC . We are going to shut down Washington by leaving 1 million of us behind until Obongo and every other piece of sh-t is out. This could really be the trigger we need. Thanks my brother in arms.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Joe McCarthy warned us of these filthy sub-human communists and their ulitimate goals for america under Communism the Red Menece is still real no matter what we hear from the hollyweed crowd

  4. Commies
    We are now seeing the efforts of 50 years of subversive work.
    The colleges and universities; Bureaucrat Zealot Mills, for all that administering and Regulating that will need to be done.
    Expansion of reliance on Govt.: Bait on the fishhook of perpetual servitude dangled by the State.
    Ghettos:Disruption Machines. Withhold the welfare funds for a week: Instant punitive riots.
    Unions and Collective labor: Goon Factories, primed to adopt the Brown Shirt strategy
    Cheapening the Culture: Weaken the young into malleability and stupidity
    The Media: Cheerleading whores for the Power structure.
    Global Warming: Invisible Threat, unprovable, nebulous. Used as a social lever.
    It took a long time to get here, and it will take a long time to get out of this.
    We (Patriots who believe in the Constitution) dropped our guard and let these Commies in, and like rats they are infinitely harder to get rid of than to acquire.