Longtime Texas Congressman (too long) Pete Sessions is either a penny-pinching sumbitch or has some ‘splanin’ to do to his constituents in Texas District 32! He lists a low-rent apartment as his official residency in his district. Oh, it doesn’t even have a hook up for a washer so he must be a smelly sumbitch, too! Watch this and tell me you’re surprised! posted Sessions’ Personal Financial Disclosure Form he must submit as a (too long) Congressman. It lists his net worth at $2,577,000. Again, either a cheap bastid living in a cheap apartment or a big lie-head! Something tells me it’s the latter.

His Disclosure also shows Sessions as having a net worth of over $4 million just two years ago! It appears he’s about as good with his money as he is with our tax dollars!

I welcome Congressman Sessions to show us where he really lives. As it appears in the video, he doesn’t live in his district. Just more smoke and mirrors from the politicians in Washington who are experts in smoke and mirrors. But not washers and dryers!

Sessions is being primaried by grassroots conservative Katrina Pierson who founded the Garland, Texas Tea Party. She’s been endorsed by Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and numerous other conservative leaders. AWD, for what it’s worth, heartily endorses Katrina and would love nothing more to see her unseat a lifetime politician who has become part of the Establishment problem in Washington!

Please visit Katrina’s website and throw her some bucks to fight against the wussypants Republican establishment!


I’m pretty confident Katrina lives in the 32nd District and also has a washer and dryer even though she doesn’t have a $2.5 million net worth!

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  1. I wouldn’t believe anything he says. Just another lying Democrat/Republican, you pick, they are all the same. I can count the true patriot representatives in Congress on two hands, the rest are sh8t heads at best and traitors at worst and there is a lot in the last group.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    On another note King Obama the Fink has banned all wood heaters with his oviously another of his Executive Orders No doupt to make the eco-nazis and granola munchers happy

  3. Another despicable lying POS politician and I hope he gets primiaried out!

  4. Sessions is a piece-of-sh!t……..there are a number of races all over the country that we need to watch and this is one of them…….I literally ffffukkkking hate these career politicians… warms my heart that a little African-American Tea Party girl is running to unseat this statist bastard………….

    Katrina, it is our fervent hope that you pound Petey into the pavement so that we never have to see or hear from him again………


  5. Term limits for these bastards… ALL of them

    I hope this fine, young, conservative woman ( gasp, she is black even.. ) pounds his RINO ass into oblivion… then watch the leftwing MSM and other hypocrites attack a black woman in defense of a middle aged white man…. why? Because she dared to escape the plantation… she is EVERYTHING they hate. Don’t forget Mia Love in Utah as well….

    Conservative ( assimilated contributing ) black Americans… a liberals nightmare LMAO

  6. I wonder how many multiple term politicians in DC are like this………..

    How many rent a vacant apartment, “a room in a donors home”, or don’t even try to appear to reside in their district anymore?

    I don’t believe this is a REpubliCANT problem or a DEMocRAT problem but a problem with the culture of our elected officials once they go to DC.