Five years ago today, AWD gathered with 250 or so patriots to protest Obama’s $800+ billion (non) Stimulus Bill at Victory Plaza in downtown Dallas. The event was hastily put together by its leaders on a few days notice with little publicity. AWD found out about the event through Twitter. Although few in number, our enthusiasm was great. The event ended with everyone in attendance dunking a page or two of the Stimulus Bill in an aquarium filled with tea. Little did we know we were at the forefront of something that change America!

While the first Tea Party protests were held in less than 50 American cities, the number of events grew to hundreds for the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party events. In my opinion, as far as events go, the 9/12 March on Washington attended by over one million patriots (including AWD) was the culmination of the events part of the movement.

Since then, American fiscal conservatives have taken the movement from holding posters at protests to being actively involved in local, state, and federal politics. The Tea Party has without a doubt changed the political landscape in America as millions who never paid attention to politics are now actively involved. That is the beauty of the movement!

Washington fears the Tea Party. Republicans hate the Tea Party more than Democrats because the movement is shedding a constant light on their cowardly ways of appeasement. AWD only hopes that America has sufficient time to elect more conservatives (not necessarily Republicans) dedicated to getting our federal government under control. Under current Republican and Democrat leadership, we are doomed.

The Tea Party movement has remained relevant because it is a leaderless movement. The movement resides in the heart of every member. Without a leader, the movement is protected from personal attacks by its enemies. While there are numerous people or groups that profess to be leaders of the Tea Party, most of those are scammers out for money only. If there are true leaders of the Tea Party, they are unpaid local patriots who dedicate their time and energy into getting other fiscal conservatives involved in the political process.

Whodathunkit? Five years has gone by so rapidly. Much has changed in the Tea Party movement but one thing that springs eternal is the hope and determination of the American patriots who comprise the Tea Party’s membership.

Happy birthday to the Tea Party! It’s the last best hope to save the world’s last best hope!

Here’s footage from the March on Washington:

I believe CNN estimated the number of attendees at 30,000.

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    The Tea Party is about less goverment and more freedom

  2. Speaking of Tea Party Patriots…

  3. there’s a poll over at weasel’s…….presidential poll…………..

    damn-it. vote in the poll or else……………..

  4. What I really like about the tea party aside from the stated policies is the fact that it has not become a cult of personality. Much like the “bogey man”, there is no individual the left can demonize or excoriate. They punch at “air” claiming all sorts of things about the tea party, (racist, sexist, …ist) but can’t find or prove any of it. I know it makes them crazy, just listen to their rants. But even more is how the establishment rhinos are scared to death of them. I remember the freshman congress class on the Hannity show and for sure these were not career politicians but individuals who had accomplished things in life and were genuinely concerned about the direction Washington has taken this country of late. If we can keep getting people like this elected there is a glimmer of hope for our country. If not, lock and load.

  5. the Tea Party never looked so good……or should I say “capitalism” never looked so good…….

    damn, I like……I like a lot…..I like very much indeed…………..

  6. a really good commercial put together by the repub’s regarding Obongo, and Harry “the feckless” Reid….

    November can’t come soon enough……………………