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Liberals are idiots! Heck, we all know that because they’re on display each and every single day somewhere, and you don’t have to search hard to find example after example of just that!

Folks, the Alinskyite progressives with determined agendas come a dime a dozen, and that’s not cheap at half the price! – So much to say, so little time to do so. Hopefully the rest of you can fill that bill when it comes to the subjects at hand.

Here’s the main story: Recently this leftist-loon decided to open his mouth and entertain anyone what would listen to his gibberish regarding the difference between ‘Black History Month‘ and no ‘White History Month‘. And boy, howdy…he’s got it all figured out!

Cutting to the chase. – You can read this in full here:

Today isn’t just Valentine’s Day, it’s also the halfway mark in Black History Month, the shortest of all History Months. In honor of the occasion, The Cycle co-host Touré delivered a commentary that attempted to explain one of the enduring mysteries of Black History Month, and which included a modest proposal to give white people some way of gaining an advantage from their race.

The question has baffled countless generations since the beginning of Black History Month way back in 1976: why is there no White History Month? To even ponder this enigma is to flirt with next-level dilemmas like why there’s no Whiteula, or Whitenstein, or why won’t anyone ever call us Mr. Tibbs?

Thankfully, Touré is up to the task, comparing the question to “fish not noticing water,” and quoting Chauncey de Vega of We Are Respectable Negroes comparing white angst over the month to “being a kid with all the toys in the world, and going to a birthday party and getting mad because another kid got a toy.”

Never one to simply curse the darkness, or blackness in this case, Touré offers up a solution: a “Race Card” for white people. The card would allow white people to use their race to get an advantage, and as Touré says, “it can be used at job sites, shopping malls, police stops, wherever where race matters.”

“The genius of it is that works just as white privilege does,” he continues. “You need do nothing to activate it. The advantage happens automatically, just like White History Month happens automatically.”

And here’s one more idiot to-boot! – Read about how this ‘wizard of smarts’ ruled:

Good Grief… Judge Confuses Constitution with Declaration of Independence in Gay Marriage Ruling

And here’s the topper: Trey Gowdy on Nancy Pelosi: ‘Mind-Numbingly Stupid

And lastly, we can’t forget about the leftist lawmakers in la-la-land either:

Califorinia Drought Is Not About ‘Climate Change’ – It’s About Failed Liberal Policy

This picture sums up liberals. – Double click the picture to read the captions:


Toss in your thoughts about any or all reports above. – Fire Away…Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    • Grumpy…

      Another excellent article from Selwyn…I truly hope others check it out.

      That last paragraph puts it in a nutshell for me.

      Thanks so much for that wonderful read. ~

  1. I suffered through 2+ minutes of diatribe ….. this coming from a man(?) who is obviously relishing in the sucksess(mis-spelling intentional) of his “affirmative action whiteness” to be where he is? This is nothing more than racial huckstering and playing to his base of two viewers…..heavy sigh, it just never ends…..

  2. You can’t have White History Month. No one is going to get behind Whitey’s pale devil accomplishments.
    No one wants to celebrate electricity, shoes, governance by laws, airplanes, building codes, pants.

    But Lazlo has found a way to diffuse the race card.
    The next time I hear the race card being played I am going say: “Lazlo knows EXACTLY how you feel. EXACTLY. See, Lazlo is part Irish. The English colonised Ireland in the 12th century and for almost 800 years oppressed my ancestors through force, England having a much larger army and greater military resources. They tried to eradicate the religion, language, culture and traditions of the Irish and many historians would say even the Irish people themselves. Don’t get me started on how we were treated when we fled to this country to escape a Famine which reduced our population by a quarter. So I know EXACTLY, EXACTLY where you’re coming from.
    So get down off the Cross we need the wood to build a bridge for you to GET OVER IT!
    Learn how your ancestors were oppressed. The Irish are a mild example, and oppression lasting twice as long as their four hundred years of Jim Crow.

    • Silly Lazlo, oppression’s only for non-whites!

    • Well put Laszlo,half Irish myself.They took a language not their own and wrote some of the world’s great literature.No other country has produced more Nobel prize winners in literature.And not to mention the “NO IRISH NEED APPLY” signs posted in businesses at one time.The Irish have contributed more to world culture than any blacks.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Black History Month 28 days to spew lies and half truths listening to lowlife reptiles like Morris Dees and his leftists and exclusive SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER and during a Leap Year a extra day to lie no wonder johnny cant read their too busy leaving Johnny and suzie with Guilty Feelings they dont need Need anymore reasons for Home Schooling and keeping the History Cahnnel turned off

  4. I started WHITE HISTORY MONTH FROM NOV TO DEC AND TO TALK ABOUT WHITE SLAVERY IN AFRICA FROM 1530 to 1780 and 200 years of white slavery in America that blacks lied they had more white people for slaves and for longer..Africans, Indians, Mexicans , had both white black slaves, less than 2% of whites had slaves, never took a black on a slave ship. …Black slavery in Mexico need help I have worked posting this every day for a year,,,see..( WHITE SLAVERY on Utube

  5. Some Blacks making history……..

    what a pleasure it is to be around them………… polite …so calm …so helpful……

  6. If black folk,” as Dear Leader would say” are so oppressed, how do brainless twits like this get on the tube to spread their lies and hatred? And a black, muslim communist get elected president?

  7. The SPLC hard at work…despicable! – Check it out!

  8. Calamity Jane says:

    FYI….Would you believe that this Toure knucklehead is on the nominating committee for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame……(which explains a lot!)

    Some interesting background on the man himself……

    So much for journalistic integrity…….(from the article)…..According to one of Shakur’s defense lawyers for the case, Michael Tarif Warren, a high profile civil rights attorney of 28 years, “Toure sat in the front row for the entire sexual assault trial and completely misrepresented it.”


  9. Toure should be in second heaven with the latest push by the dimicrats because it’s right up his alley……

    you say……prey-tell Bluto, what are you talking about………….why should Toure be in second heaven because of the democrat party………..

    well, I Bluto will explain, we all know just how lazy the blacks are…..after all, there isn’t a race on the face of the earth that has the reputation that blacks have for lazyness……..even you blacks have to admit that the reputation is well deserved…….you know….all the welfare queens and layzy-ass black men who simply abandon their own children and refuse to works in order to support their own off-spring…… is well documented all overr the world that you blacks are the lazyest sons–a-bitches on the planet………….welfare or work and you overwhelmingly choose welfare…………

    now the dimicrats are saying that you don’t have to work at all……you can live off the public dole…..why work, now your free to become an artist according to Nasty Pelosi…….and other dimicrats are saying you are now being liberated from work, so why work… can now tick your little chillen into bed before taking that last toke of crack off the ole pipe…………

    who would have thought that the blacks had it right all along……….”why work”….just live off the public dole……free food stamps, housing, phones, health-care…….a check every month………you white people are the one’s that had it all wrong…..take a page out of the black play-book and become lazy just like the blacks…….and you too can become a welfare queen and you white men can abandon your chillen………

    and live happily ever after……… every month is a black month……….Toure should be in second heaven………..

    remember to vote dimicrat…..the one’s giving you all these marvelous choices… which Obama phone to get……….

    • The Toure’s of the world will always keep whining, playing the race card until the cows come home. They know no different. The Funny Farm they play on at msDNC feeds them to do as such…and as told. They bow down…and do it!

      Idiots all!

  10. First of all it’s not Black history month it’s Black “hissery munff” Speak the new English White people. Why would we even need a White history month. I mean what is the space shuttle compared to the door holder opener. A little metal sleeve that screws into a door of which a broomstick handle is inserted. Now the thought of the universe went into that. And you White “racisses beez bragging bout rockets an sheeit”!

  11. The most disturbing part of this whole race “dialogue” is that there’s an audience – a market, if you will- that provides chimped-out fuzzheads like Toure a platform.

  12. Want a good…I mean “goot” laugh? Go to YouTube and see “John Hanson first Black president” Negroes actually think the first president of the US was black and they even have a photograph of him from 1776. The camera wasn’t invented until 1823. That’s not a problem because the White man stole black technology and hid it from the world to hide the truth.

    • By the way, while your at it Google this: The first Greeks were black. Then go through the Germans, Irish, English, French, Russians, Italians…. Even the CHINESE! They were all Black. Beethoven was black, Shakespeare was black, Pushkin was Black, Hannibal was black. Blacks not only built the pyramids they built Stonehenge, the Coliseum, the Parthenon, even the great wall of China. They even built the Mayan pyramids too.

  13. Is negro fatigue sweeping White America?

    It all adds up.

    The race riots in Britain, Morgan Freeman’s spiel about Obama opponents being racists, black thugs randomly attacking Whites at state fairs, a series of black mob robberies of convenient stores, and now the Trayton Martin episode along with the subsequent lynch-mob justice towards George Zimmerman add up to what some are calling ‘negro fatigue.’

    While such a term is a bit gauche for usage at, the underlying principle is undeniable: White people are losing their heightened sensitivity to everything racial. They are beginning to speak their minds in greater numbers. They are starting to fight back against black violent crime and those who excuse it.

    A classic example is the straight-laced Southern Baptist leader who punished Revs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with a tongue lashing last week. Specifically he accused them of race baiting.

    Conservative columnist John Derbyshire was a bit more pointed when he penned an article advising young White people to be cautious in the presence of large groups of blacks and to avoid them. Deberyshire was summarily fired from his position at National Review but endeared himself to thousands of grateful readers who appreciate his stark honesty.

    Town Hall’s Doug Giles threw his bit in the fray, writing that “blacks can murder whites, and it won’t make national news.”

    Emerging is a new phrase, “negro fatigue.”

    The term is a bit misleading. White Americans are not tired of black people. Rather, they are fed up with dishonesty and the phony ‘racist’ stigma that is attached. Aside from Hollywood exaggeration White racism is virtually non-existent.

    I prefer the phrase, “White fatigue.”

    Like “White flight,” white fatigue describes a reaction of White people to black crime and violence. It’s also a response to institutional racial policies that intentionally punish White people.

    White people are tired of being labeled ‘racist.’ They are weary of hateful black-on-White violence going unchecked. White people are tired of watching entire cities, such as Detroit, collapse when the White infrastructure is removed only to have blight blamed on external causes.

    They are weary of Somali immigrants gravitating towards violent crime. They are fed up with historical revisionism that ignores overt black complicity to slavery. They are tired of being lied to and tired of pretending the lies are true.

    White people are tired of the TSA monitoring harmless little old ladies at airport terminals while the real terror is plaguing our neighborhoods. It’s actually safer to get on an airliner than to enter a convenient store in many cities. Yet law enforcement is concentrated at the airport.

    White people are tired of EBT cards and black farmers claiming huge settlements from White taxpayers. They are tired of historical symbols, such as the Confederate flag, being demonized. They are weary of a racist Attorney General who is looking out for ‘my people’ rather than upholding the Constitution. They are increasingly tired of Barack Obama.

    White people are fatigued by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the New Black Panther Party. They are tired of the media giving them a pass. They are tired of obnoxious black patrons who refuse to tip, then hurl claims of racism when service is substandard. They are weary of being told that diversity is a strength.

    There is a weariness among White people of being passed over for jobs, promotions and education to satisfy Affirmative Action. They are tired of entrance exams being dumbed down to accommodate those who could not compete. They are frustrated by the self-censoring media that often refuses to provide racial profiling of even the most violent of criminals. They are tired of their kids being subjected to physical and sexual abuse on school buses and in schools while society turns a politically-correct blind eye.

    White people are suffocated by historical revisionism being served in cinema via Red Tails, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Help and a host of other Hollywood productions. They are tired of being saddled with White guilt, White privilege and White racism. They are tired of their monumental contributions to civilization being overlooked and their culture being overrun.

    They grow fatigued when White people, like George Zimmerman and Bernard Goetz, are subjected to a flurry of black fists only to be called ‘racist’ for having the audacity to defend themselves.

    The list can (and does) go on.

    Call it what you will, negro fatigue or White fatigue. Either way it describes an awakening of White Americans to the menace of black crime and to the silliness of pretending it doesn’t exist.


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  14. New knock out attack caught on video

  15. Anyone think the SPLC will be apologizing anytime soon?

  16. I started WHITE HISTORY MONTH from NOV to DEC,,,, see White slavery on the U