Attorney General Eric Holder recently told state Attorneys General that they are not required to enforce laws with which they don’t agree. Especially state laws prohibiting gay marriage. In Obama’s America, it’s hip to be queer. Not normal.

Holder and President Obama have made a mockery of their Oaths of Office when they swore to uphold the laws of the land and uphold the Constitution. They have enforced only laws that fit their leftist agenda while bypassing Congress and ignoring laws already on the books.

The revelation made by Holder to state Attorneys General that they are do not have to enforce laws in which they disagree begs a few questions:

1. Why have laws if one individual can single-handedly decide the laws validity or enforcement based on his or her personal ideology? Doesn’t this invalidate the entire system in a democratic republic where we elect leaders to vote the way their constituents would have them vote?

The same question could be expanded to federal judges who often override state laws or referendums against the will of the majority of the citizens. Again, a single individual deciding what laws will be enforced. Many judges are political appointees who agree with the ideology of the regime in power.

2. If an Attorney General can decide which laws will be enforced, shouldn’t the proletariat be allowed to decide what laws they want to keep? Aren’t there law-abiding citizens in blue states who believe they are guaranteed the right to firearm ownership by the Constitution? Shouldn’t these individuals be allowed to own or carry guns because they disagree with the laws created by their elected officials?

AWD has a concealed carry permit but cannot legally carry in a federal building. Are federal buildings immune to violence? Experience tells us no but AWD must walk unprotected into the post office every time I want to mail a package. Should I ignore the federal law that stupidly forces me to potentially be at the mercy of a madman who doesn’t follow federal gun law? I think I will!

I certainly support a strong defense in America and don’t mind my tax dollars going towards our military. But I have a huge problem with the dollars siphoned away each paycheck to support moochers on welfare, food stamps and other social programs. Some are victims of Obama’s economy but tens of millions are professional leeches too lazy, ignorant, and worthless to work. Why should I subsidize their existence with my hard-earned income? I would prefer to use that money for the benefit my own family. And smoking, drinking and running around with hot women! Woo hoo! Maybe I shouldn’t pay taxes! Except the IRS already seizes the money before I even see it!

AWD doesn’t like speed limits! Or long stop lights either! I’m a busy cat and have places to go and liberals to piss off. Stop signs? Ain’t nobody got time for dat! Don’t think I or anyone else should keep those laws anymore! And what Attorney General or other politician hasn’t had a DUI? Enough of those DUI laws too! Go catch a murderer instead of a guy who blows one-millionth of a percent above the limit!

2. What if an Attorney General decides he or she won’t enforce gun laws in their state? Or protect the citizens from federal law with which he or she doesn’t agree? Will Holder hold them accountable if the ignoring of that law doesn’t fit the leftist, PC will of Obama? Ask Arizona after they passed SB1070!

America used to be a country of laws and that’s what differentiated us from other countries. Everyone was equal under the law. Now we are a country of politically correct suggestions at the behest of statist thugs in power of the White House and Department of Justice who look the other way when it benefits them politically or ideologically. They see no reason to abide by the Constitution or the system that has worked remarkably well for over 230 years. Want more illegals who will vote Democrat forever? Don’t enforce federal immigration laws and sue states that dare pass immigration legislation that mirrors federal law. It’s so easy when you are a tyrannic thug with an agenda! It’s even easier when the Party of the loyal opposition is so corrupt and cowardly that they sit on the sidelines watching it all happen.

Watch for more and more executive orders from Obama and more laws that benefit everyone but American producers to be enforced by Holder. Also, watch as Holder continues to ignore the protection of civil rights for anyone who is not a minority.

Obama and Holder are not incompetent or dumb. They are evil.

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Repeal all gun control laws and waiting periods aboilsh the EPA,EEOC,DHS,DOE,DEPT of the INTERIOR and Get us out of the UN

  2. Since we’re breaking laws, I don’t recognize the authority of Eric Holder or Barry Soetoro.
    Holder needs to be immediately fired and Soetoro impeached.

  3. we should force these communists in our government to respect the law and obey the constitution and the laws of our land……..

    democrat communists have some kind of idea that they are exempt from any law they deem they don’t want to obey……… in point……Lois Lerner……the communist in the IRS dept. that thinks she can get away without having to testify before congress……that she can defy congress and the law and no one can do anything about it………………….

    this is a typical pattern with the communists in government today and it’s getting worse………..

    we will see come March 5 when Lois “the communist bitch” Lerner is called to testify before congress on her involvement with suppressing the Tea Party and other conservative groups that simply wanted to express themselves and their political views according to the constitution…………

    it’s time to start jailing these communists if they refuse to obey the laws and those that intentionally break the laws like Lois “the communist” Lerner…………………

  4. Many moons ago was written here, this question, “Lawless lawmakers making laws?”

    I will not eat this bitter harvest!

  5. GrimmCreeper says:

    If this f**kwad doesn’t like a law let him change it the way the law requires. Holder and his assclown boss are taking this country down a lawless path more and more every day.

  6. Off topic but news from over here. Lee Rigby’s murderers sentenced today. Whole life sentence for one, 45 years minimum for the other.

    They should have been hanged, obviously. Incidentally, police arrested a number of patriotic protesters outside the court.

    • Liam………………………..

      if we had him we would cut his throat and let him bleed out…………………….and that goes for the other one two…………………

      put them both to death……………’s what they deserve……..

      • No argument from me there big fella. I’d happily give them a long drop with a short rope. Most sane people over here feel exactly the same.

  7. Go to and put welfare recipient in the salary wizard. Your average welfare recipient receives 53k in benefits per year. Hell, maybe we should let the negorts take over. This time we get to stay home and collect all kinds of free shit from DA gubbamint while they have to go to work. Sign me up!

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  9. Cooter Brown says:

    For once I agree with Eric Holder the D O J… Hell I don’t agree with I R S laws so I guess I don’t have to adhere to them. Ill just tell them Eric the Racist Holder said I could disreguard them because I feel like it….

  10. We should take Generalissimo Holder’s proclamations to heart! Spread the idea that the PEOPLE ON JURIES are the ultimate deciders of what statutes are ACTUALLY CONSTITUTIONAL. Yes, spread the ideals of the Fully Informed Jury Association –

    FIJA works to:

    – Inform potential jurors of their traditional, legal authority to refuse to enforce unjust laws
    – Inform potential jurors that they cannot be required to check their consciences at the courthouse door
    – Inform potential jurors that they cannot be punished for their verdicts
    – Inform everyone that juror veto—jury nullification—is a peaceful way to protect human rights against corrupt politicians and government tyranny

  11. The McClure-Volkmer Act Firearm Owners Protection Act signed by President Reagan stole the RIGHT to new full-automatic machine guns by the American people. The Cosmopolitans TOTAL control of the US Judiciary has enabled this wound to the Second Amendment to fester for nearly THREE decades.

    What legislatures in Red States can do to grievously wound the Federal gun controllers is to ELIMINATE any and all provisions that control and regulate full automatic and short barrel rifles and shotguns. This will remove the hand and glove Federal and State laws that feed the Federal gun control bureaucracy; if states don’t enforce federal laws because there is no complimentary state laws, then there is no incentive to give the BATF anything. This would mean that we can REDUCE the shear number of BATF agents that show up at the fires of local people or for ATF agents armed with M16s to show up at local school shootings. Think of the money that could be saved!

  12. Travis Bickle says:

    If the AG of the Federal Government wants to selectively enforce laws based on what s/he agrees with AND encourages the state AGs to do the same – then WE as citizens (or SUBJECTS as they would like to think of us), should SELECTIVELY abide by the laws we ONLY agree with. THEY are setting a standard which disrespects the force of law – effectively corrupting it – so we should carry thru in the same vain.. There is no integrity here, so its time to ONLY obey the laws we AGREE with!

  13. Holder went to the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing and lightheadedness, with luck, he will blow out an artery in his brain, and be dead by dinner time.

  14. Holder was taken to the hospital with chest pains………………………

    lets hope it’s real serious………… serious as a heart attack…………..

    if Holer dies, they better hide the grave because I’m going to piss on it………………

  15. Eric Holder is a racist (IMO). Most white people in this country know he is. He is also a shyster and is used to using the law as his own personal institution. He has been choosing what laws he wanted to enforce from the first few days in office. He did nothing about the two black panther idiots that stood at the polls trying to intimidate white people. Intimidation at voting booths is a serious offense but when people tried to do something about it he ignored them and the law. I remember reading that he went so far as to say he wasn’t going to ‘bring charges on his people’ or something to that affect. The fact that he thinks he can pick and choose which laws to enforce nullifies the rule of law. He is supposed to be the lawyer of the congress and the senate and not of just the president. Let us say Obama says he is going to make whites pay a fine for being white….(that is not so far fetched for him). He tells the IRS to take 500 dollars from our checks every year. Of course whites say it is unconstitutional and racist (and it is). So the Congress actually takes up for whites for a change and says that law is overturned and it is unconstitutional it cannot be enforced. Let us say Obama tells the IRS to do it anyway so there is a class-action law suit against Obama and the government. It goes to the supreme court and it is also said to be unconstitutional…..;but then Obama gets Holder to enforce it anyway. Holder decided on his own the law was a good one and the law from the Congress and the SCOTUS was not correct. His officers go out enforcing the law. WHo will stop in???? Does the Supreme Court or the Congress have an Army (in reality)? He and Obama are dictators and do what they wish. Obama and HOlder are so racist they have gone mad with hate and are dismantling our government. We must impeach these dictators.

  16. Last night at church my pastor was going on about how lawless this nation’s becoming. And he specifically mentioned “My People” Holder.