And so it continues! Obama’s slippery slope to totaltarianism in the United States of Venezuela gains speed. Know what America needs? We need the hyper-leftist mainstream propaganda media to become a little more hyper-leftist under the careful watch of Obama’s FCC! If you like your First Amendment, you can keep your First Amendment. Welcome to 1984!

Today, the FCC (Ministry of Truth) announced it would put monitors in media outlets to uncover how stories are selected and reported, among other things. Fox News reports:

The Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs (CINs) initiative was proposed last May. The FCC explained that it wanted information from television and radio broadcasters “to ascertain the process by which stories are selected, station priorities (for content production quality, and populations served), perceived station bias, perceived percent of news dedicated to each of the eight CIN’s and perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.”

AWD is surprised it took this long for Obama to go after the First Amendment. He tried (and failed) on suppressing the Second Amendment on a few occasions so I figured he’d go out to stifle any reasonable voices of opposition left in the American press by limiting free speech. As Orwell said:

“He who controls the past controls the present. He who controls the present controls the past.”

Plus, it sure would be nice if Fox News quit airing all those pesky stories about Benghazi, the IRS persecution of the Tea Party, Fast and Furious, etc! Maybe a FCC monitor could “encourage” Fox to concentrate a little less on Obama’s peccadilloes and more on Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus!

The vast majority of the mainstream media are already nothing more than propaganda organs of the Obama administration and the Democrat Party. They surrendered any pretense of journalism long ago. Why would Obama and the FCC be concerned about how stories are selected when nearly every story in the MSM is slanted in favor of Obama and the Dims? They’re not concerned about MSNBC, the NY Times and their ilk! This is an overt attempt to silence and control the loyal opposition.

Picture this conversation:

FCC Monitor: Gee, Mr Local TV Station Owner, sure would be a shame if you were to run that news report about the local man with cancer who lost his health insurance and won’t receive care under ObamaCare. You know, this close to your station’s license renewal and all.”

Station Owner: What story about the local man with cancer?

FCC Monitor: Exactly.

It’s blatantly obvious to those of us who don’t worship at the alter of American Idol and fantasy football there is a concerted effort for the government to destroy the rights Americans enjoy under the Constitution. Obama has shown he has no regard for the rights of Americans and seeks total government control over every aspect of our lives. If you don’t agree, we will make you agree. Like Winston in 1984, you will learn to love Big Brother! Think all those billions of rounds of ammo bought by Homeland Security was for nothing? Guess again!

Conservative, patriotic Americans are the real enemies to Obama and his statists. More and more conservatives are getting their news and views from the internet and not traditional news outlets. Look for overt action against conservative blogs in the near future. The FCC will challenge our credentials as “journalists” or file complaints that our blogs are one-sided and don’t present the arguments of our political opposition. They’ll file lawsuits, have the IRS audit us, etc until we are financially and emotionally exhausted. Those who fight the FCC will be punished and eventually our blogs will be shut down on some invented technicality devised to silence us. AWD believes this will happen in the next 12-18 months.

The FCC placing monitors in newsrooms should alarm every American as much as armed government agents kicking in your doors at midnight for an “inspection.” Because the latter isn’t too far removed from the former! Let the government control every aspect of information (propaganda) and the rest of our Constitutional rights will be rapidly peeled away until we are like those poor people in the streets of Venezuela. Throwing rocks at tanks.

Free speech is the foundation of a free society. The right to own firearms to fight against a corrupt, totalitarian government is what protects the foundation.

Don’t look to the Republicans to do anything more than whine a little on the Sunday morning propaganda news shows. They are too busy dreaming about how many useless, unwinnable wars they can start if they can retake the Senate and White House. After all, like the Dims, the Repubs serve their masters and not their constituents.

AWD is tired about writing about conservative vs liberal politics. I have learned there is little if any difference between the corruptocrats in both parties. It’s all an illusion to keep us arguing while the totalitarians in Washington and elsewhere go about their nefarious plans for total government control.

I recommend everyone read Orwell’s 1984. We’re about to live it. Or die fighting it.

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  1. Its the move against what The Regime views as negativity in news and a backdoor to reinstating the ‘Fairness’ doctrine in talk radio. Demos are already defining what is journalist vs opinion slinger. Soon only PC appointed journalists will be allowed to report the news. We have the sorriest bunch of representatives ever elected to office. They should have all in unison spoke against this act. It only strengthens my belief they are all in this sh#t together.
    Its a prelude to shutting down some of the media during a civil crisis so the current Pig of a President in the WH can control what is seen on the nations screens. When ya got the republican party going after the Tea Party using the IRS you know damn well there is collusion between them and the WH.

  2. Rush was reporting that this communist bastard and his band of merry idiots was trying to play the race card with these thug monitors. He said they were allegedly going try and find out how to get more minorities into broadcasting. That any station who refused would then be painted as being racist and against minorities in broadcasting.

  3. It wasn’t too long ago that Shrillary and the Dims were trying for legislation to ban conservative news from saying anything derogatory (read, truthful) about the left. Looks like Ovomit has again decided to bypass everything and just straight up take over.

    Oh well, so much for the First Amendment.

  4. If had cable I would watch American Idol. Nah… not really. The statists always win in the end. Thats the way it has been down through history. Millions will die.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Big Brother Stinks

  6. GrimmCreeper says:

    I’m starting to wonder if that crazy guy who used to stand on the corner wearing a sandwich board saying “the end is near” wasn’t so crazy after all. What’s next, a national police force standing on corners to “protect” us? The fact that every news outlet isn’t going ballistic over the mere suggestion of this type of FCC intrusion says bucket loads.

    • You already have a national police force. They are not standing on corners but watching you through the cameras on the corners. Locked and Loaded they are ready to roll in their IED resistant bullet proof tanks waiting to take you down for jaywalking or jogging in a threatening manner. You are in 1984+ right now. The police forces of today are not to protect and serve but to kill and maim anything deemed out of line by them. They are infected with ‘The Serpico Syndrome’. Dirty Cops do not exist without the passive, good, benevolent Cops looking the other way. They are essentially the same.

  7. So I guess with these “monitors” at the stations I guess we will NEVER hear of black on white crime ever again! Also, I guess every time a white person looks sideways at a black it will be reported 24/7 because everyone knows all whites are raysis and just waiting to perpetrate a hate crime!

    Maybe it will be a good thing however…If we never hear of black crime that must mean it is never happening right?

    Kinda like if a coon falls out of a tree in the woods whilst trying to steal a squirrel’s food and nobody finds out about it did it really happen? And if they did then the raysis squirrel must have provoked that thievery!

    We should all feel like Tommy and big brother is Uncle Ernie!!

  8. this is imperative……..alert…..alert……alert……..

    take heed ………you need to take heed……………………………………………………………………..

    I am petitioning Bararack Hussein Obongo to not open “Area 51” …………..please don’t open Area 51 president Obongo……….

    I don’t want anything to happen to the white race…….us white people need to live too…….I hope you won’t do what the Revrum Luis Farrakhan wants you to do and that is open Area 51 so we can be annihilated……..

    I want to live ……..President Obongo, I want to live……….I’m so afraid…..that’s right President Obongo…..I’m afraid……..Luis Farrakhan said we white people will be wiped out……..

    Protect us Obongo…………….Protect us…………………………

    I’ll apply for food stamps and section 8 housing……I’ll collect disability…..I’ll do what ever you want President Obongo……I will live off the government like a leech…..just don’t open up Area 51………..

  9. We all must realize what almost happened here and we must also realize Obama is not through trying to end freedom of Speech. This evil, Kenyan-communist attempted to put his FCC “minders” into every Newsroom in the nation and cloaked it as ‘checking for news stories applicable to the minority and woman interests; and also to see sources of what news medias reported and why did they report that information. They also said not enough blacks own news outlets.” This whole thing was a lie. If this worm-dictator wannabe would have gotten his way he would have soon been controlling the news in the whole nation. Do you see what is going on? THis alone is worth rebelling over (at some point). My God,…..Obama is a dictator; a communist dictator. He will try some other way to kill free speech and we must be on our toes. Obama picked a member of the black Caucus to study a way to ‘add more minorities to the news…….(Which means government/black control). This man, in turn gave the job to a company his own daughter started in Maryland. She the got the money for the study. She was black (obviously). So….., the blacks, allied with Obama, wanted to control the news and throw most whites and their concerns out of the news stations. While this wicked attempt to control the news is thwarted, some legitimate Congressman should announce that he wants an audit of the black company and if they misspent money or took money for no reason,….then they all should be in jail. Call your congressmen and senators and demand that happen so shell-companies will not be so brazen or racist in the future. Obama does what he pleases and the congress are cowards. Obama is excercising power he does not really have and no one says anything. Blacks and Obama are running the country without any white input and without regards to white rights and equality. Obama is a racist. Look at what they (the democrats) do illegally in the name of civil rights. What they have done in the last 40 years in the name of ‘helping minorities’ is absolutely against the constitution. You cannot put one race and their desires over any other race and call yourself a free democracy or a free republic. Now….’in the name of minorities’ it has come to trying to destroy free speech. We, as patriots, cannot keep putting up with this. Get up from your TV’s and go to work for freedom…..,real freedom. If you were born white in America,….you (and I) are not free………,but we will be…

  10. Not sure if this really means anything, but it appears for at least now the idea has been canned….This just in from WZ…

  11. These far from painless operations will be directed by highly centralized totalitarian governments. Inevitably so; for the immediate future is likely to resemble the immediate past, and in the immediate past rapid technological changes, taking place in a mass-producing economy and among a population predominantly propertyless, have always tended to produce economic and social confusion. To deal with confusion, power has been centralized and government control increased. It is probable that all the world’s governments will be more or less completely totalitarian even before the harnessing of atomic energy; that they will be totalitarian during and after the harnessing seems almost certain. Only a large-scale popular movement toward decentralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency toward statism. At present there is no sign that such a movement will take place.

    Those words are from the preface of my copy of Huxley’s Brave New World. Bear in mind that he died in 1963.