What this soldier did should frost your flakes! Many of you may have read about this gal refusing to salute our nation’s flag yesterday, some of you might not have heard about her antics. Either way, after you read about this issue, and watch a report from last night below…please state what your opinions are about this matter, as well as what you think her outcome should be when it comes to disciplinary actions.

One has to wonder if she is doing this intentionally for many reasons, one reason may be to denigrate our military and what she stands for some more. – Just a thought.

Here’s one of many reports:

Today I read a post on here about an army Pfc. Tariqka Sheffey. Sheffey posted a picture of herself and a statement on instagram that upset a lot of people. These folks are rightfully upset. I’m pretty ticked off myself! What did she do you ask? This fool took a picture of herself, and she stated that she was hiding in her car during colors to avoid saluting the flag. She said she didn’t want to hear anyone saying it was disrespectful, and that she didn’t “give a f*ck” [“IDGAF”]!

It baffles me to no end how someone can have the audacity to put on our country’s military uniform, while they hate it. How can they can be sworn in, take an oath, yet show such a lack of respect for the most basic values that this country was founded upon? I sort of understand when liberals say, “The flag is just a piece of cloth.” Coming from them, it is to be expected. Though I despise that they do it, I understand that they are just misguided fools. We have no choice but to tolerate them the same way that we tolerate a tooth ache on a Saturday evening when the dentist office is closed.

That being said though, when a soldier does something like this, it really ticks me off. I mean, you are wearing the uniform that represents the people that fight for our country. Many before you have worn that uniform, many died while wearing that uniform in service of this great nation. How dare you to put it on, disrespect our flag, disregard our military customs and courtesies, and then have the nerve to post this online? I’m so glad that you got caught doing this. You deserve all the uproar that you have encountered. It seems that you closed your instagram account, I wonder why?

You disgust me, not because you are expressing yourself, but because you are a despicable hypocrite! Take off the uniform, give up your post, and take yourself back to the civilian world with your liberal buddies where you belong. We don’t need, or want people like you pretending to fight for this country. You do more harm than good with that uniform on. I wonder how you will explain to your child that mommy got in trouble for being disrespectful to the country she supposedly defends? Good job setting an example for the next generation in your line.

Some folks have come out to her defense, they say she is a young soldier, and that she shouldn’t be punished too harshly. Others have said that they too did the same thing when in the service. I’m sure that it has happened, but to display it online? To so brazenly state that you don’t “give a f*ck”, doesn’t seem to me like a person who doesn’t know what they are doing. It seems like an intentional act of defiance against our military’s rules. Though I’m not sure if I advocate for her being forced out of the military, or dropped into a war zone with just her bad attitude as some have suggested, I do believe that she should be reprimanded for her behavior. She later attempted to clarify what she did, but it wasn’t an apology. It is a case of too little too late. I’m very curious to find out what happens to her for this.

There is more to the story above, well worth the read:

Allow me to leave you with a story of what a real soldier is like, also courtesy of our friends at Army Times.

As far as I’m concerned, she’s a despicable disgrace and should receive a dishonorable discharge…but that’s just me. – What say you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Ricky Joe says:

    Send her to Afghanistan!

    • Ricky Joe…

      One has to wonder if she would even go if deployed there….being the gutless wonder she is.

  2. OK Tariqka, Sweetie, You have let yourself down. Your OATH is your word, PERIOD…The last thing anyone should give up is their HONOR. The next thing is your Mates. You make your whole command look bad. Number 3 Your Uniform should never be posted in a public site while you are being disrespectful to your countrymen, uniform, Flag or oath of office. Do you really want to look like the country that gave you life means nothing to you? Ducking Colors is not the right thing, and no I didn’t rush out just to stand at attention either, Most just do the right thing. Which was to sit at attention. Posting it with IDGAF is. You earned this shit storm.

  3. antifeministwoman says:

    See, this is why they shouldn’t let women in the military…this is so typical of today’s spoiled, entitled, bratty and disrespectful young woman. Not to mention other reasons, such as sexual relations with the male soldiers, risk of pregnancy, time of the month, less physical strength, the fact that women psychologically suffer longer and harder from traumatic events, how many young women today seek to “outdo” the men and hence cause hostility rather than work as a team, etc.

    • Haven’t heard any update of what happened to this gal…but you can bet it was just slap on the hand.

      • Big, the only thing I have found, is that the army is keeping her punishment secret in accordance with the private act, but that the punishment will be handled administratively by her CO.

        That means anything from verbal counseling up to an Article 15, which is used to reduce rank, and impose fines.

        So, yeah, pretty much just a slap on the wrist.

        • Thanks so much JMV.

          • Sorry Lil late to get back to this one, this is exactly what I said would happen back on March 3rd. NJP, also known as Article 15 in the Army, Air Force, Office Hours for the Marines and Captains Mast for the Navy and Coast Guard.

          • bigtimer says:

            Old Salt…

            Thanks so much for the input. I’ve wondered about this from time to time.

          • Old Salt says:

            JMV is the one found out, I just reiterated that the UCMJ is still (SEMI) working