Rocky Mountain High! Here’s an article that accompanies the picture. – Food for thought to chew on:

Warning signs on Colorado’s marijuana legalization

So, do you think pot should be legalized? Has our decades old war on drugs been all for naught?

What’s your opinion regarding this subject? Do you agree or disagree with the information you just read in this article? If you agree, please state why you do. If you disagree…please state why you don’t.

Hit me with your best shots! – Don’t forget to inhale before doing so…something BJ Clintoon claimed he never did, and look where his starring power is now!

If you exhaled…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. At this point I don’t know what you do. However, 30 years ago the DEA and border agents should’ve just put cyanide in all the illegal marijuana shipments and sent them on to their original destinations. Guarantee the last few elections would’ve been different.

    • I am of the same opinion. Keep only enough evidence for the court, and then lace the rest with toxins, and put it out on the street. Buyer beware. We might end up with alot less junkies.

    • Flesh eating drug in USA…Illegals bring TB into US….Illegals blacks , top 2 killers in USA, close border , and get illegals out . Allow real Americans , every color the right to work please. Stop the race war, And race Baiting Minorities , against whites, were all Americans Blacks , your showing your true colors

  2. So, Floyd, Ol’ Opie comes up to me today and asks me why they say gardeners have a green thumb when it’s clear they aint got no green thumb at all…

  3. If you ask me, the War on Drugs was the original War on Terror in that it has enabled the government to increasingly militarize the police and demand and obtain ever increasing surveillance powers. If we want a massively decreased government, we MUST demand an end to the WOD and WOT NOW!

    The WOT can be turned off by simply ENDING Islamic immigration and DEPORTING Islamic criminals and so-called “REFUGEES” who are nothing more than lying criminals.

    The WOD is a war demanded by the Police in order to justify the never ending flow of LE toys and funds. All that money saved should be spent finding and deporting Illegal Aliens and their so-called “Anchor Baby” faux “citizens.” Getting rid of the infiltration will mean that jobs would IMMEDIATELY open up for US citizens including teenagers. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOWNSIDE TO DEPORTING THE ALIEN INVADERS! And the cost savings to the taxpayers will be in the BILLIONS.

    The USA is the biggest sucker in the UNIVERSE. According to the OECD:

    “The tax burden is measured by the ‘tax wedge as a percentage of total labour costs’ – or the total taxes paid by employees and employers, minus family benefits received, divided by the total labour costs of the employer. Taxing Wages also breaks down the tax burden between personal income taxes (PIT), including tax credits, and employee and employer Social Security Contributions (SSC)
    Key Taxing Wages results in 2011 included:

    For MEXICO, that tax wedge is 16.2%.

    For the USA, it’s 29.5%.

    In other words, the White Ruling Class of Mexico intentionally doesn’t tax their people so that they can have super-rich people like Carlos Slim, and can get their Mestizos to INVADE the USA and have the US taxpayer pay for the social costs of their invaders including schools, welfare and crime.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    the trouble with liberals their total athiests and theres no power higher then Obama and his mighty pen

  5. Lazlo says legalize it for the following reasons:
    Its an incentive for some very bad guys to come into the country. Take away their Pot money, and concentrate on instead on cocaine and heroin and meth.
    Then triple the fines and jail for DUI. With greater freedom comes greater responsibility.
    If we create a multi billion dollar industry, closing the border becomes an agricultural and tariff issue. Then it might get done.
    As far as people being stupid and doing stupid things, think of Pot as the hidden skateboard on Darwin’s Staircase. We need to pare down the Idiot Liberal population anyway.
    As far as crime goes, people on Alcohol, Meth, feral ubanites, Jealous Ass-wipes, and people just being Bat Shit Crazy account for most of the violent crime in the US.
    Stoners do things like the Mentos and Pepsi rocket and scrape up the infrastructure with their skateboards.
    As far as Stoners voting; it’s not like they would have voted Conservative anyway, so unless Conservatives start writing legislation packed with Pork Snacks instead of just Pork they will not win that demographic over to the cause.

    • The only reason I’ve been against legalizing pot over the years is for the same reason of what Big Brother now has their paws on with a legalized product…that being tobacco. – Think about it.Their claws don’t quit clenching as they bring in tons of dollars year after year, state after state. Rules, yearly new regulations.

      Yeppers, Uncle Sam sits back full to the gills with big bucks…which he’ll never belch back out.

  6. I just want to throw in another outrage that happened today with this decision via this court:

    Racial Strife my ass! Anyone remember when this happened? I posted about it…too danged tired to look up the link, but you’ll get the drift reading about it via the link in this post.

    Sometimes I feel like we are just fighting against the complete flushing of our country down the toilet….and can’t stop that flush from completing.

    • Cinco de Mayo, from what I’ve heard, is not even a real holiday in Mehico. It is a U.S. manufactured; let’s get drunk day. Evidently those that celebrate St. Patrick’s day by getting drunk, are not spending enough money on alcohol; so the distillers and brewers needed another drinking holiday.

    • Hey Bigtimer, have you heard of this? It’s secondhand, but I’m not surprised.

      • Eric…

        Yes, I have read about that…put links about in other threads in previous days myself. Glad for yours as well….hope others check it out. America needs to wake up and smell the coffee!!

  7. I personally don’t care what someone else smokes so long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.

    I’ve heard that alcohol is far worse.

    (I don’t drink or do drugs, either.)

  8. Speaking of Obama and a higher power…check this out.

  9. How can a government outlaw a plant that grows wild? I don’t care who smokes pot, as long as they do it in private and avoid doing stupid crap like driving.

    Pot grows and is harvested then dried, that’s the extent of its refinement. Not like cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.

    You want to destroy your life by doing drugs, be my guest. You screw up and injure or kill someone while under the influence, then you should get a severe punishment, up to and including execution.

    All drugs, including pot, have both beneficial attributes as well as detrimental attributes. Abusing drugs is just another way to win the Darwin Award.

    • Yep…couldn’t agree more.

      My grandma used to tell us it grew wild where she grew up in Springfield, Illinois. She said they always used it for medicinal purposes back then….etc etc.

      Gotta run…power outage coming. It’s a scheduled one…so when it comes back on, I’ll catch up with the rest of ya. – Later

  10. Stranger_In_A_Strange_Land says:

    What we’ve got here is a failure of parenting!
    I have watched a family member waste away moving lower and lower into crime due to their use of drugs. However, I do not blame the drugs at all. I do not blame the worthless revolving door “justice” system even though it is an enabler in many ways. I do think the “war on drugs” was and continues to be a complete and total waste. This so called war was never designed to be won but only to expand by leeching ever increasing resources in order to continue perpetually.
    The way I look at it, I have no choice but to return to failure in parenting as the general root of the problem. If parents did not allow their morals to be compromised by feel good ideas… If parents did not place so much faith in the government schools… If parents did not place their paths over the paths of their children… If only parents did not take a bite of the socialist fruit!
    There will always be a bad apple in a bunch however if it wasn’t for the parents failing to identify the bad fruit we would be receiving a much more plentiful bushel.
    So no, I do not support the War on Drugs nor do I support the criminalizing of them because they feed each other all while parents remain disengaged from their children.
    Children do not need you to be their friend…they need you to guide them.

    • Amen to much of what you said…especially your last sentence.

    • Stranger,
      BINGO, We have a winner,
      My step son’s Father played the friend role, he allowed my step son to bring his friends over and drink beer and smoke dope as early as jr high, he’s 41 now and after a life of abusing drugs he and his father are no longer friend’s, they can’t stand each other and I can’t stand either.

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    The war on drugs has been an abysmal failure. Most serious observers readily agree that it has done nothing significant to stem the flow of illicit substances into and throughout the United States, but some are just beginning to realize that as political demands for some evidence of success have increased in the wake of decades of failure, the tactics used in the war have come to exceed what is acceptable in a just society, such as the arming of drug gangs with weapons in the botched ATF Fast and Furious scandal and, now, the inducement of those with low IQs and developmental disabilities to become stooges in illicit weapon and drug transactions.

    In the operations, ATF agents go undercover and pose as owners and employees of illicit drug and gun buying operations. They find mentally disabled people and vulnerable others to be stooges for the agents, to join the disguised agents in consummating illicit drug and gun transactions, and to funnel people, including teens, to sham storefronts where they are encouraged to commit criminal acts. The ATF agents then make arrests, including the arrest of those who have done their bidding as stooges.