Paging Karl Rove and ilk! – After you read two different reports here, see if you think the established GOP bigwigs behind the scenes have managed to turn the once ‘Grand Old Party‘ into nothing but a ‘crime family‘ in recent years. All one has to do is look at the gutless wonders leading the GOP in the Senate and the House to know the answer to the question above…or do you think I’m wrong about my conclusion when it comes to this issue?

Anyway friends, see what you think about what democrat pollster Pat Caddell has to say about this news, along with El Rushbo too.

You can read both reports here and here:

The civil war between the Tea Party and the GOP Establishment has been brutal. But could it be the reason congressional Republicans aren’t putting the heat on President Obama for the IRS scandal?

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell thinks so, and radio host Rush Limbaugh said it’s plausible. One historian even told Breitbart News the modern GOP resembles a “crime family.”

“The establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties,” Caddell told Fox News on Sunday.

“When you have 71 percent who want an investigation, 64 percent who believe that it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats,” Caddell said, “the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Parties. Got it?”

Here’s some of Rush:

Agreeing with a theory put forth by Democratic pollster Pat Caddell, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on Monday that the GOP establishment has failed to push for a higher-level investigation into the IRS because they want the tax agency to “go after the Tea Party.”

“When you have 71% who want an investigation, 64% who believe it is a sign of corruption including nearly a majority of Democrats, the reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the Tea Party,” Limbaugh said.

The Tea Party represents an “outside threat to their power hold,” he explained.

Limbaugh went even further, theorizing that the GOP might even be willing to lose elections in order to get rid of the Tea Party.

“That’s why there hasn’t been any establishment Republican pushback on the IRS,” he added. “It’s almost safe to say the Republican establishment might be willing to lose a couple of elections if it meant getting rid of the Tea Party; because it’s clear, folks, they don’t want to win any elections the Tea Party can claim any credit for.”

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Yep, the RINO Republican establishment is so scared of losing their power to the Tea Party, that their asses are chewing holes in their panties. They will resort to any dirty trick in the book to destroy any perceived threat to their long established status quo.

    I would not be surprised to see that sometime in the future, that there will be “manufactured” scandles directed towards Tea Party leaders, complete with pictures and paid witnesses.

    Anything to discredit the opposition.

    • GOP will work with Demos to hurt the Tea Party any way possible. Both parties are Fascist goons. I can count on 2 hands Congress critters that are ok, the rest ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit……..assholes all.

  2. It may take a couple more election cycles but the Gutless Old Pussies will be gone!

  3. BillTheBuyer says:

    @magnum “It may take a couple more election cycles” OH SHIT!

    Talk about ruin my day. :(

    • Ditto! – That’s what I meant above.

    • Sorry Bill I didn’t mean to ruin your day. I’m an optimist but not completely crazy, it’s gonna take a while to pry their super glued asses out of their seats. However if the next elections go to a majority of real conservatives I think we may see some of the CINO’s jump on the bandwagon. Just my 2 cents.

  4. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Conservatives need to leave the Republican Party in mass. If it’s not clear by now that the GOP has abandoned its conservative principles, then those who remain deserve to get everything that’s coming their way.

    • I heard about that poll late last night. – Too bad those same voters didn’t see the writing on the wall last election. Now we’re all paying a mighty high price for their mistakes.

      Like Shrillary screeched…’At this point, what difference does it make?’

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Both parties is as crooked as a bolt of lightning more interested in appeasing the United Nations the New World Order and acheiving the goals of Big Brother and 1984

  6. Since the Tea Party is mentioned here, check this poll out:


  7. Frank The Tank says:

    We need to push back like my grandpa’s did in Ireland between 1916 and 1920. The Grand on myfather’s killed a friend anb colleague of his for being a snitch.

  8. Crazy Uncle Joe squawks…a Tea Party breaks out!