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Color me beet red with disgust! As usual, Colin ‘THE RINO‘ Powell manages to anger many with his left-wing rhetoric. Oh yes, this entity dressed in an empty-suit manages to spew all the talking-points the progressives yearn to hear from someone that claims to be a republican. We all know Dear Leader and Crew are very pleased with this phony attention-getter…you can be sure he’ll get a big pat on the head from all of them one way or the other.

Here he is today on msDNC with good ol’ leftist-loon Andrea Mitchell. – You can read two reports here and here:

Appearing on MSNBC, former Secretary of State Colin Powell savaged the Republican Party of which he says he is still a member for catering to “elements” that are overtly hostile to people of other races or nationalities. Powell told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that there are groups within the GOP who “demonize people who don’t look like the way they’d like them to look.” He added that, for this reason, he believes the GOP needs him more than the Democratic Party needs him.

Speaking with Mitchell about the need for immigration reform, Powell said that reforming the system was critical. “We are an immigrant nation,” Powell said. “People wonder if we’re still the great country that we pretend to be, or we present ourselves to be. The answer is yes.”

Mitchell noted that Powell has criticized the GOP in the past for harboring a “dark vein of intolerance.” Powell took the opportunity to repeat his criticism.

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“There are certain elements of the party who go out of their way to demonize people who don’t look like the way they’d like them to look like or came from some other place,” Powell said. “I think the party has to deal with this.”

He said that even senior-level Republicans continue to make “statements about women” and “minorities” that make the party look “less tolerant than it should be.” Powell specifically cited voting laws which he said are designed to restrict minority access to the polls.

Given this, Mitchell asked if Powell was still a Republican. Powell said that he is. “I think a Republican Party needs me more than the Democratic Party needs me,” he concluded.

Despite still identifying as a Republican, Powell has been critical of the party in recent years and endorsed President Obama. Last year, he said the Republican party had a “vein of intolerance” for minorities and women. During a speech in North Carolina, he accused the state’s Republican governor and legislature of “sort of punishing” minorities by implementing voter-ID laws.

If for any reason some of you don’t recall some of his phony-baloney past BS in the same vein as this example today, you can read some of that information here.

In case any of you have forgotten his involvement in the Valerie Plame brouhaha, check it out below:

The Dishonorable Colin Powell

Methinks he should be declared ‘RINO of the Week‘! – What say you?

I’m out of words…toss in your thoughts. – If you could, what message would you send to the RINO?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Powell will kiss any ass that is in power……it is his true nature…

  2. MM from Georgia says:

    I knew Powell was worthless at the beginning of Powellmania in the mid-1990s, from enthralled liberals gushing about him. He’s a user, a frontrunner, a fake. He, like the other Demo leftists, says good things about commie killer Fidel Castro. You know how U.S. liberals love Castro. Look at the speaking fees Powell has earned from his duplicity. His net worth is in the millions from his hot air. Powell’s another bigmouth empty suit loser. On all the issues he’s a confirmed leftist. To hell with him. No, the Repubs do not need Powell.

    • Yep. You summed it up well, especially about his money in his wallet. Leftist, phony blowhards always rake in the dough…it’s what they do best.

  3. Powell is like GI Joe in the late seventies. Still technically a GI Joe, but its value is highly diminished.

  4. Folks, please don’t forget how dishonest this filthy POS has been for years. This was during the Bush, Scooter Libby, Valerie Plame scandal.

    Take a minute and refresh your memory:

  5. Speaking with Mitchell about the need for immigration reform, Powell said that reforming the system was critical. “We are an immigrant nation,” Powell said. “People wonder if we’re still the great country that we pretend to be, or we present ourselves to be. The answer is yes.”

    Ya’ know what? We DO NOT need immigration reform…what we need are for our law enforcement agencies to start doing their jobs, dammit. I have nothing against immigration, but it has to be LEGAL immigration, and the immigrants MUST ASSIMILATE into OUR culture…..those who choose to do otherwise MUST be deported to their country of origin. I can’t think of any other country on the globe that allows pretty much an unhindered “invasion” of their sovereignty such as what is happening in the U.S. There is a part of my fatigued old brain that thinks Colin Powell may be positioning himself to be a future president or VP and this is his way of “testing the waters”. As far as the GOP needing him more than the DEMS…go with haste to the DEMS and stop your masquerade, and quit sabotaging the GOP — what few there are who are not RINOS.

    • I could not agree more with your sentiment, Grumpy. Our immigration system needs to be enforced, not reformed. I am sick to death of hearing how the illegal immigrants are being treated unfairly, etc. Just enforce the system as fairly as possible, end of story.

      As for the people in the GOP who keep sabotaging the party by agreeing so wholeheartedly with the left, they should just pull off the mask and join the party they are working for.

      • I just passed a construction site and they were laying cement. Every single member of the crew was Latin and clearly did not understand English. What makes me concerned is that blacks used to do this job. In fact, they did it so well that you would not even consider hiring a group on non-blacks. I don’t mean this as a put down or in any mean way. The job was one on entry level and blacks moved up the ladder from there, or down if they got into trouble. But the fact is that I rarely see blacks working except at government jobs, then I see the unemployment rate among blacks and become depressed. Latinas are moving in and displacing blacks and it is allowed, this is a sad set of affairs and will lead to trouble.

        • Yup, and if blacks were wise they’d wake up to this fact and start siding with whites for “patriotic immigration reform” (i.e., immigration moratorium, sealing the borders, repatriating illegals, etc.). Some hopeful signs are starting to appear (e.g.,

        • Drive into any road construction area on I-75 in Georgia and you will see nothing but Hispanic yellow hats doing all the grunt work, and you’re very correct — they are displacing an untold number of Blacks at jobs the Black concrete workers excel in…house construction in Georgia has also become overtaken by Hispanic workers, particularly if any masonry is involved — also previously the product of proud Black craftsmen. The best built houses(used to be in the business) I’ve ever seen were done by highly qualified Black tradesmen who took pride in their product. You’re right again on your point about this being a sad state of affairs; actually it’s disgusting.

  6. Powell’s always been nothing more than an Affirmative Action Creation. The Real “General” during the Iraq War was Stormin Norman Swartzcoff. Any Iraq Vet will tell U that.
    Powell = “Human Cartoon” Puppet-Stooge.

  7. Speaking of phonies…this is what we have to deal with in Big Sky Country:

    Gawd, I despise this worthless POS!

    • MM from Georgia says:

      The Demos used the losertarian party to win that Senate seat. They cleverly bought TV ads telling voters to vote for the LP doofus after they maxed out all the Demos they could round up. The voters didn’t catch on to the duplicity in time – six more crummy years. I’ve visited Montana a bunch of times and know the people deserve better than the loser politicians. Incredibly, I read that the big Montana newspapers all backed Tester’s reelection – disgusting. Too many people get along to go along.

      • MM…

        Right you are. While MT is basically a red state, we have unions and college towns in many cities in this state that are like many states…filled with nothing but liberal filth. And don’t think there isn’t cheating here…there is. Plus, too many out of staters that have moved here that are leftists….Ted Turner is one of them.

        One other problem we have here, the unions always put up a front man leftist that runs on the libertarian ticket to split the vote, so we have a hard time winning on the ‘R’ side of the aisle when it comes to the senate etc. – But you get the picture….and it ain’t pretty.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    Powell puts his own race above loyalty to the nation he has sworn to protect he no longer deserves to continue to be a american citizen

  9. I get the impression Colin Powell is trying to insert himself back into the national discussion. I haven’t heard from him in some time and wouldn’t mind it continuing in that vein. I have no use for him, none!

  10. ThisObamaNation says:

    That is an easy question for me to answer…HELL NO!!!

  11. RidinShotgun says:

    Ummmm, no we don’t need you, you pale in comparison to Alan West. I can’t find the link over at, but they have a number of articles about him over there and one of them has to do with his life in the army before the great Ronald Reagan plucked him from obscurity. To wit: his neck was on the chopping block for poor performance as a leader and he was about to be passed over for promotion. This is a theme that occurs over and over againduring his military career.
    Sorry Mr. Secretary, but we’re not hostile to people who don’t look like we do, what we’re hostile towards are foreigners who get in here illegally, demand to stay and get put to the front of the line, demand a whole slew of free goodies that they don’t deserve and then scream and cry RACISM when people such as ourselves have the unmitigated gaul to say not so fast, get to the back of the line.
    BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! Not that you’d notice, your too busy being contemptuous of those around you who don’t “Think” like you do.

  12. I’m gonna toss this in the mix for the heck of it.

    Why does everyone always apologize? After all, it’s Black History month.

  13. I copied this last year from a conservative web site…..

    “If a conservative is deemed to be racist because he/she doesn’t support Obama’s policies, because of his policies and not his skin color, then one must presume that a liberal who does support Obama because of his skin color, and his policies, is also a racist, and a far worse one than the conservative.

    I am just so sick of hearing the lib pundits bandy the word “racist” around so much describing conservatives. Skin color has nothing to do with the way his administration has handled, and indeed, is handling government. Obama was born into and raised in the culture of socialism and that is just how he operates. Most of his mentors were Marxist in ideology and that is the trait he has carried into his governance style. To call this out and then be accused of being racist is tantamount to saying a wolf is a domesticated animal, when its natural instincts are that of a predator.”

    Author Unknown

  14. The last time Powell ever generated any respect, was when he was in uniform. He has become , or always was, a racist.

  15. Just another Jamaican “foreigner offspring”, who used his skin color to advance through the US Army. And then turned on the USA.
    His devotion is typical and now expected of his race.
    Will we ever learn??????

  16. Did you miss this?

    Hawaii official who released Obama birth certificate dies in plane crash

    1: Sheriff Arpaio’s Lead Obama Investigator Drops Bombs On White House – 2/7/2014

    • Nope, I missed neither of those reports. But in case others don’t know about them…glad you have the information here.

  17. Both of these reports fit right in with the immigration issue, as well as voter ID and more hypocrisy.

    Check ’em out…

    and this ~

  18. affirmativre action hero Colin Powel can go back to africa as far as I am conerned…….you say he’s not from africa…..well you could have fooled me…………I don’t give a damn where he’s from…..he can go to africa there and stay there…..let him freak’n die there……or die real soon because OI’m gett’n pretty damn sick and tired of this piece-of-sh!t popping up every once and a while shooting off his communist spittle………

    who the hell vetted this bastard…….how the hell can he proclaim himself a republican and then vote for the most socialist Marxist in the history of the country….twice…………oh, I forgot……blacks are blacks first and Americans second or last………but one thing is for sure……he is showing his blackness and his hatred of America by supporting the communists in the democrat party which is all of the democrats……every last one of them……….

    there was a time in the military when a traitor was shot…….what the hell happened……it’s time to reintroduce this practice…….place traitors like Powell in front of a firing squad and pump about 200 rounds into the piece-of-sh!t…………….

    the republican party needs a serious exorcism……that’s right an exorcism…….it’s got to get rid of the affirmative action negros and the rest of the statist now claiming or should I say lying about how conservative they are……………..

    Powell you piece-of-sh!t… need an exorcism to get rid of the democrat demon that plagues you…….you’re possessed by a real nasty democrat demon…………

  19. I always get a good laugh when I see someone like Powell or Clark acting like “I was a military leader.”
    They never qualified as “leaders”. They were “Green Politicians”, and the only reason they were successful in that very small pond, was that they had a bunch of ringknockers covering for them in the hopes that they would benefit too. When they leave the little pond for the real world they are suprised to learn that they are only amatuer politicians after all

    • CW4…

      Glad you mentioned Clark too. I watched that tiny jerk very early in the mornings strutting back and forth during Clinoon’s Kosovo/Serb BS…saying nothing but pure crap too.

      Right you are about both of them…two peas in a pod!

    • Chief

      I can tell you from personal experience that your observation is on the money… as we both know, politically ambitious, self-serving, egomaniacs like these forgot what real leadership is once they are promoted beyond a brigade/regiment level of command. By the time most of them are in command of a division they are teeing it up with congressman and senators…. its nothing new