If you haven’t read various reports about this subject the last few days, see what you think about what’s going on when it comes to the U.S. Army building a replica city. Evidently this was done for practice for our military when it comes to fighting the terrorists this nation faces, including invasion.

Some people are skeptical about this issue, others think all of this is a sincere effort to fight our enemies…and a big heaping handful think there’s a deeper meaning to what’s going on behind the scenes, they see what’s going on here as nefarious and very sinister in the long run when it comes to ‘we the people‘ fighting against big brother.

After you read this article, see what your opinion is when it comes to the big picture of things that this entails:

Friday was Valentine’s Day. It is somewhat paradoxical that The Telegraph reported a news item that had an emotional impact but didn’t inspire love: “The U.S. Army has built a 300 acre ‘fake city’…in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios.”

Constructed at a cost of $96 million the site, located in Virginia, was completed in less than two years. Early critics of such expenditure cite Virginia’s plethora of abandoned properties which could have provided ample opportunities for practicing occupation as well as bringing money into those areas. Britain’s Daily Telegraph provided additional details: “The 300 acre ‘town’ includes a five story embassy, a bank, a school, an underground subway and train station, a mosque, a football stadium, and a helicopter landing zone…the realistic subway station comes complete with subway (cars) and the train station has real train (cars). The subway (cars) even carry the same logo as the (cars) in Washington DC…” All of the streets and businesses sport signage written in English and the town is American in every aspect. What is causing skepticism are the somewhat muddled justifications offered up by the Army for such a “city.”


Colonel John P. Petkosek is the commander of the U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group. The Telegraph offered his reasoning: “This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet…This is where we’ll look at solutions for the future–material solutions and non-material solutions…The things that we do here at this facility will have a direct and lasting impact on our entire army.” It is the last part of that statement that is of concern. Certainly the United States military’s ability to perfect techniques against the possibility of terrorist incursion into America is something no one would complain about. Questions arise, however, regarding exactly who the U.S. military considers “terrorists.”

Not so long ago, the news carried reports that the United States military was instructed to add what are largely considered Conservative groups to their definition of “domestic terrorists.” According to “The increasing demonization of domestic political groups as extremists has prompted numerous scenarios where commentators have suggested that U.S. Army and National Guard personnel could be needed to quell civil unrest. In 2012, an academic study about the future use of the military as a peacekeeping force within the United States written by a retired Army Colonel depicted a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that has been seized by Tea Party ‘insurrectionists’. The study…revealed plans for the military to carry out ‘Civil Disturbance Operations’ during which troops would be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.” Soldiers at Fort Hood were being indoctrinated, by their superior officers, that Christians, second amendment supporters, Tea Party advocates and anti-abortion activists presented a “radical terror threat.” There is no word that this order has ever been withdrawn. points out that this is language endorsed by the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security added ‘liberty lovers’ to the list of domestic extremists, turning domestic terrorism into a rather broad endeavor.

Just a year ago, former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warned that The Lyin’ King’s regime was interrogating top military brass, questioning whether or not they would be willing to disarm and fire on American citizens. This past week the Ohio National Guard conducted training exercises against “second amendment supporters” and the Department of Homeland Security placed its largest order to date for ammunition. Executive orders have significantly broadened and relaxed the laws governing martial law. Now The Lyin’ King’s regime will unleash the military “to be creative,” to make blueprints for “solutions” that “will have a direct and lasting impact on our entire army.”

Didn’t similar “solutions” transpire in WWII Germany?


What say you? A conspiracy via big brother…or zilch to worry about and much ado about nothing?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. They show up to disarm me, and I will force an exorbitant expenditure of ammunition, explosives, money, and lives. They will end me, but I will have many slaves in the next world. Better to die free and on my feet than to live on my knees as a slave.

  2. we know why the government is building fake cities to practice their street violence and taking control of city streets………..

    we also know who this is directed against……………………’s directed against us………….

    these sons-a-bitches are practicing to take control of Americans by pointing their guns at us……. it’s not the first time the government has taken up arms against Americans……but this time it’s the entire country they fear……..

    that’s right the government fears us……it’s own citizens……the truth of the matter is we are the one’s who should fear……that is fear this oppressive government………those of us who believe in the second amendment are at risk in today’s America……..lets face it, our government is out of control and intends on pointing it’s weapons at us…………..

    this government fears us…’s own citizens……and it intends on killing us if we stand up to them…..there is no other explanation……….we know why you built this fake city…………

    in the end “you” will lose……..that’s right, your the one’s who are going to lose……. point your guns at us……if we have to take to the hills we will….but in the end your the one’s who are going to the grave……..

  3. The Military has built much bigger facilities than this to use as practice for various things. I think this reaction is a bit over blown. I’m not discounting civilian purchase and acquisitions of military items which I don’t think they need such as millions of bullets and up armored vehicles which I think could be used against the citizenry under this Regime. The militarization of our local LEO’s is unjustified, downright scary and just illegal in many cases. If this facility was used to train civilian forces I would object greatly.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    These solders should be practing how to defend this nation not conduct fake raids on our towns and villages like defending this nation from Obama the UN as well as the Black Panthers and illegal aliens the real threats to our nations securaty

  5. Logically no one is going to invade us while we are still armed. They talk about china having a million man army well we have 100 million plus really. So there is only one place to look and its here at home.

  6. BillTheBuyer says:

    Nothing to see here, now move along.
    I find it sad that we are at a point where we wonder what the motive is behind what our government is up to.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    More and more reasons why america needs to pull out of the United Nations its nothing but a world goverment conglomerent

  8. Blackmailed Congress Stalls Legislation Outlawing NSA Surveillance
    America is now a totalitarian state

    Kurt Nimmo
    February 17, 2014

    Congress refuses to act on NSA reform legislation despite an overwhelming number of Americans expressing opposition to the agency’s pervasive surveillance. Since October bills in both the House and Senate have remained stuck in respective Judiciary Committees. Aides say there is no indication they will move forward anytime soon.


  10. Check this out…this takes place in Texas. ~

  11. Well the defection rate if Obama was stupid enough to try this would be amazing as most combat troops fit the profile of the terrorists groups they claim to be the enemy. If Vietnam taught us anything it’s that a modern army can’t defeat an insurgency with unlimited reinforcements.
    Just assuming they did this they would destroy the infrastructure of our country and eventually lose in at best a face saving treaty.

  12. Nine dead in Kiev…..will America see this soon?…………………………

    seems to be riots all over the world today…..

    • At least 2 police officers were killed by gunfire in Tuesday clashes and more than twenty have been hospitalized with serious gunshot wounds, the Kiev police press service has announced.

      “95 police officers were injured, 21 of them received gunshot wounds, 23 are in serious condition, 3 are comatose and one is in a state of clinical death,” a police press service source added to Interfax-Ukraine.

      • I heard some about this earlier this morning on Fox, hearing some of it via radio news breaks too…so at least some critters are reporting on this issue. ~

    • Jigg…

      Your vid should be a wake-up call in this country!

  13. While this may seem shocking, the truth is the military has been building and training in fake cities for years even before i retired in 2000. The only difference i see here is the elaborate detail. In the past, we stacked old shipping container, cut windows, and installed stairways.

    Before we jump to conclusions here, just remember, the military doesn’t need to train to fight Americans in American cities becuase we are already militarizing the local police to do just that. Remember Obama’s call for a civilian police force as strong as the military?

    • In answer to your question at the end: YES, I remember well…I can’t wait until this administration is in the dust.

  14. Why is there not a peep about this from any of our Elected Representatives/Politicians? Or FOX News or any other Media, for that matter ? What is again being hidden from the American People ?

    • Howdy RBM…

      What do you think is being hidden? Why do you think the msm has been mum about this? – Just curious as to how you see it. ~

  15. http://sipseystreetirregulars......f-new.html
    TPTB would be well advised to read this and note the stats in it.

  16. i was stationed at Ft. Riley Ks. for 6 years. they have a similar, but much smaller sight, called a MOUT sight. Military Operations Urban Training. it’s primary purpose is to train infantry in house to house close quarter combat….similat to the major police acadamy kill rooms. being small, training did not include vehical support, or possable air support, and squad level tactics was as big as it got. it was totally inadequet for what the troops who had trained there faced in iraq and afganastan.
    this sight would allow training on a company scale, with armored support, and simulated air strikes. you train like you are going to fight, because you will fight like you trained, the battlefield is no place to learn hard lessons, or for trial and error.

    i understand WHY this sight was built, and WHAT it is most likely to be used for…..
    but where the troops who train there will be used is a major concern…i just don’t trust the bastards in charge….

    • That’s the real problem when it comes to this administration…’Trust’!

      xtron…eternally thankful for your service, along with your input to this conversation. Much appreciated.

  17. I really hope some of you take a look at this information…it’s eye-opening to say the least!