Dudes and dudettes…there are times when I’m just at a loss of words, this is one of those times. You may understand why after you’ve watched a despicable video and read about feminists griping about their so-called ‘gender tensions‘ and all the rest of their sick and twisted notions and motions that go with it. All of it is beyond the pale via my viewfinder in life…you might see thinks differently. – Each to their own.

After you read about this and click the link to watch the video if you choose to, see what your opinion is when it comes to all this entails. See if you think we can we sink much lower at this stage of life in this country, or am I just being pessimistic and worrying too much? – This is via Campus Reform:

A group of Columbia University and Barnard College alumni filmed a feminist pornographic film in the school’s Butler Library to fight what they see as “gender tension” at Columbia.

The NSFW film, titled “Initiatiøn,” was filmed as a feminist statement exploring “the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria, highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire,” according to an article published on Gawker.

“Butler is an extremely charged space — the names emblazoned on the stone facade are, for me, a stimulant for resistance,” Tweet This

It begins with a group of girls sitting around a library table taking their shirts off. As the film progresses, the girls engage in activities including kissing, rubbing eggs on their bodies and twerking around chicken carcass.

One of the film’s creators, Columbia art and history major Coco Young, told the IvyGate blog that the library itself represented sexism at the school because only male author’s names are on the facade of the building.

Barnard College senior Sara Grace Powell, who appeared in the film, agreed.

“Butler is an extremely charged space — the names emblazoned on the stone facade are, for me, a stimulant for resistance,” she said.

“I work in Butler but sometimes feel suffocated by it … The point was to transgress the relative conservatism (and it’s history) of the space with this hysterical intervention.”

Powell also serves as a curator for the school’s Postcrypt art gallery.

Vogue contributor and the author of the Slutever blog Karley Sciortino created the film with Young.

“I haven’t made a video for Purple in a while,” Sciortino’s blog post introducing the film stated.

“If you’re in the mood for a #throwback, the most recent was a blow-job instruction video that I made with Sandy Kim last May.”

You can click this link and watch the video below here. – Warning: Very graphic!


And your thoughts about all of this are?…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I have to re-new my library card…. had no idea what I was missing!

  2. Wow Biggie, I never thought I would live to see such a thought provoking, mature work of art. The nuances are just too many to discuss here. The message has me falling to my knees, raising my eyes to heaven and asking WTF. Woman’s case has never been so well dramatized. YMBSM!!!

    I give it 5 lumps of excrement. Can’t get much better than that.

    • Pretty bad, pretty sad…and I never thought I’d live to see the day of what our nation is becoming either misterb. Utterly disgusting. I weep for what our nation once was…I wonder if it will ever be restored before I leave this planet. – Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind.

      Your last line sums it up for me my friend.

      Btw…I’m almost afraid to ask, but what does your acronym stand for?

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Need anymore reasons to totaly cut off all federal funding of these liberal run collages and univsersities no longer should tax papyers be forced to pay for this kind of crap. On a serate note some idiot stedents say that gun owners should be shot or imprisioned typical for these NEA run schools

  4. and speaking of wild women…it’s official..Fluke to try and Occupy Congress…………………..

    but we all know what she really wants occupied…….


    oh yeah

    • Oh great, now we’ll be paying her wages as she does her best to vote and destroy along with her other counterparts.

  5. There is gender repression on the campus of Columbia University.

    The two 18-year old gentile men that the school accidentally admitted as Freshmen are oppressing all the tenured six figure salaried feminist faculty in the womyn’s studies department.

  6. Mr. Rational says:

    Feminist women?

    Making lewd movies in LIBRARIES?


    Know what this is?  It’s THE END OF THE PORN INDUSTRY, IT IS!  Soon nobody will be able to make a living by having sex in front of a camera, and even the market value of models is likely to take a dive.

    We’ll have all of those stars and starlets whose only talent is doing things with their nether body parts while spouting lame, stilted lines competing for jobs as restaurant busboys (excuse me, “bussers”) and coffee-shop baristas.  The rest will be added to the ranks fo the unemployed.

    And imagine the disappointment when all the horny teenage boys rush to their libraries and find out that’s they’re all just books and movies and computers not even as good as the ones they have at home?  They’ll be scarred for life!  WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!

  7. Speaking of education…as well as sick and twisted.

  8. This is where all that mechanized ‘convenience’ got us.
    If those Fartknockers had to spend some time chopping wood and beating their laundry with a rock down by the river, they wouldn’t have time for nonsense like: “stimulants for resistance,”
    If these Students are so ‘green’ as young people are wont, put in treadmills in the basement and let them work four hours a day generating some electricity for the Library lights, then see if they have energy for “stimulants for resistance,”

  9. That was the most ignorant garbage that has ever had video tape, or a memory card wasted to record.

    If they are insulted by having just male authors over the library entrance, I understand that there are many all female or female oriented universities that they can transfer to instead of wasting time and money creating this kind of crap. These “women” are obviously too stupid to be allowed to continue in the halls of higher education. They should be immediately expelled for damaging the reputation of the university.

  10. Okinawa Marine says:

    Wow, that was the first time I got a bonner from the library…..without looking at the National Geographic magazines that is!

  11. When I heard Pussy Riot is coming I thought alright! Then I found out they are a feminist punk band from Russia. 🙁

  12. That’s feminist sex and porn?

    No wonder they’re frustrated angry bitches, they are doing it wrong!

    That shitty video looked more like a parody of a Wiccan ritual full of dumb-ass attention whores.

    Let’s see why exactly do they have their panties in a wad? Oh yeah, the library has men/s names on it…

    Well gee whiz ladies Butler Library was funded (that means paid for) by a ‘man’ Edward Stephen Harkness the 6th richest person in America at the time.

    And as a special added bonus James Gamble Rogers, another man, was the architect of the building.

    And during construction in the early 1930’s not one woman had a hammer in her hand pounding nails.

    But even though the names Sappho, Madame de Lafayette, Jane Austen, and Virginia Woolf have been added to the inscriptions of great writers on Butlers facade. These particular 2014 feminazi educated twats, still can’t make a decent porno that someone would want to watch.

    My advice, try reading some of the books in that library, and leave the porn to professionals

  13. Okinawa Marine says:

    Damn, this reminds me of a band I saw in Amsterdam. It was called “Rock Bitch”. They were all lezbo lickers, the lead guitarist was wearing a mini skirt, and after her solo she raised up her guitar and started urinating down her legs and on the stage.
    She should have been granted a students visa into the US right away, poor hygiene and all.
    Thats what we call a Dutch Piss Party.
    Nasty Eruo Trash

  14. Oh brother…check what’s going on at this university in Chicago. Unbelievable…flogging and electrocution involved.

  15. Women are back to acting messed up. But this is nothing new. If you go to Pompeii, you will see scenes on the villa walls of women doing similar rituals 2000 years ago. There must be something to estrogen that does not allow your brain to function.

  16. Those females need three things: an intervention a makeover and scrubbing.

  17. They need to be arrested and stay in jail over night

    • Heck Trixee…years back, they would have been expelled from the university too!

      What a disgusting, deplorable, despicable example of so-called education. – Can you believe our nation has sunk to the depths it has?

      • Sadly, I can. I am all for getting freaky with your loved one in a usual public places…..a library? NO. I can certainly secure in my “filly-ness” and can appreciate some nice girly attributes. I like men and everything about them but who doesn’t like a nice rack to peek at? These twits just look silly.

        • Sorry, I don’t care about seeing some gals nice rack. But when it comes to men and some of their features…that’s a different matter.

  18. OK, do they think they are “witches” casting some spell? LMAO
    Maybe their 29yo fantasy gamer, permanent student without a real job saw this on 1 of their ridiculous games.

  19. Gender tensions ? WTH is that? These twists are too busy making up issues. They should try getting laid more & do some homework.

  20. My 12-year-old’s running around so I’m not watching it…but I’m sure it’s pretty nasty.

  21. Speaking of education…check out what’s happening in Texas…