If any of you didn’t get the chance to watch Ann Coulter last night on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show, you will now! As always, she minced nary a word when it comes to his ‘Oneness‘, his race, and the real reason he hasn’t been impeached already!

When it comes to the gutless-wonders on the republican side of the aisle, what she stated fits the spineless so-called leaders to a tee. We all know they’re afraid of the msm, let alone their own shadows.

You can check out two reports about this issue here and here. – Here’s a small portion to begin with:

Author and columnist Ann Coulter joined FNC’s Judge Jeanine Pirro last night. Coulter defined the differences between a normal use of executive orders, and what President Obama is currently doing in regards to Obamacare, Immigration reform, and drug legalization. She added,

“This is the bottom of the slippery slope and I think he would be impeached if he weren’t America’s first black president.”

Listen to what was said and see if you agree or disagree.

Now, here’s a good piece about this subject that speaks volumes:

Ann Coulter was dead on about how this destroyer of the republic has been permitted to get away with all the crimes he is committing because of his skin color. Obama is rewriting obamacare, immigration law, drug laws etc which is outside the scope of the Executive Branch. He has committed a bona fixed act of treason when he sent aid to Syrian rebels aka terrorists too! Congress remaining silent to emperor 0′s power grabs has set a very dangerous precedent. He now knows he can go even farther with his power grabs because NO ONE will stop him. Liberals will never speak out because they want to see the radical agenda implemented knowing barry is the only one who will be able to pull it off.

“I suppose there may be something that Congress could do with the purse but not with the Senate in democrat hands and I mean unfortunately I hate to say this, the Constitution is not supposed to be overruled by political correctness but I wasn’t joking at the beginning, I just… the first black president is not going to be impeached”


It is infuriating to hear this clown being referred to as the “first black president”. No he isn’t, obama is the first mixed race/ bi-racial president. To even refer to him as the “first black president” is racist. He has a white mother and grandparents that raised him unlike the black father who abandoned him. I challenge each and every one of you to call out those who identify him in this manner as racists. They including pundits, crap media etc are all denying his white half!

If we had leaders with a pair between their legs who would admit this maybe they could get the courage and initiate impeachment proceedings. That of course is just a wet dream for Americans because as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate and progressives (on both sides) infest Congress emperor obama will never be impeached. Those of you asking “why haven’t they done it”, “just do it already” etc etc it’s NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Make no mistake about it obama has broken more laws and violated the Constitution more than any other POTUS including Bush but more importantly Nixon who went down for far far less! But because of his skin color he is untouchable! Meanwhile we are in a full-blown Constitutional crisis that the DC destroyers know but don’t care as they build their kingdoms and prepare for the collapse that is coming!

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Here’s one more article you might want to check out…it’s a great read:

Founders’ Legacy: Will We Prefer the Calm of Despotism?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obama has abused his power of office using Executive Orders he tends to think he is a Dictator and in Fact He Is A Dictator no diffrent then Hitler,Mao,Stalin and Castro

  2. I’ve had it with this lawless piece-of-sh!t……..Obongo has gone way too far…..he can be impeached….who gives a rat’s ass if he is black……if they are afraid of his black half then impeach the white half if your afraid of his black half…..but get rid of him and get rid of him now…………….

    I would rather handle the problem my way though………. here is what I would do to the peice-of-crap…….

  3. Let me get this straight, he’s half Black, half White, yet he identifies as Black because why?
    Because perception is reality. He perceives himself as Black.
    He’s half White so I now perceive him as White. Thus endeth the argument.
    Now impeach his arrogant ass before he does any more damage.

  4. the fat lady has not sung yet………it’s not over by a long shot……………….

    there are some Europeans that get it……and the establishment is getting scared………….

    here is a great article from………………….

    • Excellent article! – Wished the tea parties here would have a march on DC again…in fact, more than once! And call for his Impeachment too!

      • I whole heartlily agree……..I haven’t been able to find out much about what is being done with the IRS targeting of Tea Party organizations………Obongo and the republican establishment is doing all it can to wipe out the grass roots movement……..

        it’s not going to hapen – but they aure are trying…………

  5. if we don’t impeach this bastard – this is the future of socialism that we have to look forward to……..

    • Wow…and of course we’re hearing zilch about either of the stories you have posted above Bluto. – Typical msm!

  6. Calamity Jane says:

    I came across this tidbit back in 2008…..It told me more about King Barry than I cared to know. At the time, I said that if only 1% of this were accurate, we were in trouble.

    It is footnoted and I personally know some of the sources.

    The Obama Timeline

    • That’s a good one. I saw another one, thought it was from the same site a few days back that someone posted…but boy oh boy it was excellent, succinct and to the point, foot notes, pictures and all.

  7. There is one sure fired answer to the Obammy problem……………………………………..

    nip it in da bud….nip nip

  8. If Obongo got “peached” All those nice Negroes all across the US would celebrate by having a nationwide barbeque by burning down their neighborhoods. It would certainly be the catalist needed for a race war. Imagine a castle under siege during the mideval times. Imagine the people inside the castle looting their own supplies then burning everything to the ground. When a race war does come Negroes are going to do 90% of the work for us. Who says Negroes are good for nothing?

  9. This is a good read about the lawless prez…and there’s another one regarding Sen. Lee too.

    Here’s Lee:

  10. No wonder Lars hates the Present goofball in the White House

  11. Obama is only 4% Negro, 50% Caucasian, 46% Arabic.
    Yes, there are many, many really dark skinned Arabs.
    That is the main reason that the Saudi Arabia Prince in charge has paid all the money to support Obama from his early school years to date.
    Obama is a charade, supported by Arabs.
    He couldn’t really give a shit about Negroes, as his ancestors owned and sold “them” like fruit.

  12. inagadadavida says:

    Coulter’s right about having a Constitutional crisis. That’s about all she got this time, though.

    Obama can’t be impeached because he’s not president. I’m not entirely sure who is right now, given the circumstances, but it ain’t Barry- he is not eligible. No vote, no act, no law, no court decision can change that. Only a Constitutional Amendment could change the rules of eligibility.

    Hell, even his fake-as-hell “nurth thurtufakate” that was posted online says he’s not eligible! If I were going to forge documents, I would at least fake them to say what I needed them to say. The whole thing’s a double-blind.

    And as far as him being “half-white”….

    • inagada…

      I’m a birther too…but he has be sworn in a prez, he can and should be impeached and convicted if we take over the senate. We know he won’t be though because of the gutless leaders on the ‘R’ side of the aisle. I’m just past being disgusted, furious and all that jazz. I don’t even know what to think half the time these days…I’ve never seen anything like what this POS is doing and getting away with. I don’t think this nation from it’s founding has either. – God help us all.

      • You have to remember that Cruz was foreign born, so Obama makes him a legitimate candidate.

      • Evil like his can only be hatched, not born.
        So Lazlo is a birther too.

      • inagadadavida says:

        The oath of a usurper is no oath at all… I didn’t give up when he got on the ballot, I’m not going to give up just because he spoke a few words! But an impeachment proceeding lends that much more credence to a legitimate presidency, and a harder time undoing the damage. You start getting, then, into the side effects like “that makes Cruz a legitimate candidate.” No, Cruz is still ineligible, even if a precedent has been set. It just… the more recognition we give Obama, the more entangled the effects later on. Just like the 14th Amendment.

        Only one way to deal with a usurper!

  13. Here’s Pirro’s opening statement from the same show in the blog post. – As always, she’s great. She’s talking about the lawless prez…

  14. Dude, the House votes to IMPEACH, the Senate votes to REMOVE.

    But…impeach NOW?! Stupid.
    You impeach *now*, and all you’ve got for it is
    one sweet, little MARTYR who
    motivates the hell out of Leftist voters this November for revenge.

    That, and then less chance to take the Senate,
    which is just about the ONLY way to legally get his ass out of office.

  15. What I like is that he has made Nixon legitimate. I disagreed with Nixon on a few measures, like the war on drugs and other things. But I think he was actually being an honorable person by standing up for the fools that engineered Watergate. And as a consequence, he suffered. Now with this clown, none of the past presidents can be seen as unethical, illegal or excessive. Why do I like Nixon so much? He kept my ass out of Vietnam.

  16. I’m sick of this s… and I’m sick of Americans!
    Talk- talk and more bitching. F… it!
    To hell with FOX news and the pundits.

    Impeach this clown, and or, start a revolution or STFU

    It’d be nice to have somewhere else to go at this point.

  17. “He would be impeached if he weren’t the first black president”

    A very true statement, but to NOT impeach a president because of the color of his skin is also very racist.

  18. Careful, careful…. easy does it… mentioning impeachment and America’s first black president in the same sentence could lead to the most heinous of charges: racism.

  19. VIDEO: Students FAIL To Name Any of The Bill Of Rights ( Obama voters all)

    “Shame On You”: American youth has no clue about their own freedoms

    Steve Watson
    February 17, 2014

    Highlighting how woefully out of touch with US freedoms and rights the youth of America is, Students at UC San Diego failed to name any of the Bill Of Rights when questioned by activist Mark Dice during a recent campus visit.

    As Dice grabbed passing students to ask them about their knowledge of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution, he drew a mixture of blank expressions and excuses.

    “Can you name some of the Bill Of Rights?” Dice asked a male student.

    • inagadadavida says:

      If you can name the rights in the Constitution, it makes you a witch- in the media…

      Ask Christine O’Donnell.

      • You pegged that! – I’ll never forget what that they did to O’Donnell…especially the GOP establishment!!!

        • inagadadavida says:

          Amen to that, Biggie! I thought she was one of the best pols to come along in a long time. I still get her list emails. Maybe she’ll decide to get back in it, or some more like her, if there are any.

          • I have not an idea what she’s going to do in the future, but we sure as hell need more like her on the right side of the aisle! – Frack the estbishemt GOP! Gawd I hate them…they are really our biggest enemies within!

  20. Coulter is correct. This piece of trash we call president is nothing but a anti-white-racist, socialist who is owned by the NWO groups and international billionaires and who’s job is to ruin the greatest nation in the world. He is doing it easily. We certainly are in a constitutional crisis and no one has stepped up to stop this dictator’s advance. We are like the Weimar Republic in Germany just before World War II. This government was corrupt, left-leaning, and the German people hated it. Obama is ignoring the Constitution. He is racist against white people. He has passed many secret laws you have not heard of due to the fact that the News media is communist. He has let in so many third world parasites we will cease to be a European based nation sooner than we think. When whites are the minority look for “equality” for us then. We will be treated as if we are the foreigners. At some time in the near future patriots will have to make their move.

  21. Coulter is correct. Obama is a foreign born dictator. He has been bought and paid for by the NWO bunch and leftist billionaires whose goal is to ruin the greatest country’s on earth. He is a black and he is racist against white people. He is a hateful and ruthless little fool and his sexual proclivity leans toward homosexuality. He has been pictured speaking to the New black Panthers and on the same speaking platform with Farrakhan. It can be proven he is foreign born and he has spent literally millions on legal fees to cover-up, block, and lock-up all of his background; from personal life, to educational facts, to early years when he was small. Really, the only thing we know of him is what he or his sycophants have made up about him. Obama has a lot of suspicious things in his background and his life is a mystery. Any news media worth their salt would have been digging into Obama’s lies and he would have been ruined in one month. He would have never been elected. The American News media did not look into Obama’s obvious lies because they are leftist also. He goes on with his lies and his ruination of the nation because he is black. No one wants to really investigate the little piece of feces because he is black. Since when does that make any difference to this extent. I knew the government was making blacks their pets and “special people” to be taken care of; but not to the point where being black allows one to ruin the entire nation. There are no men in Washington d.c. They are all geldings looking out for themselves and not the people that elected them nor the nation they are supposed to be taking care of. Obama is performing a ‘coup’ and we watch and do nothing. Get with people of like mind and talk about what you can do to stop this left wing take-over.

    • Sorry….I don’t know how three comments came up. I made one and it disappeared somehow. So….I wrote another and it showed up twice. I cannot explain it but it was an accident.

      • Carnac…that’s okay, no problem. The repeat is gone, left you last one in because you added more to it…so, hope that works out for ya. – You had much to say and get off your chest about this issue…you minced no words either. 😉