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  1. Why you carry a Glock 20 in Alaska

    When a 1,000-Pound Moose Rams You in the Middle of the Forest and Won’t Go Away…

  2. Gov. Jan Brewer just caved to the Gay Mafia and folded like a cheap card table in a Hong Kong whorehouse!

    • That she did…blackmail works! – I’ve come to despise her.

      Romney, Flake and McRINO are also despised by me since this issue has been on the table.

      Christopher Greene in the video above speaks volumes for Americans like me. I truly hope others here watch the video. We are living in an insane asylum!!!!

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    My parents kept s 38 police special in their bedroom never had to ever use it and my brother uses a crome plated 45 automatic

  4. ThisObamaNation says:

    A Very Famous Movie Star, Steven Seagal , Calls For Obama’s Impeachment.

    The Main Stream Media And So Called Conservative Blogs Such As Brietbart, Fox News, The Blaze, And The Drudge Report Continue To Ignore The Story.

    Sometimes All That Has To Be Done To Censor The News Is To Refuse To Report It.

    See The Complete Video Here…

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Thisobamanation, Then Mr Segals days could be numbred becuase the hollyweird leftists will have him banned from tinsle town for daring to call for the impeachment of their favorite dictator and despot

  6. These days sure do try one’s soul. Defending positions is the history of man and war.

  7. what the hell is the problem with calling Hildabeast Clintoon a communist c**t……if that’s what you are then that’s what you are…..and Hildabeast is a god-damn c**t…………….

    nothing wrong with Ted Nugent’s remarks….after all he was just telling the truth…….

    I have to agree whole heartily that Ted does not have to respect Obongo or any other commie politician….and Rand Paul can go to hell in a hand-basket……………Obongo is a a god damn communist and he is a mongrel……so what’s the problem……….

    it just pisses me off when someone tells the truth and communists and “kiss-asses” on the political right call us out for telling the truth about these sons-a-bitches…………

    Rand Paul needs to keep his god-damn mouth shut…………..

    • Howdy Bluto…

      I’m glad someone watched this video. Greene calls a spade a spade and minced nary a word. High time someone did that. He might be rude and crude to those on the sensitive side of the aisle….but we need more like Greene out there speaking his mind….after-all, it’s the truth about hypocrisy and all the rest of the phony jazz that goes with it.

      Greene was also spot-on about the gay agenda…as well as the congress being nothing but an insane asylum that we’re all forced to live in now.

      • I have to agree Big……he hit the nail on the head and told it like it is……’s refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and say what needs to be said…………………

      • I have to agree about Greene, and while the language might be construed as crude and vulgar by some it is the essence of the message that is more important. I am fearful though that Greene probably has earned a visit from the IRS or some other Federal bureaucracy whose mission it will be to silence him. BTW, speaking of outspoken – .

        • They already tried to fight Manning and lost in the state of NY a few years back…methinks they’ll never suppress Greene’s freedom of speech either.

          Thanks for that link Grumpy.

  8. looking for a place to post this……………..

    Tea Party Patriots had a 5’th year anniversary meeting today and Mark Levin was the key note speaker……

    like always he doesn’t disappoint………….

    • Glad you have that here Bluto…I couldn’t listen because busy elsewhere today at the time….anyway, saw Levin on with Cavuto via phone today about this issue. Will be checking out your link later…but you can bet Levin will talk about it today on his radio show. Looking forward to it.