Well, well, well…it seems karma has finally come around and bit good ol’ leftist-loon Rosie O’Donnell right in the rear-end! Her adopted son has chosen to join the Citadel. In the video below, she does sound proud of him…which is a good thing.

Anyway, here’s are summary of what she had to say, but watch the video anyway and see what you think:

ROSIE O’DONNELL: Parker is 18. There he is in his military uniform. He’s been accepted to the Citadel. He’s very into the military because, you know, how do you annoy your left-wing liberal pacifist mother? You become a big military man. He’s the number one cadet at his school, Valley Forge Military Academy. He’s very interested. When he was really, you know, I said to him, “Why, honey? Why do you want to do –’ He said, only in America, mom, could somebody like you who came from a horrible childhood, grow up and adopt kids like me who needed a family and I owe something to this country.” And I said, “No, my son. You owe something to me.”

Keep in mind, this is what she had to say in the past:

I wonder if Rosie O’Donnel considers her son a terrorist like the other military personnel that were slandered by the self proclaimed “left-wing pacifist” Remember when she said “I just want to say something. 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?”

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. There are many reason to bash Rosie that I’d hit before working down to supporting her son.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    This is the same blabbering dip-wad who wanted Gun Owners arrested who getsa gun for her adopted kids bodyguard and appeasers in the phonie Million Mom March this woman is a streight liberal hypotcrit

    • Hypocrite is right…we all remember many things she’s done and said in the past. Heck, a lot of that has been posted on this site over the years. – She’s always been food for fodder.

  3. While I have great respect for The Citadel as an institution of higher learning and in my over 22 years of military service I served with some of its fine graduates… don’t be fooled folks. Todays military ( and their academies ) are leaning farther left everyday thanks to recruiting efforts to make it so by the Marxist in our government…. just because this young man wears a uniform and attends The Citadel does not mean that he is a conservative or patriotic American… but I sure as hell hope he is.

  4. Well done, kid. Graduate, go into special forces, get awarded the Medal of Honor for killing a boatload of the enemy. Then ask mom what else you owe her.

    I hope the kid becomes a success in the military, and reveals himself to be a hard core conservative, it would teach Ms. O’Dogsh!t a lesson.

  5. off topic but pertinent……………………….

    piece-of-sh!t fake conservative to run for president in 2016………………………

    that’s right…….fake conservative Joe Schmo….alias Joe Scarbourough the fake conservative over at MSLSD is mulling over a presidential run for 2016…………………

    I say lets encourage Joe Schmo the fake conservative to run………..he needs to learn where he stands with “his” public……….now, you all know we need to elect conservatives in 2016 and electing a fake conservative is just what we need……….we can put the country even further behind than what it already is…..so, Joe make sure that you run…….we want to show you just what we think of you……

    that’s right Joe……if you run you will be able to guage just what we really think of you………..don’t you want to find that out……and you can make Mika secretary of blow jobs…..er I mean she can run your jobs program…..you know damn well she can “blow” up a storm………

    how about it Joe……….go ahead an run…………….


  6. for the life of me I don’t know which one is worse………

    Rosie or………………………..


    • Criminy, Bluto! A person would have to push himself pretty hard to come up with an equally hideous pair of scumbag blowhards. She looks like she would go around pronouncing her last name like ‘Behaaaaaaarrrrr!’ in the manner of a pirate.

  7. Calamity Jane says:

    Does anyone remember Rosie blindsiding Tom Selleck over the NRA?….This goes back to 1999 and from what I was told, Selleck stated that he would not do the show if there were to be any gun rights questions…….Rosie agreed then did not honor her word…….(as if she ever intended to)


    • CJ…

      I remember that now that you refreshed my memory.

      Plus, does anyone remember when she hung upside down like a bat to help her think clearly and all that BS? I know I posted about that way back when she did…but I can’t find the blog post. Might look some more later when I get the time.

      • Hung upside down? Sounds like she was worried that some of the feces in her brain pan had dropped down to where that stuff naturally goes in a normal human being. Just trying to restore the ‘natural’ (for a leftist) balance, I guess.

        • Lol…you nailed that one Snake!

          Anyway, yeah…she demonstrated her technique of hanging like a bat from hell on the View years back. I’ve only watched that show once, but saw the story and watched the vid and had to post it here. Actually, total hilarity…and completely absurd!

      • Calamity Jane says:

        That must be where where the term “bat sh!t crazy” comes from.

    • Yep, I remember. I remember it so well, that today I mailed in my vote for the NRA board, and Sellick is one of those I voted for. He handled himself very well in that ambush, we need more like him on our side.

  8. inagadadavida says:

    Adopted son… whew!!! For a minute there, I thought, … well, I mean, that some guy had, well…

    That “Valley Forge Military Academy” place sounds kinda military. And privatey like, … like an academy. Bet you can’t just walk on there. Maybe somebody paid his tuition? WTF was that person thinking if they are anti-military?!?

  9. Pacifist my ass
    Get between her and a sandwich.

  10. You mean a Libtard has to be accountable for the words of hate that spews from their partisan monologuing Republican hating rants?

  11. Dedicated to Rosie!

    OLYMPIC GOLD Bruce Jenner Wants to Be a Woman