Dudes and dudettes, I’ve been very short on time today with a power outage and preparing for more global warming to come in my neck of the woods for the next few days…spooky temps to come. Nevertheless…the beat goes on, and on and on!

You all know nothing but unadulterated insanity is surrounding us daily everywhere we look! Heck folks, it’s never-ending…and it sure as heck ain’t going to stop any time soon either.

Here are a few examples of what we face daily…pick out which video report makes you hotter than heck under the collar and comment afterwards. – Or, heck…throw in your thoughts about any or all of various subjects below. Also, throw in some subjects that aren’t included here that make you hotter than a pepper sprout too!

1.) CT State Police Spokesman: Opposing Door to Door Gun Confiscation Is “Un-American”

2.) CNN’s Don Lemon: “As a journalist, you weigh how much you should criticize the president because he’s black.”

3.) The Viral Video So Disturbing, Many People Won’t Even Be Able to Watch It

4.) BIZARREJoe Biden and Obama Make Weird Workout Video in Ties

5.) The Disgusting Thing an Attacker Said to a Bus Driver While He Was Pummeling the Helpless Man in the Face

6.) INSANE. Federal Court Rules High School Can Ban ‘Incendiary’ US Flag Shirts

What say you? Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Any poerson who calls for door to door gun confiscation needs to lose their american citizenship losae their high up job and be banished from america forever. Judge says school can ban american flags To Hell with these damn mexicans they need to be run back accross the border and this stupid judge need to have their robe and gavel burned and the school b needs to lose all funding

  2. OMG . The bus driver and the dog videos made me sick. Damn how I wish I had been there for both of them so I could have given them both what they deserved. What I always have with me would have served instant justice. Hope they rot in HELL.

    • Joy…

      Ditto, ditto and ditto that! – I’m with ya gal!

      • Hi Buddy, Can’t take any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to start rioting. Lock&load time. I am going out with my guns blazing. LOL Me xxxxx

        • Joy…it’s nutso out there. We all know there are instances that have been insane around us since the beginning of time…but hells bells, it’s going at full force now…full speed ahead!!!

          God help us all!

          • Hi, I swear to God ,if any sex offender or drug dealer EVER goes near my Grand children I will drill them full of holes. No lawyer,Court. We are surrounded by lunatics and scum bags that the liberals say need help. I will help them my own way.

    • I remember the Cinco De Mayo incident. The court ruling is a slap in the face to all Americans. There have also been incidents of Mexican flags flying above ours. patriots who took down the Mexican flags were arrested. What more will it take before we revolt.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    The answer to those black savages attacking the bus driver is three words NECK TIE PARTY hang them by thier neck until their dead

    • Spur…

      It was one black man that’s totally insane, and some kind of an agenda in mind to-boot. Watch the video, read the report…you’ll see what I mean.

  4. The young’un body-slamming the dog is very disturbing; it’s these types who start with animals and “progress” to humans….personally I think he needs to be put into a cage full of starving dobermans.

    Do we really need to see two men(?) skipping to work and then drinking a glass of water? I guess there’s nothing better to do with their time – the Ukraine, Venezuela, our borders, the economy, ad nauseum.

    To the young girl who felt “disrespected” because some boys were wearing American flag tees on “fifth of May”, get over it – this is after all, the United States of America – if you don’t want to be American, go back to that western hemisphere sh!thole called May-hee-co.

  5. Gadsden Flag says:

    This S*** makes me want to throw up. I can’t believe our country, our rights are being pissed on like this and some people seem to be just fine with it. And now our supreme court rules cops don’t need a search warrant to search my home. WTF is going on? MOLON LABE!!!!!!!!!

    • As long as you don’t have someone else living in your home giving the consent to enter…that’s the ruling.

      Be careful who you reside with…that’s about all I can say.

      I’ve had a different experience in my earlier life while protecting my own well being…no warrant was necessary, they just came on in while I was sitting at the kitchen table. I was jailed for a few days…got out on on my own OR and eventually won the case too. – Long story…but something else that’s unbelievable to me to this day when I look back at it…involved a half black man, half indian snitch that moved in next door, beat the hell out of the very old lady he lived with in the middle of the night tons of times, you could hear it….he also hots for me when my husband was a work, did very spooky things during the night and day around and in my home over time. One day shit hit the fan and the guns came out when I got back from grocery shopping one morning, he threatened my life…so what do you think I did…cleared all my neighborhood kids from the scene and got out my weapon pointed right back at him. Who do you think won in the long run?

      Btw…you cannot believe what all this guy did to himself before the cops came, which he called them himself beforehand I found out later…I watched him bang his head against steel post until bloody and try to blame me for this…it’s an insane world. I defended myself in this case and found out much about his background from years and years previously…documents and others that would testify for me if need be. Two different towns to-boot that he was a protected snitch in…live and learn. – The hard way.

      One other matter…the guy completely disappeared not long after the courts decision. Miracles do happen….or something like that.

      Our forefathers would cringe at what has happened to our country.

  6. KennakaKeeper says:

    In the 35 years I worked with the mentally ill I seen some crazy ( no pun intended towards those who needed help) stuff. But it was those on the street, the so called normal ones who worried me the most. Now we have ghetto thugs playing knock-out games with dogs, illegals not wanting us to show pride in our flag, our Prez & Vice Prez doing the only thing they are capable of doing (running from the truth). Where the hell is Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown and his time machine, I got to go back, WAY Back………

  7. This kind of insanity will continue to surround us until we turn off the damn tv, and start stomping the guts out of the idiots who perpetrate the insanity. It only survives because we let it survive.

    Door to door gun confiscation: Yeah, all that is needed is for the neighborhood to band together, so that when the police show up to start violating 2nd amendment rights, all the see is a few hundred loaded weapons pointed at them.

    Don Lemon is an idiot, you criticize the President not because he’s black, but because he’s a commie loving asshole.

    You abuse an animal in my presence, and I don’t care how old you are, I’m going to abuse you!

    Ovomit and Biden workout video? RIchard Simmons is going to stuff a gerbil up each of their asses for taking money out of his pockets.

    The bus driver should have been carrying.

    I’m insulted by all the immigrants invading my country and demanding WE change our ways to make them feel welcome. When is a Federal Court going to do something about that?

  8. Speaking of insanity , be sure to get to the part about “humans burning carbon dioxide”; point being, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, open your mouth/put pen to paper/type away on your keyboard and let the whole world know just how friggin’ stupid you are. Last I heard, CO2 is still used in fire extinguishers. 😉

    • Snake..

      That second article really hits the nail on the head. – The parents, the msm and other useless idiots all refuse to accept the truth about his murder.

    • The take Lazlo got from the first article, is that Blacks themselves KNOW for a certainty that they have no impulse control, cannot control their actions, and are actually willing to change their sexual orientation and abandon marriage vows for money and a ride in a nice car.
      The second article illustrates the craven nature of the Left, who will smear shit all over their own faces just so they can complain about the flies.

      • Laz…

        What you stated about the second article is spot-on! Never heard it put that way…but boy, oh boy that’s the truth. Priceless too!

  9. GrimmCreeper says:

    I watch these videos with my jaw clenched and my fists balled up and keep asking myself the same question, what happened to my country? How did we get to the point where all this crap became acceptable? What’s most depressing is having no bloodless answer to turning things around.

  10. Lazlo and Lars can’t wait for the crash. Even though we are woefully under prepared.
    Having said that here is my reaction:
    #1. Hey cop why don’t you send your own son or daughter in the squad to come get my guns? You are a whore to your pension.
    #2. BO is 1/2 black so he is 1/2 white, and I hate the white half twice as much. So we’re even up.
    #3. Hurt an animal in mine or Lars’ presence and we WILL remove a trophy from your body. An ear perhaps, but the nose is preferable.
    #4. Meh. If only those two would run in into traffic.
    #5. The bus driver is at fault. NEVER confront (or go near) a feral negro without a gun handy.
    #6. The top of the flagpole in front of the school is where the school administrators should twist, sway in the breeze, piss and shit themselves, and get their last glimpse of the world.

    In a world where war, oppression and genocide are the main states of human existence, to have people more worried about imagined racial slights and the self esteem of others, than survival of the only real Civil society on the planet, I conclude that we are doomed.

    • Lazlo…

      Ditto all of your comments on each vid…but you really had me laughing when it comes to your suggestion for Dear Leader and Crazy Uncle Joe. – A busy freeway would work just fine for me.

    • #4. or run in an in-use luge chute…….

  11. Snake Oiler says:

    Like Alice in Wonderland, we seem to have a lot of contrary things going on:

    How do we flourish as an economy by exporting jobs and importing goods from other countries?

    How can we not protect our own border but occupy and protect so many other countries’ borders?

    How is our Medical system so expensive but provided free to illegals and refugees?

    Why is our Department of Defense now present in 125 countries?

    Why is Homeland Security so inconvenient for Americans while posing no obstacle to terrorists?

    Why are the most postgraduate students at MIT from Beijing?

    If we have the largest energy reserves in the world, why are Americans going broke buying gas?

    Why does a washing machine costing $1,500 come from Korea? That’s around 5x’s what the US made machines used to cost. We invented it for heaven sakes!

    Why is diesel now more expensive than gasoline? It used to be protected as our nation with our truckers, literally, runs on it. If diesel goes up, all deliveries cost more and all prices go up.

    Nothing makes sense anymore. Our leaders make no sense. Our president treads water as if someone might save him. Our Congress works against the American people. Both entities refuse to enforce our laws. Both remain at odds with the wishes of the American people.

    • You said it all Snake! – That hits the nail on each and every head and slams it down to the core! – Why indeed?

  12. Insanity on Hannity…..gotta love Larry

    • grumpy…

      I do love Larry…and that had me laughing. – Something we all need, no doubt about it!