Two new polls show that only 1 in 10 uninsured Americans are signing up for ObamaCare. Why is AWD not surprised? Actually, I’m surprised that many are enrolling!

Didn’t the Tea Party and other reasonable voices warn that people who don’t have health insurance don’t really want health insurance? It’s called freedom of choice. The young, who aren’t sick or likely to be, don’t want health insurance because they don’t believe they need it and don’t want to pay for it. The mooching welfare class that is accustomed to receiving free medical care through clinics and emergency rooms see no need to use their welfare money to buy health insurance. Not when Nike has a new Air Jordan model coming out.

AWD tried to tell the ridiculously stupid Republican Party they were being suckered into the wrong argument during the ObamaCare votes. Dims would say, “everyone has a right to affordable health insurance.” Well, no they don’t! The question from the Repubs should have been, “who in America doesn’t receive health care, regardless of whether they have insurance or not?”

Well, now everyone does have a method to receive (not affordable) health insurance from Uncle Hussein and nobody wants it or is buying it. AWD recently read a good percentage of those who have enrolled won’t even make the first premium payment! Again, why is AWD not surprised?

Dims don’t want to repeal ObamaCare because they believe in total government control of our health market, one-sixth of our economy. They don’t care that ObamaCare will destroy the ability of Americans to receive quality health care. Ask yourself this, do you believe a government that cannot even run a @#&* enrollment website will be able to efficiently and accurately run America’s health care?

The Republicans don’t want to repeal ObamaCare because they seek only one thing. Power. The Repubs will gladly fund ObamaCare because they can hang its failure around the necks of the Democrats, even though ObamaCare will destroy millions of jobs and our healthcare system. They too don’t care how it affects Americans, just as long as vote for Republicans. Oh sure, Republicans will promise to repeal ObamaCare if returned to power in the Senate. Just like they promised to cut spending if returned to power in the House! We saw how that worked out!

The corruptocrats in Washington cannot look beyond their own self interests to do, for once, something that is in the best interest for Americans. There are very workable free-market solutions to lower health costs and make health care and insurance more widely available to those who want it. But the elected politicians have no interest in doing anything for the good of America.

America is governed by domestic enemies. Of course, they and their families are exempt from ObamaCare.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I live in Ohio. Our state constitution was recently amended so no Ohio citizen can be compelled to sign up for ObamaDontCare or anything else.

    Yeah, I know what the feds think about states’ rights…but at least it’s something.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    Obamacare means returning to Blood letting and using leeches and calling up the witch doctor. Lets heara few rounds of David Seville with Alive,Simon and Theador doing THE WITCH DOCTOR SONG

  3. REV Wright says:

    Obama voters NEVER pay for health insurance.


    Premiums? Co pay? Deductibles?

    WTF? Who needs these???

    Black Obama voters show up at the emergency room, and if the care is not the best, they contact Abe Goodman, ESQ, Sal Lowenstein, ESQ or Myron Loeb, ESQ and sue, sue, sue!!!