Want to know what Fred Flintstone looks like after a rough 4-week drunk? Well, he’d still look a whole hell of a lot better than DEMOCRAT Alan Grayson! Fred’s butt would make Grayson a Sunday face!

But Wilma never had to call the 5-0 on Fred and get a restraining order for spousal abuse! Fred respected Wilma and other women. He was a good caveman who worked hard down at the mines, a good neighbor, and was a good father to Pebbles. Even after a 4-week drunk running hard with Barney and the boys from the Lodge, Fred wouldn’t come dragging home and beat the bejeezes out of Wilma. Cavemen were civilized back then.

DEMOCRAT Alan Grayson, on the other hand, is a bad caveman who has a history of bullying those who oppose his wacked out leftist politics. Now we can add Grayson’s personal War On Women to his sad, pathetic resume. Grayson was arrested for pushing his soon-to-be ex-wife against the door of her home and causing her to fall and injure herself recently.

Grayson is a big man. A big, slovenly built man who appears to suffer from poor hygiene. A small woman would be no match for his beastly size and appearance. Yet, he chooses do deal with his problems with violence and anger.

AWD searched but could not find one comment from a Democrat criticizing Grayson’s despicable, violent attack on his wife. This begs the question:


Here’s some of Grayson’s chart-toppers. His district in Florida should hang its stupid head in shame!

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  1. Calamity Jane says:

    I saw the “alleged” video of the incident….Hmmmm…..It just so happened (as per the article) that a Grayson staffer was there to capture the incident….Imagine that!

    Unfortunately, they missed the part where Grayson pushed the wife down.

    Lucky for Grayson….Or was that a Sasquatch?….Hard to tell….not much difference anyway.

    • Here’s the video…she looks like she’s a fighter too. According to their 18 year old daughter in this video report, she says it’s her mother that was the aggressor.

      • Calamity Jane says:

        The wife most likely isn’t any prize, either.

        We gotta remember that “it takes two to tango” and what looks like “wrastlin’ to some, is dancin’ to others.

        Bottom line …..The Graysons probably deserve each other!

  2. Love is Grand……Divorce is about 100 grand.

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    Time to tie great big knots in this jackasses tail several big knots

  4. Well no doubt the guy is an ass …but compare their relationship to this one …….this fellow is a true blue P.O.S.

    beam me up Scotty…this world is nuts

    • master of inanju says:

      What a shock he’s blackl (P.O.S.) Effing di#kwad real man to beat a poor defenseless pup.

  5. bargis tryhol says:

    Grayson is a disaster. When he first ran for congress back in 2008, he almost got in a fist fight with a voter in a local Orange County restaurant when Grayson walked into a popular restaurant and went table to table politicing. One guy seated at a table with his wife finally said that he was ‘there to eat not to listen to stupid douchebags,’ and Grayson went ballistic.
    The cops came and asked ‘El Douchebag’ to leave. The local news happened to be there and caught it on video.

    Grayson is worth around $25 million dollars. He was scammed last year out of about $10 million by a con artist…I can’t believe dumb-assed liberals would want this guy looking after THEIR money when he can’t look after his own.

    I think AWD needs to take Grayson hog hunting…..

  6. REV Wright says:

    Liberal Jewish Democrats CANNOT be held responsible for anything because Alan is a liberal Jewish Democrat.

    Glad to clarify.


  7. Typical tantrum and lack of self control by a liberal….. makes you wonder about the trolls who would vote for such a loud mouth wife beater with absolutely no class…. must be some dumbass people in that area of Florida to get this walking embarrassment to represent them…. reminds me of the meth heads in Nevada that keep Dingy Harry in office.